Lil Nas X “Old Town Road” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

When I found out Billboard took it off the
country charts … Before it was even taken off the country charts, I was just happy to
be on Billboard at all. Even after they did take it off, I was like,
“Okay, at least I’m still on Billboard.” Then, I started to think about, I was like,
“Why?” After listening to other songs that’s actually
on that chart, it’s like wait a minute, something’s not right, basically. I was living with my sister at the time. I wasn’t paying bills, obviously, so it’s
like of course she wants me to leave. I didn’t want to go back home because I just
left school and I was ready to do music now. It started off as a runaway, loner cowboy
kind of story. It was like, yeah I want to take my horse
to the old town road, ride till I can’t no more, meaning I’m just gone, I’m not coming
back. I wanted to be more of a triumphant kind of
story. It’s like the horse would be not having much
and old town road would be like that path to success and you taking the horse to old
town road. When the car came along, the horse was basically
obsolete at that point. It’s like it’s not really worth too much. I literally had my dad paying my phone bill
and a Twitter account. It’s like I’ve got to make something shake,
because I’m not going back to work. There’s so many artists coming up that have
so many resources, but that’s not phasing what’s going to really count, your music. Yeah, you got this, but I got this right here. You can keep doing what you’re doing, but
I’m going to show you that I’m going to make this happen. See, this is the perseverance type of line. Yeah, I’m talking to people who are saying
this is not gonna happen for me, but it’s also a cowboy who’s clean as fuck, and he’s
just like, “Can’t nobody tell me nothing.” You feel me? After I actually released the song, I had
to think about it. I was like, “Wait, Kanye did use this exact
line.” It wasn’t interpolation of the song or nothing,
but everybody knows the song, of course. This second verse is the future now. It’s what you see a lot in Hollywood, adultery,
all that. I have me a brand new tractor. I’m on some Lean, not trying to endorse that,
by the way. Around that time, I had just watched that
Dallas Buyers Club movie. That scene with Matthew McConaughey. I just had that scene in my mind, I was just
thinking about his lifestyle. That’s what I did for that line. That last line was just a big flex really,
it’s just like even Gucci don’t even have a cowboy hat yet, we got to make that happen.

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  1. imagine an asian sounding just like lil nas?? well not anymore cause i did it….watch on my channel

  2. 1:17 lol he sounds really good even without the music 🎵

  3. "I'm gonna ride till I can't no more"


    Lil Nas X: [sweats]

  4. He can sing without auto tune, that already makes him better than most of the artists featured on this channel

  5. Lil Nas X sings really good in this video it just doesn’t sound as refined because it’s not the real recording of the song.

  6. He attacc
    He protecc
    But most importantly,
    He sound the same off the tracc

  7. I came here for the meaning of “ride till I can’t no more” and I still don’t frikin get it god damn it

  8. Cars: who need horses when you have cars
    Lil nas x: hold my horse

  9. now you gotta do an interview with Young Thug and Mason Ramsey since the new remix came out

  10. I was literally playing the beat in my head while he was singing XD

  11. Drink every time he says “you know “ or “ it’s like”

  12. I’m gonna take myself to the kitchen, drink bleeeeeeach till I can’t no more

  13. Director:do u want hip hop or country
    Lil Nas X and Billy Ray: is YES

  14. Lyrics: "I got my troops they in the back.
    They ready to attack.
    Ak is attached, and the scope is black to match.
    Riding on a tank. Smoking on that dank .
    Just got a Camero and I'm heading to the bank.

  15. Lil nas x: Ain’t nobody tel me nothinnn aaaah

    Auto tune: stop your destroying the world I’m coming in

    Lil Nas X : your chocking me dead

  16. I don't really like using 'my gaydar' but this man gave me serious tingles…..sorry to say but my gaydar is legit always accurate and I hate it.

  17. if only he could tell the truth about “im gonna ride til i cant no more”

  18. Auto tune: “i make everyone sound amazing”

    Lil Nas X: “hold my cowboy hat from Gucci”

    Me: aahah the video duration is 4:20

  20. It sounds like my hole year level sing this song we are all upsets with this song we all listen to it we never stop singing it luv u lil nas x

  21. Did he really just refer to the scene from Dallas Buyers Club, with Matthew Mcconaughey?

  22. lil nas x releases old town road
    Tik tok: hippty hoppty your song is now my property

  23. thanks for making the video stupid quiet, i love getting my ears raped when i open a different video

  24. No one: (litterly no one) tictok: hipihoppty your are now my property

  25. s e o u l t o w n r o a d . . .



  26. i was thinking that he was going to sound shit without auto tune but he sounds exactly like how he does in the song

  27. He stole this song from some Bobby guy and is being sued for $25 million Lil Nas is a song theft

  28. “This second verse is like the future.”


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