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lil ricefield: All Trapanese was
which was like, we were making Asian jokes or whatever and then like, putting it into a song,
like that’s the shit that like is, is where we’re from. Like that’s what we, we came up from like
all those, all those Mangas and Animes and shit. seiji oda: Taking those, all those references
and also taking like stereotypes and taking those like negative, but flipping them into
some positive, like some that’s funny that people can like relate to. lil ricefield: On the exact day that it had
been released on Spotify for a year, it hit a million plays and we were like, “Oh shit.” And then after that it started getting like
half a million every week and we were like, “Oh.” lil ricefield: We were in Hawaii for our grandpa’s
or like our Ojii-chan’s birthday, it was like his eightieth birthday or something and we
were like, it was a family trip and we were like, we went to the beach and then we were
going back in the car. I was like, “Hey bro, we should make a song
about being Asian.” And he was like, “All right bro, damn here….” You know that started from like, I thought
of the line, whatever and it had like a Manga reference and I was like, “Hey, this shit
kind of funny.” seiji oda: Yeah we just I mean I feel like
we just… lil ricefield: What if there were just hella
of these and I started making a list of like manga references that I could make and just
like started writing hella jokes. It was then we were just writing jokes, that’s
what we were doing. We wrote that whole thing in that car ride. It was an hour long car ride. And we just got home and they just started
making a beat to it at work. That’s my version of it. seiji oda: Nah, bro, I made the beat first,
bro. Cause I remember we went, we went snorkeling,
bro, I saw this turtle and I swear the turtle gave me some inspiration for it. Like really, I came back to the crib, I was
like, “I’m gonna make some crazy shit right now, you know?” So. Nah bro. No cap. lil ricefield: It was one of my friends, I
think actually, matter of fact it was someone from like Berkeley High or something it was
like, “Hey bro you’re Asian and like your first song “HOHO!” like that kind of has
like those Asian clangs and shit so like you should make your next song trapanese because
you’re Japanese and trap.” And I was like, “All right, I mean, that’s
cool I guess.” And then once the idea for the actual song
came up I wasn’t even thinking about that. I was like, “Hold up, I could just call
it “Trapanese.”” Ramen noodles. They’re the best form of contraception. It’s the best form of birth control. Nobody’s pregnant when you fucking with ramen
noodles. Obviously it’s a stereotype. Asians can’t drive. And like I’’ve been hearing that shit so
much, especially since I started driving. When I was 16, I got my license and everyone
was like, “Oh stay off the streets!” I was like, “Alright fuck you bitch.” And also like Asians we got squinty eyes obviously
so like I can’t see anything while I’m driving damn near, and that’s facts too. I need contacts. Alright so ‘Doraemon’ is this big blue
robot cat. It’s like a old manga, it’s like hella old. My dad used to read it when he was a kid. It’s still like damn near one of my favorite
things to read. Uncle Iro from ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’. He’s a firebender and he’s known for just
being saucy as fuck. He fucking shoots flames out of his mouth
and shit. And that’s what I’m finna do. That’s what I’ve been doing on the song. Hella people always in the comments and shit
or dming me and shit and be like, “Hey it’s dope that you shouted out Ohio in your song.” I’m like, “No, bro, no.” Ohaiyo is just saying like hello in Japanese. It’s like saying what’s up. I’m like, “So what’s up, bitch? Ohaiyo. Like what’s up?” A shogun is like, it would be high up in the
Japanese military. And me and my brother, we found out recently
that we’re actually…If we had been living in Japan like hella years ago, we, our family
heritage was warrior class. I’m still in high school, I just finished
my junior year. And I ain’t going to lie. I been not doing too well so like I don’t
know. Its damn near cap in the song. But when I made the song I was a good ass
student. I was an upstanding Asian-American with the
good grades. It’s also like the stereotype. Always the Asian dad. Like, “Oh are you doctor yet?” And like also, that’s from the episode of
‘Family Guy’ that’s damn near fucked up. The Asian kid and the Asian dad walks in and
he’s like “Ey, you doctor yet?” And he’s like “No dad, I’m only ten.”
or some shit. He’s like, “Talk to me when you’re doctor?” That shit’s hella funny. That’s not a super relevant stereotype to
my family. My dad, the asian one, he does have very high expectations. seiji oda: Honestly like, fitted caps are
cool, but this is an ancient artifact handed down from my family for thousands of years. You know what I’m saying? Shout out to my Ojii-chan gave me this hat. The word Jap I think was, it was… You know it’s a derogatory slur, especially
during the times of a World War II. So what I wanted to do was kind of flip that
and like you know kind of reclaim it in a way. If I’m rapping on a song, especially when
I’m performing or if someone else who’s Japanese gets to sing along to this, they’re calling
themselves that over some shit that slaps. So it’s just like, you can feel yourself and
just get into it and say that. Another stereotype that Asian people keep
money in the mattress cause we don’t trust banks. I keep my shit in the Wells Fargo so don’t
try to run up at my house or anything. When I was in school, like math was for sure
my strongest subject. I actually liked math. You feel me? And that’s why I feel like I’m a good producer,
because it’s almost like you’re trying to solve a problem, like type shit. My middle school graduation, my teacher was
like, “You know, you can have a very sharp mind and all this, but you know, you’ll never
make it as a rapper.” Kind of as a joke. But it was like Damn, you know what I’m saying? Hope you watch this Ms. G. Shout out to you. You know it’s all love. I mean, you know, he’s lil ricefield, so I
guess that would make me Big rice patty. You know, that’s my little brother. He get wild sometimes. I got to rein it in. We active, you know, from the bank and get
hyphy on it. lil ricefield: I was saying that I’m the man
with some wordplay put into it. But I support trans rights. Happy pride month. I wasn’t really attaching any deeper meaning
to it. I was like this is this person’s life and
this is what they did with it and it fits what I’m saying like I’m feeling like the
man. It can be seen as insensitive to say as not
a part of that community but I mean there was no hate intended. “Congratulations” is the song that they played
at my middle school graduation. That’s damn near the only song I had known
and I was saying dirty white bitch, she looks like Post Malone. I was like, “Oh. Congratulations.” Not in sleep. Hella people put that into the fucking Genius thing
online, that’s not what it is. And they wouldn’t change it. I was like, “Bruh.That’s not what it is.” You can hear it so clearly in the song what
I’m saying. Fuck a bitch to sleep. And then the killer bee thing, it’s another
‘Naruto’ reference. It’s like this dude, he has hella swords and
shit. He always like, he knows hella Jutsu and shit. My freshman and sophomore year when like
the expectations that I was upholding was still pretty high. If I got a B, my parents would be like, “What
the fuck?” So a thousand years of death. It’s another ‘Naruto’ reference. It’s basically like this move that Kakashi
uses on Naruto. It’s like Jutsu thing and he just fucking
shoves his fingers up his ass from behind. That shit is hella funny bro. Go look that shit up on YouTube. Fucking a thousand years of death Kakashi. seiji oda: I just wanted to shout-out everyone
that understood the reference cause there’s a lot of real niche references in there. So if you get all the anime references, you
know, fuck with you. You really can just be you and you don’t have
to like, you know, adhere to this type of thing or whatever stereotypes are. That’s why we wanted to bring them into the
song. To show this is how ridiculous these things
are. You know what I mean? Just like turning into something that’s funny and
positive and that you can reclaim for yourself. lil ricefield: It do be getting kind of irritating. Like all them white kids be commenting like
Hiroshima jokes and shit. seiji oda: Oh yeah, people in the comments
on YouTube are out of pocket with it. lil ricefield: They be wilding, I swear to
God. seiji oda: Like this dropped harder than the
bombs on Pearl Harbor. lil ricefield: Bro. I can’t take it bro. That shit be like…I’m like woah. Chill bro. Hold up.

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