Lil Tjay “Brothers” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I went through my email. I was looking through beats and I heard this
beat. I’m like, “I want this.” Matter of fact, it was the first beat I played
out of my email. I went in the booth. I made a hook in about two minutes. My and
my guys, we’ve been through a lot. We took the wrong way in life and stuff like
that. I’m just trying to show people that there’s
other ways to do things. People see me and they see a young kid come
out of the Bronx. Maybe there’s other ways to do things. People don’t got to gang bang. That don’t make no money. Around that time, it was a whole bunch of
politicking going on and stuff like that. When I say, “Bodies drop all the time I don’t
feel nothing,” it’s just me saying you see people passing away all the time. People I know personally just die all the
time. If I don’t fuck with you to a certain extent,
then you know what I’m saying? It just happens. When I say “exuded,” that’s just how I talk. Like I make up words when I talk. Me and my boys will be talking and we just
call each other “Tweaks,” “Brax.” We just make up names like that; that’s us. When you get somewhere, where other people
want to be, people hate. People watch me and they always want to know
what I’m up to. I just feel like, “Worry about yourself. How you going to better yourself worrying
about me?” When I said that I was not really saying I
be seeing illusions. I’m saying I’ll be thinking somebody really
down for me and people don’t really be down for me. It’s like you see snaking somebody is just
crazy. Going everywhere, people acknowledging me,
getting respect. A lot of people look up to me and that feel
good. This time last year I was locked up. I was locked up. I had no songs out. I just had a dream; I had a plan, that’s it. When I say it could’ve been lights out, I
could have been locked up for a lot more time. It’s just I’m blessed. Last year my birthday, I was locked up. This year I’m somebody, so my birthday was
lit, and “scream little Tjay,” and you know I got a lot of girl fans. When I say my chips, I’m talking about my
bread. I’m talking about my money. When I say, “SB I’ma jack my shit,” that’s
my shit. SB that’s my block, that’s where I’m
from. That’s my hood. A lot of people think I got money now, I can
help everybody and all this other stuff. It don’t work like that. I still got stuff that I got to do. My grandmother was very big in my life. When I used to have little arguments with
my mom, stuff like that, or when you’re not getting along with your parents, you go right
to my grandmother crib. That’s where I used to chill at. I want that 550. I want that 550. I want that Maybach. Instead of acting like somebody I’m not, I’d
rather better myself if I’m not that person. You know what I’m saying? A lot of the hater comments, a lot of times
I see them sometimes. Then sometimes I don’t even see them. I’ll hear about it. My boy will be like, “Yo, you seen this?” I’ll be like, “I don’t care, Bro.” At the end of the day, there’s a lot of people
that say stuff about me ain’t never seen me, and probably won’t ever see my in life. It’s just like you’re better of minding your
business. What you get out of saying something negative
about me? Sometimes I resort to saying a Spanish word
every now and then in my bars. So I was just like let me bring it back one
time. “Mezclando I stay in the kitchen.” What motivates me to make music is when I
drop a song and I see everybody reposting and everybody hype. It just make me want to make more. I want to keep getting that reaction because
this was a dream. This was something I dreamed about. It just happened fast for me. I’m very blessed.

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  1. I literally typed random letters and this pooped up

  2. I swear the way he talk remind me of this boy that go to my school

  3. He’s so trash I would beat this night I swear he’s one of those pussy that’s would bring a gun to a fist fight

  4. gang banging won’t make you money but you’re popping at parties with ya gang?

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    Rapper:those words have a big impact on my life

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  14. ima 19 year old rapper n i just want you guys to check out my music and subscribe to my channel if you can n leave likes n comments ❤️❤️

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