18 thoughts on “Lila Azam Zanganeh on Why Literature Makes Us Better Lovers

  1. Remarkably witty and gorgeous lady… Thank you for the riveting and instructive lecture…
    By the way… "Lolita" by Nabokov has been actually the most touching love story after Romeo and Juliet…

  2. I immensely enjoy reading books in general and history books in
    particular. Consequently, having been exposed to innumerable ideas and
    expressions, I seldom come across new revelations. What you described as "portable home" deeply touched me.

  3. I am disappointed that my entirely civil comment has been erased. She must be a professor. Professors at times challenge their students by spouting absurdities. I am astonished that I was the only one to break out laughing at her statement identifying "Lolita" as a love story.

  4. I suggest Leila to read more Chekhof , Balsac and Flghbert to understand realism in literature. They do not imagine ,they do not tell stories. They know what love really is and it is not the one she is talking about. She has read too much Victor Hugo and Chatobriant.

  5. ..فرشته ای دتنشمند…
    در این دنیای پر از خشونت…فرشته ای از عشق می گوید

  6. scientific talking about love…she is an angle of hope and love

  7. Wow, I am so impressed with this Young lady and her depth of self reflection and level of her authenticity with her self and the courage to share!
    I can see & say there is a lot of hope for humanity with this kind of amazing scholar and teacher!

  8. the inner feeling of fortune comes true with reading this first:

    آسمانش را گرفته تنگ در آغوش
    ابر، با آن پوستین سرد و نمناکش
    روز و شب تنهاست با سکوت پاک غمناکش
    ساز او باران، سرودش باد
    پادشاه فصل‌ها، پاییز

    and then dancing with "Waltz of the Flowers" and spreading the sense…

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