Lilly Singh & Humble the Poet – IVIVI | My Parents React (Ep. 11)

where in the world is superwoman today a in a comic book yeah whatever I wanted two girls so proven and today is a good day isn't it a good day it feels like a good day I hope you're having a good day smile Miki cooking so today I wanted my facebook and I asked what do you wonderful unicorns want to see for super Thursday and a lot of you said my parents reacting to my newest music video IV i v-i be sure and humble the poet and I'm like bow shell I would love nothing more so I hope you enjoy my parents reaction to this and after it's done make sure you watch the whole video because there's so many important announcements I promise okay enjoy hello hello hello I know what you think you think all my born when jeans were looking so cool today how you looking so cool I'm going to tell you today I am reviewing my daughter song IV i v-i okay meaning Toronto so I waved my dinosaur head not after today be reacting to my stupid daughter's new song so he's doing something tak tak tak tak tak so relation watch me watch this one in react so I say okay what I say I have to do just clean house cook your dinner that I'm free shall we do it shall we do it okay let's do it huh let's do it oh okay hello Oh Yaya oh look at me I am driving car one hand I'm so cool I want a ticket so my mommy could help me driving car cool I'm see happening very fast I don't like too fast you see this this called city life you know this is my company that car is for driving not look at this one do this one this is subway or goo huh subways are going from home temple home – but not for party okay oh a special effect very monkeys you learnt in diversity lou mina queen here you never tell me my daughter with the queen virginity what children Lily hardily Ivy High Line look at me I am sorting my samosas burnt one over here nice one here stroking my beard yes sir which guard huh she's sending kiss to my girl black why pathétique and I brought racist you could really I'm home to the port I have beer you can need it I am duck on fire love all races see that's good I like a Mario Kart I like a Diddy Kong Racing leave very cold do not a diss look I am cool Eskimo okay look at this you see special factor what the hell that's cream broken Berlin in City okay fine Mumbai oh the Raptor you see you see what up I have to reference are you Lily yes Scarpa but this song for spelling class Salam go on turn it off I don't want to turn it on in city lady she bunnies are miss I tell her what you want ok you want to be whining when she does my name funk it up she's get fungal advice you DC keep thinking about me because you know I'm punk a master body buddy huh ok ok look at me So You Think You Can Dance yes ok no no one Lily enough I don't need to Lily please Punjab Punjab open come Punjab Kurt's on what why are you putting your hand in your legs New York in my sippy oh it is you stupid idiot that bird in your hair birds die of your hair don't even notice how you could make video but you don't even know you see very big hairs looking up dramatical what is all this on your face there is enough stupid on your face already home it is like I eat masala juice by syllable because the song hot like masala okay you see I you understand are these people on browser I di di I'm doing drum Oh drugs I am doing my mummy dad no no they think I am library but I am doing slow-motion drunk and really music video they go like this they they are broken it go like this dance like this so what I think this song is about listening to your parents because if you don't listen to your parents you give them high blood pressure and then they're going to have to go to hospital and then when they go to hospital doctor going to say you need IV i v-i Canada you know I come to Canada 20 years ago seven dollar in my pockets – okay when I used to live in India okay it used to be bloody 30 degrees okay 30 degrees I walk to school no shoes in the snow that's right I come to Canada for better living this IV ie this IV i v-i thank you okay thank you one second hold on but put it I think there's something oh okay thank you a piece of parents dough if you haven't checked an IV i v-i yet you can check out the full music video by fitting in the description right there or you can go to triple w dot IV i v-i – video calm you can also buy a song on iTunes or Google Play whatever other Amazon eBay pings of a sell music on and thank you so much on behalf of home alone and I for all your support every time it's so overwhelming so thank you for watching my heart but another almost important announcements bow-bow speaking of humble power and I we will be performing together for the first time ever we have never performed laughs and IV i v-i when i make my appearance at YouTube FanFest Toronto May 2nd it is a free event at Dundas Square free and there's also opportunities for you to meet me all the informations in the description but you got to sign up to movie so go there quick and make sure you come on May 2nd to support us like I said first time ever performing together gonna be up the easy but cheesy hello IV i v-i be performed in toronto as you may or may not know i'm going on a world tour and you should know that because I hope shut up about it tickets for Australia are on sale sale they're on sale stills just they're on sale I'm there about 80% sold out the last time I checked so go quickly there's five shows all the information is in the description as well Singapore your tickets just one on sale yesterday there's still someone I think is a VIP and front section sold out in like 8 minutes or something so I know how many tickets are left but go there quickly to get tickets for the one Singapore show my god yeah speaking of world while I'm announcing another country my next stop tonight and the best way to find out where I'm going to be going is by stopping me on Instagram or going to triple w listen for calm and signing it to the email list because they'll let you know what's going on and I can't tell you how many times I post a show like I posted India and India sold out and the next day so many people were like oh my god come to India every come to India and I'm like a bra while you were checking my Instagram and dealt with that thing that one and last but not least my shops when I promise I just wanna say I know I missed last Monday's video and I wanted to openly just tell you that during world tour prep you know this world fair means tour mechanistic this world tour means the world to me it's acquiring a lot of time and energy so all I'm going to ask is while I'm prepping for it and while I'm on my world tour I'm gonna have to ask your patience in terms of if I miss a video here or there or if it's late just please the patient with me and try my best I definitely still want to maintain two videos a week even while I'm on tour so I'm gonna try my absolute best but just give me a little bit of leeway thank you and I think that's all okay on to the end board thingy oh hello I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a big thumbs up see how many thumbs is up we can get because I don't really know if you guys like my parents reacting to stuff let me know also you can check out my last video right there it is guess what it is IV i v-i look at that just plug in it all over the place like an outlet or just look right you can also check my blog channel right there which is super exciting because you can see all the tour prep and all the stuff that's going into it right there last but not least make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday and I would love for you to be there and I hope you happy smiling muah one love superwoman that is a wrap and Zoop ohh

46 thoughts on “Lilly Singh & Humble the Poet – IVIVI | My Parents React (Ep. 11)

  1. Thank You sooo much dearest 💐
    You’re such an inspiration 🥰
    Be Blissful Eternally 🙏🏼😇

  2. Thank You sooo much dearest 💐
    You’re such an inspiration 🥰
    Be Blissful Eternally 🙏🏼😇

  3. I was looking at her wall and I just realised Selena gomez!😊❤

  4. I missed the “where in the world is superwoman today ay” that I almost forgot about it
    3 days before 2019 anyone?

  5. Hey lilli please let your parent react to your videos like in bizarvark or lele pons any video you act in please

  6. I watch YouTube 24/7 and my real YouTube name is MamaPiggy TPPCM

  7. New York is my cityyyyyy!!!!!
    Ummm 😐 I’m pretty sure your Indian bro..

  8. Lily: I'm so sorry I missed Monday I had stuff going on

    Other YouTubers: sorry I missed the last two weeks but whatever

  9. It used to be 30 degrees but I walked to school in the snow… lol 😂

  10. Lily you should do your parents react to musicly transitions

  11. “Looking up. Dramatic, aalhgh.”
    Me: already on the floor, dying of laughter

  12. Your mum said look at me im a duck on fire IM DEAD😂😂😂😂

  13. “When I was in India It used to be 30 degrees And I walked no shoes in the snow !!!!!!!!” Omg lol cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. "Look at me I'm humble the poet look at me look at me I'm duck on fire" dead

  15. Hey Lilly please make a video of your parents reacting to BTS DNA and Mic Drop remix! Please please please please please please ❤ !!!!

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