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Chapter seven part two of La menorah the island of progress by Godfrey swellin this LibriVox recording is in the public domain pioneering part-2 immediate book soon afterward produced by one of the Lumia mo supplied one of the steps towards the consummation of this ideal it was the book of ethereal nutriment it took as basis a former discovery the liquefaction of air and showed how by similar methods the medium that filled interstellar space could be made available in the halls of nutriment and medication and how it could be manufactured in such a concentrated form as to allow of its being poured along conduits and imbibed by human organs through the mouth and nostrils just as air was for some time the atmosphere had been distilled in liquid form and supplied to the houses of the citizens absolutely rid of all impurities nay it had been made a fountain of power transmissible to long distances and available in a form that was easily carried compressed and liquefied it rapidly returned to the gaseous form as soon as the pressure began to be removed and the equilibrium of the liquid to the expansion of the surrounding air had been made to supply vast quantities of power in the center of force the new book proposed to find in the compression and liquefaction of the ether an infinite fountain of force that would enable their civilization to progress at an ever-accelerating pace but the most immediate effect proposed by the book was to enable the Lyman Oren's to ethereal eyes their bodies by introducing the liquefied ether into their dietary the result would be that the tissues would grow more diaphanous they had already been able to transport some of the universal medium in their anchored vacuum polina's from the outer margin of the atmosphere to their laboratories and now they had been able to find in their manufactured vacuums with the enormous power they had in Renoir they could easily compress it into forms that would touch the senses and enter into the blood and the formation of the tissues as the medium of light and magnetism it was almost certain to make the human body more translucent than it had ever been all the tissues even the osseous had always been previous to light but many of them not apparently so to the untrained human eye recently their level lines had shown that by means of certain kinds of luminous raised the human system gave up its most hidden secrets to the human eye but once they were able to chemical eyes and compress the luminiferous ether into palpable form and to mingle it with the volatile food that could be taken into their bodies as they breathed there would be no need of lava lines or other apparatus to see the inner movements of the human system the sanitary effects of this advance would be no mean result the Medical Council would have much of their time set free for their ever-present investigations they would not be needed for the diagnosis of deteriorate of symptoms in the tissues each individual would be able and by the aid of magnifying mirrors to examine for himself what was going on in any part of a system and every man had sufficient physiological and medical knowledge to understand the beginnings of all the ordinary diseases and if he recognized them to prescribe for himself the halt in the militia that he should frequent in order to check them now it would be only the symptoms of obscure or new diseases or deteriorations of the system that the medical elders would have to diagnose and thus they would have great tracts of their life to devote to new discoveries and medical science was certain to advance more rapidly another sanitary effect of the new permeability – like would be to render the human body less open to diseases either known or unknown for it had long been a commonplace of medical science that sunlight reduced the vitality and therefore the virulence of all noxious microbes after nightfall their power increased tenfold wherever the sun's rays could not reach by day their diseases multiplied and festered and one of the chief reasons why in their far past history incurable maladies were generally internal was that sunshine could not get to the parts effected except in a feeble and strangling way the fact that they had fixed themselves deeply in the tissues before they could be observed and that it was difficult to get at the roots without cutting a passage into them had been generally accepted as the explanation of their frequency and deadliness but it had been one of the most important discoveries of the new era after the predation period that pure oxygen and pure sunlight were the most medicated of all things and that the nearer any affected part could get to them the sooner it healed the new book of ethereal nutrition pointed out that one of the results of rendering the human system easily pervious to light would be to read its internal parts of all trace of immediate ability sunlight permeating the inner organs and tissues would make any noxious microbes that might lodge in them innocuous the reciprocity of suggestion and discovery was never more salient Lee exemplified than by one of the less immediate results pointed out by this book as likely to flow from the attainment of this ideal volatile ether food gradually introduced into the halls of nutrition and gradually increased wood step by step bring the human organs to adapt themselves to existence outside the atmosphere of the earth for a long time they would be amphibious with organs adapted to both aerial and ethereal life even as it was the human body revealed in its traces of having already passed through an amphibious stage there were in the neck lands that were the remains of gills which must have once belonged to an aquatic habit besides there was the last vestige of an eye in the back of the neck still extant in the pineal gland and this could have been of use only when the ancestor of man was passing through the stage of a water animal which must watch his enemies from the surface his body being submerged and out of sight step by step he abandoned the water for a literal and even at first a boreal habit the result was that the gills came to be unused and closed up and the upward looking eye was useless in a head that was held upright and could be turned swiftly in all directions still man retains the memory of the aquatic stage of his ancestry with the ease with which he learns to swim and in his love of a life on the sea whilst an occasional birth and more barbarous tribes with the webtools of a water animal still showing reveals his ancestry atavistic Lee what was to hinder him now that he had the mastery of himself and his destiny becoming again amphibious in a new way without guidance of his own driven only by the forces of nature he had risen out of the waters that once covered the earth and taken to dry land for a long period he had been able to live at will in either of two elements air and water where lay the difficulty in making himself again capable of living in two elements in air and in the luminiferous ether in prehistoric times Nature had worked her evolution in his system by long and slow stages but in Wyman Nora progress had become lightning Swift and would again and again increase its pace for there men had taken command of nature and made her accommodate her step to his stride she was his willing servant nimble as her own electric flash he could now compress the work of centuries into hours by his concentration of power in rim law and by his countless ingenious contrivances thought was the lord of time as of space and thought was now his essence in characteristic he could if he wished contract the process that used to cover geological ages into a generation there was no reason why he should not become amphibious again in a less groveling sense than a bold within the few centuries of a lifetime this was the purport of another production of this time the book of amphibious existence it was immediate book one bridging the gulf between things as they were and the far ideals held out to the race by the FRA Lumi amo it helped to point out the steps towards the realization of one of the most cherished productions of the age the book of immigration it had been many years in the mature minds of the community before I was introduced to luma – and it's wonders and it had recently been much modified by the discoveries of the new outburst of energy that followed chalk crews attempt at invasion its ideal was to enable the Lyman Lawrence of that or some future generation to travel thought space and reach other stars long ago a publication that had prepared for and demanded this was the book of the destiny of the earth it had made a profound impression on the people when first produced for it dramatically painted the horror of death that would settle on this globe it had been proved by both astronomers and physicists that our orb was gradually losing its heat by the same process which had brought its originally glowing surface to a state that would allow of life settling upon it first vegetation and animal life were found at the poles where the lessened heat of the Sun made the terrestrial heat endurable then they crept their slow way towards the equator till the whole surface of the earth teamed with vitality at first developing towards basta toot in the warm vapors in later periods towards concentration of energy in special points of the animal body and especially in the head round the poles at last settled the ice sheet advancing at long intervals towards the tropics now in one hemisphere and again in the other according as the other or the other was farthest in winter from the Sun during an extensive period the Hyperborean powers shepherded the growing life of earth down into her central belt but the Bruma leopards of the one site of the world receded as those of the other advanced with their artic winds and fleecy drifts within measurable time this alternation would cease and the Glacial fences would move forward together north and south and pend the overcrowded human life and energy with all its enemies into the narrow equatorial belt it was the drama of these boreal limitations that the book of terrestrial destiny pictured the teeming life wildered over sea and land alike in search of foothold and nutrition no inch of tropical earth was sacred from brute appetite animal and man fought with vemma news fashion for dear life not animal Qi alone but beasts and even man became parasitic creatures that had loved a free existence in vast prairies or forests learned to nest and hibernate in the folds and hollows of larger animals life swarmed over life til for lack of food it began to fail man crept with low 'some beasts of prey into caves of the earth and grew as loathsome as his troglodytic habits on move the Bruma prison walls the Sun shriveled in the sky and withdrew his heed nothing lived that was not artic enough amongst the still free birds of the air man finally cease to have faculty enough to notice the shrinking of the already narrow enclosure that was soon to be as grave feebly the last remnants of the Ray stole forth into the struggling rays of daylight and killed everything of life they could find only in the sea still lived their possible prey and food and thither they dared not go beneath the gloom of the thick ice the cannibal habit came upon man again and no relationship or love restrained his appetite the last scene of the drama was the death of the last man the grave of the remnants of his race where he fell there he lay him balmed and his tomb was the Earth's own wending sheet the major relics of terrestrial life soon followed him into silence and darkness and through the sunless night the dead orb wheeled round the extinguished centre which had for so many geological ages given at light and life the publication of the book would have frozen the hearts within them had not the Lyman horns known that it was not the end of all they saw that the alternations of death and life were not confined to the vegetal and animal species around them the same pendulum swung through the whole cosmos the universe which was dead now would live again in blazing rounds of vapour that would solidify and cool till life could settle on the new orbs again dead it only seemed four it never rested but revolved around some center revolving also and too distant for man to see or feel out of these motions would come resuscitation after millions of ages that are but as moments in the history of the cosmos it would encounter another exhausted universe and from the collision would a new system of glowing worlds arise ready for another series of vital colonisation from limitless life of Siberian space it was this knowledge that took the sting out of their sadness over the new book yet the fate of man aged by age more closely pinned in by the walls of his glacial coffin and drawn back by the eddy of time into his primeval savagery left a loophole for despair and palsy to enter into their lives were they to let their descendants fall back again into the Beast when's their ancestors had come was this glacial president tomb to remain a possibility and a shadow on even the distant horizon of the race once before had their ancestry evaded such a fate pinned between the invasive glaciers in the sea once before had the race committed their fates to an element they feared and hated lest the encroaching ice sheet should smother their civilization and reduced their vitality to the level of barbarism and at last a Maile Asian better to let the race die out at its noblest then leave it to go down into such an inferno nothing now so made them shudder as the prospect of retrogression however slight but to think of their civilization have been away from their posterity before the waning power of the Sun and the earth to think of the lapse of their own intellectual mastery of nature into decrepitude and putrescence was to turn their hearts to stone under such a prospect they could not sit in intellectual paralysis for years the imagination of the race worked feverishly towards its rescue from such an appalling destiny and every new scientific advance brought forth a new book of immigration there one thought of escape was taken from their old migration out of the reach of the ant article a shill advanced to sail out from the earth and commit themselves to the strange conditions and uncertainties of a new element seemed no more hazardous to them now than in their primeval stage of land civilization to launch out with their lives their hands upon the unknown and terrifying ocean it was urged that there was a precedent and basis for their marine adventure in that their ancestry had been amphibious and that one of the primeval species out of which they had come had been aquatic the reply was that the case was parallel and not antagonistic the original vital germs that settled on the cooling surface of the globe must have come out of side aerial space and must have lived in the element that they would have to cross in immigrating from the Glacial orb again and from these vital germs they and all living to ritual things had evolved it was only one stage farther back in the history of life the president was the same though the training and modifications of the system would have to be more strenuous and drastic than they had been before the former leap was taken from land to sea preparation had already been made for they had learned aerial navigation far more thoroughly than they had ever known the mastery of the sea their airships had ventured right up into the ether whilst on wings they had themselves coasted to the Earth's atmosphere nothing was impossible to intellect which had mastered the art of evolution recent discovery had led them far on the difficult ascent towards safe departure from the surface of the world it only needed ingenuity and development to give them a concentration of aerated sustenance which would enable them to journey for ages outside of an atmosphere such as they had been accustomed to inhabit they had the germ of this in the nuts of the Alpha rain or oxygen shrub recently their chemists had been able to reproduce the essence of them and to compress it into microscopic globules not to a later age of discovery did they supersede this by the liquefaction and solidification of air they were rapidly adapting their own systems to the vacuum they could produce and to the rarefied atmosphere high above the clouds they were introducing the quintessence of the ether into their halls of sustenance and medication and thus to custom in their organs and tissues to conditions which they would meet continually on their voyage through side aerial space the next generation would practically be on fibia s– able to live in the luminiferous ether with occasional return to an atmosphere such as surrounds the earth every new age would enable them to make longer and longer excursions away from the bosom of Mother Earth out towards the influence of other planets every new generation would have more elastic and adaptable tissues and organs which would fit varied pressure and varied mediums of vitality and with all this the Limon worn body would grow lighter at the same time as it would grow more consolidated coherent and into soluble but most important of all was the new command of gravitation given them by the discovery of the varying sensitiveness or non sensitiveness of certain rays – magnetism and gravity according to conditions that were in human hands there were limitless possibilities in this for satiereal migration and already out of it had come the Lava llama or gravitation power machine the new book of immigration brought all these discoveries and thoughts into bearing on its problem and harmonized them and developed them by means of imaginative suggestion the drama of his publication drew the bulk of the people to lumia there we saw a representation of Lila Rome itself piercing the sky and pure and lonely grandeur near its top lay moored a fleet of Felina zuv strikingly new form and material they were as light as foam bubbles and as opalescent Li transparent within each of them we could see stored quantities of alpha in globules that seemed enough to serve a people for of years in each we saw a new anti gravitation engine ready to deal with every form of attraction and repulsion in the white ether and turn it into available power men and women in Lyman or inform but as transparent and as imponderable and buoyant as their new ships floated round the ethereal fleet now and again a flash of artificial light would dart across the scene and along it as if impelled by it ran with the lightning swiftness of one of the rainbow Fleck Felina 'he's bearing its full freight we could see the lavell llama work and we concluded that there was a new form of it that could take advantage of the beams of light to travel with them as an electric impulse travels along them innumerable evolutions with the ethereal fleet took place the sublimated Lyman Lorenz of the future seemed to have complete command of the new ships and of the new power over light and gravitation suddenly came tremors in the framework of the great mountain it rocked like a boy in the uneasy surge of a reef his snows fell in huge avalanches then the conical top was ejected into the sky like a shot from a cannon the air was thick with dust and stones but when it cleared and great flames shot forth and licked the face of heaven we could see far above their reach the rainbow-colored fleet speeding aloft filled with their tiny diaphanous sailors the scene changed and we saw the universes set in the vault of heaven and across the space between them we could discern Manute specks of light flashing mercurial as thought behind them in demi lips sped the nacht ambulant earth still eddying around the central spot of light now it broke forth in ragged corrugation only to sink back into a pitchy gloom yet a thread of light stretched forth into the luminous atoms the fled it on through the night near they came and one by one grew more distinct and larger at last we could see that it was the fleet on its way from the top of Lila Roma within each ether ship we could make out the movements of the sailors as they Bend its way this site and that the light from a brilliant star in the new universe may play upon the surface of their Faline 'as they had caught in its rays and were speeding as Swift as like towards the now definite goal the luminiferous current bore them steadily on their little engines palpitating with the impulse of the new light and the new gravitation again the scene changed and we looked upon the surface of a new orb more advanced in development more highly organized than the earth with which we were familiar we saw the inhabitants in crowds face upwards into the night all eyes on some distant star the excitement was rising like a tempest it seemed as if the object on which they gazed were swiftly approaching them and in a flash they're swept within our sight the fleet of prismatic ether ships like rainbows in the light of another Sun they stopped and hovered above the atmosphere we saw their crews breathe in the elements in which they floated lower and lower they came still sounding the atmosphere and testing its effects upon their organs the absence of commotion and the steady descent showed that nothing alien to their systems had yet been encountered out of their Faline as they gazed as wonderingly down upon the new star as this sea of upturned faces watched their slowly send the scene was brought still nearer to our eyes instead of microscopic foam bells floating in the sky and microscopic crowds resting on the surface of the Otherworld we felt present at the meeting of these creatures of different universes they seemed to feel conscious of this great event in the history of the cosmos the dwellers of the new world were almost paralyzed at first with wonder at these being so liked and yet so unlike themselves they could recognize we could see in their friendly faces the divine community of spirit their eyes as soon as they recovered from their waking dream flashed welcomed in magnetic fire there was no need of community of words for open intercourse the dwellers of the new star had the same development of electric sense as the Lyman Oren's had their souls could speak without a sound from the lips step by step their mutual sympathy grew more definite more cordial and approximated to the communication of thought and fact within a brief period they knew enough of each other's language to tell out their whence and whither but in the people of the new star the language was that of feature and not of tongue over their faces flashed the signals of thought as well as of emotion astonishing the newcomers at the rapidity with which expression flitted over their features equally astonished were their hosts to hear the countless variety of tone and accent come from the throats of the strangers they covered their ears as if shielding them from the assault of some thunderous report even the Voyager shrank from the voice of their own spokesman and tone it down as he would still it was too loud for any delicate ear to endure they were in a new atmosphere that bore sound so quickly and clearly as to make a whisper reverberate like thunder so did it make their eyes of the dwellers in it as keen and foreign sight as if armed with the most powerful microscopes and telescopes the slightest adjustment of them and their lids changed them back and forth from distant observation to nearer and the same translucency marked their tissues as made the inner movements of the newcomers heart and brain apparent there was needed no sound to interpret the magnetic messages of the brain along its nerves hosts and guests were seen at one familiar as lifelong friends and thrilling each other with the strange new experiences of their history the voyagers from Earth soon knew why the use of the tongue and throat had been abandoned by their hosts as means of communication the uncontrollable volume of sound offended their hearing and drove them to develop the language of eye and feature the sight grew more powerful and adaptable as voice and ear gave up their share of energy and sustenance of the system their tissues too had ever been to a large extent transparent because of the rarity and clearness of their atmosphere and by selection and training they had been able to make them pellucid as they now were the gleam of question and answer showed us clearly on the stage of luma Aoife as the movement of the figures themselves and when the colloquy had ended and the strangers had gained all the information they needed for their farther journey through space we saw them enter their Felina x' and rise above the eager penetrating gaze of their new friends across the face of the heavens we followed the ethereal fleet as a faded again into insignificance another scene showed us their landing upon another planet of the universe they had entered the drama thus bore us with the light from system to system throughout the cosmos and revealed the ease with which still avoiding could be accomplished once the initial difficulties had been overcome immediate book dramatically published in luma Eva just before prepared the way for this it was the book of side aerial intercourse they had always held that the other universes in the cosmos were as much inhabited by life as theirs was it had ever seemed to them the absurdist of arrogance for the dwellers on the earth to assume that theirs was the only or about a the countless myriads on the face of night that had life upon it that it monopolized the vital energy of infinity and the attention of its divine intelligence the wider they had ranged with their side aerial sciences the more they smiled at the primitive thought of the remote ancestors that they were the cynosure of the cosmos it had come to be used as the radiused and most striking example of infatuation and conceit that the poor Earthlings were as microscopic in their importance compared with the vast Atun of existence as the bacterial swarms of a wayside pool compared to the denizens of the great ocean was assumed in every movement and act of their minds and wherever life was there was the chance that highly developed intelligence existed they were not so sure that this was yet the case on the farthest of our planets it might be that the inner and smaller bodies of our universe had passed the stage in which they could support the higher life the others they thought were rapidly evolving a life of their own most of it still in a low grade when the earth had passed his climax and began to decay they would probably one after the other be attaining a loftier type of life and intelligence whilst they were running their course of progress the earth and her inner sister planets would be waiting in their frozen silence the time when the whole of their universe would be exhausted nearer and nearer would the whole solar system be approaching some other system that had run its course and the encounter of the two would evolve a young universe full of heat and energy enough from the collision to make a new cosmic career they had little hope of them stirring reply if ever they were able to send an embassy of thought to any star of our own system all their hopes of astral intercommunication were pointed to other stars and other universes and as they looked up into the eyes of night they seemed to feel magnetic answer to impulses of their soul not from Mars or Venus from Saturn or Jupiter but from the stars that throbbed in far more distant depths they had ever believed of course that they had now scientifically shown that the centres of light flashing in the nightly sky were not the true sisters of Earth but only sons around which the unseen universe is circled they tried to find the dim worlds which drew their heat and light from these poignant watch fires of heaven and their more recent instruments had revealed the dark outlines of many of these Twilight Wanderers which hung on the radiance of the visible stars the magnetism that came with the Rays from some of those far distant luminous points had shown striking aberration early in its course and nothing could explain this but the existence of rayless planets revolving round these lambent sources of light step by step they at home these aberrations until they knew the courses of the dusky satellites of many stars and they could tell the moment when a circular shadow would cross the face of any one of these Suns the eyes of the astronomical families had become so accustomed to the times and places of such obscure ations that their furless acted with them and searched for magnetic impulses from the dark sisters of the star they were watching till at last they could tell by their electric sense the place of many dim planets in the nearer universes it was on this that the book of side aerial intercourse based its forecasts of the immediate future since the definite discovery of varied types of life in the spaces beyond the Earth's atmosphere the last suspicion of mere fancy had vanished from the belief in the existence of high intelligence on the universe's of infinity and now their faces were set towards communication with some of this intelligence on distant world the new book assumed that the electric sense or something equivalent for the perception of the great cosmic force had been developed in the inhabitants of some invisible worlds and it laid down as an axiom that there were vast stores of magnetic material in these orbs just as there were in the earth and in the Sun what they must first do was to sweep the range of a universe with an electric impulse on which the whole force of room look should be concentrated and to keep their delicate indicators all set in the same direction at the publication of the book in lieu me Eva we saw gigantic engines slowly moving their long arms this way and athwart one of the most brilliant stars of night and scientists eagerly scanning the numerous magnetic meters that surrounded the huge electric machine we could see the air thrill and undulate with the mighty impulse and the very light of the star seemed to flicker and wink before the penetration of the intrusive force at last a flash of hope came over the faces of the watchers the pendant beam of one tsar Mullen began to quiver it was a message from the world they saw it again they turned the whole available power of the island millions of millions of horsepower into the electric engine the arm of which they had at once brought to rest fierce lightnings again played through the atmosphere marking the line of the new dispatch and again the luminous tongue of the magnetic meter told of its reception by intelligences like ours then came the astronomic families who mark the exact position of the sensitive spot in the sky and thereafter their sentry stood with Samoan directed thither ready to announce the slightest sign of astral impulse or response the scene changed and we saw a new type of electric engine placed in position on the stage on its long arm was a singularly crooked cage transparent era lynnium flat and sharp like the blade of a sword yet been to a right angle in the direction of the edge within it were placed recording magnetometers we could see the directors fix them towards their responsive universe then rim lock concentrated its tremendous power upon the machine the arm swung right and left and finally with a jerk shot the crooked cage like lightning through the air we followed its luminous track far into the sky tell us seemed nothing but one of the countless stars that slivered the night suddenly like a rocket it bent back on its course and as swiftly retraced its flight I thought to see it shattered into dust as it struck the earth but there was a deep pool ready to break its force its sharp edge cut the water and it vanished but slowly rolls to the surface unhurt and on the faces of the observers we could see how successful had been the experiment with the Lima tour or new boomerang vehicle of electric indications it had shot far up into space along the true electric impulse that traveled away beyond it towards the sensitive point of the sky they had discovered before it bent back from its headlong course the response speeding more freely and more swiftly through the untrammeled ether imprinted itself upon the surface of the Sarma line it was this answer more decided than any they had yet received that filled the eyes of the observers with joyous light there was another change of seeing the gigantic engines had disappeared and in their place we saw the ether courier families floating on the outskirts of the atmosphere with strata of clouds far below them on the back of their necks where the electric sense had his special seat they bore a singular apparatus not unlike a small telescope on their chest they had strapped a small engine of arrow lynnium a miniature of those we had seen in former scenes the one was a magnifier of electric indications and the other was an electricity catapult the courier's could not only draw upon the electric resources of the spaces around them but upon those of the center of force and we could see them converse with distant stars by means of these apparatus through unobstructed space they could send with these their electric impulses to limitless distances free from the atmospheric retardation which before had demanded immense power to overcome its inertia and with their new electro telescopes they could magnify ten thousandfold any electric ray for their furless to receive although it might have travelled a thousand times the distance between the Earth and the Sun they might have to wait days for their answer but again and again were they rewarded with it with a dim star circling around the nearer suns they were able to hold comparatively rapid converse but they were going farther afield through the cosmos and they had often to watch and wait for weeks or months or years for any indication of response the book awakened little enthusiasm compared with the publication's of some of those that I had witnessed for though the authors had been rapid in the composition of it they had been somewhat forced all by one of the ingenious inventions of the last great age of discovery this was the modification of the level on which brought them records of the life of extra aerial space amongst the luminous impressions that their combination of lavalla and Felina had brought down out of the ether they had found evidences of highly organized systems which frequented the vacuum outside our atmosphere they were satisfied with the knowledge of this new discovered teeming life and they believed that before many ages they would have developed first their apparatus and next their senses so far has open intercourse with it and if they could come to converse with nobler intelligence near the earth they did not need to go far afield in the cosmos as the new book suggested their own Philae a moose would serve to bring them into close sympathy with the best life that was to be found in space until they should know the conditions of such life and aim at fulfilling them it was one of the subsidiary studies and ideals of the book that drew most attention and produced most result it pictured an apparatus and method for taping the thoughts of men as they traveled along the nerves an adaptation of their huge electric engines for Sudheer EO intercommunication for some ages they had been able to send emotions and impulses through the air or rather through the medium that interpenetrate at the air and recently they had developed this into the dispatch of thoughts through long distances the combination of great magnetic power and sensitive Sarma lands this book showed would draw off thought at any point along its line of flight whether in the body or in the air and underneath an electric magnifier and interpreter the indicator would reveal the meaning of the thoughts thus would they be able to find out the intentions of men however distant but this was only a minor result of the ideal they would be able with the aid of the apparatus to tap the torrents of thought speeding through the ether and so drink of the highest intelligence and imagination which approached the earth much of it would be too intricate and obtrusive or them to follow or understand but they already knew that most of their greatest inspirations had come from this ocean of tremulous energy bordering the shores of our world and development of their faculties and of their sympathy with this extraterrestrial thought would gradually lead them to the interpretation of its more complex and deeper elements all their civilization had been an attempt to know the thoughts that lie in the structure of our universe in its complicated energy and Manute life by this new means they would feel the throb of the very heart of our system perchance of the very heart whose beats are the life of the cosmos at least they would get to know the intelligence that flashes through space around our world the wisdom and the inspirations passing between the inhabitants of the ether beyond our grosser senses had it not been for this minor issue and ideal the publication of the book would have been completely overshadowed by that of the book of immortality this took as basis the great expansion of life they had been able to produce and their ideals of ethereal nutrition and amphibious life and pictured the posterity of the Lyman Oren's able to join the inhabitants of the ether without any violent transition or death we saw a Lyman horn on the stage of gloomy Aoife passing through the new transmutation from Mortal to immortal his transient elements were atom by atom sublimed away in a new hall of medication where the magnetic energy took the place of more material nutrition his tissues became diaphanous till only the light and the magnetism he emitted marked the place where he lay it was what he thought and felt rather than what he was that told us he was still there his lower and more stagnant centres of energy had vanished and gravitation seemed to have little or no influence upon him whithersoever his thought welled thither he floated rather the luminous reflection of a man the man himself to our grocer sense as he seemed as impalpable and evanescent as a perfume or a mist on the morning hills yet there he stood or moved in annex beautiful center of the highest-energy whither flowed the sympathetic force of other centers and whether nothing hostile could approach storms past affectless over his head the deadliest engine shot their darts at him in vain poisonous fumes lethal showers armies of pestilential microbes swept round him and threw him and knock us all the evanescent centres of energy that had laid him open to the attacks of these had dissolved and left him fit to be a dweller in the infinite ether there might be other noxious elements too whose assaults he was yet vulnerable but these we could not discover he was immortal as far as terrestrial enemies were concerned immortal without the sudden collapse and dissolution of the lower centers which we call death upon our world by the most natural of processes he lost the substance that awakened our grosser senses and became the mere halo of what he had been fit only to make himself felt by our centres of thought and imagination with our furloughs we could feel stream from him great currents of magnetic influence unobstructed by any of those Tareen or aerial media that make spiritual intercourse so difficult upon this world such an ideal when attained would spread what is now called death over the greater part of our terrestrial life time instead of massing it into a few moments of farewell it would be difficult to fence off the immortal from the mortal so many stages would there be of transmutation the intercourse between the immortalizing and the immortal would then be continuous and there would be no sudden break in existence no great gulf fixed between the spiritual and the material with the same corporeal and mental faculties which their ancestry had had in primeval ages and the bulk of men had in their own day they would have counted immortality as the gift of a friend even with their existing development noble thought it was they would never think of longing for such a fate for the lower cinders of energy forming what is called the body still demanded amount of attention and sustenance that was burdensome they had great delight in their life they energized so purely and continually that they often forgot the corporeal system and its claims yet the time came in all men's life's when they felt their still mix constitutions advanced too slowly for their spiritual ambitions and then they longed for change perhaps rest such as the dissolution we call death accomplished if however they could get rid of the inferior and clogging elements of their systems and float free of tureen forces and conditions like gravitation then might immortality be an object of desire a publication that delighted them even more than this was one that had a cognate theme the dimension of time it seemed to me the most fanciful of all the productions I had witnessed in Lumia it did not seem to strike the Lima Norns as beyond the bounds of possibility it was called the book of time focusing so fantastique an utopian did I think yet that I paid little attention when it was dramatically published on the stage yet I remember some of the chief features of the new book it counseled the development of the imagination on his proficient side till it should count eons as moments and take easy flight through eternities it was the real time faculty and had already in the production of loom Eva for run the civilization of the race by long periods it had become true profit not merely over months or years but over centuries trained to use the data of the past and the present had been able to forecast the evolution of the future with a certainty that made its art almost to science what was to hinder extending its range of vision beyond the immediate horizon and taking in at a glance the course of the future as it did the page of history and as it reached higher and higher points of view it could paint eternity as it now pictured the past there was no limit to his provisional powers as there had been none to its penetration into the prehistoric and permeable darkness prescience should be as organized and exact as any science in fact all their sciences had become for essential those that were merely retrospective or synchronous having gradually fallen out of notice and the families that had been devoted to them were one-by-one absorbed into other services no study was counted of much value that had not one eye on the future their whole intellectual system was thus becoming future ative and all the faculties looked up and centered in the greatest and most predictive of them all the imagination they had already been able in the valley of memories to focus the past into the view of a few moments or days or months the time stretching behind us into the darkness was underneath one glance of the intellectual eye only greater certainty in their imaginative methods was needed for the Eternity that stretches in front of us to flash before the soul a single picture only develop the prophet faculty as rapidly in the next few generations as it had been developed in the past few and we might move at will from age to age of the future as we now move from age to age of the past living at any moment in any period we pleased or in a thousand periods at once from past a future would be as easy as a leap as from Hell to heaven for this great time and space focusing faculty eternity would be as focal to the imagination as infinity it was an eye towards which radiated all time and all space post historic pictures would be as vivid to it as prehistoric even now interest was fast leaking from mere recorded history before the romance of eternity past and future what was the history of the race upon earth compared with the periscope of the cosmos then would their posterity be able to stand on a watch tower in the heights of heaven and view the whole arena of existence as it stretched through time and space there is no faculty so close to the divine as imagination I felt that this publication was like all their work singularly self regardless it clearly recognized that the realization of its proposed ideal would mean the doom of its art pioneering all of theirs which we in the West would call literature would be superseded Lumi fo would then become an institution of the past less and less interesting but as rapidly receding item of history self-effacement for the sake of progress was the dominant note of Liman orang civilisation and in this book it seemed to me to rise to its highest pitch for it held before the race a goal which when attained would render literature and his publication unnecessary to its advance end of chapter 7 parade of la menorah the island of progress by godfrey swellin this LibriVox recording is in the public domain another threat when the island was absorbed in the productions of this new literary or pioneering era its attention was suddenly called to its immediate surroundings out of eternity they were jerked into the passing moment to defend their own little plot of Earth Mayr existence was endangered if they did not at once withdraw their powers from their march through the future it had been the result of their humane and lenient policy towards their exile that every few generations rebellion and Menace rose in the archipelago against their mysterious isolation fear of the Isle of demons or the imaginations of the other islands for a century or two and then foolhardy prosperity or conquest demanded a new lesson half a century had not passed since the romance of chakras rise and fall and unaided and unstimulated the other inhabitants of the arch of El ago would have grovelled in helpless fear and hate of the central aisle the discipline applied in the repulsion of chakras fleet would have sufficed for several centuries but for a new power which had insinuated itself within the circle of mist one of the days when the book of immigration was holding the stage of gloomy Aoife the spectators were startled by realistic transference of their drama to the sky above them just as the opalescent Phileas were about to land on the new star every I was suddenly drawn away from the stage to the blue spreading above the valley across it was passing a strange airship of huge proportions and ungainly structure I recognized it as a development of the balloon with which I had been familiar in my European experience there was the immense inflated globe or rather pair with the car hung under neath but there was something new in the motions of this bullet it seemed to be a dirge of all four attacked this way in that across the direction of the wind and still more strange the car was filled with implements of war I could see their great muzzles pointed over the sides the lineman horns were startled by this anticipation of their science but only for a moment and as soon as the apparition sailed out of sight they bent their senses eagerly on the spectacle before them they knew that their sentries were at their watch pulse on while aroma and nothing hostile to the interests of the civilisation could occur in air or sea or upon earth without stirring their attention and so placing the whole island on the alert they waited till the publication of the book was finished and then streamed off to their various businesses and pursuits as we flew across the upper slopes of the mountain we found out that the aerial stranger had settled upon one of the lonelier heights of the island of brouilly no action was taken by the Lyman Lawrence against the singular invader of the archipelago except he said a special watchman who should observe his movements through the inn drove amylin and should report to the elders anything out of the common that might occur the stranger had evidently been disabled away to the east of the circle of fog his steering gear had ceased to act and before a tornado he was hurried away from the great continent over which yet hovered the impetus bore him helplessly above and across the ring of mists and within its calmer sphere the steering gear was again adjusted it was then that the Watchers on Lila Roma saw his purpose to make for their island and they send through the Lila ran a blast which would carry him away from their shores not rude enough to harm him yet sufficiently strong to defeat his intention feeling himself born again farther away from his home he tacked for the nearest peak that he thought he could reach this was evidently climber all but the blast of the Lila ran was too much for him and to save himself from drift still farther west he grappled one of the heights of broody as he passed over it and settled there it became one of the amusements of the younger Lima Norns to observe the behavior in the fate of the newcomer in the Isle of Peace the crew of the airship was numerous they were taken prisoners not long after they had descended from their car and their captain was hurried off to the court of the new ruler before long the balloon was brought to the capital and carefully guarded and anchored firmly to the earth it made a sense with the Royal Engineers under the direction of the balloonist his every movement was watched lest he should release the captive by cutting the rope that bound it and sail off with the officers of his brilliant majesty but as the months and years passed on the newcomer with his strange new ship came to be trusted by the king at his advisors he saw an arena for his ambitions and talents and bent his whole energies to his new purpose we could see him from day-to-day and week-to-week add to the aerial fleet which yet once begin to build an imitation of the balloon he had brought with him his original subordinates and companions were at first his only assistants their brewery and engineers and mechanician 'he's afterwards joined in the work in great numbers and became as deft at it as the strangers every new balloon that was made was tested in the air at first there were accidents which for a time prejudiced the court and the people against the aerial monsters but by carefully selecting his men from the army the director was able at last to furnish every airship that he made with a complete and efficient crew able under the leadership of one of his companions to manipulate the vehicle and every implement on board of it it even became the favorite pastime of the court to make voyages across the island in the swift frigates of the sky ultimately the King so thoroughly trusted the master of this new style of transportation that he abandoned him self to his guidance and allowed him free use of all the resources of the island he came to see the marvelous possibilities that lay in warfare carried on by such a navy though the brilliance had after chalked throughs deportation lost one by one all the conquests that the audacious warrior had made and had at last been confined again to the limits of their island they never gave up their ambitious dreams and the monarch who could fulfill them would be certain to fix his empire in their hearts the King looked round for some means to gratify this passion for conquest but their old methods were now comparatively useless for the larger islands worn by their past experience built fleets as large and formidable as the brew Liam and the smaller groups Confederated for the purposes of defense it was vain then to think of remastering the archipelago in any attempt by sea with extreme delight then did the monarch watch a demonstration of the warlike possibilities of the new aircraft the director had some old Hulk's moored out at sea in sight of the king and his court then he entered one of his new balloons well provided with guns and explosives and well manned and made the crew let go they sailed straight out till they rolls high over the remains of the antiquated Navy as they approached their prey several guns belched out their fires from the car and their shot struck and sank three of the ancient ships but two tough old Halls resisted all their attempts so the balloon rolls straight over them but much higher in the air out of the car was seemed to fall to packages which made for the decks of the old tempest resistors in the twinkling of an eye before we could realize that the packets had reached their destination there was a thunderous roar and the air was filled with Jets of water and with the flying fragments of the shattered hulks when the commotion settled nothing but floating planks and spar and shreds of the vanished ships was to be seen on the surface of the water and a way out of reach of the fierce convulsion rode the airship majestic and unharmed in the blue the monarch needed no further demonstration he gave up to the master of the new power the use of his whole army and navy before many months were over a vast aerial fleet was equipped and manned ready for the first emergency and this emergency rolls at once the sullen jealousy which ever smolders and rankles between two powerful and neighbouring empires took substance and outward shape between alia Fane and brouilly the old enemy knew nothing of the new instruments of war which had been forged and prepared with good cheer and good hope for the struggle her fleet was in excellent Order well-equipped and manned but within a few weeks it had completely vanished before the wrecking terror of the air continuous torrents of lead and iron streamed from above onto their decks making those of their Gunners that survived helpless and inert when their captains invented methods of pointing their guns at the aerial ships and a floating fire kites against them to set them on fire then the most tremendous engines of the Navy in the air were brought in to train and with appalling explosions the ala Fenian ships and their crews vanished in atoms no such destruction of a nation's war materiel had ever occurred in the history of the archipelago the alio Fannie and marine force was swept from the face of the sea one or two other islands were bold enough to attempt the struggle with the new power but with the same disastrous results to themselves over the whole large appel ago except at Central Island the air fleet passed inspiring terror and reducing the people's to servitude it was the same all-conquering story as was told under chalk trees leadership and now the brilliant army and people were willing to worship the maker and manipulator of these balloons as a god he had plenty of ambition but he was by nature and acquirement only a mechanician and not a born leader of men he had none of the self-confidence made monstrous by success or of the unscrupulousness that forges a masterful will he did love power but he hesitated before those audacious measures which gave a conquer the highest vantage-ground he yearned to rule widely but he had not the self mastery and the leavening imagination which secured command over the minds of human aggregations but he was an average nature with complete mastery over the newest and most powerful invention the brilliant monarch saw the peril of his two great success and said the stranger in his balloons aside in time to let the popular enthusiasm cool alone with his fleet and his army the King completed the round of conquests he knew that when the power of elyo Fame and one or two other chief islands was broken there was nothing to fear from the others and his task though brilliant was easy he took care that there were several great and segueway nary battles that put heart and pride into his soldiers and sailors thus by the time the war was finished the newcomer and his appalling fleet were almost forgotten but the monarch himself did not forget them he knew that the climax of this new era of national conquest and pride was certain to come soon never had the brilliance been continuously successful in war without losing their traditional fare of the Isle of Devil's and demanding its subjugation he said his house in order against the day of vainglory he would develop his new method of warfare he made the stranger again his commander-in-chief urging him on words the increase of the aerial fleet and his terrorising weapons then fearing from his knowledge of the past that there was little chance of success he gave him complete command of the expedition so that all the blame of failure should be on the shoulders of another in order to complete the contrast he kept rebellion smoldering in one or two of the adjacent islands and took care that it broke out simultaneously with the attack upon the Isle of Devil's ignorant of the conditions he had to meet and puffed up by his past successes the stranger thought that all he had to do was to add to the number of his fleet and the deadliness of his weapons we saw him set out with banners flying amid the applause and enthusiasm of the people whilst the wily King led off his own forces quietly to embark from an opposite shore of the country against the rebels of neighboring coasts success seemed to follow the aerial Navy for favouring winds bore them swiftly and majestically over the horizon out of the range of brilliant vision for myself as I said a tannin drove of Milan I feared the strange new torrential guns and the showers of deadly explosives that would rain down from these aerial ships and my heart sank as I saw them sail like great vultures near and near to their prey but my compatriots were tranquil and free from all anxiety everything was really in readiness and they were only waiting the exact moment for action it came and the huge balloons felt suddenly away from the blast of the litter on like a flock of storm-beaten Birds I could see them struggling many of them have disabled to stand up to the wind but it was vain they whirled like snowflakes before an Arctic Tempest their Helms became entangled in their snap cordage and I could see their guns roll in pitch with fatal effect upon the crews tilt from many the suicidal weapons were tumbled overboard into the sea below yet the expedition by no means acknowledged itself defeated guided by some experienced brilliant advisor the admiral of the fleet changed its formation evidently from knowledge that the blasts from while aroma could play upon only one point at once he divided his air Navy into three squadrons and making the central face the blast he sent the other two in different directions round the island he thought that these two would be able to bring their explosives and guns to bear upon the lion by his flank movement it was as unsuccessful as his other efforts both sections came almost within firing distance of the shore when suddenly their gaseous fares were seemed to collapse a slight and silent flash was all that told whence the disaster had come electric rockets had issued from magnetic injectors of great power and almost invisibly punctured the spherical support of each ship it seemed as if the whole of the three squadrons would soon be in the sea and with the weight of their war materiel they were certain to sink to the bottom and carry all their crews with them but the invaders promptly threw overboard their weighty cargos and with their usual humanity the Lima Norns now did their best to save their enemies the punctures in the balloons were so Manute that it would take some time to exhaust them so the liner ran send its blasts underneath them and buoyed them up like thistledown at the same time blowing the three sections of the navy off in different directions it was amusing to watch the alternate rise and fall of the various airships as it turned its blasts from one squadron to another like a game of battledore and shuttlecock played by giant jugglers the Warriors in the cars kept crouching in panic and holding on to the cordage as they rose or fell in the air upon the billows of wind their cars danced and leaped and jerked like corks in an eddy where currents meet and they were too panic-stricken or too paralyzed with terror to see that with all the toe mold of their movements they were gradually approaching solid earth we saw each squadron land on the shores of a separate island and after their terrible the crews threw themselves upon the earth and seemed to clutch it in fear lest they should be torn again from its sweet Anchorage into the warring whirlpools of the upper air after a few days they collected their wits and the shattered fragments of their air flayed and hiring bolts from the islanders sailed home words as they entered the main harbour of brouilly crestfallen nd spirited the army and fleet of the king were returning from their victories with triumphal music and with banners flying the contrast was striking and set the monarch more firmly on his throne for another generation yet matters could not remain where they were the defeat of the new methods of warfare stirred hope in the breasts of the conquered peoples and muffled sounds of rebellion came from many of the islands the King knew that he must make another move and held long councils with the defeated balloonist the result of the conference as soon became manifest the stranger had seen that his aerial fleet was useless against Tempest and electric missiles such as the Isle of demons had command of and he willingly handed it over to his superior to use against the threatened revolts with the blind obstinacy of the average mine placed in a position greater than its powers he ran counter to the traditions of the archipelago and uttered loud resolves that he was not to be beaten he would show them how fertile II was in resources he had no fear of their back of winds the king gave him free sculpt with all the material and forces of the country and the ingenious mechanism forged huge guns that would throw their projectiles enormous distances and build great ships to hold them as he launched one vessel after another he practices crews on board of it and taught them how to handle the marvelous artillery the people stood in awe as they heard the thunder of their fire dozens of leagues away and saw their missiles fall in the sea miles and miles from the ship once they had issued and they shook their heads wisely and said to each other now we shall see at last the end to this Isle of demons when the great Armada was already after long years of work and the ships lay at anchor in the harbor their magazines filled their guns in train and everything prepared for the final expedition the people were so overjoyed at the site that they organized a festival to the sailors of the wonderful fleet they had such confidence in the destructive powers of these ships and their guns that they resolved to pre-celebrate with magnificent pageantry and feast the triumph they were so assured of and as the monarch had already defeated the incipient rebellion by his aerial fleet and the mutterings of the subjugated were stifled or unheard there could be no danger in inviting all the sailors on shore to take part in the festivities so the great fleet lay peacefully at anchor unmanned whilst their crews were being lauded to the skies for their intrepidity and the certainty of their success the night was moonless and deep darkness was flagged only by the occasional blaze of sky during illumination everything had gone off with brilliancy and the banquet to the sailors was nearing its climax and clothes suddenly the hubbub of jubilance was hushed there was a series of appalling detonations shaking the banqueting edifice to its foundations many thought that the world had come to an end so terrifying and near deafening was the continuous roar the people in the streets at first fell on the earth and prayed to their gods but they soon saw what had occurred there out on the harbor the pro technique display overshadowed anything they had ever seen or even thought of the great ships were all of them in flames the magazine of each had exploded and sent decks and fittings and armaments sputtering and fragments against the black of the sky the brilliancy of the spectacle overcame the natural alarm in her at such Titanic Catherine wheels they had never seen such were enduring of the heavens such flame lit Jets of water rising in calms above the doom ships but the spectacle was brief ship after ship rolls high above the scene of his devastation its banners of fire all flying against the darkness and then plunged into the extinction and gloom of the depths the breach in the side close to the magazine sucked in the waters most swiftly and sent the bow end of each first into the water is such maneuver fires in an hour after the first deafening procs ISM all was still and dark again on the face of the waters but for a flaming fragment here and there hissing and sputtering against the night then came terror again their brilliance jubilant over the invincibility of their marvelous fleet knew not whence the disaster had come or who had been the enemy and now they crouched in fear or ran for shelter lest the invisible foe should take advantage of their palsy and reap his harvest of blood but no enemy came no carnage followed the strange catastrophe the morning dawned and the waters of the bay shone as peacefully in the level rays of the Sun as if no fleet had ever been there as if no conflagration had occurred not a boat or a sign of an enemy was to be seen out crept the soldiers and sailors from the shelters the people in their rear and soon the harbor was alive with craft seeking relics and explanation of the disaster but no explanation could be found in all the Bible of theories that chattered and echoed over the water a Council of the Royal advisors was called they consulted and questioned every Admiral in general but all in vain the stranger who had brought the fleet and its equipment into existence failed to account for the occurrence he refuted all charges of negligence and appealed to the desire of the people and the command of the King as his warrant for withdrawing the crews from the ships for the night treachery there must have been there were a thousand conjectures but no sure knowledge as to whence it came with the rationality and ingratitude which mark all panickin Nations or other aggregations of men when unexplained disaster has overtaken them they broke out in fury against the very hero of the night's festivities they had to find a scapegoat and his figure was foremost in every man's mind the destructive magnetism of the crowd gathered round the name that was on every lip and the cry arose that he was the traitor the mob howled outside the council room for his blood he had to be bundled off by a secret passage to the outskirts of the city and thence into the mountains and to appease their frantic passions the king had to proclaim his exile and to promote that no such engines of war should again be forged in the Royal Armouries fear of the island of demons again crept over the superstitious hearts of the people as they brooded over the mystery they felt that somehow or other it was connected with that enix bug noble center which had defied all their efforts at its invasion and this was right for the Lima Norns had watched the long preparation for the assault and made conely ready to defeat it they knew that if they ever loud the fleet to sail they could not well beat it off without loss of life amongst its crews it could lie in the shelter of an island someone's distant from their Shores and rain great projectiles upon them the repulse must be accomplished long before this had been reached they therefore waited till the ammunition was on board each ship then in order to avoid the destruction of life they sent into the air of brouilly the exhilarated magnetism required and into the minds of the inhabitants the suggestion that the whole fleet should be fated when the ships had been deserted and not a human being was within reach of them they launched through the air in its erection a series of electric shocks which as soon as they came in contact with the metals of the magazine ignited the ammunition most of the ships were set on fire in this way the rest by the falling fragments and sparks from their exploding sisters thus was the new threat to Lyman Orin civilization frustrated without loss of life or breach of the mystery that sealed the central aisle but the waste of time and progress upon such threats by the withdrawal of so many Lyman Oren's from their ordinary pursuits wasn't evil not to be tolerated something must be done to prevent the recurrence of these expeditions it was generally from brouilly they came the result of warlike ambition it would be a service to the whole archipelago to reduce this military people to insignificance in silence there was no security in their subjugation by the people of another island for the war fanaticism would search up again in a later generation the conversion of them to a religion of peace would mean no change in the blood it would only transform the method and cue of attack what was needed was the elimination of the ambitious and military natures from the brilliance for only the aristocracy and the descendants of the original conquering X Isles had set their hearts on military pursuits the conquered and many of the families that came to the island at later dates than the great Breguet ssin were not unwilling to keep their own bounds and preferred possession and dispossession there was no need of extermination of the people but only decimation nor what the Lyman horns endure any shedding of blood in the process it must be gradual peaceful free from torture and bloodshed and almost unobservable the physiological and physicists families worked out a scheme that would fulfill all these conditions and yet finally eject the disturbers of peace from the archipelago within a generation the scare they had just suffered and the exile of the balloonist insured to Lyman or a freedom from their attacks for some years but they aimed at permanent immunity and this could be secured by nothing less than the sterilization of the warlike element in Brule II the end was accomplished in the next aggression upon a neighboring island the expedition was formidable and included all the Billikens males of the offending people after landing it lay encamped in the open air then a bound of Lyman Orrin set out on wings by night armed with the new surgical instrument called the Lumia which could give an electric shock to any part of the human system and paralyze it either for a time or permanently according to the power put into it they approached the whole army as it lay asleep and by the whiff of a spur if ik which they diffused through the air they steeped the systems of the sentinels in leather jeans ensured the depth and continuance of the slumbers of the embattled host before a single soldier had awakened from his deep sleep the whole brillian army was deferred alized without being in the least conscious of any loss of vitality or manhood or enjoyment of life when the sentries awoke and the troops began to move about in preparation for their struggle the medical embassy had winged its way back to Lima Nora not till twenty or thirty years after did a strike the brouilly ins that the fountain of their military power was dried up and soon they began to attribute the strange in fecundity of their aristocratic and warlike families to the witchcraft of the isle of demons a belief that finally sealed that center of the archipelago has with balls of adamant against aggression on the part of their neighbors my Western instincts in spite of all my training would reappear at intervals which happily became longer and longer and for a time I could not repress my instinctive disapproval of the use of this at loom Ian or electro sterilizer yet my reason told me that it was the only effective method of permanently stopping the horrors of war in the archipelago heredity and circumstances would have circumvented any other bloodless attempt at relief from the Brillion nightmare a few discussions with my pro parents made this rational view of the matter dominant over the conservative instinct in me and before many years my instinct was quite the other way it became the ally of reason and I had no need to argue with myself on the point or confirm my faith arguing with others who knew better than I there was another Western instinct of mine which gave me frequent though listening trouble and came into conflict with the reason of the community at this time and on this topic it was my approval of propaganda z'm into my blood had grown through the centuries of Christendom the feeling that of faith could not well prove itself unless it spread out amongst new and alien peoples it is the prerogative and principle of belief to yearn for universality of acceptance amongst human beings and it urges on the devotees of any faith to spread it through the world at all costs after many centuries of propaganda 'sm the habit becomes an instinct and it seems to be a dictate of nature or attempt to convert the world to the tenants which have grown up in us from infancy and have been incorporated into our very life the Christian has ever been from its outset a great missionary religion and it is difficult for one brought up in Christendom to get rid of the missionary attitude of mind which assumes every alien to it to be sunk in wickedness and unprofitable 'no certain to lose all the future blessings promised to true believers I could not obliterate this instinct wholly from my nature and whenever I reflected on the wisdom and nobleness of the wyman orang civilisation or notice the marvelous progressiveness of some new face of it I found myself longing to go back to the Western world with my knowledge thus I often drift it into appeals to the propagandas spirit which I assumed exist in the breasts of my friends and fellow-citizens but I was not allowed to rest long in such dreams each time I uttered or even thought over my missionary desire I was brought to book with the widest knowledge and the keenest penetration into human nature and its history I felt that it was almost as useless for Europeans to go out amongst the tribes of monkeys and spend their lives trying to bring them up to such a level of his intelligence as is implied in the appreciation of the Christian religion as for the Lyman Oren's to apostle eyes amongst mankind and struggled to drag them up to the stage of progress these Islanders had reached but now whenever my missionary moved returned upon me my friends would point with a smile to the new invention the electro sterilizer and impressed by the disapproving skepticism of my thoughts they would urge in words of the impotence in this little instrument as the apostle of progress by this and this alone was the snail-pace advance of mankind likely to be quickened without more rapid elimination of the unfit then was afforded by natural selection sexual selection and the accidents of surroundings there was little hope of wise propagation of the human race the blunders and defects and maladies of every new century were treasured up by heredity in the tissues of mankind along with any feeble tendency to advance that might appear the struggle was a losing one in spite of the development of science and wealth and all reforming theories and efforts were but stumblings in the dark till there had been a thorough purgation of traditional and epidemic diseases moral as well as physical nine-tenths of the race as a prison constituted were unworthy to hand on their nature's to posterity under the regime of propagation a licensed Universal among all peoples of the earth the evil and disease multiplied at a much greater rate than the sound in body and mind the progressive element in mankind dragged back by the dead weight of the criminal the diseased the habitual popper and the naturally incompetent some religions even cept themselves to encourage the vitalization and propagation of the last it was noble and good to Asajj the evils the heredity had accumulated in their systems but it was anything but noble and good to encourage them to perpetuate their misfortunes throughout a wide posterity multiplied should be the last word of an advancing civilization instead of the first unless there be added to at the condition only the best and who cares or dares to preach this true gospel of progress when it touches the theme that all are ashamed to mention if ever there was a sacred mission upon earth it would be that of man who should go to the wise and good men of all nations and put into their hands the secrets of the a delusion or who should himself pass round the world and sterilize all the morally or physically diseased amongst rich and poor amongst gentle and simple within two generations the races of humanity would take such a leap into light and Noble vitality and love of progress as would make the most brilliant civilization of the past seem barbaric then there would take command of their own destiny and look unflinchingly into the future for the path they should take advanced immaterial or in the accumulation of forces vain unless it goes hand in hand with such universal moral and intellectual advance it is progress in the human system through all its parts that should be the aim of every race I gradually came to understand the importance they attached to this new instrument as the most humane and effective of missionaries had come before their great series of purgation z' there would have been little need for the expatriation policy if they had had to eject they would have taken care that the different sections of exile should vanish in a generation they shrank from extinguishing the individual life that had already been brought into being they would have had no scruple in giving a euthanasia to an evil race or a section of a race for this man only preventing a posterity coming into existence to take up their burden of evil and even now it was a question to be seriously discussed and answered whether they would not sweep out the pollution from the rest of the archipelago by the help of this humane little door keeper of posterity would it not prevent the lifelong evil of thousands where lay the humanity or love in allowing retrogressive and unhappy race to hand on to myriads to come the evil they had received from their ancestors end of chapter 8

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