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chapter 17 of Lyman aura the island of progress by Godfrey swellin this LibriVox recording is in the public domain my education continued part two in the medical chemical and Elementary families these senses were trained to a pitch that seemed to me marvelous by either smell or taste a member of these families could tell the constituent elements of any compound a medical sage if a man could distinguish by the faint odor that marked each human body whether it was losing energy or expending it making progress or decaying if a woman the sage in order to make this decision had as a rule to bring in the help of taste for it had remained from the primitive animal stage of man's development one of the differentiating marks of sex that the male had more energy of smell the female more energy of taste now that they had so Spiritualized their senses perfumes formed the quickest stimulus of the masculine imagination and flavors of the feminine at the food fats it was always Lyman or and women who superintended the flavoring of any compound whilst it was the men who had most to do with medicating the atmospheres of the chambers and men presided in the chemical laboratories the historical origin of this distinction they thought was on the one hand the development of the acuteness of smell in male animals at reading time and on the other the power and dams of recognizing their own offspring by licking it with the tongue and it was well known Maxim in their medical families that every individual had a distinctive odor and taste they could tell one man from another in the dark and even at a considerable distance and to touch him with the tongue was to make assurance doubly sure the kissing that was so common in the West as a symbol of friendship and love like the rubbing of noses amongst less civilized peoples had as its origin and Mace's the recognition of the individual by the taste or smell they did not need sew clothes or material an investigation of the individual to have pleasant memories of friendship aroused their methods and symbols of companionship and love had become more and more spiritual with the passion itself but printer naturally acute through their senses seemed to me to be they would rely upon their decisions no more than the modern scientists of the West would rely upon his error they held was ever maiming the conclusions from reports of the senses and they took every precaution in recording or using their own perceptions accurate though their sense memory was they had instruments which kept a permanent record of any report of the senses they meant to use again not merely sounds and sights did they automatically record but perfumes and flavours and electric impressions ages before the innocent or recorder of light and the Luna San or recorder of sound had been brought to a high pitch of perfection all the colors and forms seen in nature at whatever distance could be kept in permanence on irrilium plates and reproduced to the eye by the insertion of the plates in the innocent and the reversal of the instrument so it was with sounds however loud or faint the Linna san would tell out to the air music or speech has recorded hundreds of years before down to the minutest tone by a modification of these two instruments they took record of the inner structure of things even at cosmic distances and of sounds which seemed to be intercepted by vast material obstructions the development of the recorders of the other senses had been more recent not to perfumes and taste and electricity had begun to enter largely into education and the stimulants of memory did the necessity for such instruments arise in the earlier times before the purgation of the race these instruments would have been a temptation to new and epicurean vices now they were nothing if not educational aids the feral San or aroma graph enabled the gardener's to arrange the mnemonic harmonies of flowers as mere sense memory could never have done it could reproduce any subtle perfume or mixture of perfumes that had ever been experienced in the island the sallow sand or guusto graph gave in calculate to the chemical and elementary families without its permanence ease of flavor they would have fallen into daily errors in mingling the atmospheres of the halls of sustenance and medication and those of illa rhyme by its aid they could recall any of the tastes which had made substances or compounds pleasing to the palate but it was the Idris an or elector graph that was most needed for the Furla or electric sense had been so recently developed that its reports as to the amount and quality of any electric impulse were most untrustworthy without the aid of this recorder they could never have compared the electric impulses of the past with those of the present nor could they have been so accurate in measuring the electric powers of various substances they knew that the basis of all scientific advance was accurate measurement their old measuring instruments had gradually been overtaken by their own senses and had to be replaced by others more and more refined in order to make sure that their senses introduced no personal element into the reports and representations of their various delicate measures they had invented an instrument which for fine adjustment surpassed all of these it was the arrow in' or centimeter and by it the medical families in their weekly review of every system in the community were enabled to find the exact personal equation of each it recorded the upper and lower limit of the various sensations the limit of endurance and the vanishing point although there was a great evenness in the development of the senses in the community there was yet considerable variation in the delicacy of perception one man was keenest in sight another in hearing a third in the electric sense yet there was a certain constancy or proportion in all the senses of every man a proportion varying according to well ascertained laws within the hour and the season the man's age and the temperature and health of his body the Aral untested measured and recorded the regular variations of H Lyman or incenses and thus he was able to know how far he judged accurately anything he perceived by its aid he was able to know the exact point at which he would need to call in any one of the various mechanical aides to the senses the magnifiers or modifiers or distance reducers by this means they were able to gauge the proper mixture of colors and proper size in architecture that would please at certain distances by its means too they could accurately measure the distance from which any electric or luminous or some nefra simple sit come when it struck on the senses it was one of the common places of their policy that whatever could be done by machinery it was waste of skill and energy to do by human labour and thought and instruments were generally more exact and reliable than the senses and active powers of man however delicately developed and refined of course man's brain and hand must still guide and superintendence Tremont's and machinery but his interference with their automatic working was reduced to a minimum in order that the discount for personal equation should be as little as possible it was not however so much for the sake of accuracy of the result that the mechanism was substituted for human work as for the sake of progress every operation and function which could be performed mechanically it was a slur upon human dignity to do and at once lie manure and humanity was relieved from the necessity and the freed energy was applied to other and nobler efforts towards progress during my education I had noticed again and again with surprise that mathematics took no part in it not once had I heard the subject mentioned by any of my guides or companions I remembered the important place it held in western curriculums and wondered how the various scientific families could manage their abstruse formulae and calculations without that science of people that laid so much stress on the exactitude of research as an essential of all scientific progress were surely likes to a degree in failing to train their youth in the various branches of mathematics on having my senses tested by the aerelon the thought came uppermost in my mind again and my pro parents at last took notice of it perhaps as the time had arrived for enlightening me on the subject they led me to a vast museum like building crammed with all kinds of small and intricate machines not unlike a kind of Patent Office where the models of new inventions are deposited for examination and comparison there was evident in the arrangement a careful classification according to elaboration and delicacy in the first section we entered there were the simplest of machines having a few levers and cog wheels and a few key said in a keyboard these were men for the easier rules of calculation addition subtraction multiplication and division we tested most of them and I saw that they were infallibly accurate never once even in the longest and most intricate calculation was there any error in fact these machines had been first invented to avoid the constant errors that vitiated at important results when novices were set to work them out it was then found that not only did they read calculations of fowl ability and the youth of heartless drudgery but they enabled the race to advance more rapidly they set free years of life especially in the formative stage that had been wasted on mere routine and mechanical work and best of all they allowed the tissues of young brains to be less rigid it was noted that after the calculating machines were set to work the youth grew in mental and especially in imaginative power at twice the old rate the elders of the state were amazed at the result prizing as they had done the effect of arithmetic in the discipline and education of the young indeed it had been with great regret that they saw the youth relieved of so disciplinarian exercise and they even thought of making an exception to their usual utilitarian state principle and training the boys and girls in rapid calculation although it would be of so little use to them in their after lives but a few years convinced them of the serious mistake they had made the pace of development so suddenly and greatly quickened in the new generation that the result could be set down to nothing else than the new freedom from calculations their own faculties and imagination seemed stiff and almost ossified compared to the ease and flexibility of those of their sons and daughters invention and discovery struck out with an unprecedented energy and the ethical and emotional phase of imagination grew at a marvelous pace new ideal realms were opened out for morality and practical thought the experience through a remarkable light upon the phenomenon which had puzzled them for generations after the period of youth the members of the community had to specialize and for some undiscoverable reason those who devoted themselves to mathematics and the working of a Cruz formula had been found able though most of them were to be the most rigidly unreasonable in the community they refused to admit that they could be mistaken in any of their judgments or even opinions nothing would move them neither logical argument nor emotional appeal they assumed that they had found absolute truth and refused to have compromise in one generation in the far past the mathematical families had to be exiled so serious and obstruction had they become to progress again they had to be completely renewed children of the most noble minded freest and most imaginative families being substituted for the old members and trained to fulfill their functions within a generation the result was the same these ions of the finest of the race became as narrow-minded and obstructive as their predecessors had been it seemed to be useless to change the stalk and for some generations the community accepted their conservatism and obstinacy as inevitable they grew accustomed to smiling at the mathematical families as the Omni essence why the true cause of this degeneracy had not occurred to such a shrewd and logical people it is hard to say probably because they were so wetted by long tradition and practiced to the idea that mathematics was one of the loftiest of Sciences and one of the most essential elements in education they doubtless refused to reconsider its claims or to abandon their inherited reference for it but the discovery of the effect of the calculative habit on the tissues of the brain at last forced them to face the true cause of the infallibility of these mathematical families it was their occupation that caused their degeneracy men began to pity them for the slavery in which they had been so long held and to devise means for their liberating the old habitual smile at the mention of their name became sadness at the thought of what these members of the race might have accomplished for its civilization had they not been so frozen in their tissues by the perpetual use of formulae they were amazed at their own dullness in failing to see that men who dealt in such mechanical methods and exact results could not but be mechanical themselves and easily fall into the fixed mental attitude of the omnis n't and dealing with the world so unreal in its stiff skeleton like outlines could not but fail in a world of conditions and compromises at first the prevailing idea was that all the studies and sciences needed exactitude a formula and results had been neglected by the community one consideration it was felt that some of the most valuable stepping stones to the lofty ideals of the future would be sacrificed if this were done the other alternative was chosen the inventors who had made the calculating machines were said on to find instruments which would accomplish what the mathematicians had had to do for the community and one after the other the years had produced them even differential and integral calculus had been superseded by a series of machines that with little guidance worked out all the applications of their intricate formula to the sciences as we advanced from department to department we watched these machines at work confirming the imaginative results of the physicists the chemists and the astronomers the mathematical families were relieved of their duties and distributed and every member of the scientific families was taught to use these formulating instruments their brain energy was not monopolized by calculations the use of the machines was but a routine detail in their wider intellectual life and absorb so little of their energy that has seemed to have no effect on their faculties I was not many days in mastering the details of the formula machines for I had paid some attention to mathematics in my buried life and the memory of the subject rapidly revived I soon came to see the wisdom of the Lyman Oren's in eliminating the study from their scheme of education it would have been the height of extravagance to waste long periods of their lives in studying and doing what a machine could do better it was exactly the kind of work best done by a machine for it had to do with the world rid of all conditions and mathematically speaking perfect the inventors were still busy making new and simpler machines for the use of the scientists and though they had to know the new mathematical formulae needed they busied their brains rather with their practical application and with the machinery that would use them it was imagination in the practice of mechanics rather than the mechanical use of methods and formula that they were engaged on hence it was that they avoided the old on practicality of the mathematical families and stood in no danger of thinking themselves infallible and the only Treasuries of absolute truth one of the most interesting departments of Monello as this great building was called was that which contained the measures of time I was somewhat surprised that this department should exist for I had admired everyday the power the Lyman Norns had of telling to a Manute fraction the passage of time their sense of time seemed to me to make watches and clocks superfluous even when the sky was clouded over and no heavenly body or like to be perceived they could tell the exact fraction of the day or night that had passed as I tested again and again by the watch I had brought with me their knowledge of the natural signs of the time of day or year had become instinctive and automatic through long centuries of daily use the position and state of the petals of flowers would at any moment by day or night by shine or cloud reveal to them the time so would the temperature of anything they touched or if it were highly contractile its size but these external signs were quite unnecessary they had not to go beyond the sensations of their own bodies to tell the time or season they knew by the intensity of the magnetism in them by the acuteness of their senses by the amount of energy they could command but their experiments needed far more exactness than even their senses could afford time had to be counted in their science not by mere seconds but by the hundred thousands or even the millionth part of a second one old-fashioned measure of time was based on the length of a wave of sound as it passed through a vessel of water the length of the vessel contained a round number of molto's their smallest measure of length perhaps about the millionth part of an inch the vibration of the water reflected a bright light through a microscope and camera combined and a photograph of the pulsations imprinted itself on a strip of air lynnium that kept moving with lightning swiftness across the focus this strip was divided into Manute sections each of them corresponding to a lenta or millionth part of a second and numbered in order up to a million a newer clock had its principle based on the length of a wave of light in a vacuum another and more convenient clock or rather watch consisted of an electric battery that kept a light airy lynnium tongue vibrating this latter controlled a graduated mechanism which pointed out on a face the exact lenta in the time of day that it was it was small enough to be carried about on the person like a watch a similar microscopic Minuten us of division appeared in all their weights and measures they could weigh in their balances down to the million millionth part of an ounce so with their measurement of heat and cold their thermometers could test ten thousand times the range of temperature that their senses could bear although their power of endurance of fire and frost was to me something miraculous their furnaces were able to volatize the most refractory of metals and Earth's they could reproduce the conditions of the most glowing Suns and also the temperature of the oldest interstellar space which age by age they were bringing their frames gradually to bear with the aid of certain foods and combinations of elements thus did they hope in some future age to subsist even when they ventured outside of the atmosphere of the earth all their measures were based on the decimal system the fundamental unit for microscopic measurements being the amount of energy in an atom of one of their elements and that for the cosmic measurements the energy that would bring a beam of light from the Sun surface to the Earth's they were able to see at a glance the exact amount of energy in any phenomenon to whatever since it might appeal and in their minds there was ever a common major for all types of force their electrometers and Magnum Eaters told not merely the amount of electricity or magnetism and machine material or phenomenon but the motive power it would have when applied to any purpose they could compare at a glance without any elaborate calculations the advantages to be obtained from any substance when using it as a force whether through the electricity or the heat or the gravitational power to be obtained from it especially useful was this common measure in dealing with the power of light as separate from that of heat it was of great importance to them to know the exact amount of energy even in a beam of light which their eyes could not perceive for they used sunshine as one of their great curative agencies and the medical families were constantly experimenting on the effect of more or less light upon the microscopic life existing in and around the human body one of their all new developments had been the consciousness of light all over their skin they could tell with their eyes shot whether it was light of Sun Stars or moon or an artificial light which was falling on any part of their body the effect even on the mind Deford completely in the for the sunlight or at least a certain amount of it gave exhilaration or even joy the star shine brought contemplative melancholy the Moonbeam mildly stirred the passions will start a fish a light ferried in its power of exhausting brain and nerve energy with the material or element that produced it sunlight deprived of the intensity of its heat was to them one of the essentials of life this back recital power had been scientifically proved ages before and a family had been set apart for testing its effects both qualitatively and quantitatively it was not merely a loose knowledge that they had acquired of the antiseptic influence of sunshine they had measured exactly its power of depriving microbes of their deadliness in the case of every disease and they knew to an I City how strong or weak it would be needed in order to check their ravages in any Constitution whether concentrated on a spot or diluted and spread as in a bath how long daily its application would be required and how many days it was this family that super intended the son baths in the halls of medication and assisted the medical sages in advising as to their use it was true that daylight and especially that of a sunny day swept one-third of the noxious life out of all water opened to its influence whilst the Rays of the Sun bleached most bacteria from their pestiferous tendency yet used indiscriminately sunshine became itself unwholesome because of the other forms of energy besides light that it brought with it from the Sun and the intervening spaces if not used with caution it would destroy the microscopic allies of human life in the body rendering feeble the phagocytes that devour the virulent microbes it would by its great Heat injure the delicate tissues of the brain and by its magnetism and weight press heavily on the nerves and the circulation it was the duty of the solo metric family to read of it its unwholesome elements and to indicate the exact amount and use of it that would be beneficial in every state of the body another of the duties of this family was to cultivate colonies of microbes of the various diseases and make them harmless by means of sunlight for use in inoculations against their own unmodified bacterial kin one of their greatest aids in this process was the use of water of the sea whenever it did not kill the bacteria completely it emphasized the bleaching power of sunlight over them and rendered them allies of the human system in a struggle against all disease and decay this sterilization of disease was one of the most important functions of the family it was they who led the fight Gamble's of the Lima Norns into the outer fringe of the atmosphere where they might drink in the elixir of unadulterated sunshine their guidance and contrivances were needed even there in order to prevent the action of the other energies in the wide growing deleterious even moonlight and star shine had their uses in the hands of this skilled family they could separate the deadly or poisonous elements of moonbeams to help them in destroying bacterial life and leave only their healthy and inspiring tendencies thus dealt with the Rays of the Moon gave a stimulus to the brain tissues which worked up imaginative materials and every star had in their science its own peculiar influence sometimes malign more commonly beneficial when treated according to their wise discoveries little of all this would have been possible without the eye Nolan or measure of light one of the most delicate instruments they possessed this was but a modification of the human eye as it had been developed in their bodies it magnified the impression made on the lens so that it would move a small mirror delicately hung in vacuo the reflection of this mere ran along a graduated scale on which it recorded by bleaching a point of color the energy of light in the beam producing the movement this recorded not merely the strength of the Rays of which their eyes were conscious but that of many octaves of light outside the range of all human eyes a more modern and delicate form of the eye Nolan used a microscope camera as the medium of measurement this had accomplished new wonders in the way of measuring the power of rays from stars out of reach of the human eye a third photometer recently invented still untested when I visited the collection of measurers had made use of electricity and collecting and testing the quality and energy of beams of light in all of these forms of the island there was an arrangement for writing each ray of its heat and other forms of energy before it entered the lems the thermometer measured the heat and the other elements were absorbed and analyzed by a subsidiary apparatus as the beam approached the island another modification of the apparatus had a prismatic arrangement attached to it not unlike the NMR and this broke up the beam of light into its color components they on land measured each separate component the length of its wave and the energy required to produce it it's camera also recorded in photographic form the metallic elements through which the beam had passed a more recent modification promising great results was one which by means of a vacuum lands recorded the dark beams that shone from unseen stellar bodies through the corona of our own or other suns when fully developed they expected this to reveal the secrets of the darker depths of the heavens the systems revolving around the stars would stand out clearly with all their elements for the investigation of the astronomic families nor did the extraordinary refinement of these instruments that were constantly being discovered interfere in any way with the development of Lyman or incenses on the contrary they stimulated advance every new way to any sins pointed the way to its improvement and in a few years or generations this aid was rendered almost superfluous and a new and more delicate machine must be invented for the combination of so many functions in the living body rendered the observations of any one sense less exact and trustworthy than those of a machine which had but one purpose thus the evolution of the senses kept up an unending race with the evolution of fine machinery to aid them even the roughest most material and least specialised of all the senses touch had grown into something that was most delicate in its manipulation and one of the most important parts of the education of my senses was to refine and develop it they had specialized it to an astonishing degree the lips especially the outer edges of them were able to distinguish the latent energy in any substance applied to them well stir delicate fringe of hair upon the upper lip to Manute to be seen by ordinary eyes revealed to them the movements and character of gases and vapors that were so faint in their impulse as to be unrecognizable by the other senses the measurement of force had been raised to a high point of exactness in their huge chests and shoulders their hands within certain limits felt temperature with the accuracy and Minuten us of a thermometer and the prehensile and manipulative skill of their fingers far surpassed that of the ablest european conjurer i had ever seen without any intention to outwit my senses they would do things with her hand so swiftly that i could not follow the movements it seemed to me at first as if they had more joints in their fingers than other human beings so nimble were they but this was not the case although the arm had greater scope of movement than mine in fact it seemed to move in the shoulder socket as in a universal joint so freely could it revolve in all directions their joints were really more padded with cartilage than mine so that there was more flexibility in the limbs along with greater firmness and strength their nerves were also more magnetic than those of other men conveying the messages to and from the brain and will centers with far more swiftness and certitude indeed if I were to find any one point in their systems which most differentiated them from European humanity it was this increased and accelerated nervous energy for a long time their rapidity and ease of movement and action bewildered me whilst I was deliberating what was to be done they had done all that was needed they had instruments for majoring the flash of thought from bring to hand end of sensation from hand to brain and when tested at first the swiftness of the message along my nerves was not one tithe of theirs but when my education had somewhat advanced this disparity was reduced by half this advance was accomplished not merely by practice but by variety of diet and medication and by living in a more magnetic atmosphere I was often borne aloft into the pure air that fringes the envelope of our earth and their half asleep I drew into my system the electric elements which were to the quickening of my nerves down in the island everything that would excite me was avoided the muscles and the other tissues of the body were exercised whilst the nerves completely rested then they would be given gentle exercise of their own to strengthen and make them supple without unduly stimulating them I soon began to feel the difference in the increasingly nimbleness of my limbs and could move with more celerity and ease the fingers were quicker to follow the eye I grew what mild companions would have thought an earring in my aim and would have made a deadly shot with bullet or arrow in the Wars of my native country what was still better the tips of my fingers came to be powerfully magnetic both in their appreciation of the electricity in any body they touched and in actively producing magnetic currents I was even able to cause a faint flash in the darkness by concentrating my willpower in my fingers and waving them in the air postscript when he had reached this point in his narrative a striking instance of the result of his education occurred it was getting towards the end of winter and we had our rules of thumb for the changes in the weather were looking for the equinoctial gales that harbinger the approach of spring the days were lengthening and the light of the Sun was growing clear and strong upon our high perched huts we had noticed a certain distraction in his manner an absence of thought or of consciousness when he was describing the development of his magnetic sense and when he ceased for the night he could not rest but paced uneasily along our platform of cliff which overlooked the waters of the sound the moon had begun to wane and our weather lore bade us look out for storms at the beginning of her next phase I could not go myself to rest for thinking of his strange narrative and the wonderful people he had sojourned amongst i sat up many hours writing out what I could remember of his conversations and descriptions while it was still clear in my mind sometime after midnight I looked out and saw the silver moon shine on the still waters below and was attracted by the beauty of the scene I had thought that he had retired but I had scarcely seated myself on a projecting boss of rock that took in one of our widest views when his musical voice startled me out of my reverie we fell into such sympathetic intercourse as the beauty of the night often stimulates into sleepless spirits meeting under the moon he told me that the earth was then tremulous with suppressed passion and that far off in his old home in the Pacific her heart was about to break he felt waves of magnetic feeling passed through him and they drew his soul back to Lima Norah he knew that the spirits he loved there were yearning for him his heart quivered and throb with full memories of all he had known and experienced there was anguish in the magnetic undulant vibrating across his being it was not merely that a great storm was approaching that he had known for some day there were human pulsations in the ether which beat like an ocean upon his brain that was why he could not rest if only he could have his wings again he would try to respond to the call but it was useless with the recruit a sense of his muddier humanity to attempt any return by such aerial means I offered to go with him on the morrow to the nearest city and charter a ship to carry us to his former home but he would not listen to my proposal and bade me seek rest and sleep I began to feel that I was intruding on the privacy of an agonized soul and I bade him goodnight and left him to his own thoughts the exhaustion of overcharged emotion soon let me drift into troubled unconsciousness dream followed dream like hurrying clouds over the moon that dawn I woke in nightmare the hut was shaking I thought I was still dreaming but the swish of the rain and the lashing of the tree branches on the roof soon made me understand the calm of the night before had given way to tempest and the earth was suffering rupture I remembered the prediction of our guest and rushed to his Hut he was not there nor could i conjecture whither he had gone I thought he had taken shelter in the bush from the storm three days it lasted and then we were able to go out and search the drenched forests we followed up every track that he had been accustomed to take we went to all his favourite haunts but no trace could we find of him though days were spent on the search then we forced our way through the dense undergrowth in several directions we had never seen him take and at last we came across a yawning chasm which had every appearance of being newly opened the precipitous sight of the mountain had split and a vast land slip had swept down it and filled the bottom of the Gulf we could not resist the natural conclusion this was the tomb of our guests after all his wanderings he had found appropriate resting place the earth he knew so well had taken him to her bosom end of chapter 17 part 2 end of Lyman aura book 1 book 2 of Lyman aura the island of progress by godfrey 7 this LibriVox recording is in the public domain preface late in the autumn when the memory of the stranger who had told us so many wonderful things had begun to lose its sharpness and we had almost ceased to talk of him we were startled by his reappearance we were in her tunnels taking advantage of the dry weather to get piles of our washed dirt out ready for sluicing in the wet season and we were working till nightfall honest till fair evening which reminded me of the night he vanished we were returning jaded from our long work had had just issued from the belt of bush that fringed our clearing when the moon rose above the peaks on the other side of the fjord and flashed a shuttle of gold across the waters raising our eyes to our huts we stopped thunderstruck was that but a lunar effect on the throne like cliff in front of them it could not be a spirit we had never heard of gulfs in these new lands nor could the belief in them seize hold of minds so accustomed as ours were to deal with the rougher and more material elements of nature we shook off our trance and step forward the sound of our footsteps made the figure move and as he turned in the moonlight we recognized our lost friend his apparition we first supposed but he rolls with his old quiet and dignified salute of welcome and joining us as we sat at our evening meal we talked as if he had parted with us only that morning we had not the hardihood to ask him what had become of him these long month but I noticed that he had more of his old semi-transparency of tissue and a theory ality of hue and in his eyes as he sees talking there was a baffled look I had never seen before in them he would laughs more frequently in too deep reverie he seemed to have gone through a lifetime of effort and suffering and his spirit was I could see where he ends or within him he shrank at first from all reference to his life within the circle of missed out on the Pacific it seemed now to be a painful memory there was a pathos in his tone as he spoke far keener than I had noted in it before but gradually I drew him in to reminiscence of it when we were alone in the bush and he seemed after a time to find consolation in thinking and speaking about it especially when he talked of the spiritual sight of the civilization in the midst of which he had lived for so many years in the long nights of that last winter he resumed his narrative again he seemed to have difficulty in finding English expression for what he had to tell but I encouraged him in our wanderings around the fjord to repeat and interpret and explain what he had told us gradually the narrative found a more intelligible language and I was able to jot down notes that I understood I have done my best to throw them together into the form that they ultimately found in his story as he told it to us sitting together in her hut but I am still puzzled and sometimes confused by many of the ideas and feel that they have baffled my best skill to put them into our tongue some of his descriptions wakened in us a sense of incredulity and others shook our old world of beliefs to its foundations but we were drawn to him by the noble and ingenious way in which he told us all indeed were often fascinated and blinded as we listened we could not but accept his story as the highest truth we could hear in this world and yet we were struck dumb by its strangeness much of our bewilderment we attributed to the difficulty of understanding his strange speech and more to our own ignorance of the intricate problems that have troubled sages we have kept back this latter part of his story for a time in order that by study and care we might make it more intelligible and more suited to the thoughts of Christendom but we have to acknowledge ourselves still baffled by the impossible task of making this road through difficult regions plain and easy and so have result to issue the narrative with all its faults upon end godfrey swellin end of preface chapter 1 part 1 of Lyman aura the island of progress by godfrey swellin this LibriVox recording is in the public domain Discovery's part 1 what I rejoiced over most of all was the growth of my sympathetic magnetism not merely was my fair law or electric sense developing more satisfactorily but I was becoming rapidly conscious of the impulses of the race I no longer walked amongst this refined people like a blind man amongst men who see I began to feel the enthusiasms that stirred them as a body like a wind across a cornfield I seem to know whatsoever of public concern was occurring without having a directly communicated to me I remembered in the Buried life of my boyhood and youth the Lightning spread of a new impulse through an assembly or a crowd the most rational members of the mass were unable to resist it even though it might be irrational or vile how like a tornado the war impulse burst through a nation is one of the commonest observations in the study of history statesmen and kings and heroes have to bow before it and are swept along with it in spite of their better judgments and a swift and widespread as is the Coward impulse that sends a defeated people cowering to their homes it is this unspoken magnetism giving vant as a – often does to the evil in the human heart that makes the cause of progress in even civilized races so hopeless through its all leavening power success inspires and often consecrates the diabolic and failure dams the noblest and most divine and this it was that made progress so easy amongst the Lima Norns it became the instrument of the highest elements and thoughts in them the whole weight of their humanity was on the side of advance and it was to the better future that they were ever gravitated everything that made for a higher plane was an inspiration to this people this personal magnetism had been developed in them into a definite Faculty of their souls they had recognized for many ages the close affinity of mass inspiration and the power of the individual will it was the same energy working along nerves and even though with some dissipation through the space intervening between individuality x' they had investigated its nature conditions and methods of action in their exact scientific way and had identified it as far at least as its form of energy was concerned with electricity it was even less dependent on material contact than that universal force as they developed it in their frames they were able to send more and more definite impulses through considerable distances this was their phylum mu or will Telegraph one of their most remarkable faculties drawn with deliberate purpose by the elders of the race out of the chaos of mere vague influence and tendency though making use of the active electric sense as channel it was not the same as the fair law for it implied a greater effort and out welling of the whole spirit only exceptional impulses and enthuse Yasim said it into full efficiency which impulses as entangled the whole soul in their issue it was no mere toy to be used for amusement of the passing moment doorman did leh if ever summoned to such a purpose it was the faculty that in other races and periods of history had set up men as heroes and leaders not that these had even been conscious of its existence in them when they began their career success and gathering enthusiasm in their followers it gave strength and issue till their mere glance seemed to command but when failure came and the glamour or magnetic atmosphere rarefied about them their faculty vanished port had no means of communicating its meaning or power in certain periods of exaltation every Lyman Orin was conscious of the fight of MU or will Telegraph he could not only receive but send emotional impulses through long distances the intervening air was magnetized by their great enthusiasm or sympathy and became a medium for transmitting emotional or imaginative thought from mind to mind not yet had they been able to send a definite piece of information by this means unless it represented the spiritual crisis through which the sender was passing but in movements that shook the whole race to its core like chakras threat of invasion even those who were still in pupilage seemed to feel the beginnings of the faculty at least on its receptive side secluded though they were far from the scene of deliberation they knew the magnitude of the danger that threatened the life of the common weal the air seemed to tingle with it and therein bronica father mu could not help responding to the vibration once awakened they were eager to bring out its latent power that they might feel and know the impulses which sped the race onwards as a whole they soon discovered that it cease to grow or even work except under certain conditions they must keep step with the people and fix their eyes steadily on the future they must never swerve from a brightness or candor never let the perfect transparency of their lives be clouded such had been the conditions of the development of the phylum ooh in the race in fact its indications had become unmistakable as soon as candor and truth had become the primary virtues and progress the watchword and it grew as the ideal of the nation became clearer and more imperative and their character more uniformly strong and noble they also found that something depended on the physical conditions the atmosphere must be free from all impurity and the body must be supremely healthy whilst the magnetism of the will must have free course along the nerves as my nature clarified under their training and my spirit grew more at one with the purpose of the race I grew more sure of the stirrings of the file mu within me at first its indications might be explained by other and more patent causes I had been in an attitude of expectancy or my reason had been following up certain trains of thought from previous events but after a time there came to me thrills of emotion that were out of the range of my immediate surroundings and thoughts I followed them out and found that they originated far from the locality in which I was working at the time once a sudden terror passed through my system as of some great fear I had not been thinking of anything but the work before me no cloud had come over my sky no danger that I knew of threatened and as I was trying to explain the emotion it suddenly passed into longing to see thyri L I knew where she had gone that day and my work had almost reached to finish so I adjusted a Felina and flew quickly over the country in her direction I soon knew why I had come she was pinioned by a huge rock that had just tumbled from lyla Roma happily only her wings had been caught but they had been caught in such a way that she was wedged tightly between them and could not free her arms and legs nor move her hands and the boulder was too large for her to heave up by the strength of her body even when magnetized by her will when she saw this she withdrew the magnetism from the effort and turned it in its full power into her fight oh Moo as she thought of me I was not long in disentangling her wings from their prison but before I was done her family were beside us they too had experienced the thrill though more feebly than I had at a greater distance another time I had not seen thyri L for some days we were both busy at her home pursuits in different parts of the island she as I learned afterwards had been set to account for a new and somewhat peculiar odor that had recently begun to accompany the issue of vapor from a distant lavell well I was engaged in timing anew and intermittent disturbance on the surface of the sea off the Eastern Shore and trying to find whether it had any relationship to an intermittent fumarole which had recently broken out on the eastern slope of while aroma I had kept watch for several days and could find no synchronism in their periods although I was convinced that there was a close connection between them if there was not a common cause I was feeling baffled and somewhat downcast when suddenly there sprang up in me a sense of elation if not of triumph which continued for the rest of the day although I still fail to discover the connection between the two phenomena when I set out the next day for the scene of my observations I was joined by thyri Elle who explained that she had finished her task the day before and had now been detailed to assist me in mine I then knew the cause of my thrill of joy and told her of it she had at that very hour not only discovered the source of the fumes in a new mineral that the leo Moran had touched but found this new deposit was extraordinarily generative of electricity it was this that had made her heart leap for joy and go out towards me she had longed for my sympathy in a rejoicing and unconsciously her file ammu had energized in my direction between us we soon saw that there was a complicated period in the alternations of my two phenomena it needed several days observation to catch the rhythm and for that reason I had been baffled at first before long I discovered the cause as soon as a lava well farther north had ceased to flow they also ceased it was the viscous intermittence of a stream opening and then closing two apertures below tideline into the subterraneous fires that had regulated the rhythm of these new vents the break in the lava current the rise and fall of the tide and the rush of the breakers had made it complex and the lava had finally closed both before it had ceased to flow it was at the same period that the whole race breasted back the darkness there came at times in their history an age of exceptional advance that made the preceding era seem almost stationary nor had they yet been able to explain its appearance satisfactorily it was easy enough to say that such and such exceptional men lived them and that they produced the phenomenon but that was only reasoning in a circle they were as much a product of the time as their fellows whence did they get the inspiration which spurred them on or the plastic material in which they could work they would have been nothing without their conditions and circumstances they surprised themselves with their powers and successes as they strode forth into the primeval darkness and illuminated it it all appeared very simple when once accomplished they had been gazing for generations into the darkness where now there was a blaze of light an imaginative pioneering book had long ago suggested that the impulse came from outside the round of the earth and one of the most brilliant discoveries of this newest period of it was a scientific proof of this hypothesis the great development of the foil ammo or will Telegraph had made it easy by localizing the new thrill of expectation and revealing that it came from no terrine source out of what seemed the profound in names such inspirations issued and if they found a soil prepared for them by long self-denial and patient outlook and industrious collection of materials they fertilized the period into exceptional efflorescence and fruition many an impulse comes out of the blue and falls unveiling in that no nation or race or period is fit to receive it the profound inane they came to see was one of the falsest of ideas because no patent to the human site fills it the interstellar space was believed to be the wilderness of the universe cold bleak inhospitable lifeless now it was felt to be the home of all super sensuous life crowded with an energy that needed no stellar matter or atmosphere to support it that never appealed to any but the highest and latest developed senses of man the Lyman Orrin couriers out on the verge of the Earth's atmosphere had been the first to feel this new flash that lit up such a vast region of the infinite darkness they came back inspired with new resolution that made the first of the discoveries they gave a magnetism to their fellow workers in the same wine and soon eleven spread through the whole people the fervor of originality became the order of the day to decipher the unknown handwriting's on the wall of life to solve its hardest problems to make new inventions and discoveries to push out into the darkness that surrounds the world these became the ambitions of all nor did the file ammo of any in the island fail to thrill to the influence by real felt before I did that there was something exceptional in the atmosphere but even my will Telegraph seemed to respond I long to go out and conquer the unknown to outpace the slow movements of human discovery at first I thought the impulse had come from thyri el and then from my pro parents or my teachers and so it was with every Lima Noren his first thought ran to his closest friend as the source of the magnetic thrill but after much consultation and rapport the conclusion appeared that no one in the island had originated the impulse that all in the air had felt it simultaneously in their file ammu's and after them all down in the island had felt it simultaneously the truth gradually forced his self home on the investigating families that the magnetic vibration had had its source far beyond the limits of the earth for they knew that from no other country or race upon the surface of the globe could it have come ages before they had abandoned the belief in what seemed supra terrain influence as unscientific and leading to superstition faith had been in the past so often the cue and basis of the worst of tyrannies the inspiration of the grossest immorality Zanda rationalities the impulse to most regression it had also it is true been the nurse of gentle and just spirits but it made them so timid that they were afraid to go forward it wound round the soul such a network of fears and observances that its life was useless to the race as soon as the final Breguet ssin of the people had been accomplished it was found that every citizen ceased to speak of faith or to use it as the basis of any work or practical step they did not trust it out of any public act nor consciously reject it they only left off giving way to any of its commands or suggestions not that they might not be true or on the side of all that was best but that it had so often discredited its authority by prompting or allowing herself to be used as the pretext for retrogression or baseness they prefer to take every step in life on ground made sure by investigation and proof that appealed to reason and here they were again on the limits of the unknown and vague this sense that was closest to the portal of the soul their phylum ooo had brought them to face an intelligence that came they knew not whence and to stand in the presence of an infinite darkness that flashed out at times the lightning of noble impulse they were by no means unwilling to listen to its report but gladly received it as a shore and trustworthy revelation however dim the region into which it was about to lead them they were eager to follow if only they said each step upon solid fact if there was anything unverifiable in this new leading they would soon be done with it it now became one of the duties of the astrobiological families to watch for these extra terrine vibrations of the will Telegraph and to investigate the circumstances and conditions these families had been the first to feel the new impetus to discovery for they were the couriers who went out to the borders of the atmosphere and watched for signs of energy and life in the infinite beyond again and again they had brought back the specimens of microscopic and attenuated life which seemed to float in interstellar space again and again they had analyzed the beams of light shooting through it but without much result now they were to be rewarded for their patience they had taken out with them one of the new Faline 'as made of transparent and colorless Orillia like glass and as an experiment they sent it up by means of electricity far above themselves as it rose above the limit of the Earth's atmosphere they saw all over a surface a strange fluorescence which grew unearthly in his beauty and brilliance rainbow colors played through his texture as if they were threads thrown by the shuttle of some hand out of heaven its wings moved at lightning pace and soon begin to fall towards the Earth again it struck upwards and again the prismatic weavings gave it more brilliant life they watched it as it rolls and fell between the denser and the rarer medium and when finally they caught it and brought it down to earth upon its wings both within and without there was imprinted not the iridescent web that had been weaving over it but a hieroglyph of faint have distinguishable forms some familiar some strange inextricably mingled they investigated the phenomenon and came to the conclusion that the Felina in the comparative vacuum which lies on the borders of our atmosphere had acted with its electric motors like the lavell on one of their medical instruments for the inspection of the inner tissues whilst the wings acted like the films of a photographic apparatus and retained a shadow impress of the inner structure of all the beings or forms coming between them and the body of the car a new world was opened up to them beyond even their electric sense outside the denser envelope of our orb the rarefaction of space meant no longer lifeless desolation traversed only by beams of light electric impulses from other worlds and the flight of occasional meteors now they knew that there were ethereal beings living in the infinite space and that their inner structure differed in density from their enveloping material some of this life was manifestly Manute and attenuated unsuited to the medium in which it floated waiting for some fit orb to land on but under their powerful Chi Rowlands it was clear that there were highly developed organisms fitted to this element in which they swam organisms probably higher than any to be found on the earth yet two ethereal and shadowy to touch any of even the latest evolve senses of the Wyman Oren's what possibilities this glimpse into the vast unknown opened up for them they shrank for at from imagining lest they should again enslave themselves to superstition and absurd fancy for astrobiology they saw at a glance there was begun a new and lofty career soon would they modify and improve the law of a fan to fit the conditions of interstellar space and the Felina if not their own organs for venturing far into the rarest ether and then what reports what pictures of the invisible universe would they bring before the eyes and the fearless of their fellow Islanders how would they ever have time to investigate and classify the genera and species that inhabited the ether what limit was there to the ambitions and ideals they would be able to set before the race another investigation that followed from this discovery had as its object the nature of the new forms of energy that evidently filled interstellar space this was the province of the families devoted to astrophysics they produced apparatus for isolating each type of energy which seemed to have full action only in a vacuum and they experimented with it in an innumerable variety of ways so as to find out its characteristics the force of gravitation had been familiar to them even in primitive ages and had long been investigated so as to reveal many of the qualities of its action that were unperceived by ordinary senses electricity had been one of the communists of their phenomena and recently a vast unknown region had been opened up by them lying between the verge of eye awakening light and the verge of The Fairly awakening electricity which their machines had made plain even to untrained senses for generations they had passed with ease in their inner Mars or spectroscopes beyond the bands of color that affected their eye and the unseen rays had yielded most of their secrets to them in their level lands or vacuum energy mirrors they had traced the characteristics of the torrents of energy which tore away from the negative pole of their batteries and now they had to face a new form of radiant energy the product of these negative streams and of the array lynnium which they struck experimenting with it in their level lands they found it different from his parent energy by passing through the irrilium it had grown indifferent to the power of magnetism this peculiarity enabled them to investigate the inner nature of magnetism for on the two sides of a narrow lynnium sheet they had the same electric rays acting differently towards a magnet on the one side they could be deflected by it on the other they went on their way as if it were not there the difference was also used in producing a new kind of electric motor governed by a narrow lynnium film which closed or opened a channel of magnetic influence a third useful application of the discovery was a new era lynnium covering for the head and the body that milked the east wind of its Dilla tereus qualities and a fourth was an apparatus for finding by the aid of a magnet the stuff of air lynnium with greater certainty in their levels but the discoveries that flowed from this were still more important by further experimentation they found another type of radiant energy that behaved in a similar way towards gravitation in a vacuum formed within a vessel of an alloy of air lynnium it ceased to obey the force of gravity but as soon as it had passed through the site of the vessel it gave full heed to the force within a few months after this had been discovered there had been invented a Felina that fell or rolls according as the new rays were intercepted by a film of the ear lynnium alloy or were allowed free passage in vacuo the energy and mass drove the car on indifferent to the Earth's influence or at the well of the guide brought the arrow Felina as they called it gently sloping downwards at any angle required to the surface of the globe a pioneering book at once developed the results of this discovery and invention it showed how a way was now open to other stars for this new radiant energy was found to stream in and past the Earth's atmosphere in vast currents the denser the medium the more it was absorbed and lost so that in the earth and the atmosphere it seldom or never manifested itself hence the long ages of scientific investigation before it was discovered by means of these currents which evidently set through space in definite directions they would be able to guide their new anti gravitation Felina to any point in the inner still or ether and be able to keep up the supply of force that would drive it and when they approached a new world they could by means of their new machinery bring its force of gravitation to bear on the car and so hasten its flight and they would be able to hover over the atmosphere by means of the alternating movements of their engine till they could find out its conditions and see whether it would be safe to land on it or not what they wanted yet was the evolution of their physical system in the direction of living in ether or in various atmospheres indifferently it pointed out to the physiological families the way that would lead in this direction and it showed how though it would take countless ages it was yet within the scope of their humanity for their knowledge of the constitution of the universe the discovery of these two forms of radiant energy proved to be of great importance they were able to find out the relationship of gravitation electricity the dark rays of the NMR the negative rays of the lavell an white heat and the two new types of energy and by means of the similarities and differences found to exist between any two of them they were enabled to resolve the molecules of any element into their constituent atoms and thus to reveal the characteristics of the fundamental ether they felt that they were at last in the immediate presence of the medium which filled space and they invented an apparatus isolating the ether from all the forms it enters into so that it became manifest unto their magnifiers to several of their senses in it they were able to make any one of the forms of energy move and play from it they were able to mold many of the tyrrhene forms of latent energy and they hope to mold most of the others with which they were familiar one of the most immediately practical results that came from the discovery of these two modes of energy was another kind of engine which almost doubled their store of force in rim law the main form of it took advantage of the radiant energy that showed indifference or obedience to gravitation according as it played in a vacuum or through an alloy of a real any 'm into the air the new rays lifted a piston in vacuo and by an automatic arrangement they passed through a film of the alloy and then allowed gravitation to pull them and the piston with them back into its first position the rapid alternations drove magnetic machinery which produced and stored up electricity another form of the new engine used the difference between the conduct the other newly discovered radiant energy displayed towards magnets when a plate in a vacuum vessel of air lynnium and when it had issued through the vessels film aside the increase in concentration of force in their Island was one of the great supported and aims of their civilization for they knew that the greater the power they had command of the more rapidly they could advance towards higher and higher goals greater force meant greater dominion over nature and her secrets and laws and this employed accelerated speed in progress it had been one of the primitive blunders of their civilization as it still was of all other civilizations to imagine that extended Empire over man meant a true development of humanity wide sovereignty was mere artificial change of the locality and application of the forces of mankind without increasing them it was but a shuffling of the cards to use your similes with all the honors in one hand instead of being distributed over all it was merely political and not real any gain that might come from the concentration of power and wealth was wasted on increased war material and military expeditions for retaining or subduing territories and people's on futile and routine administration and on growth of court splendor and luxury the pursuit of the sanguinary phantom of power over other men had to be forever abandoned before any real human advance could be made Empire over the powers of nature was the primary condition of full development of human possibilities and every tissue of their wonderful brains was strained to its utmost for the rapid extension of this sway a new addition to the stores of the center of force a new source of energy was there forever hailed by them as of the warranty of a leap upward and onward into the future the inventions of these new engines then had no slight significance as events in their history and the assurance of more and more rapid progress was increased by discovery of the chemical ease in the same direction they had used coal for the generation of heat before they had left their primeval home around the South Pole but in their more tropical archipelago they found no coal beds the islands having originated in volcanic and coral formation and the climate made the use of such concentrated fuel unnecessary it was warm even in winter and it supplied fruits and cereals which needed little cooking the force of the island had furnished whatever fuel had been required for of generations and outside of Lyman aura they were still sufficient for all purposes but the center of force had recalled the great heat they used to have from coal and the Leo MOU in their probings of the earth had ever been on the outlook for beds of the old fuel recently they had found thin strata of it but so deep in the earth that it was of little value to them but a discovery by the CID Ramo or chemical ease made them reconsider this decision and try to invent some form of the Leo Moran which would cut and send with ease to the surface of the earth the coal they had found the CID Remo had experimented with it in various lines they had made the steam from it give power as they had seen it give power to the daydream and her brilliant imitations but so large a portion of the latent energy in it had been lost in the process that they turned their researches in other directions before long they found that when the coal was placed in a chemical solution containing comparatively common and cheap elements electric power was largely generated and following up their discovery the said Remo were soon able to draw electricity from any of the rocks of the island once having had their attention applied to such problems they made a number of them surrender their secret by surrounding one common rock eg with a certain solution they brought from it heat alone but the discovery most important for the development of the race was that which brought electric power directly from the rocks and even from the earth for this increased the possible stores of force in rim law enormous lee and there was no limit to what they might use there for the advancement of the civilization within a few days of this discovery the paramo or meteorological families had applied the level land to one of their long unsolved problems the extraction of magnetic power in large quantities from the air they had been already able to draw from the thunderclouds their electricity and make them pass harmless and by means of personal effort and the magnetism of the body they were able when high up in the rarer regions of the atmosphere to recharge their little shoulder engines for driving their wings but in the lower air they had failed to draw electricity from any but thunderclouds in any quantity they based a new apparatus called Iraq no on the level line and its discoveries and with this they were able to draw magnetism from even the gentlest breeze they increased its size and capacity and soon could give it a daily supply of new power to the center of force nor did this deprive the air of the island of its exhilarate for the more they took from it the more seemed to flow in from surrounding space but when the east wind blew they found the inflow of magnetism too much for their smaller pie rack nose only the larger could cope with it and then the store of power in rim law received enormous additions for ages they had been testing the amount of magnetism in the air at various Heights and temperatures and various times of day month and year and recording the results of their investigations they were now able to decide from these and from their experiences of the paronto that irregular changes in the weather were due chiefly to magnetic influence they saw that the tremendous storms which every few years swept the earth had their origins in exceptional inflows of cosmic magnetism during the history of man since he had come to self-consciousness and to the habit of recording his own movements there had been many sudden and temporary climatic changes that had led to vast displacements in the inhabitants of the earth a series of severe winters in the north and in the temperatures on would strip the trees and fields of all frugivorous qualities and drive the animals of the chase away to the South in search of food and the races of man had to follow them so in the tropics a series of droughts would destroy half the chances of life and exterminate one-third of the dwellers inland as a rule the agony there led to no displacement of Nations so passive and fatalistic are they by nature near the equator but in times when some new religious idea had broken the spell of fatalism the first goat of starvation drove hordes to search for food in other zones oftentimes there has been a simultaneous in the meteorological severity partly due to a universal influx of interstellar magnetism but still more to the fact that the earth and the planetary system to which it belongs have swung into a region of space that is exceptionally barren of all life impetus as such periods came those widespread migrations of the dwellers on the globe that made new eras in history it was one of those cosmic disturbances of climate that sent the Arabs out of their deserts a flaming portent along the shores of the Mediterranean with their newly reformed religion the Creed of Mohammed and at the same moment flung the Saxons against the northern frontier of Charlemagne's empire and the danes on the coast of britain so earlier in the 4th and 5th centuries of the Christian era the Huns burst from the east like a torrent and again and again swept all before them in the West will simultaneously the Goths broke in from the north across the boundaries of the Roman Empire later in the 9th century the Danes and Normans broke away from the north again and again and plagued Europe with their piratical energy in the very period when magyars were migrating from the east to the west and it was only the closer packing of the continents and the consequent military organization of European nations that check these displacements in later centuries though there were reflexes towards the east as in the Crusades but the cosmic meteorology of the earth took different effect in the same direction when plagues mowed down their millions of victims from east to west where widespread displacements were impossible there must be dissemination by some cosmic means in order to let the light into the overpopulated regions another escape valve was found for the pressure of those periods of temporary climactic change when the Western peoples were driven over the ocean to find a home emigration then came to mean transference of masses across the sea but first to America where there were other but weaker civilizations to be overcome afterwards two lands and islands that were either empty or occupied by a few scattered savages it was their circle of myths that saved the archipelago of reel ro from the effect of these vast displacements of population when every acre of land on the earth shall have been filled with its complement and human forethought and ingenuity are still unequal to the sudden changes of cosmic meteorology then famine and plague will be the only means of relieving the pressure end of chapter 1 part 1

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