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Chapter six of Lyman aura the oven to progress by Godfrey swellin this LibriVox recording is in the public domain inspiration I abandoned the effort to defend the literature of Christendom and came to the conclusion that a people that soul scorned all word mongering could not have any literature I was soon disabused of the idea one day after my education had advanced into the final stage of its earlier course and my loyalty to the race had been tested in many ways my pro parents paid me accompany them to the production of a new book after what I had heard in the depreciation of literature such as I had been accustomed to in Europe I was somewhat startled at this invitation but they said nothing to explain the anomaly although they knew well the nature of the discussion I had had with thyri all I had thought that during my long residence in the island and in my countless flights over it I had come to know every public institution existing on it but I was mistaken again in our course we chose a direction that for a space was one I had several times taken but soon we bent out of the usual track up while aroma and turning one of its Eastern Spurs made for a deep valley which was concealed from view except two voyagers towards the sunset here we found the air filled with wings and airships dreaming onwards it was a beautiful sight this navy of the sky fleeting across the snows of while aroma our winnowing the depths of the azure we had been on the adjoining coasts of the island and had not to strike far upwards in order to reach our destination so the air fleet moved far above us most of it having to round the heights of the gleaming Mountain nothing could surpass the grace with which they took their way through the heaven now to this point now to that and after a time I could hear the movement of their wings like the rustle of silken sails engaging dreamily upwards I had allowed myself to drop to near the earth and in order to reach the goal of our flight exactly I had to take another long rise thereafter my gaze was banned earth words on a still more beautiful sight beneath me a broad valley narrowed coast words to a deep gorge and mountain words into a rift in the rocks the river which had sculpted this singular amphitheater had been deflected by an artificial channel into the center of force but was allowed at times to sweep its old bed free of the debris of rocks and vegetation up each side vibrated in the air tear upon tear of their automatic rests enough to accommodate a nation all lay open to the sky yet there was a subdued light down in the hollow of the veil that soothe the eyes tired with the gleam of the blue and snow above and this Twilight deepened into gloom towards the head and the exit of the valley only in the afternoon as the Sun West 'red it shot its level race to the chasm at the entrance and meld the gloom even of the ravine at the upper end with its golden white and at sunset the concentration of the many-colored rays through the gorge had a striking effect upon the whole amphitheater It was as if the theatrical artists were lighting and up for some supernatural scene the afternoon sunlight indeed soon revealed to our eyes as we settled on the slopes an immense stage that shot out of the ravine on the mountainside it was I could see the natural theater of the island cut out by other than human powers and from side to side the gentlest whisper would carry yet without recoil while the sound of the moving stage as it rolled forth Rose along the tears and without break or repercussion died away into the open sky above our heads it must have been here I thought that the architects of Liman Oran buildings had learned the acoustic secrets of nature never sound was lessened or confused in passing to the farthest corner of any of their vast halls nor was it from any mechanical contrivance underneath the roof but simply from the shape of the enclosure Nature had formed this valley into a perfect Theatre in the highest tear of which not one listener could miss the smallest sound yet by a singular contrivance by means of which a globe over lynnium was kept over the stage every sound was tenfold magnified lest the merest whisper should escape whilst every here had at hand a Markel which would soften sounds that carried too loudly to the air another strange effect of this era lynnium shell was that it magnified to the eye everything upon the stage a hundredfold it acted as a powerful microscope so that each spectator was far nearer to the inner structure of any object than mere human eye power could bring him we had not long to wait for the purpose of these preparations there entered upon the stage two figures that underneath the globe seemed gigantic beside the bodies of Lyman horn men and women they had Lyman orrin outlines but transmuted into something more ethereal than odd I had seen there was a grace of form and a beauty of face beyond any of those around me on the slope of the hill and even to my eyes untrained and limited as they were in their powers there was a transparency in the tissue of their bodies which revealed the movements of their organs I saw their hearts pulsate and the currents of blood moved quicker or slower along their veins as they walked or Stood Still we could even watch the effect of their motions in their systems and excited or tranquil movement of thoughts in the tissues of their brains the impulses that traveled along their nerves from brain to hand or foot and the reports that kept journeying from the very senses to the nerve centers seemed all to be made plain to us and seemed the work of a magician so marvelous was it so far above mere human achievement but still greater marvels were to follow these two beings are automata or moving shadows of beans or whatever they might be enacted a scene the significance of which I comprehended only after many days of thought my immediate impressions and my subsequent conclusions and knowledge have so amalgamated that it is difficult to separate the two elements these two beans were chosen friends the complements of each other with tendencies and tastes and loves all in unison such perfect fitting of nature to nature was as not yet to be found even in Lima Norah thought sprang to thought and emotion to emotion and yet there was a spontaneity and origination in both that made each a separate fountain of life and action how independent the characters and powers and yet how mutually adapted the scene was meant to picture a friendship that was a true and perfect marriage the two had grown year by year closer and harmony till at last the mutual sympathy had culminated in a yearning to see an individuality that would combine the best peculiarities of each and perpetuate the combination we could see the thought flame into a passion in the two systems and then we could hear the friends talk around the longing till it drew definite into a common project we saw them gather the materials needed for the formation of the body with intricacies of furnace and crucible and machinery they molded these into the skeleton of a man flawless and strong in every part they tried every bone with numberless tests till they found it all to their satisfaction then they started on the cartilages that kept the bones in place or moved them giving permanence and life to each as they made it by the magnetism they communicated to it tissue by tissue they build up the internal organs modeling them with loving care on those they saw it play beneath their own eyes and testing them to see that they performed their functions perfectly what delicate artistic energy they spend upon the upper tissues of the body upon the brain and ear and eye each created and developed the quality loved and admired in the other there was nothing they admitted to make the new being complete and happy in all his functions on the Minuten Irv's and tissues they worked under powerful microscopes and the minutiae of every sense and organ and function were examined and tested again and again with the same magnifying power turned on them the figure they made most noble and symmetrical in proportions and outlines the face they made as beautiful as human face could look the stuff in which they worked was ethereal in his texture and constituents it was difficult to discern it with our senses even under the great magnifying globe it seemed to be an air of some product of the ether for it flowed underneath their guiding fingers almost invisible and the result was a body more transparent than their own it was a marvel of refinement and strength combined they experimented on every lemon sense every nerve and muscle and tissue and they corrected every defect in it before they reached the final act at last the work was completed to their satisfaction and they braced themselves for the most exhausting task of all how were they to make this image a living creature I smiled as they thought of the impossibility of what was evidently before them yet they seemed perfectly calm in their preparation for the final endeavor only there was a subdued volcanic energy in their systems that seemed to show that they considered it a task almost superhuman they encouraged each other and we could see them infuse new magnetism into their bodies by means of machinery great power their faces were filled with the glow of a rapturous appeal to heaven they were putting themselves into connection with some being they adored invisible to us some impalpable fountain of life they took the hands of the image they had formed and raised it they placed it between them so that it should be in the path of all energy that passed from one to the other they laid their hands upon its head and nerve centers and at the same time the pleading rapture on their faces rose almost to trance their spirits seemed to go out of them they looked like to in a dream a faint flush came upon the cheeks of the image between them and died out again their soul seemed to return to full consciousness and the rapture drew upon their faces again the signal of life dawned on the countenance of the image throughout by throb they gave their own souls to his meantime drawing from some fountain of life and spirit unseen by us slowly the eyelids rolls and the lips moved there was true life in the image the three walked as in a trance yet with the joy of creation pulsing through them the child of their imagination was black both yet independent and more beautiful to look upon love broke through the new beam and theirs in wild pulsations the three awoke to a new life and then the scene vanished and I seem to have but dreamed yet there was the deep valley with the sunset rage shooting through it and up the slopes rested thousands of flesh and blood lemon orange beside me a few thoughts and I knew that it was no dream was it magic I could not believe that such a people would indulge in mere trifling with life and the powers above life my spirit of inquiry stirred my guardians and I soon knew from them that this was the first publication of a new book called human sculpture the deep valley with its up Attis was at the theater of fruition where every imaginative foresight was first put into a form that would appeal to the whole people it was called luma Aoife or the display of pioneering their literature was all science and that the science of the future Romancing about the past or the present seemed to this utilitarian people waste of the noblest Faculty of man shameful squandering of imaginative wealth on that which is not mere retrospection for its own sake without reference to subsequent advance was thought by them the most pernicious of madnesses they diagnosed it as a kind of mythical blindness that could neither see the right nor do it the state of people's who looked at nothing but the past with admiration was one of the lowest circles of their inferno another was that of Nations that saw nothing good outside of themselves and their immediate surroundings in such unprogressive national or racial attitudes they saw all the evils of inbreeding the weaknesses and intellectual and moral disease of the past grew despotic in their power over the human system till they came to seem the only virtues even what had once been virtues grew inveterate and routine or monstrous and overpowering in their excess the past serve only as the soil for the better growths of the future and an exhausted soil became barren if not poisonous for all but weeds or growths that needed and deserve no attention or cultivation to spend imagination on the past therefore was to them a crime against the future what was dead and needed invention to bring before the mind again was better in its grave a literature that turned back to the past for its progress clogged the wheels of progress unless it belonged to a race that had fallen back centuries behind the natural advance of the world for a progressive nation to give of its best for the resurrection of a dead past was to confess a strain of barbarism in it and to prophecy its own rapid decay the imagination was the Faculty of the future it had its I sit in front and not behind like a memory it was meant to investigate the horizon before us and to interpret the lights and shadows thrown from below the rim of vision and not to look back whether with regret or adoration over the region that humanity had beaten hard with its weary footing the future is infinite the human past covers but a few centuries and a narrow track through them it is not for want of scope that the Faculty of fruition has driven back on the ground already trodden it is through a grievous and incurable malady the malady of fritter pluie perfection that twist the face round to the back of the neck and rots or petrifies the tissues of the brain and the heart they counted it the saddest of all spectacles on earth to see a race by its nature be rapidly progressive waste its highest energies in retracting again and again the footsteps of its own ancestry or of the ancestry of some other race nothing would persuade them to permit any study of the past that was not meant to be wholly relevant to the future they tended to be I thought almost negligent of the value of history and historical study for as our Western commonplace goals history repeats itself and however new and Miller ative an age may be it may obtain lessons and still more warnings from ages past their literature was all of the future there were two of the largest families of the race devoted to it and their numbers were ever being recruited by adoption into them of scions of others who revealed exceptional imaginative faculty they had the generalized training of the island but their particular training was more completely specialized than that of any other family nothing was emitted that would tend to make them of imagination all compact or to give them such ease in their command of language as would bring them to the exact word without effort next to these points in their education stew tutelage in all that pertain to scenic art and music for they had to give their ideas of staging that would at once appeal to the imagination of the whole people loom Eva was in their province and the literary form into which they were to put their communications as to the future had to be as perfect as it could be in their language exactly expressing all they had to convey and at the same time appealing to the Year by its melody in harmony as far as historic art was allowable in the island they were the artists whilst the linguistic conventions of the people they were the leaders and suggester Zinn the making of words and in the choice of words made they had I could see the finest heads in the community the brow was broad full and shapely the eyes were large and yet deeply set under the brows and the base of the skull was of great width every section of the brain that had to do with imaginative and poetic power was well-developed yet their faces and features showed no difference from the common Wyman orrin type they had no more beauty or regularity of outline it was clear that all children of a certain shape of skull and development of brain were selected for training and adoption by these two families whenever they needed recruits from the first the youth of these two families were educated in the sciences of the day in order that they might know what gaps in knowledge had to be filled and what laws should guide and limit their imaginative prospecting for the literature they produced as science in embryo science lays the foundations of literature and literature prepares the way for science these families by their imaginative production based on all that is already known pioneer the scientific investigators into the new regions of the future they keep in touch with the leaders of science and act as allies to them finding out the track of what these are trying to discover or invent and suggesting methods of supplying their wants or reaching their aims they provide working hypotheses for scientists to apply and test and they map out roads for the whole race into darkness of the unknown or the twilight of the half conjectured thus their literature is fiction for tentative fiction they hold is the only unstack net truth the productions of the pioneering families have all to be submitted to the national test what the race disapproves of is promptly cancelled and forgotten what meets with the approval of the elders or of the leaders of any one of the sciences is handed over to them for experimentation even though it should not attract the rest of the people what strikes the fancy of the nation as a whole is adopted as the map and guide of the future it is the sacred book of the time and the citizens study it daily for the purpose of reaching the goal it sets before their life but every new age and equates one or more of these sacred books for the region they have mapped out in the future is reached and traveled over the advance they anticipate is made the ideal they paint is realized and rapidly becoming commonplace it puzzled me for a time to guess what they did with their superseded books knowing as I did how superfluous they counted all researches into the past and all imaginative pictures of the present my question as usual was not long unanswered I was shown the library of antiquated fiction in the valley of Memories it was used in the very earliest stages of education the children read the books or heard them in order to see they raged years of maturity what the race had come from and how much it might yet advance together enthusiasm from the spectacle of the progress made and to learn lessons for their own future beyond childhood and early youth every minute was counted lost that was not spent on the future and its possibilities for a man or woman of mature years all forms of antiquarianism were counted idleness they never permitted themselves to lay too much stress on any sacred book or to adorn it too passionately however much they might be guided by it for a time for they knew from experience that it would soon be worked into the nature of the race and the system of the individual and another would take its place the sacred book of today was bound to be transcended tomorrow the four sites and ideals of this year would become truisms of next the real desecration they thought was to rest to many ages over sacred book his precepts unworked into the life his pictures and ideals unrealized to adorn its words and denying spirit by failing to advance beyond its point of view a book who long held sacred is a charge of stagnancy and barbarism against a race and an insult to its intelligence it proves that the civilization has become stereotyped or worse retrospective to heed to sleep to fall prostrate before a dead ideal to propagate and die sum up the ultimate duties of existence at its highest level every book was sacred to the Lima neurons which threw light upon the track ahead into the darkness and so long as it still gave light where light was needed it remained sacred whenever its light became the common daylight around the race and especially if they had to look backwards in order to see its way marks then it was promptly committed to the valley of memories not a moment was wasted on its precepts after they had become the laws of everyday existence they had known from their own history what a terrible engine of oppression a book might be when once it had become antiquated without losing the adoration of the people its prophecies which had become mere tales of the past had to be projected again into the future by mistic interpretation its precepts embodying the spirit of a generation long dead had to be galvanized into life by casuistry and innumerable methods had to be extorted from its overstream text to prevent the human mind moving on past its own stage of morality and civilization how many ages in their own history did their ancestors live with their dead into the warmest feelings of their hearts at the grave clothes of the past intertwined and what torture to love and the noblest feelings what bloodshed and horrors it cost them to be able to stand off from their dead Authority and to look at it with unprejudiced mind it had become part of their best selves and it seemed like suicide to cast it from them and relegate it to its true home the graveyard of the past that long experience was burned into their natures and to lay too much stress on any new book or idea gave them an instinctive pang they could not bear to linger overhead once the light had died out of it and its leading had become a highway mark for the passerby to utter or admire the obvious or commonplace was counted one of the gravest offenses against the common weal it awakened a look of pity in the eyes of the listener as for one who was smitten with an incurable disease a repetition of the offence would lead to drastic measures with the victim he was hailed before the medicines and his system was Manute Lee examined for the source of the malady and for weeks he was kept under medical supervision no labor or watching or remedial pain was spared till the source of the offending was Scourge doubt of the constitution of the sufferer as a rule that was found on investigation that the infection had come from some book whose spirit and precepts had become incorporated in the past of the race and could give no more vitality to it it was good enough for children and youth who were passing through the primitive stages of development to them it was fresh and new for a time and was even the source of life and vigor but once out of the valley of memories the men and women who could read it with any pleasure were considered unhealthy and atavistic and were sent to hospital for treatment the symptoms of the malady of the commonplace were well-known and most patent loquacity fondness for confidential communications and mysterious suggestions under solemn conditionings or even oaths of silence bustling idleness feeble smiles of infinite superiority jocular dogmatism assumption of wisdom and excessive vanity if the disease had not been so infectious and stealthy in a spread it would never have been treated so seriously and so promptly for it was seldom malignant in its earlier appearances at least only when it became morbid and took the shape of injured feeling at unrecognized genius resulting at times in jealousy and slander or conspiracy in rebellion or when it grew masterful and acquired a sense of its own infallibility and omnipotence resulting generally in petty spite and persecution was there any deadly virus in it it was it's epidemic character that made it most formidable and necessitated a system of moral quarantine special precautions were taken in permitting the use of the sacred books of the past and have antiquated or superseded ideas they were only useful for teaching the young reverence for great thoughts and great thinkers and for leading the mature to estimate their own achievements modestly when they saw the rap and a question of even the most striking books one evil that arose from the study of past literature the overvaluation of literary work they tried to obviate they place noble deeds on the same footing with noble words and thoughts and saw that they were scare Faliro courted and described it was the duty of the young to report and give permanent form to anything that was done greatly with their enthusiasm made more glowing by their ignorance and inexperience they acted as the history augur firs of the race the youth of a family went with the elders whenever any difficulty offered itself and with their recording instruments in a sounds and Linna sounds and night Rowland's they took flying pictures electro graphs and reports of the scene for deposit in the valley of memories if any emergency arose and was nobly met when the youthful remembrance sirs were not present they wrote the annals of it nonetheless and reproduced it scenes in moving representations after interviewing all who witnessed the deed there was as much inspiration as people held in a great action as in a great book provided it illumined the darkness of the road ahead of them for to them the true test of greatness and inspiration was the power of for illumination or of stimulus to progress whatsoever flash light over the unknown in front must have come from a higher point of view than their own immediate surroundings word or deed it was to them all the same if it had this divine characteristic the one that was worthy of chronicling and preserving the other but they ceased to look upon it as a source of stimulus to action as soon as it failed to throw light upon their future or to hold up an ideal that they had not yet attained inspiration like all other things and beans in the universe was progressive no idea or deed no word or book could be permanently inspired and the quicker erase progressed the sooner is sterilized its sacred thoughts and deeds all noble human advance was a process of the inspiration a step upwards makes the climber capable of looking down upon the previous point of vision and of looking up for a still higher and to gaze downwards is to encourage retrogression whosoever or whatsoever caught the first gleam of a peak above them was to them inspired but it was the duty to reach that peak in their march upwards as soon as possible and once it was reached where was the inspiration it was itself far below with the age that supplied it some new deed or thought or book was certain to take the place of that which had for a time been considered sacred and if that did not come then woe to the race progress must stop and darkness must close in on there appear blind leaders who in order to retain their dominance must elevate the past immediate or distant into a divinity and its best book into an oracle after a time so obscure do the pages of this book become with cobwebs of interpretation that at last they must been new cobwebs out of their intestines the dread of light from without becomes a horror if a new teacher or prophet should come down with him into the dust his teachings are false for they agree not with the devotion cobweb book if a reformer sees light above and ahead he is banned as a messenger of hell and what he sees is nothing but a diabolic marsh light all through the Ray spread the awful diseases of spiritual inbreeding inability to distinguish the true from the false love of delusion unwholesome and insane pursuits and ends and the madness of cruelty and intolerance nothing but fierce revolution could save a race from such a plight and the germs of revolution must come from without themselves and without the world the end of chapter 6 chapters part one of why menorah the island of progress by Godfrey so Evan this LibriVox recording is in the public domain pioneering part-1 imagination corrected by racial instinct in the assemblies of all was the seeker for four gleams of what was to be and a people that had organized his civilization into a disciplined advance was not likely to leave it scouts and Vanguard unorganized this destiny was largely in the hands of those who went before it into the night or who ascended the heights above it and told of the region to be transverse next and the best routes through it there was no service that needed so much the best powers of the race and its best organization into the pioneering families were gathered their most powerful imaginations for imagination is the only clairvoyant of the faculties it can see what lies below the horizon of knowledge it can forecast the world as it might be and as it is to be and it can draw the human mind onwards by the splendors of this forecast this people had early realized the sembly nature of the faculty and the great part of it might play in their devotion to progress and they resolved to save it from all waste they refused to have it become the mere slave of luxury or of popular amusement such as they saw it was in most other civilized nations even where conjured up the past in magnificent literary pictures what else was it then the pander to tastes and habits that were over worn the in coma asked of Deeds that had better be buried in Oblivion it frequented the palaces of kings and licked the dust off their feet or have played the buffoon to the indolent sensuous crowd at rare times it isolated itself and heedless of the babbling world that offered it so many prizes it wrestled with the powers of darkness and ignorance but what could a poor Rekluse do against the infinite night if it were to help the forward march of humanity it must be disciplined and organized to a definite aim all other peoples have left imagination to struggle for itself this people recognized it as the most unschooled and shiftless of the human faculties whilst they failed it to be the most divine and fullest of promise they determined that amongst them it should lose its reeling gate and wandering aimlessly and become the pioneer of their mark Schwahn words instead of fixing its eye on the past or on the favours of the great it should skirmish before the main army into the region of the unknown it should report on the difficulties and the enemies to be met and map out the world as it was to be what would be thought of the shipmaster who let the keenest eye of his crew lounge round the ship looking into the pockets of his comrades and making them laugh or leaned over the stern watching the track left behind if darkness and cloud and a broken sea ever lay on the rise in the head what else were the nations doing with their lookout faculty imagination but allowing it to waste itself on providing amusement for the luxurious or on figuring the problem of the past it was one of the first duties of the Lyman Orrin elders after the great series of purgation zuv the race to organize and develop the imagination they had in their midst they had observed that there were two great types of uses of the Faculty one was short a vision and could see with great distinctness the regions that were hidden in Twilight immediately in front of them the other was farsighted and could describe features of wide regions that lay in darkness under the horizon there happened to be amongst them two family's distinguished from all others by their great imaginative nough stamina n– sin one of these two kinds of imagination the task therefore was easy it only needed care in disciplining the members of these two the main purpose of the race in developing the Faculty of each and in recruiting their numbers from the most imaginative children of other families the lumia Mewar pioneers of the immediate were recruited chiefly from the scientific and technical families for their duties like most of all in supplying hypotheses for experimentation and suggesting methods of solving difficult problems and in tracing the out paths that invention should take invention in fact was what they were often us tonight function that was however of equal importance for the forward movements of the race it was to take the far-reaching conceptions of the other imaginative family and show how they could be attained by the civilization and means they already had they accepted the scientific ideas and apparatus of the time as they were and out of them and their development they engineered a highway through the intervening twilight to the ideal that the Frollo myoma or pioneers of the distant had pictured and set up ahead of the race i had not known of this division of pioneering work when i flew back from the marvellous spectacle in the valley of future ition x' as i thought over it i became more and more skeptical of the realizability of the scene it had the in consonant absurdity of a dream I said to Theory L where was the possibility of ever substituting artificial for natural propagation of the race it was completely out of the line of evolution and could lead to nothing but what was unnatural and evil they could modify nature to an indefinite extent I knew but what was the use of attempting to supersede nature and suppose it were possible to superseded in this respect where would be the advantage they could already modify and guide nature so as to produce the type of children they desired for the progress of the race what more was needed Kyrie L gave no answer partly because she thought that the elders were more capable of answering partly because she knew that the publication of the book on human sculpture was by no means finished next day my sense of community with the immediate yearning and aim of the Lyman Oren's drew me unconsciously to luma Aoife again and on my way the streaming wings through the sky showed me that my impulse was not purposeless there was a general movement towards the same goal soon the whole amphitheater was failed from height to hollow with spectators enriched in color by the Rays of the afternoon Sun I had scarcely settled in my rest and surveyed the scene when I knew that all eyes were fixed on the hollow of the valley the platform had again run out with the globular magnifier covering it but the succession of scenes upon it was almost too Swift for my observation untrained as I still was in my senses and a certain confusion still rests over the spectacle in my memory many of the links in the chain were so amazing as to bewilder me and yet the general purpose and effect of the scene as a whole rise above the confusion in my mind I knew before it was done that it was a complete answer to my questions and skepticism the Lumia Almo were enacting the various stages in the evolution of the race which would connect its actual state with the possibility of artificial human propagation the scene enacted what they had long been able to do the production of animal tissue of all kinds even the most subtle nerve was spun and under their microscopes they could examine it like a rope another showed animal creation at work on the combination of tissue into one of the lower types of animal one after another in a long series we saw creative power rise in its ambition and efforts through the animal creation up to the human but the most striking seeing was to come it was the application of the newly discovered bio meter to the search for the principle of life we saw the creative artists investigate with the instrument plant after plant and animal after animal and failed in their attempts to isolate it or produce it they modified the bio meter in innumerable ways then we saw them fly through the atmosphere and set the new life measuring apparatus afloat in space after repeated attempts ever polling the Felina back empty they had last showed by the joy on their faces that they had attained the goal of their quest in the delicate test tubes of their new bio meters was found something that kept agitating their indicators soon they had it in their laboratories and were experimenting with it again and again they gathered it from the vacuum above the atmosphere at last by means of it they were enabled to find it in the plants around them and in the animals of the surrounding islands a series of scenes as amazing showed how they came at the discovery of the principle of soul by means of the psycho meter step by step and each step I came afterwards to feel represented a Lima Noren generation they traced it back to its secret most of all they were aided in their researches by investigations outside of the atmosphere there they captured in the tubes of their cycle meters the form of energy that constituted human soul and in their laboratories they were able to study it at leisure for long I felt that these pictures of the future were unlikely to be realized yet the steps in the process were so gradual and the scene representing each so vivid that I came in after years to accept it as well within the range of Lima noir and possibilities for I realized at last how far into the future imagination could pioneer and what a vast number of ages one of these predictive dramas would cover my sense of time was crude and weak during my earlier years in the island and it was difficult for me to appreciate the passage of cosmic periods such as were often implied in the scenes representing the publication of a book by the FRA luma mo I afterwards listened to the book of human sculpture itself as it uttered itself from a loud sounding Lin asan or reproducer of speech this Alton reader had the long strip of air lynnium constituting a Lyman Orin book fed into it off the cylinder on which the book was kept rolled it gave the sound and every intonation of the author's voice so that there was no difficulty in following his every thought as it found expression I never came to be able to read those books on the air lynnium rolls themselves under microscope as the Lyman Lorentz could and prefer to use my hearing instead of my eyes there was no possibility of ambiguity if I listened to the words as they came hot from the thinkers own lips a new and more esoteric kind of book tended to supersede this at a later period it consisted of an Electra Gramm of the author's thoughts as they developed and shaped themselves flashed on to long movie strips of labrum or or electricity sponge by his active magnetic sense this placed in anhydrous an or electro graph affected the Furla of the receiver so that he followed the whole process of thinking such a permanent record of creative thought in his process of creating was of measureless value to such a people as this for every economy of time and intelligence meant a quickening of their march into the nobler future but for many ages the effort of electro graphing the thought was too much except for the most powerful of mature creative minds and that of receiving the flash of the electrogram through the was within the capacity of none but those who had developed their magnetic faculty to great refinement of power the book of human sculpture was the first of the recent imaginative productions that I became acquainted with thyri L and I joined a party of youth who under the guidance of our pro parents were to listen to it as it sounded through the Lennis on in the valley of luma Aoife hour after hour we followed the melodious periods as they echoed up the slopes at brief intervals on the rocky curtain at the head of the gorge there would flame out for several minutes a moving picture of the scenes we had witnessed the inaction of on the stage and a still more striking illustration of the text of the book was a magnetic communication to our minds of the originating impulse which molded each thought and scene in the imagination of the author and the creative enthusiasm he felt as each idea burst in all its light upon his soul by the time we had finished the book we knew its whole conception in history its purpose and its probable effect upon the civilization it answered all my questions and routed out all my skepticism the whole object of their unending labors was to take command of nature by finding out her secrets and abridging her processes so as to make them serviceable to their advance I felt how absurd had been my objections for where would this people have been if they had left nature to herself what else was barbarism but leaving nature to herself so that the more cruel animal part of her became dominant nature included an infinite range of gradations of energy and life from what we call dead matter to the subtle and elevated organizations that fill space and evade the finest perception of her senses within her own system are to be found many of those from the debris of our bodily tissues and organs to the noblest thought we can conceive the preceptive let nature alone is fraught with inextricable ambiguity and if we let the myriad natures within us fight it out it is not difficult to see which would have dominance for it's easier to level down than to level up every interference with the lower nature in order to bring it under the sway of the higher every new mastery of our system as a whole by our creative thought is a step upwards in the scale of existences three-fourths of the process of human propagation belong to the sphere of our lower nature so that civilized men and women were ashamed to speak of it and tended to become gross and coarse if they did freely speak of it every act seemed to drag them back again to the level of the animals and it took them years of effort to drive the thoughts and traces of it into oblivion they had as a people painfully fought their way up out of the sloth of passion and mastered the emotions that tended to overbalance them by their excessive ones them back again into it guard themselves as they might buy all kinds of precautions and spiritual eyes the act as they never tried to do this necessary recurrence never failed to improve the nature for a moment whilst estill kept open a path for retrogression to shut out this possibility of read ascend into the beast would be one of the greatest services to their race as useful for their advance would the command for human propagation be in another direction the only fear of deterioration that still haunted them arose from atavism nature still had a trick of returning on her own footsteps the child of the noblest pair had at times traces a far back ancestry resurgent in evil or retrogressive traits and it wasted the time and best energy of parents and pro parents to obliterate these in every germ lay dormant the potentialities of its whole ancestral past and any one of them my desert itself as master during the dim unguided life of gestation with all their precautions something evil might still lurk in the systems of the young to develop in full maturity of life but if they molded every tissue and organ and faculty for themselves this retrogressive tendency that nature treasures up in every German child would disappear there would be nothing to watch or obliterate in the immature a still greater economy of time and labor would result in the abridgement of the earlier processes of education the education it is true never cease throughout life but the education of the mature was self conducted the citizen was his own schoolmaster and his surroundings were his instruments and assistants that of the earlier stage has used up the labor and wisdom of two other personalities for the long period of discipline they were ever on watch and guard lest the past lay in the youthful nature should suddenly rise and master it for all education is a wrestle with the superseded past which becomes evil as soon as it grows superfluous or obstructs further advance every form of vitality that has played its part on the stage of existence leaves it with reluctance it clings to the new that it may have a little more of life and impedes its advance the obsolete most survives in the tissues of the young and in mature and to educate is to struggle with the obsolete or obsolescent the labor and thought needed to make the struggle land in the success of the new and progressive have never been understood so well by as many as the elders of the Lima Norns no effort of their civilization was so exhausting as the educated to enter on Parenthood or Pro Parenthood had made them pause for all acknowledged that the assumption of this Duty was the greatest sacrifice a man or woman could make for the progress of the race they knew that for half a century their individual vigilance could never cease and that the strain would come on all their faculties and not one or two alone as it would in most of the other duties they owed to the race even invention or discovery whatsoever would commute or abolish this heavy service to the nation was sure to be welcomed so vast an amount of the best time and wisest ability of the island would be set free that it would be difficult to calculate the acceleration of progress it would affect all this and a thousand other considerations passed through my mind as I listened to the book of humans culture and drank in its inspirations the doubts that it's dramatic publication had left in me were all laid I now knew that this would be a new sacred book which would hold up for ages an ideal for Lyman aura to struggle towards this book of human sculpture made clear to me the meaning and purpose of another publication that I soon witnessed it was the book of asexuality which showed us dramatically how sex and its results belong to a lower and more physical stage of personal development it revealed to us the nature of the beings that flit through Seadrill space just outside the kin of our senses centers of energy less inert and more ethereal than any terrestrial creatures into them flows more freely than it flows into us the divine energy that is above all out of themselves they give us freely to their fellows as they receive they need no such inequality and unstable equilibrium us sex to teach them such bounteous benignity living in the precincts of the fountain of life as they do not imprisoned within local and temporal limits but free to move whether they will and to drink unstintingly of supernal existence they know how essentially on nobler life consists in free bounty the more of themselves and their energy they give the higher the energy they receive in its place sex is only the root beginning of this higher law the principle of antagonism to stagnation of giving lavishly in order to have room for receiving from higher sources it supersedes and antagonizes the law of parasitism which governs the crude beginnings of life on a new world the lower microscopic creatures that live a famished kitchen life in space ready to pounce upon any orb their shoals encounter propagate by mere self division they have nothing to give a new star cooling down on his surface sufficiently for life to settle on is there great opportunity there they may parasite and feed to their heart's content propagating by the myriad every infant assimil fraction of time and as long as they live in such primeval luxury they never move one step higher in life over supply of food indeed all luxury dams of being to stagnancy the full-fed parasite is unprogressive and though multiplying teeming lee is practically sterile his generations are on a level with himself he is immortal by mere fission the only function of his life is to grab till his Giddings make him too big for his microscopic unity and he has to break up in the higher stages of life even in human life this infinity attaches in the same way to luxurious living whilst the sycophant is sterile of purpose and existence all take and no give is a monstrosity above the lowest bacterial life the more of dependence or flattery there is in a people the lower their nature's a tyranny is the lowest political organism and the tyrannies of the worst is the socialistic for there there is no inequality to act agonize and overcome the lethargy of parasitism even when bacteria began to feel the pinch of Skanda t nutrition or malnutrition they start on a new career and show the first traces of an advance in life they inclined to give as well as receive and here are the primeval beginnings of sex ill-fed bacteria tend to propagate by means of special cells or spores instead of steeping themselves in food till they burst they now begin to nurse within their systems a germ to which they give of their best till it is able to launch out for a self they cease to reproduce by fission and reproduce by spores formation this is the first step upwards on the long road to human morality the beginnings of sex are the beginnings of unlike nosov individuals and the beginnings of unstable equilibrium and overflow of energy from one being to another this is the organization of the policy of give in a new star ultimately meant to drive out after a world long struggle the antagonistic policy of mayor get sex first introduced into our world the eagerness of one being to give of its best for the good of another being conjugal love in the human era is the first noble form of sexuality and parental love is it still nobler offshoot the development of parenthood is the now of sexuality for it is a new and higher phase of the policy of give and and equates the mere mutuality of sexual love it gives all its expecting not in return and into the place of the energy that has gone out of it flows an energy that is near the divine and raises towards the divine it is at this point that sex becomes a lower stage seeming almost to mingle with root life out of it must humanity struggle in order to progress in the spirit there is no sex this I had heard as a meaningless echo from the wise lips in the West now I saw its significance the higher the more spiritual would become the less we permit sex to dominate and the less difference there is between the sexes it was in the world of imagination and intellect that the first idea of equality of the sexes arose and the more intellectual of people became the less it insisted on the difference between man and woman emphasis on sex in a civilized people was a sure sign of approaching decay for the goal towards which the human race is advancing is asexual not that it will be the main characteristic but it is the most striking compared with our present phase of being the more highly organized existences that filled space and Hoover just outside the range of our grosser senses have reached this stage in which the stimulus of sex or even of parenthood is no longer needed in order to save the benignant instincts from dying out and the higher center of energy climbs in the scale of existence the more does it become to overflow into other centers to give of its highest and best what we call life or the spontaneous rejection of stagnancy begins on its lowest fringe with a tendency to take all and give none with appetite below this are inert centers of energy that resist all receiving as well as all giving that exists only in persisting in keeping what they have and what they are this stage is usually called dead matter in contrast to energy although it consists of nuclei of energy as truly as any living creature between the two stages of mierqi and mere take seems to lie a great gulf fixed but there are many evidences of transition to be found all through nature we ourselves the human race form the transition from the stage of take-all to the stage of give all and sex the chief impetus to progress in the earlier history of human evolution Parenthood takes his place in the upper levels where the human is rapidly approaching the super sensuous the very fact that our nature being so heterogeneous and complex reveals that we are making for something higher and as our appetites imply a stage behind us in which our systems were fitted for nothing but taking so our love's our benevolences our self sacrifices point forward to a stage in which the whole of existence will consist in giving I remember whenever an average man in Europe quoted the phrase it is more blessed to give than to receive he meant it as a jest or in a sinister sense even the priests when he had to preach the doctrine as one of the foundations of his religion had incredulity in his heart if not in the smile on his lips as he spoke the words amongst the laymen Norns it was a truism that was employed in all conduct and need never be explicitly stated and the book of asexuality revealed the inner and scientific significance to me the highest state of any center of energy in the cosmos was to be eagerly lavishly and perpetually giving out of its best for thus was it ever kept in unstable equilibrium towards which flowed higher and higher energies from centers above it thus it kept its life on stagnant and immortal that which only received and was eager only to receive suffered the maladies of the luxurious soon reached its utmost capacity and fell into stagnancy and decay above the human roles the hierarchy of sexless super sensuous beans who peopled infinite space but into their ranks Rose the human by means of struggle by means of the affluence of their energy and to others by means of sex and still more of parenthood the purpose of sex is to attain to the higher asexuality not that monasticism is good for the human race it is on the contrary the greatest of Evil's in the sexual stage of progress it counts as wicked and harmful that which alone prevents self absorption and the beginning of decay and death sex is the provision of nature for drawing the animal outside of itself so that may introduce into its generations the seeds of development it makes it as a center of energy field need of other centers to which it may give from which it may receive it is her chief means of keeping any vital Center from falling back into stagnancy and the desire of stagnancy and as long as man is still animal sex and its resultant parenthood must continue to play the main part in development to attempt to reach safe sexuality before the animal is ejected from his system is to balk progress and to invite stagnancy and decay the book of asexuality showed how the family must remain the unit and lever of advance till sex should be superseded by individual creation then friendship or the bond of contrast in community will take the place of the bond of heredity or of that bond which is based upon sexual passion the mutual choice will be completely rational and in the will of the choosers there will be nothing instinctive or mediate or unconscious about it it is indeed one of the indignities of this present sexual stage of evolution that we are thrust on in spite of ourselves that we have little command over the stimulus that is urging us on the road of progress the Lyman Oren's got rid of some of this indignity in as much as the elders and wise men took command of the instinct of sex and bent it in the direction of their own line of advance in other people's and especially in the West it stumbled blindly on led sometimes by the love of youthful beauty sometimes by the love of money sometimes by the necessities of position and Diplomacy most frequently by ambition and the love of power or social influence seldom or never by the deliberate intent of producing noble posterity as a consequence retrogression in health physique morality or intellectual power was seen in all ranks far oftener than progress over the whole there might be a slight advance in centuries but in most families it was one generation forward and the next back this people had by their purgation 'he's become the assistance of nature and since the era of the x islands they had wisely piloted sex to serve the highest purposes of evolution the young were still driven half blindly by the sting of sex and might by chance accelerate progress but the elders without revealing their art wisely controlled the instinct and by the governance of proximity and opportunity companionship and circumstances amongst the immature made at the guardian and keeper of past advance and the prompter of still renewed advance the final step was pictured by this new imaginative book the suppression of sex and the deliberate creation of posterity this would relieve the elders of their anxious task of matchmaking and put into the hands of the pairs themselves the control of parental instinct and the power of improving their posterity even as it was I could see from the axioms and postulates of this book of asexuality and the impressions it made on my friends and companions that the sex instinct was already to a large extent under the control of those whom it impelled it had become like their appetite for food saturated with intellect and deliberation it was no mere gold that drove them on in the dark stumbling towards some object that would gratify the passion they knew it's physiological and psychological working and understood how the destinies of the race waited upon the wisdom or folly of its guidance not even the youngest of them would allow it the Caprice and perverse whims of Kalat II that was considered its native prerogative in the West the passionate whim of the moment for a gray eye or soul was no more to them than toothache or the pangs of indigestion an aberrant see from healthy nature to be checked and healed as soon as possible I found that I was far in the rear of their advance in respect to love my Western heroics and amorous transports were discounted and yet curiously watched as the antiquated manners of an age long gone by nothing grave so keen a shock to myself approvals as the smile that played upon the face of fiery L when I first broke into the raptures of adoration for her which are the natural expression of passionate love in my native Europe Romeo and Juliet ISM had been consecrated by centuries of the traditions of Christendom as the true attitude and conduct of lovers and here was I only fulfilling the instinct and bursting into the appropriate transports of passion reined in by what I thought at first the cynicism of my Juliet the smile would have been cynical on the lips of a young European in Amerada in thyri oh it was no more than the amused recognition of manners which she had laughed at in studying the ancient history and literature of the island as if I had seen a comrade in the cominis of European daily life adopting the language and attitude of Homeric or oceanic heroes I grew shamed of the amorous adores of the West and when I felt the tendency to erotic adultery come upon me I kept it to myself even then I knew that I was centuries behind my Lyman Orin coevals in the rational guidance of the sexual instinct nothing brought this so clearly to my mind as the reception of the book of a sexuality during its dramatic publication I looked round to see the shock of unnatural innovation on the faces of the audience or the shrieking of modesty or the sense of outraged religious or traditional instincts but there was none of these to be found there the ideal was accepted at once as the proper and possible goal of the race and the book was treasured amongst the sacred literature of the time it soon flashed upon me too as I frequented loom Eva that their art had all a far higher purpose than I had conjectured from a European experience it was not meant merely to stir or to satisfy the sense of beauty and harmony but to implant in the emotions and the imagination the love of the future and the passion for rising in the scale of existence I grew ashamed to think that I had attributed to this wonderful people the frivolity and even boldness of aim that I had so often seen in European art here was a drama that the West had not even a conception of at its best the stage of Europe professed to educate by representing heroic scenes from the past by evolving from them lessons for the audience and by stirring their enthusiasm for great deeds of history or myth in his communist mood it reproduced in mimic form some scene or action from contemporary life that its worst it was but a pander to the survivals of a gross an animal past what I now thought of as the wyman ORN stage was wholly occupied with the future so far as it was a possible evolution from the present the noblest ideal that the imagination of the race could shape was brought dramatically before the people that their thoughts and ambitions might be fixed on something beyond themselves for this high purpose and not for luxury or personal enjoyment their sculpture and painting and music had been developed and the newest discovery and inventions of science had been brought to their aid there was no objection to what gave pleasure but to spend the thought and effort of the fully developed human mind on that alone was they held a degradation strenuous endeavor towards a higher and better future was the note that characterized their pursuits but if they could add attractiveness to the prosecution of the aim the task was all the easier if they could make the path ahead beautiful and pleasant saws he decoy the reluctant senses onwards the pace would be all the more swifter even with this high aim I could not understand how this people who loathed all pretense could condescend to their dramatic art for on this stage of luma Aoife were members of their community representing in their persons what they were not and could not be for many ages and I had heard them often decry the historic art as one that encouraged in the actors a habit of delighting in mere semblance and superficial show a habit that is the basis of hypocrisy and deceit whilst the love of mimicry and pageantry I had been led to believe had vanished from the island at one of the last Breguet shion's of the race the seeming contradiction was afterwards explained as one of the necessary steps in my initiation into the privileges and duties of the mature citizen I was led behind the scenes through the gore at the upper end of the valley I passed into a Great Hall that seemed to me a combination of Museum and workshop here were the youth of the Lumia mo and the Frollo me amo at work upon automata and the elaborate machinery that would guide their motions had I kept a distance from them as they worked I would have thought that the play of human sculpture was being again enacted such exact reproduction of the human system were the figures that grew under their hands in one section stood thousands of what I would have called statues which had served in the publication of former books in another the puppets were going through dramatic scenes by way of experimentation and in many the illusion was complete I should have said that human beings were talking and acting in others there was some imperfection and there one could see that they were all mere fantasy Knee galvanized into life in a third section the tissues and parts that were to make mimic men and women were being manufactured the workers and artists could draw on rim law for as much force as they needed whilst the advice of the scientific families was at their command the machinery of the great workshop was bewildering in its complexity and refinement the finest tissue or nerve of the human brain could be here imitated so that under a microscope I would have said it was part of a living body after all that was only the acting of marionettes that I had seen upon the stage in the valley but it was greatly aided by another department where the pioneering families cultivated the art and science of illusions they could imitate the human voice at any point in the valley measured to the fraction of an inch they could reproduce any scene of history of contemporary existence or a future de fiction so exactly making it so full of the lights and shadows of life and of the developments of all advance that none of the senses unaided by the reasoning and analytic faculties could assert that the men and women were not living and that their actions and words were not real even the electric sense could be deluded by the impulses manufactured by these machinists and illusionists it would take the magnetic thrills that receive for genuine enthusiasm and sympathy from the mind of a man or from a crowd this department was even more important than the factory of puppets for it made the play of the marionettes look still more human on the stage after all it was not the puppets themselves I had watched with such breathless excitement but a mere illusory picture of their proceedings the illusion was far more lifelike than the play of the marionettes themselves so much stress did they lay on stirring the imagination and emotions of the race in favor of the ideals of the future that half the work of these two families consisted in the dramatic publication of their books the next sacred book I saw produced in Lumira would have of itself persuaded me that this people could have nothing to do with the is chronic art or any art that would encourage the habit of pretence and show in the individual nature it was called the book of human transparency and described the various methods by which the inner working of the human brain could be made patent to Lyman or incenses the tissues could be clarified the significance of every fiber and nerve could be made familiar to all as an essential part of their education the eye the ear and the firlock could be made more subtle and acute in their perceptions till at last they were able to tell in a moment everything that was proceeding beneath the skull and within the heart what was done slowly and painfully by the medical elders with the help of their instruments their hypnotic powers and the interpretation of dreams every man would be able to do instantaneously and without extraneous aid exceptional wisdom or occult powers the general drift of a neighbor's emotions was known to everyone through his magnetic senses but not the particular intention or thought this would be known only after the long course of training and development mapped out in the book of human transparency one of the chief ethical purposes that had in recent times been fixed in the mind of the community was to eject from the human system all elements and processes that were offensive to the finer feelings and senses everything in fact that a man a woman might be ashamed of or wish to conceal the new book of the time aimed at extending this to the operation of thought and motion to get clear of the waste products of the mind in a way that would be inoffensive to others was an ideal they had not yet been able to entertain they had learned with as much pain and self-denial the habit of concealing the crude processes of thought that led to what is worth saying or doing it was one of the things they were most ashamed of in looking over the history or the memorials of their far past to see the vast amount of the raw digestion of thought and the refuse of emotion that was made public and even put into literature meant to be permanent most of the orations and magazine articles and ultimately most of the books that had been produced in past ages were much the same as if the stomach and intestines of the speaker or writer had been atomized and laid open with all their offensive processes to the gaze of spectators one of the most beneficent events in their later history had been a conflagration in their valley of memories for it had wiped out of existence the libraries and art accumulations of many centuries of which they had come to be ashamed they could not understand the long past stage of their civilization in which men and especially young men had been so proud of displaying the mere debris of their worst and crudest processes of thought it had actually been the case that most of the literature and art had been produced by youths under fifty years of age who had not yet begun to appreciate the difference between the processes of thinking and the results of thinking and one of the most extraordinary features of that period was that the most applauded literary and artistic productions those that were supposed to be most distinctively the outcome of what they call genius were the work of boys and girls mere children under 25 years of age nature's that should still have been in the nursery for many a year were stimulated to address the public and seek applause with work that was merely tentative and disciplinary the result was that on the one hand one half of the most original and promising Minds racked themselves to death years before they should have faced life whilst on the other a juvenile ideal was set before literature and art and boys and girls became their chief audience and most powerful arbiters they felt hardly ashamed of that singular stage in their development and were glad to have accidental fire come to their assistance in huddling its products out of sight one of the first instincts they evolved after the series of Breguet shion's was the desire to conceal within their minds what was crude or mere process in thinking and still more what was mere waste product and refuse of the mind instead of being eager to speak out or publish all that came into the thoughts bad or good they grew shy of public exhibition of their projects and schemes till they had been shaped by long years of thinking and experimenting and criticized and checked by the caution and wisdom of their fully matured nature publication became the last resort of the mature and old instead of the first ambition of the young so afraid were they of exhibiting what might be crude or offensive even in the give-and-take of conversation and social intercourse they preferred long periods of silence to the utterance of truisms and common places the trivial and conventional in speech as in life was what they appeared as revealing an intellectual nature on the road back to the infertility and childishness and barbarism the elaborate mechanism of thought was around without connection with what represents work but now the book of human transparency proposed as an ideal to eject from the system every process of thought and feeling that they might blush to other see if the nature was made transparent then would have become a self preserving instinct to develop their natures in this direction everything crude or false or offensive that might begin to show itself in their minds who would at once be suppressed before it Godhead way instead of having to be slowly reasoned out of existence with the aid of the moral instincts this accomplished the race would be able to take another great leap forward the advance of their processes of thought and feeling to the level of former results of them would give them a higher point of view from which to look forth into the future end of chapter 7 part 1

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