List of 5 Novels in tamil for beginners in 3 mins.

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7 thoughts on “List of 5 Novels in tamil for beginners in 3 mins.

  1. Karuvachi kaaviyam
    Gopalla Gramam
    The kite runner
    Kallikaatu idhigasam
    The Alchemist

  2. My list for beginners
    1) Kabadapuram- Na.Parthasarathy
    2) Pattathuyanai – Velaramamoorthy
    3) Kolaiyuthirkalam- Sujatha
    4) Kadalpura – Sandiliyan
    5) Oru puliyamarathin kathai- Sunthara Ramaswamy

    All Different platforms .Read these books you will definitely touch other books of the author.

    If anyone need the softcopy of the above just mail me.

  3. Anna, u missed ponniyin Selvan.. even for beginners it will be a good one..

  4. Books kedaikra online link irntha upload panunga… Like Amazon links… Athu inum useful ah irkum…

  5. வேள்பாரி, திருடன் மணியன்பிள்ளை

  6. இது மாதிரியான நல்ல புத்தகங்களை அடையாளம் காட்டுங்க அண்ணா. நன்றி

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