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hey to the first ever segment of lit literature you'll be having it with me Zama done eggs nothing more nothing less from the east and the west and you're reading today girls boys and on batteries we are going to be doing your faith Hamlet aka like a story begins long long ago in Denmark this had night time that senior whose father who has recently died it's night time and gods are watching like his tomb and they're talking to each other that no one cares what they're talking about hearing noises what's that cuz we're in a grave there should be no noise it sure comes through and he was like hey guys what's good what's happening he also hears the noises and he was like okay what's that boom Hamlet senior the ghost comes through ghosting and they're like oh my gosh it's a ghost oh my goodness me to tell Hamlet junior that his dad's ghost is out here ghosting this is dangerous and they do this headless senior is dead he has left his Queen Gertrude alone and like the creepy creeps that he is Claudius Hamlet's our clients Lately married Gertrude like Harley jr. is pissed to the highest level of history because his uncle has being a creepy creep book in the play he blames it on his mom they have this wedding it is beautiful everyone his joyous except Hamlet junior who after the wedding goes open he has like a little soliloquy which is like a fancy word for a very sad monologue where no one else is around for some reason like you're in a castle full of servants and everybody but all of a sudden when you have a soliloquy everyone he said bummed out Horatio his best he comes through just when he's finished a soliloquy coincidence I think not I know you're mad bummed but we have a situation we have a ghostbusting situation cue the music that we can't afford to put in here because I like licensee and it takes a break from being overly sad sad and he's like okay let me go check out this whole ghost situation doesn't make sense to me why would my dad be a ghost haunting the castle yeah but and pan over now to the other characters of this play have Polonius Polonius solonius is like Claudia's right-hand man right hand spy knows all the t he brings it to Claudius he got his eyes all over the kingdom he's that bad now Polonius has two children Laertes the Sun and Athena his daughter he goes to see this hole investigate the soccer situation and boom here's your daddy he it really is his dead as a ghost and at first he freaks out and then he tried and any attempts to listen to the coast this is the first time that the ghost actually tries to speak to anybody and that ghost is I listen you Homeslice your uncle he he is a murderer he killed me he killed me for the throne you have to avenge my death he's not everybody what the real thing is gonna let them know that the king is a kid lab and then Hamlet is like oh my goodness I hated you because you're a mom but now I hate you cause you are murderer I was right by feeding women devices was fun right didn't day that in order to catch off his uncle he's not just gonna run up on him and kill him cuz I picked up Hamlet decides that he is going to pretend that he has gone crazy and honestly he doesn't reveal to us how that's going to lead to the success of his plan he just tells us that I'm gonna pretend like I'm crazy make everybody worried boom and they realize okay that's what he does and people believe him everybody is worried about him his mother Gertrude is worried about his health his mother and Claudius think that he's gone mad because he's mad with grief Claudius just thinks he's being irritating cody's even speaks to him on the side and he was like listen Mike I understand your dad did it's hard get over it though the country it's a prince and you need to act Prince Hamlet acts crazy cause even flips on his baby boo Oh philia who doesn't understand why he's tripping on her like he shouts really weird things at her when she tries to speak to him he's like you know what you should do you should go to a nunnery so that you can be free and away from the touch of man like you should go right down to a nunnery go girl go leave me alone and it's weird now because it's like we were dating what do you a fear poor thing is so confused she runs to Gertrude and she I don't know who he is anymore why is he treating me like this Oh maybe my father was right so Gertrude and odious decide to ask having its old friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern if they can watch over Hamlet because they're worried about it and not these two drunkards who are actually quite used to say like what cool no dice we'll watch over him we know him he's alright meanwhile back at the ranch Hamlet is in the courtyard children killing shooting some birds and a group of actors of traveling actors come through and they're like hey Prince listen we are a group of traveling actors we like to perform we would like to pull Magic Castle can we do it how that says yes and then he's like wait a minute traveling actors perform castle and then he asked them if he can have them perform a script that he wrote himself and they're like what no dice you'll do that great and Guilds number or something true and they're trying to get some information out of karma to try to squeeze it out of him but they're not doing it in the most sly way which brings us to my absolute favorite quote from satire for some reason has a flute and he hands it to one of their and then he's like yo why don't you play this flute for us while we're here and then they say dude we can't play the flute like we've never played where have you seen me play the flute then Hamlet looks him dead in the eyes and he says so you can't play the flute why did you think you could play me tells everybody that there is a very special play that he has produced he performed in the culture and he invites the entire family including affinia Polonius Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and like everybody else Oh philia a city next to gertrude who stood in a circle yes because married people do that and how did seize the empty seat and he sits there right next to Affinia he has this thing where he's kind of hitting on her in a very aggressively sexual way and he Feeny is like like the other day you're being very weird to me you were telling me to go and be celibate for the rest of my life why are you doing this and hand it just doesn't explain himself and he makes a feeling feel very uncomfortable I can't remember if she moved her seat or not this is the only Shakespeare play that has a play within the play it's one of the like characteristics of cabinet Penny's perception is I guess what you can call it this claim within the play Hamlet there is a king and the king is happy the king has his queen he's a good king everything is grand and then the King his brother gets jealous of him and while the king is sleeping the King's brother comes and pours what poison in his ear and kills the King before this plague can even end Claudius who is up it irritated gets up and leaves the room why so everyone's confused and they wondered why is courteous worked up all of a sudden but having a junior is sitting there going oh he is hot because that was basically his plan Stan was to recreate the events that his dad had told him about and see Curtis his reaction and would an innocent man get up before the players ended and leave upset go shoot runs off to her little husband to try and like ease his heart or whatever the play has to stop now because if the King leaves you can't carry a chamber Claudius speaks to Gertrude complaining that her son has gone too far like somebody has to turn someone has to do something so Gertrude and as his mother decides you know what let me go speak to him while she's gone I don't know why while she's gone Curtis has left in sync he has his own little soliloquy it sounds like he's confessing to us because he's like I don't know why I did this I feel very guilty right now like my heart is very dark he's he's just seeing like a bird at this point but not actually saying what he did that's making him feel so guilty he decides that you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna pray about it yes a murderer prayed about it so while he's praying for some reason Hamlet jr. comes into the room and he sees Claudius defenseless no one else in the room and he thinks himself oh is about to go down and this might be the most annoying part of this whole thing Hamlet has sward ready he's gonna do it and then he was like wait Tony says pray I killed him he'll go to heaven and not help this is unfair I can kill him right now so he leaves that is folks Hannah gives he goes to his room where his mother is cuz his mother wants to speak to him but Hamlet uses this time to slut-shame his mother even further Cecily but incestuous sheets like he was just very mad at his mother's actions which has made some literal little people that do literature's believe that actually Hamlet wasn't mad that Claudius mad Gertrude after his dad died some of them think that happened it was just mad that Claudius married virtue and not him which is disgusting to heat up his complex it's a thing so richard is speaking to have neglected knew that Polonius was hiding behind the curtain listening in on their conversation so you can relay the information to Claudius habit didn't know that so while Hamlet is shouting all of these obscene and rude shake me things to his mother Polonius let the fool that he is gasps now upon hearing that hundred thinks oh my gosh Claudius is eavesdropping and now he thinks well he's not praying right now SWAT ready he stabs who he thinks is good he's behind the curtain and no it is not truly as he has slain a very nosy Polonius instead he is what Hamlet is more disappointed that he killed Polonius more than just committing murder so he has just killed somebody what does he do he just runs off to his room I don't know what he just chilling but now Claudius has a reason to punish Hamlet his murder is punishable st. Hamlet off to school because he thinks he needs time to regroup like bring everything together just you know reconnect with himself and culture degrees because he murdered somebody the murdered human is no none other than Afilias beloved father for some reason Ophidian after my lord i don't know man Polonia Susan yeah is this she literally does actually go crazy because of the death of her father and no one knows what to do they are upset because of Elia was like this lovely girl this beautiful girl who's always so sweet and now she's just like this very wild baby just walking around the cost of giving people flowers she she lost her mind guess who pops up again that's right Laertes because what else to stop your studies and the news that your father has been slain he's big mad heels like how could Hamlet do that to my father I don't understand why you are defending him I want just around that same time o philia I just committed suicide in the lake in the most beautiful suicide people ever hear of integer she drowned herself but by putting rocks on her dress or something but she covered herself in flowers first which is kind of pretty I'm not gonna lie it's kind of pretty now he just wants revenge and so this goes right couriers pulls their teas to the side nails like listen you want revenge I want Hamlet gone let's help each other when handed comes back from school you'll challenge him to a duel I'm not saying you're gonna win the duel but I mean if you'd let me help you Thanks catch a boat the hamlet is all too good to school gets robbed by pirates and the Pirates are like okay give me the loot and they take the loot and then they make them turn the boat back around for some odd reason so Hamlet is not back in Denmark and no one knows about it because knowing you that the boat was it knows absolutely nothing about Ophelia's death and his rival and the day that he arrives he thinks they are burying Polonius when they are actually burying of Elia which makes him lose his actual mind he's so devastated and then people are confused cuz they're like when you were when you were here and her Feeny was alive you didn't wanna look at her but now that she's dead you're like sad man there it is she's having it as he's trying to stop videos funeral you you did this we have to fight Hamlet agrees for some reason even though he denies being responsible for Ophelia's death and he and he says that he didn't mean to kill Gertrude is front and center with her man's club club now Claudius because he is deceitful decides that to help the lady ities win this fight and made sure that Hamlet does indeed die he dips left his sword in poison and just to be on the safe side he also poisons Hamlet's drink it or she didn't know it I can't remember unless me Gertrude accidentally drinks Hamlet's why audience couldn't tell her that the cup was poisoned because they didn't have to explain why he was trying to poison Hamlet the fight starts everything's going good having it got it a few cuts in there she's got a few cuts in it's very exciting boom Gertrude is feeling a little sick Gertrude dies now people are wondering what could have possibly killed Gertrude and they take her drink and boom who gave her the drink Claudine it seems that this man killed both of his parents and he intended to kill him as well so he fights way high like renewed energy and at some point yes he's and Hamlet dropped their swords and Hamlet accidentally picks up the ante so when he stabs their teeth yes she stabs a 1 and person at this poisoned him at the same time so Laertes is cousin he bring he goes to Claudius sword in hand and he was like so you killed my dad admit it not in front of all these people Claudius has a sword to his face what is he gonna do he admits to the truth that he did indeed kill Hamlet senior good that is avenged then Hamlet forces prettiest to drink the wine that killed his mother he does Hamlet says a few hurtful things and he kills odious with poison that was in the violet unfortunately had sustained some wounds during the fight and he himself is actually poisoned but he wasn't poisoned as much as late he so he's dying slowly Horatio the best friend who for some reason was absent most of the time pops up and he is like Hamlet Hamlet in Hemet gives his final soliloquies his he doesn't mind dying because he proved that his father was murdered and also he avenged his father in the same at the same time he urges Horatio to tell the people of this story let them never forget what happy show is the only person who lives after that and he tells people of Hamlet's great tale I think this is the only Shakespeare play where everyone just just dies if you're wondering how it is similar to Lion King you're free that has been me zametov eggs with Lit literature this took way longer than I thought I reminded to you viewers at home please do not use this for educational purposes you will fail this is when some adult eggs nothing more nothing this and you are reading with the best

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