Literary Adaptation Exam – A Farewell to Arms – Edited by Chiara A. L. Toti

a farewell to arms by Ernest Hemingway Ernest Miller anyway was raised in Oak Park in 1899 he has been a literary symbol of the 20th century has he succeeded in breaking with the puzzle is the tradition by influencing whole generations leading to the development of the 20th century novel basically his works characters have a stoic nature and they are asked to adopt a gracious attitude in order to deal with uncomfortable situations moreover his style is basic in that period amiquay gathered an expert community of American people known as Lost Generation in Paris this group was composed of people who became audience during the First World War the previous year he started to cooperate with the Toronto Star as new correspondent and special envoy travelling to Constantinople in order to follow the world between Turkey and Greece the Christians of a question from trace inspired the retreat of a farewell to arms the noble published in 1929 tells about a love story and work before during after the defeat of Caporetto its publication was forbidden until 1945 because it could undermine the fascist armed forces as it described Italy's the field and the characters decision in 1917 Frederick Harvey is a young American volunteer who came to Italy to take part to the First World War he is a second lieutenant in Church of an ambulance action carrying the wounded people from the front to the nearest field hospital there he and the sons work is less fascinating than he thought in 1917 he is admitted to the Polytechnic of Milan where he meets an English nurse named Karen Berkeley initially they just have a one-night stand so much that tragic lied about his feelings only to reach his mergo while catherine was still traumatized for having Lois's insane during the war the previous year soon the relationship will become intense and passionate wonder the field of Caporetto happens Frederic finds himself among some retreating soldiers so then he falls onto the river and succeeds in surviving once escaped death Frederick flees from Italy woodcarving going to speak there the woman gives birth to her child and dies unfortunately the young man is deprived of a happy ending tickling the pain in loneliness the chosen version of A Farewell to Arms updates to 1957 and it is a 1932 from massages we make among actors will find the victory de sica as major Rinaldi and Alberto swordy as priest galley while the main characters are Rock Hudson as Frederick Henry and Jennifer Jones as Carol Berkeley definitively the first perceptible difference between the written work and the movie is a lack of detailed descriptions typical of the author in the film production actually a mean way focuses the first and second chapters on the description of the seasons from summer to winter it does not happen in the movie moreover in the Louisville major Rinaldi is described as Frederick's contemporary while in the movie he is anything but a young fellow equally in the movie the main character does not manage an ambulance action carrying the wounded people to the nearest field hospital as explained in the book mainly these are differences related to the other style what really changes is the end in the novel Frederick loses his wife going on just with his son who is painfully accepted as is seen as a reason of cabbage death while in the movie the young man loses both his wife and so on anyway wrote this novel in order to narrate his personal love and war experience lived in 1980 therefore it is possible to assert that a first city theme is the autobiographical detail with respect to the recruitment in Italian Army as volunteer of the USA Red Cross the fall in love with an English nurse as well as the work background the latter forces him to cope with that every day as happens with a servant of a city scenario of the death of Caporetto another theme is the noble background the First World War the book was in by Fernanda Pagano in New Delhi in 1943 she was a great friend of the noblest as well as journalist and transitive to that was arrested because of her initiative the brave woman translated the title both as a power to arms and a farewell to the arms of the beloved woman as an English arm son has a double meaning the novel was not published until 1948 only after the Second World War because it could damage the fascist regime and English animal everyone is aware of the novelist propensity towards the left-wing world communism until he went to the Iberian Peninsula when the Spanish Civil War began anyway understood communists were back to Sudan owes them what was the consequence of this attitude they became his enemies it did not pose a problem to the brother who revolutionized the twenties and Renova because he supported values like the antinatalism hitting any kind of violence usually anyway speaks about that in control of lives clinic nurse and frailty of man actually human being can enjoy a cute for example love between Frederick and caffeine identified as a fat woman is the chemist because once they read is between the woman of a dough because of the birth on the other hand the young man who has to face carriage lows in lowliness reminds to the theme of the man's royalty who is powerless in front of the lives difficulties even more so in the 4-1 anyways that that no happy ending did not make him unhappy insofar aware of a tragic life the sensory perception is what distinguishes a mean way from the order 20th century writers his a sensual perception reaches the reader in a plain and simple way allowing at the same time a thoughtful and detailed investigation scratching the surface therefore both the general reader and the scholar are interested I chose this book or better anyway both because I appreciate his way to speak to the reader by using short sentences full of objectives and above all is sensitivity as it is an autobiographical novel I noticed how equal the rate is heard breaking experiences in an ongoing struggle whether life's sorrows the struggle is rightly represented by the acceptance of grief against whom he has a double attitude on one hand undergoes it while on the other hand it tries to come down it by really appreciating the future moments the human being can enjoy you

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