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hey you guys as you can tell from the title of this video I am going to give you an update on what's going on with my potential literary agents so in case you don't know what I'm talking about I am talking about my novel called between us which I finished less last year and I submitted it to a few different literary agents but I've been specifically working with one agent which is the same agent that I submitted to my other novel falling for you which I ended up self-publishing with that novel the agent gave me a R & R which is a revise and resubmit once I did that she said that she did like it she did see a lot of improvement but at the end of the day she still wasn't confident in it and she did offer representation on that novel though she said to feel free to submit other works if I when I finished my next novel so that's what I did so back in November yeah back to late November like after Thanksgiving I think it was I submitted the was November I think it was November I submitted the novel between us to her and then I just kind of forgot about it I just wanted to just sit back and I didn't want to stress about it I just wanted a gift I just wanted to enjoy the holidays without the stresses well after the holidays were all said and done I've reached out to her I think it was in January and I asked her you know how she had a chance to review the novel she got back to me and said she needs a few more weeks but she'll get back to me I was like yes good no news is good news so I was so happy about that then because I am a little impatient I probably shouldn't do that and maybe you shouldn't do it either I don't know but I grew impatient again and I reached out to her again a few weeks later like a month later I was like hey did you get a chance to review the manuscript yet and unfortunately she had a death in her family which caused her to not be able to review the madness in the time that she had originally thought so she said that she was getting ready to review it she just haven't had a chance to do it yet so I was like okay that's fine again it's not a no she just hasn't had a chance to review it and then I got impatient again so I reached out to her in March and I was like hey did you get a chance to review it do you like it what's happening you know kind of way and she said that it is much stronger than my last novel that I submitted to her and that she was going to ask me for permission to send it to another associate of hers and I was like yeah you can send it to whoever you want are you kidding me I was so happy to hear that but that's where I'm at right now and I will not reach out to her again because I think I'm already a pain in the butt as it is and I don't want to continue there's a bee outside the window sorry got distracted anyways I don't want her to continue to be a pain in the butt but she's been really kind as to you know for not getting annoyed with me and maybe she understands but a little background as to where I came maybe why this agent relationship is a little differently than if I just emailed a random person off the you know the internet I worked at a insurance agency in Orlando Florida and she actually came in to she'd get a quote on her homeowners insurance or something like that I didn't work in that department but one of my girlfriends did and when she learned that she was a literary agent she got her card and she gave it to me so I reached out to her and said hey you were just in our office today I met with so-and-so you know he's okay if I submit my manuscript to you and that's how this whole thing came about so that's where I'm at right now with this process I really excited I have tried my hardest to disconnect from the outcome of what should could happen with this whole thing but you know I'm really excited and nervous and again if I do get represented by this agent I will be really happy and really excited and then the next step would be to try to get a publishing contract but no matter what this novel is gonna get out into the world so if she doesn't give me if I don't get a publishing contract and I have to self-publish again I have no problems of doing that again I love the whole experience of self-publishing it was a little stressful but if I'm honest the reason I'm looking for it traditionally published route this time is because I don't know you guys I mean I if I'm honest I just need that validation you know I just that's the route I need right now I need four I need a professional in the industry to just say yes you know you have what it takes you know and I know that's not always the healthiest thing I know I'm into motivational coaching I'm into mindset and mindfulness and all that but to be fully transparent you know we all have our hang-ups oh we all have our things and and for me as a writer as a new I still I've been ready for 10 years I still consider myself a new writer I just I want somebody in the industry to just acknowledge that I am good enough I know it I know it sounds crazy and a brother shouldn't be sharing this with you guys because I am all about don't you know don't let other people validate your worth and that's exactly what I'm doing by seeking this route but that's where I'm at and I just wanted to be honest with you guys to let you know that you know we're not I'm not perfect now you have my things too you know even though I'm all about mindset and mindfulness you know standing strong and the person that you are I still have my things that I'm working through but no matter what even if she doesn't this particular agent doesn't represent me if it doesn't evolve also I'm still super excited about this novel and I can't wait to put it out into the world so right now I am just sitting back and waiting for her to risk it back to me and I am really confident that I am gonna get represented I don't know why maybe in a month I'll do a vision that says hey I didn't get represented but right now I feel it in my heart that it's gonna happen so I'll definitely keep you guys updated so yeah you guys that is my literary agent update if you guys want to support me in this and your pray for me then give me a thumbs up to show me that you are standing behind me then that's all you guys that's all I have I just wanted to update you on what's been going on because a few of you have been asking on Instagram as to give me an update what's happening so here it is I hope you enjoyed it I will be here next Tuesday with another video until next time stay safe

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  1. Ahh so exciting!!! I can’t wait to keep following your journey and your next book’s journey to publication. Sending good vibes your way💕

  2. That is so amazing, I am so happy for you, good luck with everything!

  3. Love your honesty Mari, I think all writers need validation in some way shape or form, you’re not alone. Crossing fingers and toes for you 🤗🤞🤞

  4. Woot woot so happy for you!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!! You go t this lady!! Sending you good vibes!!!

  5. I would be the same – I’m so impatient lol. I’m so excited to keep hearing about this journey!

  6. This is so exciting!! Impatience is a real thing 😂
    I understand your need for validation, I feel it’s something all indie writers have to face at some point 😊
    Keep us updated about your journey, I’m crossing my fingers for you 🤞🤞

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