Literary Analysis: Things Fall Apart

hi there so this is my drawing for the depth wise number three assignment where you make a collection of artwork and out ties in and I purposely made it black and white because that's a very feel like a big part of the story with the different races and different things like that so starting up with the fire the reason I drove fire it was because I'm con quo it's a parent of fire throughout the entire book the town calls I'm a warring flame and you know fire can also be compared to rage which he sure has a lot of and because of his past with his father and how that really messed him up there's always this fire in him to do better than he ever did just to be better so this is a yam there's a minute vm is because these were grown specifically by men and farming was really big in his culture and it really showed how wealth wealthy men were and basically that was on concourse well he wanted to struggle on he was a superstar he could do things on his own he was just better than his father ever was so having a big everything that I went there to see was really big for him and also in this culture sons are supposed to help their father's farm and then one day you know the father would help his son have his own farm so it's also a big part of the culture and this mask right here is to represent the mother of spirits and you know she's about to be charged at the I'm totally gonna botch this name Iggy boo boo sorry and she was worship but I thought this is really interesting to point out because it's interesting that they worship a woman God even though women are pretty looked down upon because they're only expected to have children they're expected to care of the house and clean and all that stuff and if they looked at a pond and just it's normal to be scared of their husbands it was kind of crazy that even though they were look so down upon they still worshipped this you know mother of the spirits see yeah that's my drawing I hope that was explained well and my drawings everything he said and yeah ru thank you so much

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