Literary Canon

one of the cortex studies in grade 12 english is Death of a Salesman written by Arthur Miller this book was published by Viking press in March 1949 in New York will leave the main character also Happy's father raised both his sons Biff and happy an environment that was obsessed with achieving the American dream when we focused highly on Biff and when they were younger trying to get him into pursuing the American dream becoming the captain of the football team and high school and being a well-liked salesman this results in happy being left in the shadows and always seeking the attention that his father gave to bet for himself making him a lonely person when Biff fails to pursue his father's dream happy finds us as a way to finally have the attention from Willy the same as how well he gave to death and decides to pursue the American dream causing him to have an unrealistic dream of this future Death of a Salesman is a text that is worthy of a place in the literary canon as the author uses characters themes and quotes to display how the lifestyles in the early 1900's were different and similar from then the character is in the book Death of a Salesman show how life in the early 1900's was one of the characters Willy Loman shows how always trying to chase the American dream will not get you happiness this is seen when Willy becomes illusional and starts to think that he's talking to his brother he keeps seeing his brother who had died a long time ago he remembers how Ben went to Alaska and became a rich while Willy stayed in America to work at his job he becomes sad and depressed that he did not go to Alaska and did not get rich he always uses Ben's story to inspire his kids to work hard and earn money the main theme in the book Death of a Salesman is the American Dream the main character Willy Loman is obsessed with achieving the American dream and is so focused on it that he does not realize that it has affected him negatively with his obsession of the American Dream results in him having flashbacks and being delusional Willy sometimes shifts from in the present to the past he looks back to the time when his family was happy and they had in some way been living the American dream when Willie fails to achieve the American dream and is struggling at work it causes them to try and take his life also Willie has been forcing his kids to pursue the American dream more importantly he was horsing bit Biff was on his high-school football team and during this time being on the football team was part of the American dream so Willie wanted Beth to continue pursuing it so he kept pressuring Beth and the end Beth does not pursue the American dream during this time American the American dream was something everyone has had tried reaching and those who have chipped it were successful the author Arthur Miller also uses quotes to show how the times were then the quotes show how the way they spoke and thought during the early nineteen hundred's have changed from now and it allows students to compare and understand the differences during the times happy Loman tried so hard to please his parents but trying to pursue the American dream when his brother failed at it he tries to impress his parents and says I'm gonna get married mom I wanted to tell you happy is looking for attention from his mom because his parents mostly give their attention to Beth happy thinks that being successful and in it what lily pushed on Biff will give him recognition and his parents will give him more attention to the fact that happy worked hard but this shows the hobby is falling down the same path as his father Willy where they are both obsessed with achieving gamer the Black Death of a Salesman is worthy of being a part of the literary canon and Arthur Miller is able to prove this by using characters themes and quote analysis to show how significant the American Dream was during the early 1900's this can be compared to what has changed over time and what is the new American dream

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