Literary Cipher Mystery Geocache and Monthly GeoChallenge (GCNW)

hey Cassius Derrick here Baker six plan today we are going to be doing a mystery that also qualifies for the monthly geocaching challenge put out by cash advance and the geocaching vlogger so I'm actually at the posted coordinates of where this mystery cash starts which of course the cash is not here because it's a mystery and I'm gonna be honest I am completely lost on how to figure out this I noticed a book cipher but I'm completely flossed and how to figure out this code so instead of me meeting up with cash learner later I'm gonna meet up with them now so he can help me with this four and a half one difficulty of this mystery cash and I'm with Gerald are also bit an apple hi there No okay where do you even start on this puzzle I mean I've looked at it I recognize some of the symbols but I am completely lost on what even to do okay so the the puzzle itself is a a cipher from a book right but it's not a book cipher in the way that people might talk about book ciphers well I cannot find that an often door cipher right where you find a paragraph and then so many words over or you know a letter in the third word or that kind of thing it's not that so this one is kind of unique in that it is it's actually called bitten apples literary cache so it gives you a hint that there is some kind of story or book or something that you need to get to right but that's all it gives you and if you look on the actual cache page itself what you're gonna find is that there's not a lot of information there's cipher text a note that it's not in the middle of the street where I put the posted coordinates and that's about it this mystery cache has been out for a little over five years now and I used to get a lot of people that would send me messages about what's the hint and so what I told people back when it originally came out was that geocaching rules allowed people to put the mystery coordinates anywhere within two miles of where the original coordinates are so sometimes the mystery coordinates have no help whatsoever but in other caches like this one the mystery coordinates are a clue to how to solve the cipher but this signpost is a big hint so where are we going in I mean this is the hint gold-bug station 25 so we are we're on Sullivan's Island in South Carolina we're at the intersection of station 25 and gold-bug Street if you look on the cache page and you look at the actual little map square and zoom in on it you'll see that the coordinates are in the middle of this intersection or as close as I could put them and five years ago right station 25 it's probably pretty meaningless to you it's not good but if you google the other one gold-bug okay you might find something okay so Google gold-bug and we'll figure something out from there especially if you google gold-bug Sullivan's Island guaranteed you'll find something okay so there's our clues for this section of it now we're gonna go ahead and probably start heading toward where the final actually is and then hopefully the clues may reveal a little bit more we might be able to explain those clues to you then so we have come to the cache location and as you can see before the sign behind me we are asking at the County of Charleston Edgar Allan Poe library so the gold-bug may make a little bit more sense to you now and may be where the key for that puzzle is because gold-bug was the title of Edgar Allan Poe's one of his short stories so the gold-bug okay so that helps a little bit now this is just a really really cool looking library and this is not what you think of what the library would look like check this out I'm with Murray the the librarian here at this really cool library so tell me what is it like to have a geocache here actually in the library well you the first thing that happens is you have these people come in and they look kind of bewildered and they're not looking for a book or maybe they are because they're in the library why can't you look for a booking that larger but they're but they're not they're not looking for a book to be all right and some of them will talk to us right away and tell us they're looking for geocache and some of them will look around for a while before they say some people like it some people get frustrated because I guess many of the geocaches in libraries are in books right if it's a book you know the bigots cut out them and that's the one clue locus in this library is our geocache is not inside the world okay and they can find it it's not that hard what other history can share with us about this building this location so this is Barry gets it's one of a series and where it we're an old convent okay and it's one of a series of batteries and bunkers up and down the coast they were built for coastal defense this one was built circa spanish-american war so probably very early 20th century this was turned into a library in 1977 and they did things like cut through the walls to lab doorways so that so that you didn't have to exit right right through to the exterior and go around and the reason we're named after Edgar Allan Poe was when he was 18 or 19 years old an argument with his stepfather and ran away from home joined the army under an assumed name and he was assigned to Fort Moultrie which is what this battery later became part of Soto was before these buildings but that's ultimate Island claims over their own we have streets and restaurants in Thailand is that right so now all the clues and the gold-bug and Ho is all starting to come together still don't know how to solve that cyber yet but we will get to that soon so I thank you for doing this thank you for maintaining this cache here and just posting it and just being really nice to all of us geocaches that are coming around this trying to find these guys it's it's really – and I just love how geocaching takes you into a really cool interesting place it's just thank you once again so we're gonna try and find this cache and generally like like Gerald said you're gonna be looking for a book but I don't think it's in a book it's not an e-book you know something he doesn't oh so evidently you guys are probably already found it I haven't even found it yet so I'm gonna have to start okay I have just found where it's at right there it's it's gold that is just hilarious and it's a bug check this out so the Gold Bug it doesn't get much easier than once you get here to get to it that is just so cool so I even set up for that shot even wasn't even looking for it yet cuz but what do we look for we look for a book even though I knew it wasn't in a book I wasn't expecting that completely out in the open that is just really cool now the biggest question is I knew is that a library how do we solve that stinking cipher that has been still driving me nuts so we're gonna get back with Gerald we're gonna talk to how okay so now I'm back with Gerald we're still in the library and finally going to spoil it so if you want to don't want to learn how to actually solve this puzzle then go ahead and turn it off there's another video up there for you to watch out there for you to watch whichever side that card pops up so go ahead and click on that right now you can watch another video but all right Gerald explain to me how to the side for that puzzle okay so if your if your viewers paused the video went and googled gold-bug insolvent islands and what they came up with was a story by Edgar Allan Poe this is the collected works in the gold-bug story is inside of here okay so if you actually go to the gold book story and read through the story you know munis of a saga for you because what the story is a character that's bitten by a golden bug okay he also finds a piece of paper that has some cipher text on it okay and he figures out that the cipher text has giving him directions of how to find a hidden treasure on sultans Island South Carolina so it's perfect for the theme of the geocache it is that is just really cool so without even deciphering how the National Assembly it is it's right there that is just really cool now how did you come up with this whole puzzle itself so there's a million different kinds of ciphers right in the world if you look at a bunch of them eventually what you'll find out about is a little bit history of people that have developed and or solved ciphers and if you keep me going a little bit what you're gonna discover is that one person who was really big into ciphers and faring out ciphers was a guy named Edgar Allan Poe and so what he did was he had before he ever wrote a goal but he put a challenge out in the newspapers I think was in Philadelphia asking people to send him ciphers that he would then solve he was that much of he just asked for any random person send me a cipher in us a sultan and what he found was that people were fascinated with snipers even the knee we're talking about 1820s 1830s that kind of times really cooled and so people were talk constantly sitting to come but he'd also get messages from people saying I don't have any ciphers I don't even know how to solve ciphers so can you tell me how to do it right so his response eventually to that to write a story called the gold book so if you read the actual story and I'll give a little forewarning it this is before political correctness so there's some some stuff that sounds a little weird to a mark here but if you read the actual story what he is doing in the story is he presents you with a sniper and then he tells you in the story how to solve it okay so Gerald did spoiler Edgar Allen Poe spoiled it and you'll have to take up with him if you can find them take it up with them so if you actually read the story and you're doing my cash when you solve that cipher you're solving a sniper that was created by Edgar Allen Poe in the eighteen forties that is just so if you look this is this is a section of the book the ciphertext in the story yes as you see on the screen that it looks very similar to those in effect look at them side by side that is the same size and if you go through the story Co that actually tells you how to do an analysis of what's basically a simple substitution cipher so he counts the number of letters and figures out the most common letter in the English language is eaten so the one that has the most is probably eat he goes through installs the cipher and then he gives most of the cipher away at the end of the story there's actually a key that gives you most of it I had to use some letters and information that wasn't in the story right so I had to tweak it a little bit to make it work but you've got 95% of it by reading the story and the air five you can figure out that where it must be a three or I know those kind of things oh that is just way way cool now if you have found this completely fascinating you know it just give me a thumbs up I'm actually going to have links down in the description to where you might be able to find this book so check out the description down below Jerald just thank you that is just really yeah and the person who first fell missed their first define price was a copy of the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe that was ending Hamill camp and so the very first person says how I would be able to tell you what the what the reward was it was appropriate but I can't do it without spoiling it just right now we just spoiled it so it but this gives you just an idea of well how you can do a cipher and you know what ciphers aren't anything new so and the fact next week I'm going to be meeting up with Gerald and we're guys you're going to be going to another location here on Sullivan's Island that is appropriate to even to this cache and we're going to be talking about how to create ciphers and how to create maybe some different mystery caches all right so hey I hope you enjoyed today and if I spoiled it for you too much I'm sorry but please don't give me a thumbs down just give me cut thumbs up click on that time most of my links thumbs up gonna smiling click that subscribe button it's right over here and I hope to see you next time right here I'm buying the cash

5 thoughts on “Literary Cipher Mystery Geocache and Monthly GeoChallenge (GCNW)

  1. What a very interesting video. It had some twists and turns that I did not see coming. I don't really care for puzzle caches because I am not good at them but I love the creativity of this cache you highlighted. Great music too! Thank you for highlighting this cache and I look forward to many more.

  2. Cool stuff. I was as lost as you at the beginning but just as lost later. How would you ever figure any of that out? I have quite a few puzzle caches but can't solve puzzles. They make me go batty. Neat container! I did not click away. Very neat. Very creative.

  3. Oh that's a tough one; a puzzle to determine which library the cache is in? Around here the posted coordinates for library caches I believe are all just outside the same library 🙂 Maybe it's a local reviewer guideline…
    lol at the discovery 😀 Yeah I like when library caches are more than just a hollowed out book. Why not be extra creative for a protected, indoor cache?
    … did you know… <*spoiler*>
    There is an online encode/decoder for the Gold Bug cipher? 🙂 Check!

  4. This was a kick ass cache and an awesome video. Keep these coming!

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