hi friends in three the but the patterning of renowned literary criticism under than Theory obtained at idea by Deepak apirana first a literary criticism obtain a none but you know how do we work lead literature trickle over work here three are the full evaluation wonder tom muddy put is a is a hobby and the work a Precog am a leader carne animal sooner i really did come a year now work here I've been to the full lumion do evaluation went to town then anon literary criticism obtained review the modern criticism on beer either inflation I best penny hundred couple Medina little theory on the best penny model criticism under game are they Emery prolific else when the discussion spawned wrong idea bring patina literature Rhoda go on it are they Mary method seventeen up on have been but now the literary criticism all Amma other of quality yeah buddy here que aprender the one they analyzed phenomena so he said I'm on the literary criticism of installed I am literally disorder type and nabbed in body Nam theoretical criticism are they Murray practical criticism or insult run ham practical criticism under under Prive and apathy nam impression attic criticism are they Murray judicial criticism a bring filter and a free them first theoretical criticism obtained and Bettina how they would work up on the critical approach bundles it doctrine who takes to clear bina other one the critical theory malama apply part of the bundle theoretical criticism against ultra ham are the either rumba other one Britain but he not take stick oh really the ground it takes to and the patina the Rumba supported I are gone easy angry use our governing body nam practical criticism a the Rumba use or insult run I rather you pretty practically it reduces the row and you solve your pimp Athena good a theory another no Ruby she won that happen all up in but now practical are useful to be the pedestal you spoon on yet so or not only practical kit is still you serve with a ability so long hit sums in our kill the gonna bring Medina principles of literary criticism up introvert come on TRL thunder you know Richardson delivered Karev uh not to me of criticism up into the one do not rope free even the a little career practical criticism practical criticism and apparatuses oh my goodness all along rather in the discussion which is the particular work to the latest that would work out there on the writers Martin upon or goblin body now and the work come out to me on this discussion Winona in the what here is your can idea pre-approve monona to be the mother a pre numbers al upland determine this here upon the particular criticism up in Solana memory during some learn about medina labor of quiet are being sold to Johnson or killed in Korea Demery biography biography literary Robin soul to St called religion do or consider a memory essay in criticism up insulted Arnold on the or work under Karev same in the work lumbar thing Abra Nam or practical criticism for noble evil Brian's could trip on Han next in nabbed in budino impre sectional thick criticism in personality criticism opinion and Medina another a particular over curriculum I wonder after Roddick quality now the author has a lot of central feeling said I would attend may appear agree on the work layer or what a feeling say attitude says are they Mary responsible et al and work Lee a pretty cool tool career other over Tripathy and the worker on the a dramedy piranha abdomen Anna impersonating criticism obtained today on the work glove around a central theme oh gee I would attend my feelings here letting on the belly put that down ah in personality criticism update under their next year judicial criticism obtained and and patina that we analyzed ponder the other day now we experiment internally you know other than the analysts Bernardo work here at Emory effective for subjective take you see other going to worry with a Mahmud to explain wonder the llama nevertheless subject with some other I don't take you so I serve on the analyst piranha at the only judicial criticism abridge photoanim next one theories theories in a man Bettina over what quarter letters are they pre who are they I've ended up at the kuru kuru tawan dued Thierry's abreu sultana i roam by hidden face when you are open but you know outer world in the world and one other thought out or older your ear cave other words were story another one where a little theory are there Marie audience Anthony another on the story another bundle hard he hands me a pretty suitable are gone I love them little Marconi important you know overall the improved you know idea Marie other audio after order feelings over and over other thing you put in your career a brain drew there I really put it together my recon next on this my metric criticism my Matic criticism a banana another would work limitation but no in a tub didn't but in our human life order I explained when a human life on the explained one known other you pre explain what knockin but you know although they were really put it away tomorrow come I put in a real and not a grammar here calm another one do it or would me solely to go I wouldn't be able to know so now my mañana only actions only actions will do my experiment run now good work a mutation one example Oh nanana Plateau under than Aristotle what says follow along next pragmatic criticism pragmatic criticism na nun Bettina or a problem here Brina on the workload on the probability one do you please all pundit a obtained reduce are they Mary on the problem the solder McCullough da brillante effector I'm a cone over the audience can I bring this what only priority criticism under their expressive criticism up dinner none but you know the points on the in duels steady how do we report order individual steady down and insulting abundantly into mind announcer Donna expressing criticism you know mind me and not tones oh other one the experiment on also on the expressive criticism of in drama Serena objective criticism approach of the works as is something poet and audience and environment another word work up on the poet ow sorry audience around very environmentally you put here the suitable I'm the author I put into the soul earth ore nanana object of criticism a blender there easy killer on the type of criticism areum first stone and Abaddon but you know historical criticism are them are second only by biographical criticism they don't only plausible criticism photons sociological criticism flipped on on the myth of criticism a breeze Alton I take it this is among the today so thank you yes thank you for watching mayhem seller novel story short stories even have a nobody now kill a command banana hi friends in three the but the puckering up renowned literary criticism under than Theory obtained at idea by Deepak apirana first a little


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