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good morning guys let me introduce myself my name is Amy antibiotic that and now I want to share about my review of whatever it's very creepy so I think their criticism is the text that interpret it really works are usually personal shift the first massive except literally cletus's pretty criticism might conduct a close reading of literary work we have to you have to write you have to critically literary criticism and because by reading and discussing auditory we can we can explain we can explain our image we can expect and we can show our imagination and then our our own sense of what's of us what's possible possible and our ability to and baptizing with others so some words of literary criticism and there's a participant a theory of interpretation and informs and reading of a work of refuse and some other pretty treatises reading of our work and now I want to share about our discuss the theories of literary criticism criticism the firts mean creepy new criticism new criticism focus on objectively evaluating the tax and my study over example the tax use imaginary metaphor and symbols as the first and the second reader response new it's it focus on each reader readers personal recent attacks and the third of I mean feminism feminism freedoms focus on understanding wise gender roles are submission play all intact so guys literary criticism have units way too little and substantive standing arguments some terrorists some theories growl extensively on the work of other critters while others others others of conferences concentrate on the readers hopes and feelings okay guys I think enough but my review of liberalism thank you for watching and don't forget to Like subscribe see you

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