Literary Criticism — Hardiyanti

oh my god so my name is forgive me and today I'll be sharing but how do we write any criticism okay so first of all why you enjoy reading and discussing to cheer because like let's be honest literature is not something that called people might find interesting personal take on so I like having my imagination and especially true leadership and then I think like by reading literature I can immerse into the story but you know I like novels and those were stories yeah for me I feel like I am tired people horses leadership and then I thought they were for some reason if animals me understand factor while it has huge impacts on human life I see so I mentioned that we do have literally yes okay so what are literally things like evaluating the literature's are available in the tax return back of them is really essential for life because it you know what it was inside a story I see so what's the best way for us to interpret this stories oh yeah there's been many debates over the years like what is the best way to practice stories you know there are some theories that we can use to evaluate the text so this these are like five thousand years there are five of them so coaches so we also have so if I would like to write literally I could she tell me how to write notes using the theories that I've mentioned before okay so like all perhaps yourselfers back into your – my precious old or new producer evaluated objectively so it is more to the attractor to default to this point of view so that for the character you try to see whether it is like antibodies or Integrity's and then whether there are others life back home how the chart that you recommend another tracker that also you can evaluate that and then also evaluate how dominant the characters I'm sorry so there are like some question that you can use in your mind and for your setting you can see whether the sudden issue you on the story because sometimes when you when you impact or when you read the literature and you see still where this person is practically just place it actually shows you something why is is trapped suffering face and I also start a point of view you can analyze but never use the first person my healthy auditor person that she have adequate knowledge of the story are all that every single action is personals it is for new releases only moving on we have my real response this is really interesting for responding to and remember on the readers so if you were their leader okay what what was the first thing that pop up to your mind when you read this literature how you see it so you are trying to catch you at the reader so like what do you feel like you won any values athletes are more or less we see whether there are female or male our government decided sovereign Christmas time you know it's a some stories we can find that the men are the one integrity but then there are also some cases where women shows that audience but so in family secret ISM you try to and as the general rules so I think perhaps closest impression and you can use if you are writing the materialism but everyone is for you I see so what about the style right or anything so actually when we are keenly truth reason is different from when we are writing you know by tax and other texts and any immigrant and of it because why is the variability of visa your main office your ego is not really there's any mama is not returning community so that your readers actually will we have this adequate are we are have the knowledge of the truth a community that for example you use the common respect for cavities which is like the person that overcome polish challenges in this in the story and then we have the antagonist again the person who is my nemesis and lot yeah like how the story of you start beginning to be a bat from the conflict there are solutions and by the first person or third person yes when you are entering this ISM your spouse you can use common words in literature because your readers is adequate all nutrition commerce taking samples I think that's it okay thank you very much but I love it's very great to have you here it's part of me yeah yeah those needs much we want you guys yeah so uh viewers I hope that you like the content this week so see you next time all right [Applause]

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