Literary Criticism – Indra Rasmana Wijaya Simanjuntak

hello my name is Alice vana I'm steadily in this University of Indonesia so here I am compile the terror criticism the world of literature criticism is similar to the world of other writing politics the terrible critics may condemn a close reading of the terrible critical internal work for stance of particular Theory relativity or depend the sunless of other critics interpretations there are some purposes why what a renderer write a literary criticism one is reading and discussing that word can enhance our ability to write a physician refers to a general operating worldwide an outer critics a literal text either work of fiction afraid so in writing internal criticism humor some steps there are some tips to write a good letter criticism so the first just a topic they interested you in a little in that literary works edifying touches away and then stop join now make risk of a question about the tag just but just on topic not uninterested here but have more specific problems to discuss so that jewellers majors in your criticism and then the second is find some references on internet or go through the world final references they discussed ways that you have to choose and get the examples they're not summarize and explain your topics in its paragraphs so the last is trying to compile the conclusions because we will not be the last that make a critic of a literary works lift the river smart idea from your critics because there must be a lot of the critics innovator alone so many winners get more idea to come get the other idea to make critics of a literary criticism

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