Literary Criticism-Jadi Sihombing

good afternoon I'm Jason beam I am from the Methodist University of Indonesia now now I want to explain about literary criticism literary criticism is the method used to interpret any given work of literature the different schools of literary criticism provide us with lens which ultimately review important aspect of the literary world it rare criticism the always of our literary texts though various lenses that high like out real sustains purpose and perceptive part of the fun of reading good literature is looking for all its meaning and medicine traditional critic critical approach historical biographical this approach sees our literary work as a reflection of the others life and times or the life and times of the characters in the world moral philosophical this is a priest takes the estates morality and proper philosophical issues such as ethics religion or the nature of humanity formalistic criticism using this type of criticism reader would see the work as an independent and self-sufficient artistic object newer approaches to literary criticism psychological criticism this business approach work of literary humor primary us it is an expression in flicks in fictional form of the other personality mindset feelings and desires feminism generalities criticism this is approach asked us to use a wide variety of issues relate related to gender concerning the others the work its do the other end reader to determine the stance of the work on the feminist continuum sociological Marxist criticism this is viewpoint on shooter particular aspect of the political content of the text the other the historical and social culture context of the world and cultural political and personal situation of the reader in the relationship to the next thank you

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