Literary Critique: Warriors – The New Prophecy

welcome back to my analysis of the warrior cat series this time I'll be covering the second arc the new prophecy from what I can gather this seems to be a lot of fans least favorite art let's see if we can find out why the new prophecy takes place sometime after the end of the prophecies begin and fire stars quest however fire stars quest was released just after the new prophecy but its plot has very little to do with what happens in the new prophecy so outside of a few jarring moments like long tail being blind now there isn't any need to refire stars quest to understand the new prophecy in fact readers wouldn't necessarily need to read the prophecies begin to understand the new prophecy it is by and large its own story and that story is one cat from each clan is chosen to go on a journey to receive important information to bring back to their respective clans in order to save them from some unknown threat the cat's chosen are all fairly young ramble claws Thunder clan and tawny Pelt of shadow clan who are tiger stars children feather tail a river clan who is gray stripes daughter and crow caws wind clan who is the son of the deputy dead foot and within reach of his warrior ceremony outside of crow CAW all of the chosen cats have been recently made warriors but show great promise and loyalty to their clan joining the four chosen cats are squirrel paw one of Firestar daughters and feather tail's brother storm fur squirrel called sister leaf paw also gets a fair amount of POV focus to show what's going on in the clans while the journeying cats are away to help build suspense and tension since the reader knows how desperate the situation in the clans is becoming and how badly they need to hear the news that the journeying cats have to share with them I wish I could tell you more about these characters but I can't this was the first time that the writers tried to introduce multiple POVs to the series and unfortunately they just didn't do very well fire stars point of view worked because he was filed after the classic Greek hero and didn't necessarily need an arc in order to convey the emotion of the story to the reader in the new prophecy we get bramble claw and leaf paws our protagonist and you can tell that the writers are trying to give them arcs bramble claws is dealing with the stigma of being tiger star Sun even though you could make the argument that this was already done at the end of the prophecies begin which leads them to just kind of whine about how we see was like no one trusts him even when there's not much evidence of that and trying to be leader without being compared to his ambitiously evil father I always enjoyed leaf pause more calm and reserved personality in contrast with their spunky and feisty sister but these characters really only work as a pair when leaf paw is left alone for much of the arc she just isn't that interesting and doesn't affect much instead serving more as a lens for the reader to see what's going on in different areas and not much more it's fine to have a POV ship to show events happening in other locations but the character who has the POV should still be doing something important to the plot or to their character arc during those ships leave Paulo just kind of exists and her semi psychic connection to squirrel cause never explained outside of the Twin Towers I guess but none of the other litter mates in the series had this mysterious connection so I will go into unexplained powers another time because we don't have protagonists who are as defined as Firestar was and the prophecies begin the secondary characters unfortunately don't play off them quite as well as I said squirrel call and leave paw work together well enough as a pair but squirrel claw and bramble clubs bickering started grading on my nerves pretty early on crow claw has an interesting set up to be a great character but his feelings are never fully explored since we're in bramble claws POV for most of the scenes where he appears and bramble I pretty much use him as a sarcastic pessimistic upstart and leaves it at that I can't remember a thing about feather tail storm 4 or tawny pelts personalities outside of them being generically nice once they got used to each other it sure is a good thing that the plot is amazing because otherwise this would be an absolute slog to get through the journeying cats reached the ocean and meet with a badger named midnight who tells them that they must lead the clans to a new home because two legs are destroying the forest to put in a new road and there's absolutely nothing they can do to stop it this is an extremely effective gut punch especially considering how hard the clans fought to protect their home from tiger star and blood clan in the last start this harkens back to the idea of these plots coming out of situations that would be relatable to the young audience that the books are aimed at the idea of having to leave behind everything you know and going on to what you hope will be a better life an unknown place syncs up exactly with how kids feel when they have to move while the situation in warriors is more exaggerated as the forest is being demolished and endangering the clans lives the emotion is perfectly in line I never moved as a child but I did have a rough time transitioning in the middle school and the feelings I had then or almost the exact same is how I felt reading these books for the first time when the plot twists that there was no way to save the forest was revealed the journey home isn't easy as the chosen cats are directed to go through the mountains that are caught up in the struggles of the tribe of rushing water who are a different group of feral cats that are being hunted down by a mountain lion they've received a prophecy that a silver cat will save them and they believe that storm fur is the cat promised to them by their ancestors the tribe of endless hunting however it actually ends up being feather tail and she dies to save her friends and the tribe and ruins crow caws character forever feather tails death is one of the most poignant in the series and definitely one of the highlights of this art but and I'm going to ask you to refrain from getting your torches and pitchforks it isn't sad because feather tail dies but because death is sad in general when you get down to it we just don't know that much about feather tail it could have been stormed for a tawny Pelt or crow CAW and it would have had the exact same effect because she's virtually indistinguishable from them outside of a romance with crow paw that's almost entirely tail and very little show we're sad because one of the main group is gone and because grey stripe has now lost his daughter as well as his mate but as I said before I couldn't tell you thing one about Scyther tail as a character I don't know if she had hopes of being deputy one day or if she was content as a warrior I don't know if she had friends in river clan who will miss her I don't know what her relationship to her foster mother is I don't know if she had a good relationship with River clan or if she always longed to be closer with her Thunder clan roots the scene is memorable and sad but because it's a death scene with good atmosphere and not because of feather tale herself even when she appears in star clan later it's almost always in relation to being former mates with crow CAW instead of her own merits as an independent character regardless the realisation that the tribe of rushing water won't let storm 4 leave easily leads to some good conflict and the idea of a different feral cats with their own culture is intriguing enough to make moonrise worth the read the clam situation is dire when the journey cats return as the construction has progressed and caused parts of the forest to be destroyed and some of the most emotionally painful moments in the entire series the two legs have realized that there's a sizable number of cats living in the forest and they attempt to capture them in order to safely remove them from the area so they aren't hurt but the cats view this as a hostile action and are understandably freaked out key characters end up captured and gray stripe has actually taken away during the rescue mission possibly to never be seen again and on top of the danger from the construction and being possibly captured by two legs prey is fleeing the woods and groves and is causing the collapse to go hungry and even die of starvation this is the lowest point that the clans have ever been in and ever will be but they're still reluctant to leave their home when the chosen cats informed them that they have to find somewhere else to live eventually they are convinced and they must say goodbye to all they've known and loved including some of the elders who aren't fit for long distance travel and know that they will die of starvation without anyone to hunt and care for them after a long and perilous journey the clans finally make it to their new home beside a lake where the rest of the current timeline arcs will take place leaf Paul finds the wound cool which is the new place where the clans will go to commune with star clan and earns her full name leaf pool while squirrel paw and crow paw are in their warrior names squirrel flight and crow feather the clans will still have struggles adjusting to their new home leaving plenty of room for new orcs to come while the characters do leave something to be desired in this arc and a more Greek style main cast may have done better to convey the gravity of the story instead of taking up time on character arcs that really don't go anywhere the plot is still powerful enough to carry the arc nothing is more emotionally upsetting than seeing the clans home destroyed and nothing is more satisfying than ending the arc with them finding their new what do you mean this is only the first half of the arc yes unfortunately the epic story of how the clans come to terms with the destruction of their home and venture out into the mysterious beyond to find a new one guided by the strength of the warrior code and their faith and star clan only takes up three out of the six books in this arc if they wanted to go for characters with developmental arcs this time around I really don't see why they couldn't have handled that better and andddd the plot to cover six books in order to give them more time to flesh out the characters they try to play up the idea that the journey and cats developed this great bond of friendship but they're only together for the first two books and a decent portion of that time is broken up by leaf paws POVs they could have made the journey and the return take us the entire first half of the arc and spend more time building on the relationships between the journeying cats having the tribe of rushing water be the midpoint of the arc and then end with a lake and the moonpool being found and the plot overall would have felt more like one cohesive story it's like the errands realized that they didn't have any more material and then just had to fill two-and-a-half books with whatever they could think of and what they thought of was wind clan having a civil war now this isn't a bad concept tall star was the oldest leader and upon reaching the lake his age catches up to him just before he dies he appoints one whisker as his new deputies believing that the clan situations have changed and one whisker is now the best cat to lead wind clan in this new physical and political environment however he makes this decision in the presence of only Firestar bramble claw and one whisker all cats who stand to directly benefit from one whisker being made leader over the current deputy mud claw naturally when clan is torn on whether they should believe them an honor to all stars last wish or if this might be a ruse and mud cloth should become leader anyway it certainly doesn't help that mud claw has seemed to be well liked his deputy up to this point and from what we can tell is a more experienced warrior than one whisker now this is a fascinating situation both mud claw and one whiskers factions have valid reasons for supporting their choice for leader and thanks to the fact that no other wind clan cats were present when Tull star made his decision ludkov supporters have every reason to doubt one whiskers claim it's a completely different direction for the plot but it's interesting and it makes for a great ideological conflict mud claw makes an amazing antagonist without tipping the scale into villainy the struggle between mud claw and one whisker also represents the current state of the clans the old ways are gone and the clans must figure out how they want to proceed into the future mud claws leadership would take the clans back to their traditional rivalries and seek to define the clans as distinct and separate entities first and foremost one whiskers leadership would acknowledge the strengths of the clans working together that helps them reach the lake and while they would still be unique clans with forced orders the unity of their shared history and culture would be held in higher regard than the division of their ancestral rivalry but that isn't what we got we don't even get a POV from crow feather in wind clan while this is happening the wind clan civil war ends up with mud claw dead and won stars later of wind clan and then he immediately puts up as many walls between him and thunder clan as possible which completely undermines the reasons why pulsar made him his successor instead of mud cloth so based only on the information that you were just given you think that the conflict was pointless but it does have a point a stupid point the wind clans civil war would have been an intelligent conflict especially since it would introduce an antagonist rather than a designated evil villain well I guess they decided that this arc about overcoming what essentially translates to a man verse natural disaster conflict needed a bad guy and that bad guy comes in the form of Hawk Frost tiger stars Draco and leather pants Sun and River clan who totally isn't here to be a poorly written foiled a bramble claw we promise it's especially strange because when it first comes to light that Hawk Frost and mocking our tiger stars children bramble clot explicitly states that he respects Hawk Frost as a warrior but he has no desire to get to know him better solely based on their shared father he sees Hawk cross as a loyal river clan cat and that's what should matter bramble claw has been hit on the head with a character derailment stick and decides that the bond of family is the most important thing even agreeing to train with hawk Frost and tiger star in the dark forest despite knowing Cham well that tiger star is bad news and having openly opposed him in the past yeah I remember that scene that character defining scene where bramble paw flat-out says he'd rather die than have anything to do with tiger star great because the errands don't honestly it's like bramble paw and bramble claw are two completely different characters with the latter lacking any of the former's charm and yet he never bothers to try to get to know mocking better at any point in the series even though she's just as much as half sibling of Hopcroft what's that you're confused as to white tiger star is back even though he was extremely incredibly monumentally amazingly dead in the last dark and they're wondering what the hell the dark forest is well you've got half your answer right there the dark forest is for all intents and purposes katie-cat hell as the evil on our part to StarClan the cats they are able to walk in the dreams of living cats and train them in the dark arts I mean in battle techniques that can be used as killing moves which is forbidden by the warrior code but somehow bramble claw believes the prior star is legitimately just trying to help him be a better warrior so fire star will choose him as deputy since ThunderClan currently needs the position filled since Graystripe was captured by two legs and is in narrative sense dead we know that the humans wouldn't do anything to hurt him unless he goes to a kill shelter but the clan cats don't know that shoehorning tiger star into this arc and having Hawk cross be a less successful copycat of him does not do good things for the new prophecy but it does even worse things for a bramble claws character bramble claw Oh bramble claw you idiot now bramble paw and the prophecies begin was a solid character he challenged fire heart but was ultimately loyal to Thunder clan and his mentor and once the two of them established a bond of trust they developed a decent almost father-son relationship he had a few good scenes and showed some promise so I wasn't disappointed when I found out he would be one of the leads in the second arc but the writers don't seem to have any idea what to do with him all of his character conflict and the prophecies begin was centered around him being tiger star son which as I mentioned was basically resolved when he rejected tiger stars offered to join him publicly it's like the writers couldn't think of any other kind of internal conflict to drive his character forward so they just reverted back to that and then kept going back to it until they were not only beating a dead horse but also whatever remained of bramble claws character into the ground if they really wanted to go this angle with bramble claws character they easily could have it still would have been a bit of a step back but it could have been done Hawk cross could have been a good foil both bramble claw and Hawk frost want to become deputy of their clans but Hawk frost has been shown to be more aggressive about it having temporarily been made deputy when Missy fluent was captured by two legs and eager to get the position back from her one of the ways he does this is in making the executive decision to support mud claw in the wind clan Civil War despite Leopard star and misty foot not giving him the go-ahead to do so this is the wrong way to go about becoming deputy as he should prove his loyalty and worth by listening to their orders and trusting their judgments or at least presenting his side of things to them in a civil debate instead of assuming he knows better and doing what he wants anyway and of course because he's the bad guy scheming with mud claw to take over the clans this could be where bramble claw is tempted to undermine gray stripes memory and start acting as deputy even though he isn't and then realized that making demands of his clan mates is not the way to earn their respect especially when they're older and more experienced than he is yes he was chosen for the journey but that doesn't make him more important than any of his clan mates and learning that could greatly benefit his character the takeaway from bramble claws are should have been that he should find satisfaction and worth in serving his clan as a warrior regardless of whether he's chosen his deputy or not ironically giving up on trying to be deputy and accepting that maybe he isn't the best choice for the position what has made him much more eligible for it than him being so desperate that he'd take advice from Tiger star but of course bramble claw gets to be deputy because we Fool has a vision and when Hawk cross tries to murder Firestar he saves him which shows that he's really earned the position by not condoning the murder of his leader see he's totally different from Tiger star I'm sure we were all on the edge of our seats about that and it wasn't obvious at all cutting to the quick on this tiger star didn't need to be in this arc Hawk frost could have been an antagonist without being a second-rate villain lurking in tiger star shadow if he needed to be included at all and the wind clan Civil War should have taken up the entire last third of the arc instead of being wrapped up in one book and ho that's not all that's just bramble claws part of this we still have to talk about squirrel fighting Lee fools drama leaf pool doesn't trust Hawk frost because of the fact that he became deputy of River Clan and didn't want to give it up when misty foot returned and it kind of has a point with that while one would expect him to step down upon Missy foots return he was still given the authority and responsibility of being deputy if I got promoted to a Supervisor position at my job and was then demoted when a supervisor that I didn't particularly like or agree with came back after seemingly being gone forever I think his top two and because leaf pool doesn't trust talk Frost because he's like tiger star she starts not trusting bramble claw due to him wanting to get closer to hawk frost and then pushing that mistrust on the squirrel flight and spawns a love triangle between squirrel flight bramble claw – fur you know come to think of it leaf pool is because of a lot of the conflict between squirrel bramble claw once the journey to sundown place in the first book is over though squirrel flight and bramble claw aren't completely blameless for not communicating effectively and then we fool and crow feather fall in love and run away together despite having very few interactions and most of them being negative before crow feather sage leaf pool from falling over a cliff their interactions boiled down to crow feather glaring at her and acting like a jerk and leaf pool thinking appropriately that he's a jerk who hates her for some reason but it's okay he was only being a complete tool because he loves her and he's so tortured and can't handle having these feelings of course they're running away is immediately curtailed by the appearance of midnight who warns them that Badgers are going to attack the clans and they have to race back to help save them they're heartbroken over being forced apart and have to return to the clans with their tails between their legs and shame over betraying Thunder clan and wind clan crow feathers character unfortunately never recovers from this but we'll talk about that another time this romance is about as out of nowhere as it was in this critique it just kind of happens and then it stops happening and that's it actually that's a pretty accurate statement for most of the conflicts in the second half of the arc tons of plot threads are introduced but they all end before they have a chance to develop now I mentioned in my prophecies begin video that I have a theory on how these books were written and that I talked about it in detail in this video so here it is these books are released at a rapid rate with the first and second arcs coming out at a rate of 3 books per year to complete the arts within two years each now release date doesn't necessarily dictate how long was spent working on the series I worked on Alice for six years and like falling stars for three and a half years but they came out within a year of each other so there's a good chance that the prophecies began actually spent more time in development than we know about which given the fact that it has a more cohesive and connected story I believe it's definitely the case however if I remember correctly HarperCollins and by extension the writers didn't know they were going to write a sequel series when the prophecies begin began its release the prophecies begin is certainly written to be a standalone arc and while there is plenty of material for more books by the end of it there's no plot threads left hanging and the ending has a distinct sense of finality the new prophecy was decided on after the prophecies begin was already doing well means that assuming work on the new prophecy started somewhere in the middle of the prophecies begin being released the writer has only had about a year to come up with a plot of the new prophecy and get the first books written before they started coming out if that sounds like enough time I assure you it is not the later books in the arc show that more clearly than I think any other book or books in this series the writers were just throwing ideas at the wall to see what stuck but didn't have any time to properly develop those ideas before they needed to start writing the books now I can't confirm this and I don't have any truly concrete evidence from the writers or publisher on this but my theory is that what we're seeing from starlight onward in this series are all first drafts I'm sure that the writers talked about these ideas a fair bit before they commit them the manuscript but with the release schedule being what it is and the fact that they most likely don't have any time for pre-production on the new prophecy and by extension any of the following arcs what we hold in our hands is the writers first passes that actually writing these ideas any writers in the audience no first drafts are pretty much always terrible in comparison with what you go on to do with them I consider first drafts to be part of the production work more than a true version of the complete story so much can change between the first and second drafts let alone the final product and looking at these books from starlight on there are so many little things that could have been done to improve the overall direction of the story and characters which would stand out to any writer looking over their first draft in preparation for writing the second but the errands don't have any time to do that because they've got to be right on to the next book to keep up with the release schedule I honestly wonder if some of the plot consistency issues are actually the result of the writers wanting to go back and change something having no time to do it and forgetting that it was never changed I'll probably talk more about that in the power of three annulment of the stars videos though however the writers aren't 100% off the hook here given how rushed the production is better communication and note-taking is an absolute must so that everyone stayed on the same page but I can definitely sympathize with the idea that these books are not and can never be what the writers want them to be because they just don't have the time to put any polish on these storylines now when all is said and done I can understand and why the new prophecy doesn't hold up and is a lot of people's we favor dark it had an amazing set up but failed to carry through and deliver on it due to rushing what should have been the main plot and condensing it down into three books and then having nothing left to fill up the last three books which causes it to be a tangle of different plot threads that don't get enough focus and time to be fully realized this next part is going to be hard for me to say by the time I got to reading the warrior series back in middle school midnight had just been released and by the time I finished the prophecies begin moonrise had just come out the new prophecy was my first real experience in being up-to-date on a book series and actively waiting for the next installment to come out since I had to wait for my family members to finish reading H installment of Harry Potter and the new release hype had usually worn off by the time I had my turn so for that they hold a special place in my heart even though the prophecies began is still my favorite overall portion of the series so far going on from that when I found out what the plot to the power of three was and subsequently omen of the stars I didn't like the idea the very concept of those arts was not appealing to me and I've listed them as my least favorite portions of the series overall more than once for reasons we'll go into next time of course but they're probably better than the new prophecy I still don't like them as much as the new prophecy but I have to admit that the new prophecy due to a number of factors is probably the low point in the actual writing itself for the series they tried a lot of things they had some really good ideas but they just never quite got there with it and I do consider a waste of good potential to be worse than something I saw very little potential and to begin with the latter at least has a chance to surprise me but the former is nothing but disappointment I understand why people don't like the new prophecy as much as the other arcs even though they are near and dear to me personally as far as recommendation goes the new prophecy is necessary if you want to go from the prophecies begin to the power of three I've heard that people can start with the power of free and do all right without the information from the previous books but you are going to be confused as heck if you read the you begin and then try to skip to the power of three and I do think that the first three books of the new prophecy are pretty decent but the directionless meandering second half of the arc is just not good and I can't recommend those books on their own merits outside of one cool fight scene at the end of Twilight there's just not much substantial content in those installments read them once you can get the plot points and then it never look back that's all for this time if you enjoyed this video please like comment and subscribe for more all of our social media links are in the description as well as links to our patreon and our official site where we sell our books see you later

24 thoughts on “Literary Critique: Warriors – The New Prophecy

  1. Am I the only weirdo who actually enjoys the new prophecy? Not as good as first series but still pretty enjoyable.

  2. The first 4 books of the series I hate but I love twilight and sunset

  3. The part I don't like about the new prophecy is that LionClan(All four clans together) fought so hard to keep the old forest, and now they are changing their home so fast?!?!

  4. Twilight, I hate it. Cinderpelt dies, and she is one of my favorite! 😔

  5. Way back in like second or third grade, I saw the cool covers on the warriors books in the library. I remember vividly how they were on the very top of the book shelf in the back corner. Everyone thought the covers were cool, but that the story was probably boring. I desperately wanted to read them, but at the same time, I was young and didn’t want to read such “high level” books yet because I associated them all with boring plots. Then one day my mom came home from work with a box of books that a trucker had left at the restaurant. She showed me the “cat books” and I immediately made the connection to the books in the library. I felt it was a sign that the books were worth a shot, so I picked out a book and began to read.

    The first book I read in the series was The Fourth Apprentice. I then read the series in the order the books were available to me.

    I didn’t read Into the Wild until I’d read at least six other books (from various arcs). Luckily, Warriors is fairly easy to read out of order. Of course there are things that are spoiled, but all in all, the books usually give the basic information you need to start just about anywhere.

  6. My first wait book was Wings of Fire book 4, and I reading the preview like a million times

  7. The saddest thing about Feathertail's death was Crowpaw's reaction.

  8. Them leaving the elders was the saddest scene (to me) in the whole series

  9. Personally i love the second arc, especially because it focuses more on internal conflict then external. The last three books focus more on Brambleclaw's internal struggle and are really full of character development. Brambleclaw does indeed know damn well that Tigerstar is bad news, but he is in denial that his father is evil. In Sunrise, there is a certain scene where Tigerstar tries to recruit Tawnypelt, but she downright refuses and leaves the Dark Forest. She then reminds Brambleclaw that their whole lives they're been trying to escape their father's shadow, but he replies that Tigerstar hasn't really been telling his kids anything evil in these Dark Forest visits, which he really hasn't. Tigerstar only starts telling Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost evil shenanigans after Brambleclaw is made deputy. Before that it's just normal "Protect the clan" and "Be strong" and other normal-sounding parental advice.

  10. You make a civil war inside a clan sound like a really cool plot-line. Too bad that didn't take up more books, leaving readers rooting for either side. As you said, Hawkfrost really would have been a stand alone villain rather than always associated with Tigerstar. (Also better plot for Crowfeather.)

    I am not so sad that getting to the lake didn't take up the whole 6 books–part of moving to a new place is getting acquainted with the new place, not just leaving the old home behind or the journey. Having a civil war, taking longer to find a way to communicate with StarClan, and establishing borders really could have filled the rest of the books and not left the series as messy as it was (which when you pointed out I completely agree with). Still, TNP is my second fave arc in the series somehow–not that I've read it recently enough to keep it that way.

    I love your review! You did a wonderful job of giving a synopsis and pointing out flaws and good things. This was a really cool look at what could have been. I wish there could be a "Remastered Version" of warriors where they rewrote and republished them into something better. I know people would buy it.

  11. Imagine if Mudclaw hadn't died and Onestar had made him his deputy. It'd be like the old practice of making your political rival your vice president. Given how unsure and unconfident Onewhisker was at even being leader, he could still secretly see Mudclaw as being the best choice for leader. Not to mention, this would easily put both parties at rest as the ones who supported Mudclaw could feel like they wouldn't be walked over and ignored, having to face preferential treatment of Onestar's support.

    It could be Mudclaw himself that puts the idea to set up as many borders as possible. Onestar slowly becomes more like a pawn to Mudclaw. Or maybe he stands his ground! Who knows? Anything would be better than him just…getting hit by lighting?

    But one thing I did like was that Firestar didn't seem to take immediate offense to Onestar ending their friendship. He regretted it, but he seemed to realize that it was what was needed to gain the support of his Clan and he was being a good leader by doing so. Really, it's not until he threatens and attacks ThunderClan that he gets angry. I liked that. It was mature.

  12. The New Prophecy was my introduction to the Warriors series and I honestly didn't ever want to read The Prophecies Begin because I knew most of what happened. I eventually got around to reading this series again I honestly still like this series. My young child in my brain still wants this to be my favorite arc, but I just can't love this series like I originally did.

  13. I like TNP, but I do wish they had extended the civil war in WindClan, gave us a P.O.V. from Crowfeather which would have made his sudden feelings for her not so sudden and more developed and especially with how his clan treated him after he came back from the journey to Sundrown Place, as well as losing his first love so suddenly and not having the time to properly mourn… I could see him seeing something in the kind, mature Leafpool. She would be a rebound, him desperate to fill some kind of ache within. Especially since his mother was on the side of Onewhisker becoming leader and his future mate and probably only friend in the clan being on the side of Mudclaw becoming leader. He was grieving, depressed and angry, confused and lost and torn. He finds comfort and security, something stable and reassuring about calm and sweet demeanor. Leafpool… Not sure why she would reciprocate the feelings given her vow of chastity she took when becoming a medicine cat. Perhaps after the Great Journey, more and more cats began to take mates and settle down in their new area and she began to question her decision.

    That would at least fix their relationship a little bit?

  14. I really liked this video and glad it was brought to my attention.
    I agree with a lot of what you said. I remember reading the first 3 books of TNP not long after the first series and then had to play the waiting game for the next book but ended up forgetting about it for a while due to reading other series and that wait turned into a roughly 2 year gap. Picking up Starlight after that time and then reading the other two as well was so bizarre because I was sitting there thinking 'I don't remember these books being this much of drag; what the hell?'. As for Hawkfrost, while I did personally think his death scene was cool it was a shame everything else surrounding it took away a lot of the weight of it. To me, Hawkfrost just felt like a recycled Tigerstar and tbh, a few others felt like dead-on recycled characters from the previous arc since not enough character development really came through. It's such a shame.
    Anyway, I look forward to watching your other videos; you've certainly earned yourself a sub!~

  15. Wow, that was great! I really need to check out other of your critiques.

  16. I actually read midnight before even reading the first series. not confusing at all, really

  17. I'm not sure if you've seen Vicky's Facebook posts on this series, but apparently The New Prophecy was originally supposed to only be 3 books and end with Dawn. She then decided to write an additional 3. This probably explains the point you made about the journey not taking up enough time and the last few books being "directionless and meandering," since they kind of were lol.

    Also great video! I've been meaning to watch your channel for awhile and this video was perfect!

  18. AMAZING review of New Prophecy! You put a lot of my own thoughts into words with this.

    I really think you hit the nail on the hit about the Hunters release schedule. I would love to see what they would have done with all these arcs had they been given more time.

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