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all right it's time up until this point most of the Warriors critique videos that I've made with our Hamelin have been meant to poke some fun and a few of the sillier aspects of the series or make some general commentary about a few concepts from here on I am going into deep analysis on these books spoilers will abound I'm going to talk about the books in order of release and only within the context of the books that were available at the time they were released so I won't be talking about later additions to the collective backstory of the series and how they might have affected the events of earlier released book as I'm not a hundred percent certain that those stories were even conceptualized when the books that they're meant to modify were originally released I will talk about these books on their own another time also as a disclaimer the entirety of the first arc was published in two years that means warriors was published at a rate of three books per year and not only has it kept out that pace but they've also added special editions novellas and field guides to the mix that is insane does warriors neck breaking schedule cause the quality to suffer of course there's just no way you can do as good a job in six months as you can in a year or two and it's kind of a miracle that the books are at all passable let alone good maybe the writers could do a better job of communicating with each other but ultimately the editor should be catching any major mistakes and even they don't have time to do their jobs properly so while I'm going to address my critiques toward the writers or the errands bear in mind that I'm using those terms to refer to a much larger issue that cannot be attributed to any one person on the team honestly if anyone's to blame for the shot of your pieces of writing in this series it's the publisher I have no doubt that if they were allowed to slow down and spend more time on each book we'd see a sharp increase in writing quality now even if I am impressed that the writers can still turn out something of any quality with that kind of schedule I do still have to talk about the writing in these books and evaluate it the way I would any other so going forward I am going to treat this series the same way I treat my other book critiques and discuss it from both a professional standpoint as a published author and from a personal standpoint as a reader and fan so without further ado the prophecies begin also referred to as the first arc tells the story of how the kitty pet rusty joins a group of Wildcats called Thunder clan and eventually becomes their leader and brings them through the clans darkest hour and into an era of prosperity the prophecies begin is generally hailed as being the best written part of the series with some people going as far as to say that all following books never managed to recapture the strength of the writing that was present in the prophecies begin while the prophecies begin remains my favorite art today it's not the sacred text that a lot of the fandom makes it out to be there are a lot of problems in these books and I don't mean minor things like characters changing coat color or unnamed background characters disappearing from existence off screen I mean actual major problems with the writing I'll get the specifics as we go but to make it simple if the writing in the later arts bothers you you might be like me and think that the prophecies begin is better because of nostalgia reread those books again with a critical lens and the exact same problems become immediately apparent however all the best aspects of the writing are present and the prophesies begin in abundance and it's impressive how often both the good and bad traits are simultaneously present in the book I have a theory on that which I'll touch on in the new policy video as I think it will be easier to demonstrate with that arc there's a lot to cover so let's get right into the wild into the wild as oftentimes cited as one of the best written books in the series and aside from some early installment weirdness it's solid and serves as a decent introduction for both the reader and rusty slash fire paw into the world of warriors the plot is simple enough and was based on the new kid in school story model as Vicki Holmes wanted to make these stories as accessible to the target audience as possible despite the fact that they star feral cats rusty is invited to live out his dreams and join ThunderClan and must then prove himself to be a worthy member of the clan while also navigating the perils of life in the wild and the treachery that lurks at the heart of thunder plan and threatens the Cassie cares about the main villain for this installment is broken star of shadow clan but the series primary villain Tigerclaw is firmly set up as an antagonist for fire heart by the end of the book as raisin Todd reveals that he murdered red tail and has his sights set on becoming leader of thunder clan one bloody way or another the first half of the ark then revolves around fire heart trying to find enough proof to convince blue star the Tiger Claude did kill redtail with not much success until Tiger claws literally about to kill her there's a lot going on with broken star still lurking around and rogue the tacking and wind clan returning so it's understandable that it takes by heart a little while to actually get around to asking River clan about the setup of the battle where Tiger Claw supposedly killed oak art to avenge red tail as he claimed in order to cover up the murder what bugs me is the fact that it took fire heart so long to figure out that he should talk to River clan and that no River clan cat ever let anything about oak heart dying when rocks fell on him slipped during a gathering you're telling me not a single River clan apprentice had a big enough mouth to let slip this thing that should have been fairly public knowledge since it happened in battle and there was no need to keep it from the other clans hearing this time Graystripe also becomes involved in a romance with crunket star of river clans daughter silver stream this causes tension between him and fire heart especially since fire heart is pulling double-duty mentoring Bracken pot for him and covering up his absences which is not easy with Tiger Claw breathing down his neck as deputy but it also creates a parallel between gray stripe and blue star who at this point in the story are the two most important caps of fire heart blue star reveals that some time ago she had an affair with oak heart and had kids with him that she then gave up to river plan in order to prevent a potential war monger from becoming leader of Thunder clan this is one of the defining moments of her character and especially in how fire heart sees her she made the greatest sacrifice star clan could have asked of a queen by giving up her kits to be raised in a rival clan and never know her all for the service of her clan this is why she stands up for grey stripes kiss and his understanding of his situation when silver stream dies giving birth to their son and daughter side note this is one of those things that people claim wasn't an issue in the prophecies begin but definitely was forbidden romance we have gray stripe and silver stream which is a major plot element blue star and oak art and yellow sing and ragged star in flashback also major plot points and also the crushes that spotted leaf and cinder Pelt a bonfire heart while cinder pelts may not count because it is unrequited spotted leaf the dead medicine cat is treated as a viable romantic option for quite a long time and all of the confirmed forbidden couples produced kits compare this to the two-and-a-half forbidden romance lives in the new prophecy where only one produced kiss the one forbidden kind of romance and the power of three that never went beyond apprenticeship and the one forbidden romance an omen of the stars that as of yet has not resulted in kits and yeah the prophecies began had more forbidden romance than almost all the other arts combined surprising isn't it unfortunately I was never able to get into the romance in this series despite the amount of buildup put into sandstorm and fire heart's relationship I never felt any chemistry between them which is a shame because I actually do like the idea of them being together sandstorm is exactly the honest no-nonsense but still sympathetic cat that can help guide fire heart through the rougher patches of his leadership she would have made a great deputy if graystripe had stayed in river plan going into the second half of the series fire hearts main conflict is rebuilding ThunderClan after it is shattered by Tiger claws betrayal blue star has a crisis of faith and a full-on mental breakdown that makes her call into question every major decision she's made and action she's taken since becoming leader of thunder clan including giving up her kids the whole point of her sacrifice was to prevent thunder clan from going down the dark path the Tiger Claw represents so his betrayal makes everything she suffered through feel futile and meaningless which makes her feel that her leadership and her clan or ultimately futile and meaningless a lot of sins have accused glue styrofoam attic and say that this ruins her character but honestly this is what made me like her before this she had been a good mentor to fire heart but she always felt a little too above it all as she soldiered on through challenge after challenge seemingly unaffected this breakdown led out all of the emotions that she had been concealing from the start of the arc all the insecurities and doubt that she had and whether or not she was doing the right thing for ThunderClan and let's both the readers and fire heart see her vulnerabilities while it doesn't get to be a bit much at times this is honestly excellent writing tiger cause banishment from ThunderClan isn't met with the joy and celebration that fire hearts have consciously expected but with despair and tragedy after all ThunderClan didn't just lose a respected warrior that they all looked up to but also the powerful charismatic Catholic they expected would soon become their leader only to have him replaced by a young inexperienced outsider who seemed so much less reliable in comparison despite his own merits the atmosphere is appropriately dark going into the arcs finale with ThunderClan warriors dropping left and right one way or another and no relief in sight as Tigerclaw becomes Tiger star leader of shadow clan shadow clans situation is so desperate that it's hard not to feel bad for them broken stars rain left them devastated night star was unfortunately unable to ascend to the role of leadership as expected which I still think is an injustice to him since there was a good week or two between broken stars death and the breakout of illness and shadow clans during which star clan could have told him that he could come get his nine lives now but I digress it's easy to see why shadow Quinn when presented with a strong respected warrior with a magnetic personality who was promising a better life wouldn't ask too many questions about why he left Thunder clan and would accept him readily as their reader please note again that Tiger claws fury is not a part of this discussion since this is limited to only the six books in the prophecies begin so any light that it sheds on why shadow clan accepted him or how he presented himself to them is not relevant here Tiger claws fury gets its own video Tiger Claw is a villain for the ages and honestly one of the better ones in children's literature even after all these years true his motive boils down to him being power-hungry and ambition being evil but the reader cannot help but feel uneasy every moment he's on or off screen Tiger Claw isn't just one of the best fighters in the clan he's also cunning and wickedly treacherous he knows how to manipulate cats and twist public opinion in his favor and he shows off just how evil he can be in the last two books of the arc a dangerous path and the darkest hour I don't think anyone would deny that the plot kicks into high gear at this point and gives us some of the series best moments a dangerous path is my favorite book in the series the whole book is great but the ending really takes the cake tiger star murders brindle face and makes her into bait for dogs to lure them to the Thunder clan camp in the hopes that the aggressive pack will slaughter all of them including his former mate yes he tries to get his kits bramble paw and pony paw out of ThunderClan but he leaves golden flower to die fire heart having I always started to get the hang of being the Klan's deputy and fueled by his desire to save his clan mobilizes a plan to not only save ThunderClan for the time being but to neutralise dog-pack threat permanently this leads to blue stars final sacrifice where she saves fire hearts life and makes sure that the plan is successful having made peace at last with star clan her kits and her destiny but tiger star is nowhere close to done yet even River clans deputy stone fur isn't safe from him and new leader leopard star looks the other way while one of her noblest warriors is murdered after refusing to kill grey stripes kits who are now being apprentices of blue stars kits including stone for that hammers in just how terrifying tiger star is even the deputy is not safe from being brutally killed because he didn't murder his own apprentice and his leader looks the other way unless it happened stone furs death scene is probably my favorite scene in the entire series as it exemplifies what it means to be a warrior even though he has been starved for days and is facing certain death stone fur refuses to hurt feather pond storm caught our rights spinning and tiger stars face over even thinking he would do such a thing tiger star tells dark stripe to kill him in response and stone fur despite being severely weakened still manages to fend dark stripe off and tiger stars deputy Blackfoot has to step in to finish the job this scene is nothing if not powerful and exemplifies the standard of integrity selflessness and nobility that the clan cats are supposed to strive for it makes me long for an alternate universe where stone fur became stone star this is also a bit of a plot snag because tiger stars claim that he wants to unite the clans means that he has less of a reason to kill half clan cats and I think he should have stuck to hating non clan born cats which still would have been ironic given the number of former roams in shadow clan but this is probably meant to show off just how drunk on power tiger star is and just how much he has in his final bid for power over all the clans tiger star seeks out the aid of blood clan a dangerous group of rogues that rule to Lake place with an iron aw which leads us to scourge I was always underwhelmed by him given that he didn't have much of a presence and seemed to come out of nowhere to kill tiger star and avoid having the morally righteous fire star murder Tyger star in order to stop his evil deed especially since it would have had to have been done nine times maybe if scourge had been built up a little better gotten a name drop with other rogues scene in the series he might have left a bigger impact but as he is my thoughts scourge was alright but he was nowhere near as effective of a villainous tiger star I know the writers are strapped for time but I still think that Firestar should have been the one to defeat tiger star at the end of the prophecies begin instead of taking out all nine of his lives in one blow like scourge did maybe he could have fought tiger star to the point where tiger star could have survived if he fled only to have him refused to stop fighting and died from his wounds which would have been a good call back to the prologue of into the wild when he all but refuses to abandon the sunning rocks battle I get the feeling that at this point star pen could have refused to heal him or maybe he lied about ever getting his nine lives at all I mean if scourge did kill tiger star nine times in one attack why not fire star star clans chosen cat or Mamie tiger star already lost eight lives in other ways maybe fighting other warriors like white storm and mourning flower and fire star would just be the one to finish the job but still this is a solid plot and the quick pace and usually well-defined characters keeps the story going from one book to the next almost seamlessly they can even reuse plot points sometimes unintentionally more than once and still have them feel fresh I mean I didn't even notice on my first read-through that yellow thing reveals the fire heart that her son has broken Stark twice once when she's blinding him and Fire and Ice and when she's dying in Rising Storm and both instances are treated as her telling him for the first time with fire heart recalling that he overheard yellow saying explaining her secret to broken star in forest of Secrets but not recalling that yellow fang told him directly in fire and ice it took a long time for me to actually notice this continuity flaw because I was so invested in what was happening this I to momentarily forgot that yellow thing already told fire heart says in a weird way it's an example of both good and bad writing and is something that I wants to announce the later series for while praising the prophecies begin for having a better handle on now a common criticism of the prophecies begin is that fire heart is a bland gary stew however I believe this is a misconception of both fire character and what a Gary Stewart MarySue is fire heart is not the typical underdog American hero he falls much more in line with the heroes of ancient Greek myth where one is not a hero because one is great but one is great because one is a hero like Greek mythological figures fire heart does not go through an arc that changes who he is but displays the same heroic trait that defines him throughout his adventure his being compassion and selflessness his desire to care for others drives nearly all of his actions including joining Thunder clan to lead a more fulfilling life as a contributing member of a community rather than continue being a Katy pet and having his life handed to him the qualities that makes him heroic is there from the start not something that evolved out of the events of the art changing him or forcing him to become heroic when it comes to those who are born great become great or have greatness thrust upon them fire heart is among those that are born great which makes a lot of sense think about it all the fire hearts major conflicts are the result of him being compassionate and selfless or someone else being selfish the first time he gets in real trouble is when he shows sympathy for yellow Fang and most of his other breaches of the warrior code are done for what he feels is the greater good of all the clamps his sense of compassion for others also allows him to see beyond borders and pushes him to do what is best for all the clans not what benefits only ThunderClan broken star tiger star and scourge all want to take over the clans territories for the sake of their own egos and power trips and will spelt that them uniting or overtaking other clans is for the greater good when it is demonstrably not even fire heart squirrels with his own allies come from their selfish actions graystripe act selfishly when he puts seeing silver stream above serving his clan and training his apprentice and a lot of the fandom interprets blue stars breakdown as being selfish because she allows herself to wallow in self-pity to the point of no longer being able to lead the clan that desperately needs her to guide them and who steps up to try to fill that need you guessed it speaking of grey stripe and blue star acting selfishly I think they might be the best examples of the misdirection that the writing takes in this arc when reading these books for the first time as a child and without an eye for analysis and character development I interpreted the characters as they were intended gray stripe was the loyal comedic friend and blue star was the wise noble leader who suffered a tragic breakdown for ultimately coming to our senses in one final noble act however when reading the books again as an adult and having developed those critical thinking skills and becoming a better writer myself the reactions that these characters receive from other characters that help push these interpretations don't necessarily match up with their actions once graystripe gets his warrior name and start seeing Silverstream he treats both ThunderClan and fire heart horribly neglecting his duties as a mentor and even attacking fire heart at one point when his supposed best friend was actively looking out for his best interest and things don't really improve once grey strikes kids are born while him leaving ThunderClan to be with his kids in river clan is a powerful scene Graystripe is all too willing to betray his new clan the clans at the love of his life was born and raised in and where his kitchen will grow up I suppose that this is meant to show that Graystripe is loyal to thunder clan and fire heart above all else but when I read about his actions now at least a sour taste in my mouth I was as sad as anyone when he left sunder clan but I respected him for it the fact that he would then go back on that decision so easily actually makes him look disloyal so much for putting his kids first and accepting the consequences of his actions and yet he's welcome right back to ThunderClan leaves his kids behind without another thought about their care and safety which ends up becoming a major problem and has even made deputy even though he really didn't mentor his apprentice and that's nothing compared to the inconsistency in blue stars character and this is a special kind of hurt for me because blue star is one of my favorite characters overall in the series and is definitely my favorite in the Prophecy's begin but goodness did they really not write blue stars actions to be those of a noble and wise leader fire cause originally trained in tandem by Lionheart and Tiger Claw despite Mouse for a running wind being wide open so this could be due to early instalment weirdness but grandpa goes without a mentor for most of the third active into the wild because she forgets to appoint him one after Lionheart dies even though it's already been established that apprentices are assigned new mentors immediately with darkstrike taking over just pause training when red tailed eyes and after thunder clans Warriors just risked their lives to help drive broken star out of shadow clan for his crimes including training kits under six losses warriors blue star apprentices and upon brac and Paul when they're only five moons old this is even brought up but then brushed aside with no clear justification as to why they can't wait one more moon to begin their training since San Paulo does caught our still apprentices this writing snag really bugs me because it puts blue stars character in an unintentionally negative light and could have been easily avoided by well by having sender Paul Bracken Pau thorn con bright puppy six moons old I honestly wonder if the Ahrens chose to take this route because they didn't think there were enough cats to mentor for new apprentices even though again running wind and mouse were wide open and mouse fur will go on to mentor thorn paw anyway mu star does still have moments where she is the paragon of nobility and virtue that she's supposed to be such as when she demands that wind clan must return and fights to defend them but that doesn't erase these highly questionable actions that are wholly unnecessary and don't contribute to any kind of idea about leadership requiring a morally gray approach or fire heart questioning his admiration of her and wondering what he would do if he were in her place I think blue star is a great complex character but even if she was a great leader at some point we don't really see that through her actions and the prophecies begin even though the characters still treat her as though she is by the noble it's horribly sloppy writing at worst and a remarkably unreliable narrator at best yet for every character that is written inconsistently there's another character who has an amazing arc cinder pelt is probably the best written character in the prophecies begin if not the series as a whole when we're introduced to her a cinder pot she's absolutely in love with her future as a warrior all of her flaws were born of being overly eager to be a warrior and when those flaws resulted her losing that dream with her leg horribly and irreparable damaged one would expect that she would mope about and angst and whine and just be another victim of Tiger claws treachery but that doesn't happen cinder paw is as devoted to the service of her clan as ever and when she can no longer become a warrior she gives her all to being the best medicine cap she can be her enthusiasm has been tempered by experience but the drive and heart that she had for being a warrior is still there the scene where she confronts fire hard about how she can never be a warrior after he's been dancing around the issue is one of the best written in the entire arc but even then she does feel sorry for herself for more than a minute or two she's more broken up about her failure to save Silverstream than she is about losing the future she always imagined for herself and goes on to again learn a valuable lesson from it no matter what life throws at cinder pouchy overcomes it with both dignity and passion none of this has ever spelled out explicitly it's all just a natural part of her character progression cloud tail also grows and develops from a whiny brat to a trustworthy warrior but I think that Tennille Flowers has already given a great summary of his arc in her video which I'll link below the gist of it is that cloud tales progression as a character mirrors fire hearts on morality as he struggled to distance himself from his Katy pet roots after joining thunder clan while cloud tail having never known anything but thunder clan is tempted by the easiness of Katy pet life and thinks the eating kitty pet food will free up more papers clanmates cloud tail gives a selfless explanation for a selfish act unfortunately the villains are fairly one-dimensional which is a shame because their actions are so devious I don't make the claim that tiger star is one of the best villains in children's literature lightly his motivations may not be new or original but the vileness of his actions more than make up for that he has arguably the highest body count out of all the series villains at least on screen and the sense of dread that he can leave on a scene he isn't even in is impressive Scourge underwhelmed me but he also provided a different kind of villain one that appeared more cold and calculating and was overtaking the force not out of revenge remember Rises scourge wasn't out yet but out of a simple logical decision that it would be a good idea to expand his territory what I never really understood was why scourge came to that decision it was always my understanding that he purposefully kept blood clan a whisker away from starvation so that they would always be forced to rely on his leadership for food expanding his territory especially that much would ultimately make his tyrannical rule unenforceable as blood clan would be far too widespread and able to feed themselves with a plentiful prey in the forest but maybe that was just my interpretation the villain that suffers the most from shallow motivation is broken star because he's only a major threat in the first book and most of his later villainy happens in conjunction with Tiger Claw a lot of his evil actions are off-screen and therefore not quite as threatening or memorable the threat he poses also doesn't have a much to do with ThunderClan I honestly think that he would have been a much stronger villain if the prologue had included ShadowClan or at least a mention of them is a bigger threat instead of keeping the conflict isolated between River Clannad ThunderClan it is a good set up don't get me wrong especially since River clan gets what I'm pretty sure is the most interaction with Thunder clan but the prologue almost sets up River clan to be the main antagonist group while many of the events and impressions of the prologue are subvert idli der I expected the majority of the conflict to come from River clan despite the book blurb mentioning shadow clan had actually confused me as a kid until I finished the book overall I still think that the prophecies begin is my favorite arc of warriors it has its share of problems but it also has some amazing moments and characters to make up for that the truly special thing about warriors is this ability to elicit an emotional response from the reader and the prophecies begin never fails to do that even after all these years there are plenty of scenes that still affect me even when I notice the flaws in the writing I'm still a hundred percent invested in the characters and don't even get me started on the awesomeness of fire stars 9 live ceremony the final chase with the dogs in a dangerous path or the final battle with blood clan if you place a lot of focus on technical writing skill you might not get as much out of warriors as people who are more character focus the character writing is and always has been the main draw of warrior so if you're the type to get distracted by continuity errors and I wouldn't blame you if you did this series might not be for you but if you're looking to get completely engulfed in a high action fantasy soap opera about cats you're in good paws with the prophecies begin and that's all for now join me next time when I examine the new prophecy and while you're waiting go ahead and check out our media links in the description and click that shiny subscribe button I'll see you next time

25 thoughts on “Literary Critique: Warriors – The Prophecies Begin

  1. I totally agree. Stonefur! NOOO! I still tear up when I read that scene

  2. Can you do The Lost Rainforest, Endling, Seeker Bears, and Going Wild?

  3. To be honest, I found these books enjoyable despite all the flaws.

  4. Once Greystripe's kits became apprentices they should have been asked where they wanted to live. Instead Greystripe just leaves and the apprentices.. don't care? Not even sure why they went back to RiverClan anymore after seeing how Leopardstar treated the half clan Stonefur.

  5. The Bluestar giving up her kits thing is still dumb. Thistleclaw isn't shown to be that bad in Bluestar's prophecy, and honestly, if Thistleclaw would be that bad (and Tigerstar by that matter), why does Starclan make these cats leaders? Clearly they have some standards since they didn't accept Nightstar.

  6. I definately agree with your point about Scourge being underwhelming. He should have been built up more, to seem more like a wild card that he was supposed to be. A name drop would be perfect. This would lead to Firestar worrying about who and what Scourge really is. This would definately also build him up better.

    I also think that Scourge's back story could have been explored better. Perhaps if Tigerstar had physically scarred, quite badly, which would then lead to his kittypet family disowning him due to his fearful appearance, would have given him a better reason for wanting to kill Tigerstar. He would be mad about him ruining his life, and would have given a better reason.

    Don't get me wrong, Scourge is my ultimate favourite character, but I think he could have been written better.

  7. I'd like to say that ain't that Erin's fault for having such a small time schedule for the books it's the company that's publishing them harpercollins

  8. Firestar is my favourite cat of all! He is amazing and I don't know how I like Firestar so much!

  9. I was a bit overwhelmed by scourge since he took away all 9 of tigerstar’s lives with one claw to his stomach

  10. I love this! I had finished reading 'The Prophecies Begin' months ago but never continued to read the next series of Warriors because I wanted to read other book series. So now I want to continue reading the series but needed a recap of TPB books and this gave me all the recapping I needed! Thank you so much!!

  11. I've gotten through the prophecies begin,the new prophecy and now I'm on power of three
    But I gotta admit the prophecies begin is still my favorite arc until I'm finished with all arcs

  12. Huh. I thought Momma just got pregnant again right after having Cinderkit and Brackenkit and that's why

  13. I mean, Goldenflower probably wasn't really a stay with you forever kind of mate. She most likely had at least three litters (the Wiki says 2 or more, but since she stayed in the nursery as a full time thing she most likely had more), and she switched mates pretty quickly after she had Swiftpaw.

  14. 14:00 I actually love this plotwist, and having no real introduction to the villain makes it even more suprising in my opinion.

  15. I dont get it! Cinderpaw and Brackenpaw were apprenticed at 5 moons old, and Thornpaw and Brightpaw were apprenticed at 7 moons old. Why?!

  16. On the Scourge thing, I love it because it shows why Warriors is different. It was a twist and it gives an even greater sense of urgency. Scourge is made to shock the reader, and that he does.

  17. I think Scourge would have been better if Princess had been the one to first mention them. Imagine her so terrified for her son and brother's safety she's willing to risk her life to go into the forest again and find them and tell them about these "scary" rogues she's spotted. Maybe one could have hurt her friend who ventured too far away from her house and too close to their territory. He finds her, assures her they are both fine and then escorts her back home. Of course, he doesn't take her seriously or maybe he does but the other cats on patrol don't. He could mean to check up on the threat but too much is going on in the actual plot for him to be able to. It would be a good set up to just how ruthless BloodClan/Scourge really is and who they are. Especially if she went on to describe how horrific the injuries were to her friend.

  18. Oh man this response is gonna be really long since I was kinda typing my thoughts while listening to you talk but I really enjoyed this video! It’s all good things here. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    I loved Warriors when I was in gradeschool/middle school, and now that I’m in college I re-read the first arc to see how I would experience it as a young adult. I still loved it, though certain aspects of the story stood out to me more this time. I loved hearing you talk about Bluestar because her arc/downfall was the main story element that I appreciated much more when reading the series recently. I just think that having this leader character that the reader and the protagonist look up to, and then having that leader fall into despair and insanity is really interesting, and not the kind of arc I expected in a series of this lexile range. So I really appreciated that. But as you said – this interpretation may be what the writers intended, but not what’s actually there. Either way, I enjoyed re-reading Bluestar’s arc – but you make an interesting point that Bluestar is actually fairly selfish and… weird from the start.

    Also, Dangerous Path was my favorite book as well! I remember when I first read the ending; I was on vacation so I didn’t have access to the nest book and it was a killer cliffhanger to find out that Tigerstar was finally leader of ShadowClan. Pretty thrilling moment for my little preteen self, ha. I also love what you said about scenes that still cause an emotional response – I was getting emotional re-reading Firestar’s nine lives ceremony and I remember telling my family “I’m getting emotional over talking cats again”. But that scene was still great, even with me reading it as an adult.

    Loved your discussion of alternate endings with Tigerstar’s death. When I first read the series, Scourge captured my imagination – I thought a tiny cat with dog-teeth claws was just the wildest, coolest thing. My inner edgelord got excited, I guess, and this is what happened with a lot of kids I think – explaining why Scourge has such a cult following now. But overall, including with re-reading, I definitely appreciate Tigerclaw more. Scourge is just kind of this wildcard that comes out of nowhere. I think part of why that didn’t bother me so much has to do with wanting to see Tigerstar dead – having him die nine times from one awful wound is just really satisfying, regardless of who inflicted the wound. But I do think it would have been more satisfying or made more sense for Firestar to defeat Tigerstar. I like your idea of Tigerclaw refusing to run from battle and dying that way, after Firestar and co wound him sufficiently.

    As for the mistakes you mentioned, like Yellowfang revealing the identity of her son twice – I didn’t even notice that! But as much as I love storytelling, I’ve always been bad at keeping up with details and mistakes often get right by me. Course, when I re-read the books recently I might now have paid too close attention since I already knew Brokenstar was her son from my first read-through in gradeschool, ha.

    Your whole discussion of inconsistent v. consistent characters was great! I also loved Cinderpelt, though I liked her much more when I read the books recently. I even remember messaging my friend and saying “How did I forget about Cinderpelt? She’s great!”

  19. Fantastic analysis of the first series! You put to words a lot of my own feelings about the arc and definitely nailed how people look at it with rose colored glasses when comparing them to the rest of the other arcs! Looking forward to your video on New Prophecy!

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