Literary Critique: Wings of Fire – The Lost Continent [w/ Tennelle Flowers!]

all right let's do that intro so welcome back to our views of wings of fire I'm Avalon and I'm Tennille and we are covering the lost continent today which has been widely anticipated I'm so excited to be caught up with the books like as they come out it's a good feeling but it's also really frustrating because then you have to wait forever between releases yeah yeah it's it's such a treat being able to read the wings of fire books back-to-back so now it's gonna be like ah torture even between each one well you still haven't read the winglets though so you do still have some content that you can get that's new that's true that's true and we will have really made to get on the interstate yeah cuz I've heard three out of four of them I still need runaway are there more my nuts being made like I assume there will be but like do we know of any that are being made not that I'm aware of I know that there's talks about a legends that is about these scavenger characters but oh my god haven't heard more on that since it was first talked about and I haven't heard more on any new winglets well and now considering this book I'm wondering is it gonna be about scavengers from pyria or scavengers from shoot what's this land called pantalla pentola that's what it is I mean I think they said that it was gonna be about Rose who is smolders scavenger oh okay okay okay so we'll just have to see how that all shakes yeah could be interesting I know you don't particularly care for the scavengers all that much not really no they're not bad yeah like I I don't dislike him I think they're just fine anyway though let's talk about the lost continent yeah and right away we have the cover glow up that occurred and I didn't think the original cover was bad or anything but I am happy that they switched to a cooler color palette for blue yeah yeah you pointed this out to me before and like it is a big improvement I I love it the wings of fire covers are so good anyway and the last one was good but um but like you said the like touches of blue everywhere are so good and it matches his book description so well yeah I think when the proof cover came out I don't think that they had really decided on his color palette completely yet I think there is kind of doing something that fit the color scheme of the background and they also added in the Silk Bridge which wasn't there before either oh yeah so which is like plot relevant and stuff yeah well and if you if you bought the Barnes & Noble hardcover copy of the book and you open it up like you take the book jacket off and open up the book jacket there is another dragon on the inside which is awesome I won't say your name yet because I think we should establish that we're pretty much just going to talk about spoilers for this book so if you haven't gotten a chance to read it yet please go out and do so otherwise you know you're gonna be spoiled on things yeah like we're kind of recording this assuming that everyone who's listening has read it already we're not even really gonna go over the plot that much so yeah if you haven't read this you might be lost even just in this video but like even the title of this book is a spoiler so yeah yeah yeah like imagine people getting into wings of fire years down the line and they're like oh there's a lost continent and it's supposed to be a big reveal but they just know because this book is already out oh yeah I mean Howie how many people are going to have the same are going to grow up with the same experience that like I had with warriors where the new prophecy was like midnight of the new prophecy was my first warrior's book yeah so like you already know that fire heart becomes leader and I can call this other stuff yeah oh man okay but we're talking about lost continent we just keep getting distracted so I also I don't think that I brought I think I mentioned this on Twitter but the dedication and Sutherland dragging her own characters oh yeah I read the dedication like it was the first thing I saw of course when I opened up the book I was like oh boy and like when I finished reading the book I like flip back to the beginning again as I saw it and I was like Sutherland does love dysfunctional parents I mean who doesn't in fiction right oh yeah me I like healthy families oh and we want to talk about that map that map though I loved it and also think that it's not as good as like I know I'm mixed on this I've mixed on a lot of things in this book and the map is the same fare I it was one of those things where I open this book up and my husband Sean looked at it he's like it really it's in the shape of a dragon and like that was immediately like it he looked at it for two seconds and said that and I was like well actually in the first books which I've been reading around him quite a bit like if the map is shaped like a dragon as well it's just not quite as obvious yeah like this one's very it's a dragon but I do still like that they found a way to incorporate like the before wings thing into it because the the way that the river and beetle-like cut into the wing it makes it look like it's a separate like there's two there oh yeah nice touch that was a very nice touch oh it is so obviously like drinking right in your face right it's very on the nose yeah I kind of like the more subtle design of the old one because the old one I didn't actually realize was shaped like a dragon until they actually mentioned it in the books that like they found a map of it no Myka hot it's dragon shaped and I was like oh I guess yeah it is actually alright wasn't thinking about it yeah this is just a little bit more a lot sighted and looks a little more naturally shaped yeah well and and like I think we talked about this before and we both agreed that pantalla has to be considerably smaller than Ohio yeah right like they get across that continent in like a day and a half yeah I'm waiting for this continent to to grow on me as the rest of this series unfolds although who knows maybe like halfway through the series like halfway through this arc they'll be like we're done at pine tall and we're actually going over to pyria or something yeah which is completely possible given how darkness of dragons ended and how this one ends there's definitely going to be overlap yeah and as well with some of the other information that I've gleaned from interviews there will be overlap but we'll talk about that later when we do predictions yeah yeah I'm hoping that a lot of these places listed on this map we get to see eventually especially like the poison jungle I think is going to be a area we spend at least a book in or half a book in yeah like they talk about that one so and then there's like this nameless mountain range up in the North West so I'm like what's going on up there I feel like that's instinctual from how the night wings were handled you're just like ooh and display a spot of interesting-looking land what could that be that's unnamed we'll see we'll see because we don't have that much information on the continent yet other than it's I think based on Africa just basically animals yeah totally based on Africa which I either love to be honest I I love african-themed things so I was totally down for that I'm always down for more fantasy that's not European based exactly yeah as much as I love European fantasy other places exist so let's get more and I mean with that being said though this is still a very like European fantasy esque tale just said not against the African settings just kind of set dressing yeah it's not exactly well I mean they're not human so they're not gonna write like human peoples and their traditions represented no it's a dragon or the dragon tribes that are here are different than the tribes in pyria yes and we should definitely talk about them yeah cuz I know we love all of them pretty much so far right oh yeah I really like the new dragon tribes I like how I don't know I feel like I feel like you can interpret them a lot more different ways than you can um the original pyrene dragons yeah they seem to be a little bit looser with their descriptions of these ones where they're like yeah the hive wings always have some black scales but they can have all these other warm colors their abilities vary a lot so it's kind of a make-your-own sort of interpretation thing right it's not like with night wings where it's like they are all black they all have starry scales yeah like even if you do see I don't have it because I have the Amazon copy but like the art of cricket looks very different from the standard hive wing that we see in the front of the book yeah like the way her black spots are it's very different so it's I think opening up more room for like interpretation and originality because they have to know how big the OC design thing is for this series like so they do seem to pay at least some attention to the fan base which is great I love seeing that which is why I like someone got to have I'm pretty sure it was like someone got to name one of the characters that appeared in one of the books I think there's a really one test that went on so yeah that was cool yeah they're very aware of the fan base I think that's cute yeah so so high wings are Hopi like oh please our abilities rule yeah yeah they're like stingers venom paralyzing toxin acid like wow they're what night wings wish they could be night wings think of themselves as like these Opie dragons but like you know obviously in wings of fire you kind of find out like that's not really quite true but hive wings like actually live up to the Oh penis it's like with their abilities and everything it's kind of life it's like if the rain wings had night wing mentality yeah or they're just like super Opie that these ones actually take advantage of it cuz green wings are kind of opaque like let's let's consider that they're probably some of the most physically powerful dragons well which is why they're like the pacifist tribe yeah they're like we could wreck you but coconuts and floss I like slots consider consider the coconut hahaha Oh lovely alright so moving on from hive wings we have silk wings which are just beautiful okay wait I do I do have one thing that I need to bring up right away for both hive wings and silk wings yes I want to know if they can fold their wings and I also want to know how they fly I want to know do do they do – buzz like bees do do silk wings flutter like butterflies or do they just fly like dragons yeah that would be some great sensory details to add in and we'll get to this a little bit later but that's also a little bit why I think that we might be getting to that power free syndrome where I don't think someone had as much time to write this lark maybe mm-hmm because I I feel like that would have been stuff that she would have covered in earlier arcs right away but we just don't have any information on it for how they fly or if they like make noise when they fly or anything like that yeah Sutherland in previous books was always really good at like just describing the world and describing like different traits about the dragons and stuff like that and I feel like there was a little less of that in this book yeah like before we had son he's always warm because she's a sandwich so when they sleep they all kind of like pile around her and stuff like that there were just these little details that really enhance the world and I feel like we don't have as much of that which stinks because these designs are so cool yeah although I think kind of I think it's obvious we can both agree that leaf wings are the best yes clearly the best dragons just obviously the best I know I love this design so much it like screams mayest like I really like this little thrill going down the back how it like breaks off near the tail yeah on the tail and then it becomes like just little things and I'm like one wouldn't it be cool they could like fling those like porcupines all they'd be sweet I don't think they can but wouldn't that be neat I just love how their horns work they love they're just they're just great good a Plus+ dragon design i love it that's like everyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I had a hard time choosing between making a new leaf wing sona or keeping my C wing 1 I had to go with leaf wing eventually though because it's just it's so cool and so pretty and there's so much you could do with it and I know someone's probably gonna complain because I made mine brown and red and named her autumn but I don't care whatever like they don't say that they can't be brown or red yeah like they say say that they are like shades of brown and shades of green so that's fine Reds a shade of brown kind of I mean I made mine lion like mine's green but it's it's more of an autumn II kind of themed one as well because it's got like the yellow leaves with brown plus I like is it cool yeah plus I totally disregarded like the actual design the books give and I'm like no my wings are maple leaf shaped and you can't stop me I really hope that they bring up the idea of them having differently shaped wings based on like different trees because I mean we've already established that Cricut doesn't look exactly like the hive wing here so it stands to reason that the leaf wings don't all have these shaped wings yeah necessarily they're all gonna be a little bit different from each other I really like all of these dragon designs and even though the silk wings are kind of kind of week yeah these are probably my least favorite of the three like I love their design but their abilities are so not very good well I mean there's a reason they got like completely pacified yeah and it's well even then it's like I think that's only within the last 50 years so maybe that's why they gave in so quickly yeah oh that leads us into the story and stuff I suppose yeah so I really I liked this book um I don't think it's as strong of a start as either the dragonette prophecy or moon rising moon rising is probably is still like one of my favorite books out of the series but but this was this was good I really liked the new characters like once again so and always manages to create some fantastic characters who don't feel like they're just rehashes of old characters like you can kind of see traits of previous characters in them like sword tail maybe could be a little bit like tsunami or blue could be a little bit like a cross between maybe clay and moon watcher or something like that but they're not they don't feel recycled they feel like they're new characters oh yeah yeah and I really like blues perspective and how he's really empathic and likes to imagine himself in the I guess scales of other dragons yeah I I love how this book opened up I loved the first few chapters of because you you kind of are you do see the world kind of from his point of view where it's like okay yeah this isn't just yeah this fascist society that they live in isn't too bad and then like all the other characters are like no blue this is awful yeah it's like I like that he's I mean it's it's a flaw but it's also his strength mm-hmm and that can be pretty difficult to pull off where you have it's like oh yeah his his empathy and his ability to see things from the other side can be a really good strength but it can also blind him to problems and it's like both and that's really good writing when you can have a trait be both good and bad yeah it really makes me wonder how they're going to wrap wrap up the problems with the with Queen wasp yeah wasp is just but we forgot to mention someone Oh someone that we're both very attached to and very proud of cricket know the prologue oh gosh the prologue oh I mean yes they're both attached to and proud of cricket as well but curtly our site though Park it's my favorite new character but oh my heart I'm so happy for her like I'm I'm so glad that she's not shackling herself down to one future and she's not letting her power like rule her life anymore yeah we see her where she's like oh yeah I could you know she meets son streak and she's like we could have a future where we have dragonettes and all this stuff or I could do this or I could do this and there's options and I don't have to go one way and I'm like that's such growth for her I'm so happy uh-huh she is oh she's so good reading reading the intro of this story made me and like a tad emotional cuz I'm just just like I love you yes please be good and plus then she has like that whole that whole bit where she's like oh well you know maybe at some point I can introduce other pairi and Dragons to pantalla and she's like you know but the only time I could return to pyria is when I wouldn't be tempted to free dark stalker and be with him again and she's like so probably never and I'm like yet again though okay Sutherland just handling the whole being able to see the future superpower so well I love how clear sight is used in this book yeah it's it's just absolutely fantastic and the big twist with the book of clear sight is really well done because that is one like little world building nitpick that I have regarding the fact that she comes to this continent and they speak a different language and apparently they all speak the same link like they adopted her language instead of the other way around and she became a god to them basically I'm like oh that's a little I mean it's very it's very colonized you know you know I've seen this story of a whore except in this one it it doesn't play out where clear-site I get I guess it sort of does I was gonna say it doesn't play out where clear-site gets found out it's like a liar revealed in the end but she kind of does like they kind of do realize at the end of this book that it's like oh she was just a dragon like everybody else yeah well except she wasn't the one who told that lie at least no no and like she could do the things that they praised her for just not to the extent that they thought yeah and I really like that part was probably where I got the most emotional because she's like well I'm at the end of my life and I'm just gonna use up the last of my gift to kind of try and guide you guys for some of the bigger stuff that I see coming but you know just like be good to each other and I'm like oh yeah that that whole chapter were they're reading from the book of clear-site now that actually made me tear up because I was like oh and they've used your book for evil and you're so well intentioned yeah oh man just like screw screw the hive wings after that screwed people okay and well I'll waiting for predictions no matter what I want to say next but I really like the new characters I really loved blues perspective I love cricket yeah he's great i i'm really hoping she gets a point of view book I don't imagine why she I couldn't imagine why she wouldn't get a point of view book so I'm hoping that she will and she seems like kind of like again like a character but not an exact carbon copy of them but her perspective seems like it would be kind of like Kiwis where it's just kind of always going with interesting thoughts oh yeah and I really enjoyed Kiwis POV so I'd probably really like crickets oh yeah I mean I can imagine that just like her POV would be like asking questions all the time and she only ever actually says a few of them yeah and she doesn't like want for asking questions in this book either so Jen oh no she's asking questions all the time but I like she's just that kind of personality that's like she's she's always asking questions and I can relate to that yeah like she seems like an awesome character her relationship with blue or emerging relationship with blue I guess is super cute I think it was a little bit rushed but it's so adorable that I can't even be mad about it I'm okay with it being rushed because like I just I like it when I'm gonna care I admire it when a romance can just be like yes these two characters are interested in each other or at least this character's interested in this one and we're not gonna like beat around the bush and have the every second chapter or go man why do I feel this way this feels so weird and that's like dude you're you're in love but it makes sense too because they were in a very high adrenaline like situation when they met so that could lead to accelerating some things yeah yeah but I mean just like right away from the start like they bump into each other and he like oh god she's cute with her little glasses and her little black spots and her all our questions and I'm like yes dude she's adorable I really like what he says when he's kind of like he's kind of loopy because I guess he got hit with some kind of sedative and let me see if I can find oh gosh yeah that hole see it's so cute oh yeah it's just like they're hiding in the dark and yeah he reached out carefully through the dark and took one of her talons pressing it to his own heart I'm so glad you're here with me and I'm like alright we're done I don't know we're done here packaged and shipped it's too cute well and the scene the scene when they're down in the caves and swordtails like dude you know that like forbidden relationships you should you guys thought that was controversial on pyria it's super duper controversial here and lose just like I know but I really like her and sorta like oh it's just kind of looked down upon in pirate Korea in Pont ala it's out ready illegal yeah oh yeah here we go he's been knocked out and this happens there was someone shaking his shoulder someone whose wings brushed his face on time mother mother never smelled like books and apples the way this dragon did are you awake the dragon whispered blue if you're not could you be please now-ish here who said which was odd because he'd been trying to say you bet but apparently gift was good enough for the dragon with all the questions because she started trying to nudge him up to his feet Oh questions its cricket so good I love them I love them i love how sutherland writes character interactions too it's something that i am dying of thirst for and warriors but like Sutherlin actually delivers on like fun interesting character dynamics and interactions and like just solid humor between characters that feel so natural yeah it's it's just absolutely excellent my favorite part of her writing mm-hmm which is why I was so sad in the first dark every time the characters kept getting split up yeah but that doesn't seem to be like it's gonna be much of an issue I think we're gonna see groups of characters from now on ya know cuz that wasn't a thing in this book at all you know like they were always with someone and it was pretty interesting and like I don't think blue was ever really alone much at all for like a chapter maybe yeah I was a by himself and then he bumps into cricket no I'm okay I was I could see us I could see us having a a book or two like that in this arc but I actually really hope that most of its kind of like this book where we get a lot more character dynamics happening all the time like main characters I really want to see Luna and swordtail interact more because yeah as much as like I'm not a huge fan of sword tail right now but he's so earnest and so in love with Luna and everything about them is also really cute yeah I wasn't he's so ready to fight everyone for her I wasn't as big on to until he got like he also kind of got drugged and he like I could find Ford a kid like all right and immediately my stupid post brain went to do you like bananas okay but yeah here here it is blues arm felt as though it was floating like maybe it would drift right up to the roof and bump around between the books on the top shelves he felt untethered from the earth a feeling that was tangled up with how close he was to cricket and how she maybe had superpowers or at least the absolute very best brain in the world cricket laughs I don't know about that she said and he realized that he must have said something out loud my teacher seems to think my brain is terribly annoying Paul said it's my new favorite brain and I hope we'll get two predictions because I've seen some people saying some things so we'll get there oh whoa but it was really like that scene in these interactions they're very very cute and I love all of it yes and like blues sibling relationship of Luna and how they get along together and how he's like always trying to not have her get in trouble and she's like you got to stand up for yourself blue we're gonna go to the really nice candy shop because it's my metamorphoses day and we're gonna do what I want and he's like oh god we're gonna get in trouble yeah yeah and I mean I know this this is probably either something that people really love or really don't love but I liked that this book handled a like strict government regime kind of topic yeah like it's kind of been touched on in the previous arts with how almost every single Queen and pyria is really terrible yeah but this really took that all the way and was like okay well let's see what life is like for just an average citizen in one of these places because so far we've always had kind of an exemplary point of view like we had the dragonettes of Destiny who were raised away from the entire world and then each of the dragons in the second art was kind of a little bit different to where we had moon was raised solitary in the frame forests winters royalty he bleah is like kind of in his own little government because the sand wing was going through a civil war at the time and didn't have a queen and the dragon that he worked for ended up being queen and he's basically like honorary royalty at a point right and then who else we had peril who's you know been a weapon for her whole life all right turtle who's also royalty so now we're getting like just a normal not royal not really anything special kind of point of view of just an average citizen well in all of them seem to be that way unless we learn something new about some of the characters um but I I do feel like you know this this arc is definitely going to be more on the dystopian side of literature rather than like the the more hardcore fantasy coming-of-age kind of story yeah as as tired as I am of dystopian at this point just because it's been in Y a so much I think that Sutherland has a little bit of a different take on it that I think is a little bit more refreshing because like a because she's your average citizen yeah she's already established especially with blue this idea of like okay yeah Queen wasp is bad but like not necessarily everybody in the society is bad they're just kind of brainwashed literally like Queen wasp can literally take over the hour or any point and has been doing so to certain dragons for years no oh but that librarian scene was just probably one of the biggest cases of Nightmare fuel in the entire series so far like with wings of fire there's a lot of horrific events but nothing I'd quite hi as nightmare fuel except for the first book where the sand wing immolates himself and the librarian was just oh god no yeah just scary there's some scenes from dark stalker to I would add in there albatross I I mean I would qualify all the Charles but also I was just like this scene is so crazy awesome oh yeah it's good it's also chilling I think I was too excited to otherwise completely agree yeah the whole library scene gosh so good and we haven't even talked about one of the characters we haven't talked about um gosh Sun Sun Drop Sunday Oh Sun do Sun do small angry leaf yeah you know who she makes me like when I think of what she looks like you know what I always think she looks like what Sarah from The Land Before Time but just as a dragon now I'm not gonna be able to unsee that but yeah that's kind of but just as like a ninja dragon yes and I mean that's that's a cool concept but also I think that leads into some of the things that I didn't like as much about this book yeah let's go ahead and talk about those because I think we've talked praise about this book quite a bit yeah like the characters are great it's a really interesting plot and we will have predictions on where it's gonna go cuz it could go a lot of ways mhm but as far as the not-so-great things cricket and son do seem to have a very convenient fix for just about everything but they just kind of pull out and even though it kind of makes sense at least for sundew to have some of these things because she has stated to be carrying different items and she's part of a secret underground resistance and all that mm-hmm like there's a lot of just very convenient things that and that I don't feel like other wings of fire protagonists have had things this easy yeah I I would agree with you there I'd say that that crickets easy outs are more so to demonstrate like her her privilege then to like just move the story forward you know like like they're kind of almost as little symbols of like oh well yeah this is really easy to get if you're a high voice yeah I'm like she's had the better education right just better everything but at the same time it's like oh yeah I just happen to have this thing that will not only make swordtail unfrozen from this venom that he was stricken with to paralyze him for like 24 hours but he's going to come out of that strong enough to carry blue all the way to however far away they go which is a decent way like they get pretty far and it's like okay maybe that's a little bit um Oh too convenient yeah it's like so he comes out of this and then has super strength for like the next day I'm like um I could I could see her having something to get them out of this because you figure that the hive wings would definitely have a cure for this venom but right so making him super-powered it's a little bit of a stretch yeah like sundew having absolutely everything that they're gonna need to get into the library and then sundew and cricket both escaping just fine with like no real hint of the struggle and showing up right when blue needs them to get out of where the flame silks are held and it's just things just kind of seem to happen because the plot demands rather than feeling like natural occurrences mm-hmm like the more you think about it the more it's like wow that was really super easy compared to some of the other issues that they've had I mean they don't have animus magic on this continent yeah it's like well we might as well though oh well it's it's not a big deal it's just yeah it's a little little like hmm that was easy yeah mainly that just kind of goes back to the US probably didn't have as much time for revision as some of the other books because I figure that so that one probably could have come up with a more clever way to solve some of these problems if maybe she had a little bit more time but I don't think she really did so it's just kind of like well that yeah they just have an item and it works and I don't know they haven't really they keep rolling that 20s so do you want to talk about the I know that there's another thing that really bothers you about this book and I'm interested to hear about it yeah yeah and it's and I've I ranted I think I got on my ranting out about this mm-hmm but what really bugs me about this book hahaha bugs because I think we've pretty firmly established that this is a book that is very much making some social commentary yeah like more sure than any of the other ones have and the problem isn't that it's making social commentary because I think children's books absolutely can make really good social commentary and I think that if the author feels up to it it's definitely something that they should try to do mm-hmm like not every author is gonna want to do it all the time but if they have something to say then they should say it yeah but I I think that it came out kind of muddy here just due to how different pantalla is from the Western societies that the social commentary is directed toward and mainly that comes out with Admiral who is Luna and blues father and like up to that point I was okay with the message even if I thought it was maybe a little bit murky with the execution until they got to Admiral and then I just kind of got upset right and what I okay so what I think so Leland is trying to say with Admirals character is that an oppressed minority can't have a voice in a system that is entirely built around keeping them a minority so trying to work through that system isn't really going to affect much change but the way that Admiral was presented was kind of like a joke and that bugged me a lot because I really felt that it undermined the efforts of activists in the real world who actually do make progress by doing the things that Admiral is pretty openly mocked for doing and I think it really sends mixed signals because in the real world like this I guess just as a recap for people listening like I you know it's been a few weeks since the book came out but Admiral is shown to write letters to Queen wasp like every day essentially to petition for better treatment of the flight silk wings and the flame soaps flame silks yeah yeah the flame silks particularly and I mean obviously Queen wasp you know yeah like she pretty much ignores him he has me like a couple of improvements like now they get what it was it was it oranges yeah it's like and I I've got more to say on that yeah it's like yeah like in in the okay picked up my train of thought yeah go ahead in the real world that this book is making the commentary on a lot of good has been done by sending letters and signing petitions and working within a representative government the thing is that pantalla doesn't have a representative form of government so it came across to me as it's like almost putting real world activism down because it doesn't work in this fictional fascist monarchy which again I don't think was her intention but that's how it kind of comes off and I'm like like when I first was introduced you know when we see Admiral at Admiral at first what I thought was that you know oh we're gonna have a really good tragic character who can see that the system is corrupt and is trying to change it but he's so brainwashed and Stockholm Syndrome that he can't actually do anything and he could have helped blue and Luna escape so that they could fix the problems that he can see but can't quite wrap his head around what to do about it but instead he is pretty much made the butt of the joke and he's also an active antagonist because he's like so attached to the system that he tries to stop them from leaving which really isn't gonna give kids a very positive view of real life activists who use his methods and I think that's the my big problem with this is that these books are aimed at kids and while I certainly don't think that kids aren't intelligent they're gonna be seeing you know this character who's the butt of a joke you know sending letters and signing petitions and then they're gonna see real world activists sending letters and signing petitions and the connection is going to be made whether they want it to be made or not right I don't like it it's kind of and like yeah then we we do still see that Admirals method brought about some change but instead of focusing on the big positive change which how the you know the fire silks used to be chained up and now they're not anymore and that's because of Admiral but instead of focusing on that they're just like focusing on the oranges as like right over and I'm like I really think that his whole character just kind of left a bad taste in my mouth because you know I'm someone who's done this kind of activism and I've seen it do a lot of really good things even just over the last decade so it's like I see that you're trying to make commentary but the fact that you're applying real-world stuff to this very different fictional government and then kind of commenting on the real world through that it doesn't quite work and write eight I think that it all would have would have been a lot better and wouldn't have seemed quite so anti activism ish if Admiral hadn't been such an antagonist at the end yeah like if he'd been like oh well clearly we do need help from the outside so I'm gonna help you guys escape and then you can let others know and you know rally support for the cause and stuff and instead he's like nope you're staying here with me and I can't break the rules because the hive wings know best and I'm like god dammit yeah I mean the the problem with Admiral is that instead of being instead of being chaotic or neutral good he's very very lawful good in a system that's going to punish him for that every single time yeah it's like he can't even get to civil disobedience levels of active like ya know and yeah Admirals is kind of a shame like like you said earlier I don't think that it was Sullins an intention to make fun of activism I think it just kind of comes it just kind of it comes off that way and that's unfortunate yeah it's like oh it really really bothered me so unfortunately that did kind of like kill the ending of the book for me and quite a lot of ways but I still think it's a good book overall though I still think that again if she'd had a little bit more time maybe she would have thought that over and been like on second thought Mir I shouldn't have the activist character being an antagonist yeah yep I agree not the most well thought-out not malicious I don't think but just not completely thought out yeah and what else do we have to talk about as far as pros and cons I think that sums up most of it speaking of uh speaking of blue and Lunas parents though oh yeah people people will definitely want us to talk about this because I remember last time we didn't mention a gay character so it was like hey bitches who's a number yeah I think we brought up previously in darkness of dragons that we didn't really talk about number because he wasn't really around and didn't affect the plot at all that much but well we're almost to predictions so I'll save that for just another moment yeah but this book has two gay mamas they're in a they're in a same-sex relationship whatever their sexuality is mm-hmm and I really wish that we'd seen more of them I wish we'd seen them interact yeah we we just get them at the beginning and I I definitely wish that there was more of them I was talking to you about this too earlier is that I I love you know there's people who will say that like if if representations gonna be in like why did they make it a big focus or whatever and I think that it's important to have just minor everyday representation as well yeah like and something that I've always said and will continue saying is that representation is a very subjective thing so different people get different things out of it and some people really want the very you know open and proud and I I think that's the only two words I can think of to describe it but very out LGBT characters who are actively talking about everything and a you know yeah people need those characters mm-hmm but some people also enjoy a little bit more subtle or quieter like you know just having a background character who is stated to be in an same-sex relationship or just like having them exist and for some people that's enough right and I think both is good well yeah both is definitely good you know and and obviously there's a lot of people especially with the last dark who we're really hoping for you know one of the main characters to to come out and be gay or bisexual and like that would be great I'd be a hundred percent down for that as well we might actually get getting two predictions a little bit we'll talk about that but but I'm also like just super happy to see a small representation as well yeah I think that having multiple t faceted representation is the ideal where we have a series that has some minor characters and some main characters and you can have both of them at the same time and I think that's like the best yeah but yeah it's I will still argue that cable II is bisexual and everyone can fight me but is directly stated so I mean it's pretty strongly hinted at guys like pretty strike my litmus test for it is always if if when like a character is thinking about another character of the same sex if you switched it so that they were the opposite sex wouldn't read as romantic and if the answer is yes that I'm like hmmm there's probably something more there but I mean cuz it's just okay leave it even joking aside about feebly and and winter being husband's like how many times does qiblah say oh my god he's so handsome of course moons going to choose him I choose hey right right do you need to share something with the class but even then we know that at least in Perea same-sex marriage is absolutely a thing because yeah there's like a throwaway joke with kiwi being like oh yeah like winter and I were gonna get married and his mom's just like alright oh yeah it's a total non-issue like we know it's a thing that happens and obviously silver spot and burn it in the lost continent are married yeah so yeah in contoller same-sex marriage is totally a thing I like I like how how I like how heterosexual forbidden wrote like between the species is more taboo than gay relationships yeah but this is also a series that's clear focusing a lot more on racial right yeah so which it always has so I don't think that the social commentary in this book is anything like new like it might not anyone being like oh they ruined wings of fire with the commentary I'm gonna be like have you benched after getting these books excuse you yeah so I'm like I'm okay predictions yes let's talk predictions I'm really excited for where this series is gonna go just because there's so many directions it could go yeah yeah I feel like I feel like we could have some really big shake ups or like I could be completely wrong like I would not be surprised if either Luna or swordtail dies I'm bang on swordtail dying yeah like Sartell just kind of screams that character who's going to die yeah like oh he's gonna I'm a kind of amazed that he didn't die like for all the panchalas a fascist regime they didn't kill swordtail when he attacked a guard smell like Imperial you would have been dead ten times before you hit the ground if you did that right but also at the same time the the hive the height wings can't just like go around killing their subjects especially since they're like willing subjects like they haven't been dominated yeah but even then I feel like attacking a guard would be just cause yeah to them at least it I just can't take something called misbehaviors way obviously even though it's really terrible like it's missed the Havers way well I think it's I think it's the I I actually really like that it's called misbehaviors way because I think it's a bit of a commentary unlike in infants in oh gosh now I can't say the word in infantilization yes exactly that making wrong doers making the enemy quote quote seem childish like it just it plays into the whole brainwashed society thing alright I thank you yeah I can see that yeah that makes that makes that better yeah but yes so predictions mmm-hmm as I said before we have some stuff with cricket and the hive wings and my prediction is that the hive wings claim that they are descended from clear-site and I think that they are lying I think that's a bunch of baloney it's like they claim that they're black scales come from clear-site but it's been 2,000 years since clear-site was alive and we have hive wings who are like mostly black so I'm like I don't think that that's true I think that you're lying as propaganda to control the other tribes by saying that you are basically descended from Dragon Jesus I think you're lying about that I think that the plain silks are actually the descendants of clear-site because that makes a little more sense since none of the other pant Holland dragons have anything to do with fire and it doesn't really make sense for what they like what their society is like and how they live it wouldn't make sense for them to have fire so I think that maybe the flame jokes are her true descendants because they're more rare well yeah and like you could see being hereditary it is hereditary yeah it will and the flame silk thing in general seems to be more of like a genetic mutation yeah it's not a normal thing right well and none see that was the thing to when they were when they were first claiming that the hive wings were descendants of clear skies and that implies that clear sight clear sight would have gotten with a silk wing as a mate I get like some streaks seems to be from his description as like glimmering or shimmering or something it seems like he is like a kind of iridescent silk wing and he's like a warm tone so I'm like okay I could see that okay because people are saying that because when she first arrived she only encounters a silk wing and a leaf wing that hive wings didn't exist yet and that the hive wings are a hybrid of night wings and silk wings but I don't buy that because how many children would she have had to have two for there to be a whole try out of them like the incest alone would have probably killed them off centuries ago so uh I don't buy it I I think that they're setting that up to be a twist and or maybe it's too obvious and they actually are descendants of clear-site yeah I don't know weeds to the next theory well what ones like I wanna I want to go keep going down this theory train for a little bit um hold on to that to that prediction but like I'm I'm kind of wondering if maybe it's something more along the lines of both both silk wings like the silk wings that are alive today that are flame wing or flame silks and the hive wings are both like descendants of clear skies that have just like branch down like to evolution paths that could be possible if she had like you know Northville it's mentioned that if she does get with sun street she has more than one child yeah and one of them is named tortoiseshell which would probably look more like a hive wing like it's interesting because if you look at their designs you can see traces of Nightwing in both of them right now I'm now I'm looking at back at the art yeah like if you really look you can see little traces of Nightwing traits on both silk wings and high waves yeah I mean especially the hive wings obviously yeah the hive wings look more period than silk wings do but silk wings do still have a couple touches in their scale design that look a little bit tonight English mm-hmm you know I I'm interested to see where that goes cuz I want to see it's going somewhere it definitely is and are we good to move on yeah yeah go ahead and go ahead okay so one of the other people who support the idea that the hive wings are clear cites descendents have noted that the reason why cricket might be able to be immune from Queen wasps mind control is that she might have the mind-reading ability from night wings because of what that passage that I read where blue is thinking all these things about her and then she responds during that passage the rest of what he says to her when he's talking out loud is in dialogue quotes so some people are thinking that maybe like maybe that wasn't just him not realizing that he was talking and maybe she was actually just reading his mind oh just blew my mind because I feel like if she was reading his mind it would have come up at other points as well and not just that one scene but she could also be hiding it so I'm especially interested in getting her point of view to find out if that might be true or not yeah like well and obviously like she's a dragon that has things to hide yeah she's used to hiding things and and and that could be seen as like like that scene you could read it as her thinking that blue was not like fully conscience fully with it so she kind of let something slip I don't know I could see that one going either way I think that's a really interesting theory though yeah I don't think that I quite believe it and the main reason why is that little throwaway line about the fact that cricket knows lady scarab who is a relative of the Queen because she has the lady title so she has to be royal some way right now but she's not she's not in charge of any of the hives though so she's some form of lesser nobility and to anyone who forgot who lady's scarab is she's the one who helps out Luna and blue by ripping an epic fart in the candy store and I love her never gonna get over that I love her I I hope she comes back in a big way because I really really love her yeah so I'm wondering if maybe Cricut like maybe Queen wasps mind control doesn't work on other royals which would make sense since they're supposed to be kind of insect-like and yeah that was that was my theory too is that Cricut was some kind of descendant from royal royalty that was a secret yeah so I'm like kind of wondering if maybe like she might be related to lady scarab or maybe the because they know each other and I'm pretty sure that Lady scare will end up being important at some point because you know she's a high rank or high ish ranking hive wing who supports silk wings so I'm sure that she'll be important right the only problem with that theory is is that if that was the case if if like royal hive wings didn't get mind controlled I think that cricket especially would already know that mmm that's true yeah so that probably won't be true either but that's just my idea yeah who knows clearly there's some connection there to be made mm-hmm and we still have not seen anything of the chrysalis like the chrysalis gets talked about quite a bit in this book but they have not shown up at all I'm I'm actually kind of hoping that in one of these books we get to see the leaf wing rebellion and maybe it's it's a book about the chrysalis and the leaf wing rebellion like joining up but like at first but at first they like disagree with each other because obviously the chrysalis is still kind of under the brainwashing of the hive wings and thinking probably that leaf wings are terrifying and awful both who leave wings have a whole bunch of resentment towards silk wings yeah they're like uh you guys just gave up screw you and I'm like oh you need to work together though yeah like there would be some interesting areas of conflict there I'm looking I'm looking forward to that because I'm 90% certain that we're gonna get a POV from Sun do before this arc is over yeah my predictions for for POVs obviously we had blue for this one I'm guessing Luna for the second book just based on how this one ends and how there's the epilogue ifs or tail doesn't die sword tail but I could I so think he is gonna die and we're gonna get somebody completely random sundew and cricket obviously like those those would be the I like the s55 choices yeah I'm I'm thinking slightly different mainly just because we haven't had a repeat character yet I don't know if they're gonna do that we're like they don't repeat a tribe mm-hmm cuz normally they don't but I'm not sure if they're gonna keep doing that though because we do have repeats in the main cast which we haven't had before I probably do know we'll get a POV I'm thinking but I'm thinking that there's two ways this could go yeah either the next book will follow Luna on Pieria in which case I think we might get umbers point of view oh and I will explain why or what happens is that we continue on pantalla and then Luna returns at the end for book three because right now it seems like her her directive is to get back to pantalla as quickly as she can so I don't know if they'd really be doing much on Pieria and a lot of the book would probably just be traveling back to pantalla so they might just skip that and just have her come back yeah I could totally see that being a case as well plus then like if if you write it from Lunas perspective or just like over there anyway like like if it's amber or Luna like or moon or Qibla or whoever anybody over on period side you have to explain like their whole trip back over to pantalla how they got there you're like cutting off the audience from everything going on on pantalla which is really important and then you have to explain like how the main characters meet back up with each other and like all that's like I'm sure Sutherland can make it interesting but like the main focus right now especially with just book 2 should still be on pantalla yeah I know I think it would be the weaker of the two routes to take and I'm sure that still be good points because seeing Luna interact with the Puri and Dragons would be cool but it also be kind of rehashing things that readers already know mm-hmm versus keeping it in pantalla would continue new content and I think in that case the second book would probably be cricket cricket Pele be good to me I want it because I I feel like she's got a lot to think about right now oh yeah what she's done and like the decisions that she's been making and she's like oh god like she didn't sign up for any of this like this was just kind of dropped into her lap yeah she's like Jesus Christ like her clear-site help me yeah it's it's a lot to take in for her as well so I really think that you should get her POV before we get anyone elses but the reason why I say that the period POV will probably be umber is that Sutherland did confirm in an interview that Amber and Sora will be coming back in this arc and they will be kind of important she said and like Sora has a reason to want to get out of pieria so it would make sense if like at least Sora is the one to go back with Luna to pantalla because they have a vested interest in getting her out of there and she also said that one of the point-of-view books in this arc will be from an LGBT character and we already know that umber is attracted to male Dragons so we know that he's LGBTQ right it would make sense if he was one of them and also we haven't had a mud wing since the first book I would like a mud wing again he was scuse me I'm sorry that snuck up on me but yeah like umber always seemed like a fun background character that I wanted to know more about so I would like to have him and I could be wrong maybe they're gonna introduce a new LGBT character which I would not be opposed to yeah that'd be great we already have umber and maybe we could give him some development you know that would that would be great for all the reasons you mentioned I would love I'd love to get to know more about him I'd love to see Sora again I'd love to see more of mud wings in general because we've had clay and clay is not exactly like the pillar of mud wing principles he he doesn't alright job of it but he wasn't raised in it like they write exactly and I feel like they would understand like the bond that Luna and blue have yeah so I'm hoping I'm hoping very much for a number POV I think he would be a really interesting perspective if we're gonna have another period dragon at all I would like it to be umber yeah he'd be a good one so I think I think that's it as far as predictions that I had I can't really think of any more off the top of my head I can't think of any either I really like I said I really hope ladies scarab comes back in a big way I'd be thrilled to know if she is part of like chrysalis or something like that like she's part of the royalty is actually in on the whole getting rid of queen wasp and all that stuff well you have to imagine that they're not you know not everyone is super pleased about the whole constant mind control thing right yeah like some of them don't seem to mind but crickets like yeah I I cannot imagine being okay with something like that so right it stands to reason that not all the hive wings are probably okay with this yeah especially okay no that scene was actually frightening too and in a different way because you see they're like going through a park and you see a silk wing caring for a hive wing child because silk wings are oftentimes like maids and nannies and stuff for these hive wings yeah you see like this silk wing tending to this child and then suddenly being like oh my gosh what's wrong like what's happening to you and this kid just turns like bloodthirsty and you know because everyone else around them is going away and I'm like Jesus like okay so children aren't immune from this and they act as one like they are a hive bullet and they throw themselves in danger yeah like the children aren't probably capable of handling this like if they make them fly a long way who's to say that their bodies don't just give out right so I can't imagine that the hive wings are entirely okay with this because it probably is endangering the lives of their children I wouldn't be surprised if some of them had lost children during these little episodes like yeah you got to imagine that for the lower-class hive wings things probably aren't all that great either yeah no no I'm really interested to see where this arc takes us do we have any idea how long we have to wait we don't have a title or nothing right now right we don't have a title we don't cover we don't know the POV I don't think all I know is that the graphic novel vol 2 comes out in February of 2019 so the next main series book probably won't come out until a while later and the paperback of darkness of dragons comes out on December 26 my god assholes I'm so glad I did not wait for the paper bags I would be dying right now is that I'm so mad because I was gonna be like okay I'll ask for that for Christmas because I've gotten to that age where I don't really know what to ask for for Christmas anymore okay I'll hold it up and it's like oh yeah it comes out on the 26th the day after Christmas and I'm like well good job that that destroys that plan now I gotta try to figure out what to give my parents haha give me no one knows I can't send them the Hot Topic I I always just I make an Amazon wishlist and I'm just like here there you go get something off of that maybe like they'd like to have like paper and pencil it feels more personal that way I guess paper Oh like to write stuff down yeah they'd like us to like write it down and give it to them because if you make forget to look if you make the Amazon wish list though then you can just write down things from there and give it to them that's true maybe I'll do that I got off topic I'm just yeah anyway though it not happened with winter turning cuz winter turning paper back came out on the 27th of December so this isn't aa time thing oh hi it's come on marketing so from that information I'm gonna guess that we're waiting like a year and a half for the new book probably like it'll probably come out and like middle end of 2019 probably oh I cry and yet at the same time someone like take your time I I'm I love these books yes please take your time to write the book to its fullest but ya know I don't know if we have any more news on any winglets or any legends that are gonna be coming out in the meantime I just know the graphic novel vol 2 is out in February and we'll have to get too graphic the graphic novel vol 1 before then yeah that probably we should do that then yeah yeah cuz I'm actually I I own that one I don't own the wings the winglet yet winglets yet my goodness I cannot speak I mean I can send you they released the first three of them in a paper back and it's like teeny tiny but I have that so if you need I can send that to you the fourth one is still ebook only I think I don't think they're gonna release another paperback set until they have three of them and Linux I don't know if they have anymore coming out soon I haven't checked okay I really want some more I would love to know more about a lot of these characters yeah yeah and who knows maybe the maybe the whole plot with like luna meeting moon and Kili and like going back to pantalla and stuff that would make good material for winglets yeah just for like that oh by the way here's how this conversation went down yeah here's how they're going back cuz moon can kind of see the future so maybe she could guide them over no no but we don't know who's gonna be coming back to pantalla at this point it could be a lot of different people speaking of seeing the future oh no no go ahead winter you know like you know winter is still like dead – I swing Society and Sora needs to get out of there and like I feel like there's a lot of dragons that could go it won't be hope and peace maker I don't think because I'm pretty sure that southern once said that animus magic and peace maker are not going to be major players in this third arc that's probably for the best because every time I think about peacemaker I like died a little inside yeah it's like oh I'm sorry I know some people like like that whole thing I really don't know peacemakers cute I don't like how they got him though no I like it it's kind of like existential dread whenever he comes up I'm just like oh my god he's trapped in there but speaking of seeing the future there's something we didn't talk about at all there's a prophecy in this book that actually never comes up in the actual book oh that's right I'm hoping it never does yeah I'm hoping that like they just go through all this stuff and then later on they find the prophecy and they're like huh huh that played out strangely well well maybe if we'd known about this but I don't know I think maybe moon said it in the ending of darkness of dragons maybe I don't recall I don't have it yet so I don't know hmm maybe like I I was wondering if maybe it was going to either a be something that was going to be revealed in the book of clear-site which obviously it's not or be something that moon says when they get over there either way though if it ends up not showing up at all though I'd be totally okay with that as well okay I got a look at this prophecy and make some predictions okay yes let's let's do it we had our first stanza which is pretty straightforward it's a turn your eyes your wings your fire to the land across the sea where dragons are poisoned and Dragons are dying and no one can ever be free obviously that's for the pantalla or the period dragons to go help pantalla mm-hmm that's nothing super special a secret lurks inside their eggs a secret hides within their book a secret buried far below may save those brave enough to walk Oh actually no book actually this is something I wanted to talk about I was thinking about it when were talking about positive and positive pros and cons of the book and I was like I need to talk about this in predictions I'm like I think there is something going to be something big going on with the cave system and stuff that's underground I'm kind of one that's where hive wings originated from it would make sense because the way that they build their hives can't have happened naturally before they got rid of the wavelengths right so that's probably where the true like hive wings are from like the pre you know the hive wings that were there 2,000 years ago are probably in the high or probably in the cave system yeah because mostly more they weren't there to greet clear sight cuz they're just like these big circular holes in the ground that like our cavernous essentially and it's like that seems suspicious anyway yeah yeah so secret lurks in there eggs a secret hides within their book secret buried far below may save those brave enough to look so I think the secret hyzer than their book is obviously in the book of clear sight and what they find out about that right and then secret lurks inside their eggs could reference the flame silks or it could be something else I think it's gonna kind of talk like it that line in particular the secret lurks inside their eggs is probably whatever twist is coming up with who's actually related to clear-site yeah most likely then we have our last stanza open your hearts your minds your wings for the dragons who flee from the hive basically evil with talons United or none of these tribes would survive so clearly they have to do something about wasp because I mean she can mobilize an entire tribe as an army at any given point so if she finds out about Perry oh that's probably not gonna be too great right because they're still recovering from war over there as well well yeah and hide wings like hi wings could do some damage to some pure in dragons hi wings are pretty Opie and like as we've mentioned I mean let's see here just thinking about it cuz do we really think that the period dragons would band together all that well after that's happened Oh No if the period dragons banded together this probably wouldn't be that much of a problem because you have seven tribes against one but that's not super likely to happen so yeah well either way I think we've probably talked about this book long enough we ended up talking for like almost an hour and a half but it's a it's exciting yeah it's a brand new arc and wings of fire it's a good book like I said still not as good of a book as I think moon rising or the dragonette prophecy was but still still a good wings of fire book yeah like I'm hoping that this will continue to be an excellent series as it has been and even though this is weaker and I do think that that power of three principle which is what I'm gonna call it from now on I think that that is starting because it always seems to be the third arc where it like kind of starts going downhill always where I commit to buying hardcover does it start to fall off haha but I don't think that it's like a huge drop in quality or anything like that I think oh maybe a few things were not fully thought-out because of just rushed scheduling but I think I think that Sutherland is a strong enough writer that that's not going to tank the series or anything like that I think it's still gonna be really good I still think it's one of the best series for kids out there yes some things bugged me a little bit more than maybe some other wings of fire books have in the past not counting darkness of dragons which I still think is my least favorite I did like lost continent I think more than darkness of dragons even though darkness of dragons had its good points too so that's where I stand on it I'm excited for the next one and I'm sure we'll be back with the graphic novels in the winglets and whenever the cover art and everything is revealed for the next book I'm sure we'll bring that up oh yeah yeah so talk to you guys later thanks for coming see you next time goodbye

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  1. I dunno How legit this is or if you know already but there is a wings of fire wiki that states the 12th book is called The hive queen. And that is also comes out december 26th 2018 and will be in crickets pov. The title is on several sites so i dont thiiiink its fake? There's a reference on the page that says it was revealed by sutherland

  2. Man fuck you bitch ass nigga. Dont act like i give a fuck about what u think nigga.

  3. Hivewings buzz confirmed! On pg 15 it says "Yellow-striped wings flickered and buzzed" and on the same page it says "followed by the sound of buzzing, beating wings as all the gaurds and soldiers took off to the air" and on pg 61 "As they whipped their heads around, buzzing and hissing"

  4. “Like imagine people getting into WoF years down the line and they go ‘oh there’s a lost continent?’ and they just know because this book’s already out” lmao that literally happened to me, just picked up this book today. But knowing there’s one ahead of time has made me appreciate all the subtle foreshadowing Tui’s left!

    Love listening to y’all’s reviews while I work, it’s entertaining hearing your thoughts on these books and they encouraged me to go seek them out in the first place. Thanks for introducing people to a wonderful series! 🙂

  5. I recently finished reading this in real like. IT WAS AN AMAZING STORY, loved every part

  6. I actually think that they mentioned somewhere in the book about a Hivewing buzzing off .

  7. I started on the Dark Secret cause my school had 2-10 and someone had 3 and 2 out.

  8. I think it would be so cool to find out silkwings have some secret power other than the rare flame silks, almost like rainwings poison. 😂

  9. For a book of dragons with insect features, this was pretty good. I really enjoy some of the some of the changes to this new story arc. Cricket was an instant national treasure the moment she showed up. <3 The new evil queen having possession powers is messed up. But I can appreciate how it adds a sense of horror from this new villain. I look forward to see how much the old characters from Pyrrhia will learn from this new world.

    I wish I had known about the B&N exclusive version before, but I'm still happy that I've got a signed copy from Books-a-Million.

  10. I have a theory that the moral of this arc will be found in this quote. "darkness can not drive out darkness only light can do that, hate can not drive out hate only love can do that" by martin Luther king jr

  11. I recently finished this book myself, and I’m surprised that we saw the Admiral scene so differently. The Admiral interactions were probably my favorite part of the book, not because of his actions, but how his character compares to Blue’s. This foil between them made me automatically “antagonize” Admiral in a way, which made me see this scene as a tragedy rather than a joke. I do, however, appreciate you guys pointing out the possible implications- makes me wish I would have caught them myself. Thank you for opening me up to this perspective!

  12. Who the fuck has a 1.5 hour long book review also why was this the first video when I searched for an audiobook of this book seriously

  13. You gotta remember dragon lifespans are about 150 years max, and it’s hinted that Clearsight lived longer than average. She was only about 16-13 generations ago, depending on how old Clearsight truly was.

  14. I feel like series 3 will be the last WoF series. I don’t see anything that Tui can continue from for series 4, so far.
    This series was great, but it’s almost definitely coming to an end.

  15. I love how Blue school is called Silkworm Hall, almost telling you early that the Hivewings thing of Silkwings as nothing but worms, hence the name Silkworm. ( Do they show you the Hivewings behaviour before they tell you the name of the school? Idk)

  16. 56:39 Spoiler warning for THQ!

    Still here? Ok. It specifically says in The Hive Queen that HiveWings are descendants of Clearsight, but they used to be classified as Silkwings because Clearsight's children (she had a batch with Sunstreak and a couple more with a Silkwing we haven't heard of yet when Sunstreak died) mated with Silkwings and kept the strongest genes alive. It wasn't until 5 something generations ago that the queen of that time frame declared HiveWings as their own species.
    My theory is that some queen, maybe Wasp, her three-greats-grandmother or someone from even further back ordered assassins to kill off any Silkwings with black scales to make it seem like only HiveWings were descendants of a "deity". And to not arouse suspicion, they either blamed it on the LeafWings, or did the deed far enough later that they do not seem connected. And it is also possible that it was that same queen who banned inter-tribe marriage, though this fact is not essential for my theory to work.

  17. I have a theory that Clearsight is'nt related to the Hivewings. There is never a Hivewing mentioned in the prologue. Instead, Clearsight has a vision of having dragonets with a Silkwing named Sunstreak. Plus, on the cover, Blue has spots on his arm and tail that are similar to the ones Nightwings have. I think the Hivewings have always had black and just made that up so they would appear more special and powerful.

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