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good morning class welcome I hope you had a wonderful weekend I've emailed you the lesson plan for today and also a PowerPoint so I really hope you have time to just focus on what we are doing today so today we are doing literary essay writing I've also made some notes on my board for you to look at so let's have a look at the objectives of this lesson I'm going to focus on this writing process and we are going to look at transition linking words how these words can help you to link all of your paragraphs and I'm also going to explain the format that you need to make use of when you write a literary essay and they don't only explain the people writing technique to you and then guidelines on how you should write this essay for instance of formal register contractions pronouns and then we are going to do some group work because you have to practice the skill and you need to master it ok so let's start with the writing process only prior six I've got now these suck out some pipe as well and I would like you to make a list of all the transition words you can think of I'll give you two seconds just quickly make a list yes okay now transition words it's like a list of the transition which that you use the most okay yes however yes therefore therefore yes yes definitely in conclusion and one goes yes in addition we can use that as well okay if you can think of other examples please Michael s today we are going to use them when you are going to practice this writing process a kind of the next thing that we have to do is the format of a s now you need to make use of five paragraphs your introduction introduction and then you have you body paragraphs and there's going to be one two three and then you have your conclusion so all in all five paragraphs okay but now we write a literary essay you need to follow a recipe so I'm going to help you with that because we write to introduction you need ingredients introduction you have to mention your main thesis statement now what is that who can tell me what my thesis statement is yes yes okay that is your main idea and you want to prove that in your essay so in your introduction you need to mention your mind this statement and then also the title of the novel that you are going to refer to title of novel okay and then you also have to mention the aspects usually three main aspects that you are going to use to prove you might be statement it's three aspects okay so this must be in your introduction just quickly might be notice this we all right is this okay now the next thing before I help you with your conclusion is review writing technique for you right it looks like this till the P stands for my point my point then you need evidence from your novel evidence from your text then you need to explain your evidence explain and you need a link okay so you are going to use the field technique in every paragraph in your first body paragraph second body paragraph and third one so we'll come back to this just please make a note of how we are going to make users feel in every paragraph now your conclusion the recipe for you for your conclusion you have to mention your mind thesis point again and normally you start your conclusion with a conclusion that's your transition bullet that you usually see do this in conclusion okay my thesis point in conclusion and in a short summary of your mind aspects that you have used to prove to my thesis point three points and then lastly your profound thought okay if you might use it a profound thought you can indicate your understanding of the inside of the content and it's always nice to end your thesis doing a whole literary insight with a punch line okay so now we need to practice this goals so you are already divided into five groups so I'm going to let each of you practice one of the paragraphs so you are going to in a group you are going to practice writing and introduction first body paragraph second body paragraph and you can write their conclusion I really want you to practice the field writing technique when you do this so I'm going to give you instructions so we are busy reading the novel the boy in the Striped Pyjamas so this novel focuses on the second world war and what happened in house which now for this essay you need a main thesis point so the Second World War was based on the Germans who viewed themselves as superior but in the book the author pisses on the differences between you a Jewish boy and Bruno a German boy so I would like you to write an essay proving to me that you that you was superior superior and to three aspects that you can use to prove your mind this statement you can focus on physical physical superiority intellectual intellectual superiority and moral superiority okay very good okay and before you start your register what is there goes what is a register yes yes it's either formal or informal now when you write and little Hillary inside it is formal so that means that you cannot make use of any contractions so you have to make use of cannot would not do not so please be a vet in mind and then no personal pronouns are allowed so because this aside written objectively in the passive voice so you may not make use of my opinion or I think this in that you need to stay objective because you have to prove your main thesis wait okay so take out some paper with the groups okay thank you I'm going to give you five minutes and then you can practice this back for homework I need you to write your own inside make use of the three aspects the main thesis point and then when I see you again please bring your si to close so that I can mark your insight and give you feedback for when you have to write this particular essay in the exam thank you so much thank you

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