Literary Genres: Fiction part 2

hello my name is Kylie and welcome to reading literary genre part 2 in part 1 of the video we've learned about the difference between fiction and nonfiction writing and we're introduced to the first six types of fiction writing in this video you'll learn about six more styles of literature you can choose to read let's go okay so there are many types of fiction reading in this video we'll look at folktale fairy tale mystery historical fiction drama and poetry let me explain what these types of writings are about these two types of genre are very similar they both were stories told to entertain folk tales were stories people told one another around a fire or at bedtime or at dinner I know it's hard to believe but there was a time when there was no tablets laptops televisions or radios fairytales are a specific kind of folk tale folk tales could tell the story of a local person doing a good deed having a bad day or getting a wonderful gift on their birthday fairy tales were a form of fantasy fiction and usually had fantastic beasts fairies witches and other make-believe creatures they often were meant to be scary and shocking there are many famous examples of fairy tales you may have read about Cinderella The Little Mermaid or Jack and the Beanstalk mysteries are stories that leave you in suspense and often ask whodunit a mystery is usually all about some sort of crime and people who are trying to solve it it can also be about a missing item or even who planned a surprise party mysteries are fun to read because as a story happens you can gather your own clues and try to predict or discover who did what here are several mysteries you may enjoy the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adapted by Judith Conway chasing vermeer by blue ballot the Hardy Boys series by flight Franklin W Dixon and the Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene historical fiction takes us way back in time to a real historical event wait what did I just say real yes but there's a catch the event from history itself is real but most of the story the people and the small events are made up confusing yeah it can be but let me help think about an event from history let's say the American Revolutionary War in the late 1700s of course it was definitely a real war and had many famous historical figures involved in it George Washington comes to mind an author who is writing a historical fiction piece may start with the true event and build a story around it let's say I take the George Washington's Crossing the Delaware River with his troops a real event but I make up the story of Scott Townsley I made a person who made the boat he crossed in I make up the boat maker an exciting story to go with how he barely made the boat in time to help George Washington crossed the Delaware River you see the story is partly true with real details about George Washington the Revolutionary War and the Delaware River but also has made up or fictitious parts like Scott the boat maker and his crazy adventure making the boat a great story that shows this and happens to be about the Revolutionary War is Phoebe the spy by Judith Barry Griffin other amazing works of historical fiction are Around the World in eighty Days by Jules Verne the call of the wild by Jack London and Heidi by Johannes Sperry here's an interesting thing that happens with some stories some stories start out as realistic fiction then end up being historical fiction because of the passage of time remember the book Black Beauty we mentioned earlier well when it was written in 1877 it was considered realistic fiction it's now been over 140 years since it's been written putting the setting in the past we now would consider it to be historical fiction I wonder what books are being written right now that will be around to be thought of as historical fiction in a hundred years or more drama is a made-up story written to be performed on a stage this is also called a play dramas can be any of the type of fiction we have already discussed one thing that makes drama different from other genres is that it includes directions for the actors and lists dialogue or words to be spoken it looks very different from other types of writing take a look at a sample from a play about a garden in the city poetry is a lot of fun to both read and write from song lyrics to greeting cards poetry is part of our everyday culture poetry is written in sections called verses these verses are made up of lines each line is brief or short poetry uses colorful words and shows how a person feels and thinks and dreams poems can rhyme or not they don't have to some poetry can be very organized like a haiku or a sonnet these types of poem have a set pattern and rules to how you write them other poems are called free verse and they have no rules haikus are an example of a very structured poem this means strict writing rules that must be followed all haikus have 17 syllables and three lines the first line having five syllables the second line having seven syllables and the third line having five syllables again there are usually about nature but they also don't have to be here's an example of a haiku an ocean voyage when blue waves tickle my toes the sea is my home here's an example of a free verse poem with no set rules to follow the author just wrote what they felt and what came to their mind the end of my sweet oh the pain my sadness is so much I no longer have that bumpy ice-cream cone to touch I don't know how I'll get through the day the night the next day I am suffering but wait that noise could it be the amazing sound of the ice-cream man's truck okay nevermind I am cool woo oh the drama well now we've covered many more types of fiction you can read and write which one is your favorite oh one more thing if you really like to read a specific literary genre why don't you try creating a piece of writing yourself if you're interested in learning more about how to go about this you could watch our video series on the writing process to practice what you've learned be sure to play our fun online games and quizzes until next time remember to always be clever

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