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hello my name is Kylie and welcome to literary genres nonfiction did you know there are many types of writing in this video you will learn all about the word genre and the many styles of nonfiction you can read ready let's go before we get into what nonfiction is all about let's make sure we understand how to correctly pronounce the word genre is it Jean raah genrih genre it can be a little tricky so it is pronounced genre it may seem a little odd but it is pronounced this way because it comes from the French word spelled and pronounced the same way genre in French it means style or type of something so instead of asking what type of book are you reading you would ask what genre is a book you are reading pretty fancy huh we are focusing on nonfiction in this video but it's important to remember the difference between nonfiction and fiction you may already know that the things you read can be grouped into two main categories things that are true or factual and things that are made up in someone's imagination one way to remember which is a way to think that since fiction is made up nonfiction is not made up the non and the word can remind you of the word not some people also like to think of this word that fiction comes from fictitious fictitious means not real not true made-up in one's mind for this video we'll be concentrating on true factual writing nonfiction if you'd like to learn more about fiction please check out our video literary genre fiction the genre nonfiction or writing that is true has several types they are biography autobiography articles and subject specific nonfiction let's break down the word biography file comes from the Greek BIOS meaning life and gruffy comes from the Greek grafica meaning an account or explanation so the biography really means life explanation a biography is the true story of someone's life there is an amazing series of biography called who was many interesting people are profiled or written about in the series including Venus and Serena Williams who are tennis stars Milton Bradley the game inventor and even the infamous pirate Blackbeard there are hundreds from which to choose if you add the prefix Otto in front of the word biography it changes its meaning to mean a true life story written by that actual person Otto comes from the Greek word oneself or yourself so if you write your own life story and only stick to the facts you are writing an autobiography articles are true pieces of writing written for newspapers magazines and cyclopædia or online sources nonfiction articles are written using facts and descriptions there shouldn't be anything untrue and the author should avoid using a lot of descriptive words that can't be measured or backed up by research articles are meant to be somewhat short and to the point the author's main purpose in writing an article is to inform the reader as quickly and clearly as possible you must be careful however not all authors or sources are honest use your common sense to think about if something is really true it's also a very good idea to ask your parents teachers or a librarian about a sources trustworthiness this is especially true about internet or online article sources articles may include photographs charts and graphs or other graphics to help you better understand the material always be sure to read the words by these images these are called caption and they tell us a little bit more about what the image is and how it is and why it's important all about alligators how the goldrush changed Alaska the Silk Road and what was traded along in how train engines work 100 easy recipes for after-school snacks learning to read French these are all books that present and explains true real facts about a specific topic they often have pictures charts graphs and other images to help explain so that we can understand they are usually set up in sections and often have a glossary a mini dictionary in the back to help you with words about the topic there are books on just about any topic that you can think of with the wide variety of topics available to read about in the literary genre nonfiction the world is literally at your fingertips where will you start a book about how the steam engine was invented a biography about Abraham Lincoln to practice what you've learned be sure to play our fun online games and quizzes until next time remember to always be clever

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