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few places are closer to a rider's heart than their bedroom and workspace if you're looking to renovate your room or office consider drawing inspiration from your favorite iconic authors decorative style the red textured wallpaper of Victor Hugo's bedroom will suit the more sensual reader while the ergonomic design of a standing desk was ahead of its time Virginia Woolf appreciated the need for personal space surround yourself with books and prized objects to replicate the peace and tranquility of her 17th century cottage Emily Dickinson needed just a small table and plenty of natural light to composer verses you might find an oil lamp or candle like an inspiring alternative after dark the small space in which Marcel Proust slept is a testament to the potential of the studio apartment find a comfortable armchair and a bureau with plenty of storage to turn a spare room into a versatile and creative place draw inspiration from these legendary authors and your bedroom can become as stylish and timeless as the rooms where they wrote their greatest works

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