Literary just Realm Royal

okay got a pistol and Interbike I'm just playing some romário you wanna join dang any dude okay give me a weapon yes a green revolver you'll love to see it what the heck did yes we are did I not get any help from that healing station hey you want to be my friend sure anyway how did I get that kill oh he had an epic healing station you sounded so sad when he said he's like repairing my armor thank God several friends you have zero friends why that's actually why that's what he said dirt bike like I don't know hey Jonathan when do when did we get out of school like a month ago hmm on June what June something I just got an even though there were a big pistols but you're still in school oh I got ready I was gonna say because it's a new season I know season four no I saw someone else coming here but on more they went bike mom go get your whiny baby yo dude yo dude they still run for tonight to be honest I need I'd want oh oh if I get two more shards I can craft I can forge myself a sword so I got a question what is Mother's appear I don't know how but I did yeah I don't even know I want myself a frickin sword oh crap it costs 90 for a weapon that means anybody thirst that dude wherever you went as a chicken now where are you yeah I'm a bar I freaking streaming and it makes it lag makes a stream lag I know it's so bad I wish that I mean I kind of want to in this dream yeah I kind of want to in the stream because it's lag so bad maybe I could stream from Instagram instead yeah I didn't have one time when I when I showed everyone to her I turn on hacks for fortnight yeah I had that video on YouTube but it got deleted it because how did you do an emote look you'll do one of my grandpa is in the hospital all right said ready oh okay watch this I'm a chicken I'm the battle I'm the battle bah what what happened to like what happened to my playstation skin yeah what we're the goals though it doesn't show that I have it yeah I have him I don't know where he is earlier that you can stretch I know but it doesn't it only shows that I only have one class wait can you see me yeah what did you just down on it while you were playing the game no no I downloaded it I used it yesterday wait did you download it while you're already up already oh my gosh I'm not waiting on the lobby any longer no I saw him and I was playing with them and then it's gone today hurry up and ready already I just want just to show that I asked and I don't default exposed on stream with zero people watching it your you don't stream I'm already broadcasting this I don't it's called literally just roaming time is kind of raging already got a kind of raging moose that's that's not a you don't know how to make you two titles kind of raging that makes no sense I'm a college that also makes no sense why would you name the name of your video streams to I don't care if a bit a bad title please watch a lot of them are though and like you I mean I don't make bad titles I make clickbait titles wait greatest quits green jackets don't you can still be in the match no I can help you finding food including food anyway so you have to keep present on the warrior yeah I'm here sure yeah so after this match we're gonna go down for night dirt bike and play with my friends Lamanna fall phone call was so struck crossing hex drop caution crossing get a couple of limbs and then get that win and no we are not going oh yeah and then we're gonna head to the underpass whenever we get some loot you're watching the stream right now you would see that it's not he got off did your stream coming out so help help help on you on you yeah I already killed someone he's by himself now dang that's tough I got three worms yeah I'm done I can't play when I'm lagging you see I was I was like a complete ball right there I only got three kills I can help me why tools Wow and drop my controller on my foot stay credence doesn't know how to get him win I'm sorry ye I clicked on for

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