Literary me being a bot

we've probably seen them on the stream here somewhere say hi yes I'm streaming we are gonna just if you saw the title of this cuz you guys know I'm a bot so we're gonna be trying to do challenges we might even try to win but um doesn't matter and I can flicks this emote all that all I want because he doesn't have it here okay listen listen listen okay I need two more tears okay 18 more bother stars and I I showed you where 10 battlesaurs orange did you fail to give it time I'm not marking it I know you're gonna have to find it I have a photographic memory do you do and why you fail to remember anything about for tonight anything I told you her memory loss but at least I have photographic friendly those are exact opposites you his Dom kid I'm removing that really floating yeah epic decided they want to make their game good on salty springs because we're absolutely try hards what a baby-blue to take all the baby blue asked me for my dick it's not hard stop are you absolutely kidding me help oh but you're not actually gonna help me it was don't kid great TV great great you're a great TV quality streaming here Behindwoods right I can get you banned on Twitch right well whatever streaming service you're doing I can get you banned on you need a one I know exactly how that means bed that means big shit I got one of them chief I need an AR or shotgun or something that's not a crappy grenade launcher this guy never missed a shot this guy never missed a shot what yeah that guy never missed a shot he'd always hit head shots shoot down a drone try to get a better gun shoot down a drone so you can get a better gun get that body you son of a bee oh I don't know who you think who all you just don't realize huh I need a better feel for Nevada great character 9 8 P by the way should you use those babies I went to go get some quality time use man you did it I got two kills I'm happy did I get two codes or did you get the rush we got the rise let's do it I actually try and win yes meaning that's not a job at the first drop that's a hot job going hard to Hills oh yeah a Tanner fan my mind boys and say is for me about my B oh that's um Tanner's brother white would just now hear that I'm guessing these are one of those zero-zero of your streams oh the Builder should be smack dab on my mom pretty much yeah yeah yeah yes you get ya challenge after please top six and squads though have to mechanism kicks I think what challenges we can do boys only be accepting challenges I need structure Junction and neo tilted such ammo boxes and different name locations that's not a party assistors it no one is not saving ammo box for me we just not be sure than Megamall in a single match that's not all of my items are green Emma box you need a green acre already heavily oh my weapons are green I we're actually have to be what if I get closer I need a shotgun I think we all need a shotgun hey can you think about ammo box again chief it's somewhere over there okay that's done um how much did that give me I think that'd be like five what can we do to get three more so snobby Shores and mega mo isn't happening even if it did happen live we'd have to deal damage to people while in the vehicle now we could also stretch chests that one will take 30 seconds and you don't have 30 seconds groan if you can still hear me I need you to save me six chests every time you find a chest I need you to leave it alone two minutes now three met kids actually wash googly-eyed i want to save up the lunch hey we might want to head out I don't care about the minis we need to get out of here demo launchpad I'm getting a hoverboard slipstream that's right there oh come on there's people I see an extra excuse hoverboards well good the campfire forget the campfire just run what I say you won't risk it get that crate head up here head up here to my marker the crate I'll get psyched I'm good Stein Oh Markham thing thing I can't bill damn I'm have to pick pot oh yeah people double teaming with other things we are literally being formed here you can go up if you want you should not have missed it for the best gift right there right there go up go up boof let's go that one not what oh how our mine is right here on the street on the street it's right here the trifle meal here we got it will be fine that's good it's good it's good of course it's in the store I'm going to just have to follow it or not no no no pin shot Oh external shields Berkut warmups broken tag ones for forty year I tell you what also um I might me one of your med kids um yeah I got you yeah you can have it I want the blue combat though purple combat me I need you make it we're being lined up for being landed on right here guys help help me right here and of course they aren't on the same team AB my combat is your shotgun hey I got GUI lunch you can just do so something that really sucks really sucks guys we were so close I was so close it sucks we teared up you do need to land junk though okay yeah it's actually pretty good only need one more I think we know it didn't level off okay actually let's just go snobby we can go snobby and mega mall in a single match we could learn junk though I'm thinking wheel and junk this stream is literally just about getting that email I mean once we get it we might just leave do chest should be it right after chest we could try to make it smoggy your chest boys my god no my sister dropping that boy I'm kneeling what the Apple Oh you someone just completed a lot oh that's a lot of Anna okay [Applause] there what I can barely turn up your mic volume settings oh I need to turn it up okay is that better yeah let me give you a good idea for lunch double decker peanut butter honey sandwich sounds delicious and also sounds disgusting at the same time sounds like my kind of peanut butter and honey times to bread peanut butter honey bread whoa Lauren he's love he's law Oh feels like we have a typewriter in the room why I jump okay third partier by the way literally third party me so hard I put them third one sitting up with enemies third party just who is this Taylor I'm streaming gala bleep I was going to play do was I don't really care see ya dude I play with you I might play with you afterwards yo how much time – I left the machine 26 minutes that's not too bad wait your stream seldom limiter no I just like to keep my stream at a limit of an hour there's no way do-do-do-do-do I wish I could get cuz the thing is really good like I really want the extra-terrestrial I need some more battle storms round I got one first came out and I had literally the best thing I'd ever think the new group is skinny that's how it looks pretty done it really does though it kind of looks like a looks like it's trying to rip off calamity like calamity and the robot skins that's what it looks like it's trying to rip off but I feel like water has something to do with the roughneck really is that that was hard nothing personal issues business rated for all known atmospheres show your style care for harvest oh my beautiful let's actually treasure the fact the group is actually really good that's all right prefer the electrifying music I have the orange justice music on though afterburners Oh afterburners pretty good oh if ITIF I love a lot level 50 I get ten battle stars but I just leveled up the level 49 so I need like seven or eight thousand XP get high placement kill a lot of evening I say you want to do where we're gonna do was then cuz I'm not gonna sweat if one arena do was I forgotten screenshot so listen to this so I didn't stream because I was playing with camera and um you know what happened I had a man killed jewelry no one with Caleb yes nine killed I know it doesn't sound like me but it was in the I promise be sure what was somewhat rare fish we first attacked on your channel no it was all me really yeah I got nine kills oh sorry no don't kid right here I say we drain cuz I don't need to go anymore on this happy Oh salty you said you wanted to travel in okay listen you you wanted me to sweat right I'm saying on five I've made top five okay I need to go to mega moans snob in a single match and there should be ballers here or here knowing our luck there probably won't be any ballers but listen if we can get ballers I can do another challenge and I think it gives me like five bottles cause I can't track it I can't check to see what he gives me not spoiling was this ice area before then flush flush this area was flush and then kind of just like some deserted stuff most of this area like didn't even really have a location oh we have people because there's someone knee right now there's one literally right next to me I need help well I do and it's a jungle so this man's about to get spend his family found Ituri in Utah oh he made me dance made me didn't he had a shotgun – I'm dancing with them I'm dancing with them I eat low he's on right he's on like a teepee he's Lee I hit him so many times with my shotgun he's gonna drink a mini he's drinking a mini boy hey guys we got funny by placing into Norbit we went the happy handling got top five literally burst SMG he landed on top of me he landed on the shotgun you want me to just blind you you not only need you fuck you you know you better shut up what why it's my stream I'm supposed to talk over Church but if you keep talking smack then I'm just going to block you and never played it with you again I was warned of it I was never even talking about your talk about the dude being efficient also can we drop at a heart drop not like a hot job but like a job that spawns neatly or not sponsor you know I love words um hey run I have 17 subscribers would you care to subscribe to my channel my only electronic that's working as much Fox I do apologize I do have a laptop but refuses to connect to the Wi-Fi so I've touched it in honest honestly this thing actually is a just own data I last seen stole mater there has to be like a circle stuff like that I feel like it shows you where the circle is not what the circle like does so this would be great for oh my okay let's go boys hot job I think I forgot to think bus driver but the bus driver he doesn't deserve thinking I'm gonna like my own stream because I'm lonely dude do firebase technology I dislike your stream I will report you for harassment thank you I was in harassment if I'm speaking all the true words as honest is George Washington Dan Knoll and pizza Pitt land pizza pay I need you thank you are you get that shotgun I'll get this burst and they still call it retail ways or someone on you know I'm just trying to shoot down that drone there's someone in this room here I was a scope they all wasn't worth it practical I got a tattoo for y'all I love a tag and you just take my AR are you actually real yep do you need a blue top already I accidentally picked the green tat but something has been shot sir but by even all people are me people are me think of like a thing is he try to give me shoe I'm sorry boys oh my god actually can you get me can you get me please he never missed a shot Michael hats tax absolute hacking I'm reporting him for harassment no a my actual aimbot I don't understand what gun did he have that could deal that he had a purpose car okay at a purpose car how much do you have any shield he would have only needed issue you four times again I did I chose to minis okay there is absolutely no freaking way he couldn't pick you five times that fast five times from the point when you jumped over into the wall there's no point well he could have hit you five times the challenges I can do to give me SP notice not just great I'm not feeling good can we go to Viking village sure it's ready up mop mop also guys on why I'm doing this is because once I get the Stratos skin a hot both of his items both of them have six years users done with four bytes 64 how many four bytes can we get I'll have three and that's XP in battle passes we could get seventy one more for bite well we can get seventy one four bites total as of right now so unless someone's hacking no one should have the singularity skin I'm surprised they leak did this early watch me be one of the first people to get it packs or like a default with the battle house you know how hard I grinded to get to ruin my season I just killed a guy I just killed a guy in the spawn island okay okay time to test this again okay we need oh my told him he dropped the shotgun yes smart idea considering it's one of the first drops listen listen we get the full bite chief and we leave you stay there any longer I can't help you on going to the soccer field huh scrap before fight believe holy crap you have open a come on pandemonium of people well you think heavy air or a normal day or have you running it for tonight I can get the four five there's too many people I'm crawling away don't get me woman don't you know who I am I'm leaving the match yeah I'm leaving the match you can't get my foot biases unless you want to go like running risk your life for it wait wait your fort white what I regret nothing oh my reboot card he didn't really look hard it's possible but very difficult you have one minute you have which if you go into that building you okay yeah you can't get me you have one minute so unless you leave right now you might be able to get it you might have to build up there you probably should have built see look that Launchpad did almost nothing 40 seconds it's on the other side by the way you should have built up likely to use the launch pad if you built up using all of your mats except ten would be good baby sister oh my god 19 seconds 15 seconds 10 9 yeah you can't get it I'm only 4 watch I swear yes 4 seconds oh crap of course is it default with a combat it's a fake me fought wars do this you hit it for 35 blank hit offers but you know chief foot in okay boys ready up and rolling Viking village again this time I need you to come with me dude dude I swear I'm going to regret buying this email tomorrow there's a reason I didn't die I didn't buy it the first time because I don't love it it's an okay emo it just sounds nice it's Howard the alien you can be literally how there's not much I can like literally change my character into Howard the alien I don't care is PS is a 45 right now sorry this land long house it is the very first wrong what this sucks okay it's the second job actually it's not me Shores is the first drop oh hey look it's melting what's melting this place what okay but but but it's a tomb of default see I'm going to get killed they don't care about me I didn't even get the email I was going to do a pop-up or whatever Ron you can't LAN with me my dude I'm gonna get your reboot card and I'm gonna get out of there is there a be moving a soccer field I my ping is is it not your jump fatigue until it already you agent of jumpity that's not what my ream recorded but okay yes go just run don't fight him run you'll fight him get ten mats build up get learning record and run run run of course people with the drum gun Marty add fake defaults by the way oh my god shuttle oh my gosh I hate fake defaults if you find a default in a game you just have to like guess that it's a sweaty boy I wish I had an angry wasn't able to do it I have a pop-up that um has an angry pepper I was gonna pop that up but I don't really have any angry emote Oh shadow box would be considered angry because he's trying to punch something 12:50 oh it smells like training no listen dude we have seven minutes okay perfect okay it's on the other side of the bus route we'll find I don't like my boy hey he was so confused he had John wick and Drake just standing there like oh I'm dropping our way I think that me and Josh nebula have the John wick like they do one oh I have a lot of people my friends will still have the new John work I mean they're not on my friends list right now but if I was said like have all 39 people wait 40 people I guarantee you the majority would probably have it right I'm going to miss the drop on tie I fell too low I want wait you love that sucks oh my god the one time I planned with you you screw it up hey I'm going to land the great in there right in there hey listen this time we don't have like 20,000 people well he goes how do you expect me because we have all the loot here to ourselves no one can take from us speak of the devil attack huh find a blue combat father sir press pistol well I got that so now when I get the strattice I'll have everything and that and we pretty much have circle so we should be good what C word hang on God come for a mama where I Lana glad either it'll show the circle I know I know I saw it um wife game but doesn't show the center of the circle oh no Sarah the circle would be about in this area I'd say I think it'd be on my marker baby somewhere oh yeah Luminos I have a mini for you coming at your birthday present one single mini enjoy a birthday kid it's like getting a cupcake instead of a birthday baby instead of birthday cake it's like your mother saying here's what you want it for your birthday what you wanted for your birthday was the new fortnight character instead she gave you a Barbie doll do you need a blue combat yes you walked right past it you know how you looted this house it was right outside the house already got 200 wood oh no and I'm iced what campfire okay this time if we take damage the storm I can actually heal oh yo you open a chest I had chug splashes and forgot to use the chug splashes okay carrier we might need them for later ater I can't carry them I have a full inventory big room for like a dumb gray gun or something uh I'll get rid of my grenades give me a sec you didn't even lose the entire place I'm just finishing up removing I just love watching a freak out that what they are one of them is in there this dude right here he lost over like 70 shield oh my god I have otters what I tried to edit it and I couldn't edit it that was stupid I literally press confirm and I'd like the second after I pressed it he killed me he's low he tried to dance great using impulses no just build up just build up he have a mask oh yeah for sure boys let's travel I'm up there no no he's above you he's right above you if it's a job where to close the door oh my god I need a watch to that again the stream guys the stream is over you guys did enjoy the stream if you guys did enjoy don't forget to Like and subscribe as always and um yeah I'll see you guys next time good bye

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