Literary me playing fortnite

hey guys we're back with another string or four nine bottle round so basically just me playing for tonight um I mean I didn't really have an idea of what to do cuz none of my friends are joining me for some reason uh so just me plan for tonight as you can tell by the title yeah exciting just me playing for tonight I'd only get shot up I love when my shots don't count that kills me oh my god huh don't tell me he only had a grenade launcher thank God he did wait he kinda did actually I just didn't even care about the pop here's a tall it's probably from the chest and the big 120 their names black kid I have a friend that my join I'm guessing you a little mature Stacey – most of these girls are given a look no yards up don't play do I have a mic you might break it something I'm straightening is my background so dark it's not even dark out seriously like it's it's 736 and sunrise and sunset is like 83815 what day heck mom kvw spends are 100 in the lobby coming to the lobby baby wait a second we may men we dreaming restreaming yep I swear if he leaves don't leave Bobby do you think that dancer if you can hear me KP w k BW dancer beginning alright good you can hear me I'm streaming if your mic is broken dance if you raged and broke it ready up okay just ready up thank you I want this and then tear up a little bit more dude I did season I'm in week one party says that I have to I can never get the challenge done I'm just missing one oh my finger please someone said yep let's see it you guys see the thing is my FaceCam is the reason I'm not looking at you guys because my FaceCam is under my TV so it's like I have like a a dresser kind of I guess in front of me with like my playstation my cable box my controllers my chargers my phone my Nintendo switch my water bottles stream so that's why I'm not looking at the face cam I'm streaming so you make him like do something like put it on top of the TVs and something I'm not gonna put it in the middle of the screen because I'm always looking at the middle screen cuz that I want to do that cuz that I can't see cuz then I can't see anything what's the heck there's like i clutch the glider are you on the line buddy gas station ok bet the gun I'm actually lagging so hard tack AR I want that thank you what the heck did I just hear all my guns are tactical tack shock and tack they are I'm lagging so hard I can't even walk come around this side like this it's tough to kill okay I don't have any mats I forgot about farming yes really what how many bills are used to it one second how many masters yeah okay can you give me a our bullets keep it up you can have it our wallets please now they are balls please I don't have money shotgun think that's heavy [Applause] that's gotta be me there's no I top it thank you bouncy bouncy I don't think anyone loaded here big part yeah bhishan let's get next let's try to go more so more circle so again X circle bouncy umbrella baby let's go wait what I missed it really but the umbrella makes you bounce I think my wife I says it's it's full in bars yo my leg I swear if it's a girl someone's dumb enough to walk into that are you breaking my track down whoa aggressive me of course you got a friend over there where's your mates at hug where's your hands no getting W key ah of course you'd be building to me spot of course of course like you have to just W Keaney with you're drunker than your shotgun your actual box dot people we well really um kpw can you use earbuds cuz like ak-47 mine boy I'm gonna spec I know it's gonna leave why do you leave you bought your something I thought I wanted but I don't know Walking Dead and then there's a stair – um it's uh hi Jay Anthony banking can you guys join my party please um tears and this box can you gun that party then bed can I blow you guys here we do trick shots again I'm gonna badger we don't even know and can we do trick shots again then when you were little you didn't you didn't know Anthony I mean that kind of did you know anyone I told you use your cousin you believe me then can we apply um can we do trick shots again can we just find your mom never told you that Anthony was your cousin oh my mom can you guys oh you guys give me permission my mom's yeah my dad chief can I get permissions please I know oh yeah Anthony I know that you then can we do trick shots again it's me wait yeah oh wait can we do trick shots well I totally did you subdued music 1xp swimmer can you go to Milan you can you go to can you guys go to Milan Milan has been amazing yeah I've got a month alright no trick shots over here it's really my own doll setup you gotta find me I'm gonna give you all permissions where I already have permissions I knew that said no you did not yes when did you go that interview with your husband I knew that all my played keyboards and what other tools no gun obviously by the way side comes on because we did it go I me alright so we're gonna start the game right do you wanna do just do a normal fight anthony island whoa take a seems good okay I'm not using a third party Marty I'm youtube check out product mixes let's go friends YouTube channel I'm in a lot of hospitals I can't do anything get back to the raccoon YouTube fans watch me clap up yeah but I'm good what do you want to fight with Anthony some covered this yeah I know I'm trying to slow down my leg I've been like this hard in a while okay I like yeah I'm only using a hunting rifle that's the only gun I'm using I'm trying to hit flip and it missed me I hate you been where's Evan I'm trying to get the no my name is [Applause] the comment but I'm using I'm your mommy what you say you killed me about oh hey do you still go to the club my leg is so bad what new scope Oh with the ones you can I I ate I hid in 480 I took your shield off mortos good at you excuse me okay okay but you kinda gotta sleep three shock break yourself and no ironing uncle yo you bottled it did you guys 3v wannabe please please leave me one oh yeah and I heard your name where the truth in will show up in here he lives in Connecticut buddies watching some name well why you flying bro [Applause] okay I'm not leaving I won't be pleased by the way head shot body shot well flying I'm flying right now you were actually who is this Brian from the camp Brian home you trick shots with me and on on the stand home you get there is no one shot tryout I'm think squad I'm you know I'm so wanted boys wise go back to the hub I left the game if you want to push grads guys I'll get teenage by the way you're actually trash that your friend requests you guys have edits or not or do you want to do better always on TV news elk and the item code music in the atom shop know what school-ready joins me yeah grab the rope the Betty Grable kazoo wet Benga and in the lobby I don't Anthony yeah one foot it see what's your sister's name again Mamie Mae she way to get a c MH e IE fine god no okay there's loot bag to go on playstation play for it night no yeah Anthony but Eddie it's a god scratch baby let's go I'm streaming right now channel look for ads my friends sound like been join my party y'all James Charles better haze the stash fish Cameron yeah Oh if either YouTube channel publish all did you know do I have hmm like 70 okay make a cake eat a steak a like the only person was burger that I like yeah it's a Nega no I'm not sure he doesn't know that doesn't know Arnold Schwartzenegger is then you are you joking are you joking no you're joking yeah I'll shorten ager was the strongest the strongest man all right never mind no raise your son flip all right now whatever the storms ticking I would see everything you use the chose flash you you're actually serious okay Barney's on all their players better get some milk I think I just said I just said regard with many guns ba-da-ba God are you people you guys don't want to go wake again xixo I literally just sprayed those guys daddy yeah wait wait a Viking village or else I'm gonna play solo Lou Taylor cocky little Lou Taylor touch it oh that's I'm gonna push into the coffee cop a my shotgun nail face been to the bot it's the box yeah yeah I mean I've been doing boxing a lot longer than been booked yeah that's because I just joined join my party are you serious are you serious are you actually done go down oh my god bro heeey hey what's going on and a risk ago that's like the best loadout you can have yeah get our reboot cards and take the rift so don't give the entities it's a trap I get the card I think you won one guys 10 HP build build don't risk whatever you do yeah oh yeah rip to our reboots I'm sorry there's kids all over but your little kids here scratcher yes I go to my river right now you idiot no don't go to Anthony's oh it's like a death trap oh god that was one guy there with the page me you're actually well it's a death trap looking at your faces death trap unity they all reboot you at Gonski it was your decision to not have it happening but–my so idiot [Applause] I meant me why do you do that he's stopping yeah he didn't I can still hear him yeah I stopped is I I can hear you perfectly fine now hey put people on this game solo true no bad have fun dying and sniped what do you mean unfortunately no human nice job killing them nice one nice one man amazing get legs a bones and does anyone launch laser beam yeah I made her a proper map you let me do it no why stop being a do toes and let's do can we play actual squads not true so that runs what some trios I've learned I've learned over my years of playing trios that everyone sweats in it seriously I might have played trios for a year broad ninja he has one skin that he always wears I all touched and dirty toes dirty totes huggers I feel lazy we're not landing out of Lake plenty out of parking in Pleasant Park it's probably two three Julie yeah it still got water and so yeah sells water on it so thank you you wish you had toes buddy Here I am in the sterility y'all hey y'all are gonna help me or die I'm going to die come on girl anymore but doghouse public pity party I'm Tami oh my god my first gun it's a sniper I have an infantry rifle against the drum gun that I'm about to face who probably I feel that was so scary I actually my horses drop stop for a second and we're back nice one buddy i rebooted I deserve to get reported this time dude you can't bring your chops hello Elance we're not popular is that a good idea yeah that's a good idea yeah better why I didn't decide to run plugging I wanted to learn lazy it's perfect yeah I kind of wanted to languish well that sucks that's good paradise yeah paradise let's all harass people with our pickaxe that's it's you Darcy oh gee I'm here mommy uncle hmm cool that's Kim can y'all ready up what skin do you want me to get you the soccer skin why do you have the soccer screams alone cuz I want to be a West in my frickin where no it's a frickin terrible skin understand you call this longer student you're actually annoying song [Applause] yes often entangles stop bends I'm streaming putting my headset I did I did cheers my I'm just gonna

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  1. Did you need a friend to play with you when your friend don't want to play with you I'll play with you my named is TTVcorteskids101

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