"Literary Miracle of the Quran" – Sayed Mohammad Baqer Qazwini

min ash-shaitani rajeem smilla rahmanir rahim' I begin in the name of the Almighty God the compassionate the merciful the one who has created everything an utmost perfection and may the peace and blessings of the Almighty God be upon his pure and beloved messenger the peak of his creation the symbol of humanity the holy prophet muhammad sallallahu aleyhi wa ala and his immaculate progeny of the idol bait peace be upon them especially the leader of our time the awaited savior and imam al-mahdi allahu ta'ala firaga respected brothers and sisters assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh all prophets of god those who were messengers who had a message and were challenged by their people were equipped by a miracle from the Almighty God to demonstrate the truthfulness of their message however when we examine the miracles of all the prophets we find that they were ever mera ephemeral miracles they were temporary miracles that only applied in that time for example prophet Musa al-salaam one of his miracles was planning the sea one of his miracles was that the stick turned into a Python is this something that later generations had the opportunity to witness no only if you were present at that time you witnessed that miracle but if you came later on you did not witness the miracle therefore the miracles of all prophets were bound by their time yes previous generations came to hear about them but they did not actually witness the miracle there is only one exception to the system and that is the final miracle of God at the hands of the holy prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa and that is the holy quran because the religion aslam would be the final religion that would complete all other previous religions Allah wanted to give humanity a miracle that would last throughout history a miracle that even though you did not live at the time of the Prophet you could actually experience it you could actually witness that miracle and that is the Holy Quran it's a miracle across the generations unlike the miracle of every previous prophet which was bound by their time the Quran is a miracle that transcends time so that all generations have the opportunity to experience this miraculous book delivered to us by the all-mighty God when the prophet sallallaahu anyone had brought the Quran we have to understand the makeup of his society to really understand how the Quran served as proof that it was from the all-mighty God the Quran contains many types of miracles one night we briefly talked about the scientific miracles on the Quran that's one aspect the content of the Quran is miraculous and we are required to study the content a lot of people today most Muslims are not Arabs and they don't speak the Arabic language and they wonder how do I really know that the sporran is a miracle from God I'm not an eloquent Arabic speaker who knows the literary features of the Quran for me to see that this is a miracle from God or to appreciate the beauty of the Quran well study the contents of the Quran the content of the Quran is miraculous the scientific miracles mentioned in the Holy Quran if you look at the legal system that the Quran brought it's it's miraculous how a man during those times who grew up in Arabia which was away from the center of knowledge and learning could produce such a legal system for you the Quran has predictions on one night in the Arabic part we talked about Abu Lahab and surat al method the Quran predicted that he would die as an unbeliever and that happened the Quran in the chapter of the Romans predicted that the Romans would achieve sorry over the Persians within a few years and that happened and there are so many other predictions in the Holy Quran that in itself reveals the miraculous nature of the holy quran then you also have the elaborate verses that talk about the human psychology that talked about sociology and how her society is structured that talk about the human being and his relationship with his family with his friends with its creator the content of the Quran is truly miraculous it gives you the recipe for success it prepares you for the Arcana having said that one amazing dimension of the Quran is the literary dimension the miraculous eloquence contained in the Holy Quran when the prophet sallallaahu anyone who brought the Quran the Arabs were known for their eloquence she all civilizations are known for something the Greeks the Romans they were known for example for their architecture the Chinese are known for certain features in their history the Persians are known for certain accomplishments what were the accomplishments of the Arabs what was the highest form of art that they had it was eloquence in fact before Islam during the jahaly period you would find that many Arab poets once a year for about two weeks they would go to the market avakov it was a very well known market by the city of Thoth it was a seasonal market that lasted for about two weeks it was the biggest market in Arabia people weren't there to trade to discuss important matters and also to flex their poetic muscles the top poets would come and they would speak their poetry the highest form of art that the Arabs had was poetry so allah subhanaw taala delivers the holy quran to challenge their highest form of art even though the quran is not a book of poetry and the main intent of the quran is not to be a book of just literary tools and expressions the main concern of the piranhas guidance to deliver guidance but Allah used Arabic eloquence and literature in order to deliver that guidance in a way that no human being at the time could produce anything like suddenly after 40 years the Prophet was never schooled he never wrote or read anything he grew up an orphan away from the centres of knowledge he never went to any university suddenly he starts producing a book that is miraculous in every aspect something that no one could produce anything like and the Quran is inviting us to think how can a man after 40 years who was not known for any of this suddenly he produced produced produces a book like that this in itself reminds us that the Holy Quran is from a higher source and it's from Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala and when you examine the depths of the quran my dear brothers and sisters you are truly mesmerised by the power of the words by the precision precision the amazing precision and conciseness of all the words in the holy quran and what's amazing about the quran and about this book unlike any other author unlike any other poet is that you find that the quran has the same strength throughout take a look at the life of any poet any writer or author you see that at some points in their lives they were experimenting they started to get better and better and better until they start producing a masterpiece right do you know of an author throughout their entire years of producing their work they produced flawless impeccable work there's no such or in history in fact every poet has certain poetry that they're ashamed and embarrassed of it was a weak poem it wasn't my best of days except the Holy Quran from beginning to attack to the end you find it at the same literary power at the same concentration the same depth it's truly amazing and remember the prophet sallallaahu annually during those 23 years he went through a number of conditions sometimes he would be at peace sometimes in the battle on the battlefield he was tired he was hungry he was full he was with his companions he was resting he was traveling in all of these states we find the poor on coming in one power what does this tell you when you're when you're tired you're in the battlefield does your brain and mind work like if you're sitting looking at a garden and you're composing poetry or writing a book obviously not when you're in the battlefield can you even concentrate on your work but we find that almost 1/3 of the Quran was revealed in battles and battlefields isn't that an indication of the miraculous nature of the holy quran who could do that in history maintain one uniform level of conciseness and power I would like to share with you in our discussion tonight my dear brothers and sisters especially for those who don't speak Arabic and who want to know the power of eloquence in the Holy Quran even though I do recommend them to study Arabic remember the English translation is not the actual Word of God it's the word of a human being who's capturing for you what he thinks is the Word of God if you want to read the actual Word of God you read it in Arabic directly you expose yourself to the beautiful words of the Almighty God so it's highly recommended that we do study Arabic to better appreciate the Quran but if you don't know Arabic I want to share with you some examples of the precision and the power of eloquence and the Holy Quran to appreciate it and what's amazing about the Quran my dear brothers and sisters that it's so dynamic in every age and every circumstance people always find new treasures from this book for a thousand four hundred years every single day there is someone who discovers something new about the Quran they say once there was a university professor who was critical of the Quran and Islam and he asked his students in class is there any Muslim here a few students raised their hand and they said yes were Muslims why he said I have a challenge for you do you really believe that the Quran is the word of God and that every word is very precise they said yes he's like I have a challenge they're like what he coded a verse from surat al-ahzab in which Allah Spano – I'll estates Magi allahu li rajulun min Albani fie Jaffa Allah has not placed two hearts inside of a man now the verse doesn't say inside of a human or a person it says a legend man he says you guys claimed the Quran is very precise well why does the Quran say that is the Quran suggesting that woman have two hearts only men they don't have two hearts inside of them what is this the Quran is not precise there was one student he did not know initially how to respond but he started thinking contemplating or like you know give me the answer here what should I do and then subhanAllah an amazing thought was sparked in his mind he got up he said no we believe in this verse and there's a reason why God said that the Quran is actually very precise he's like what you Muslims believe that woman can have two hearts he says no it's not Muslims every person knows that woman can have two hearts because biology shows us that he says what do you mean he says a man does not have two hearts generally speaking he has one heart but a woman when she's pregnant she can have two hearts inside of her her heart and the heart of her child right the heart of her fetus and remember that poem doesn't say sad in her in the chest the Quran says inside joke inside of a man there aren't two hearts by the way this is not the tough scene of the verse it has another tough seer but you find that the Holy Quran what's amazing about it even the words that God uses are so precise no one can challenge them for a thousand four hundred years having said that let's talk about some of the amazing features of the Holy Quran to give you some examples of how precise the wording is of the whole Quran one example that I'd like to share with you is a conversation between Prophet Ibrahim and Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala this is in surah – Shara Prophet Ibrahim is talking about God and the favours of God on us so he says a levy shall a penny for Hawaii Hadean Allah is the one who created me and he is the one who wa the quran brings this pronoun for emphasis and he is the one who guides me then he says well levy who are you Terry mone who is mean and he is the one who feeds me and gives me water to drink what if I'm Arif – when I get sick for who i esteem he is the one who heals me he is the one who cures me now in these three verses we see that there is this pronoun huwa he is the one he is the one for emphasis but in the following verse when levy you mattoni form a him and he is the one who takes my life he gives me death and he revives me we don't see this emphasis here he doesn't say when letty Hawaii you meet Tony from Mayor him he just says and he's the one and it just brings you a conjunction it doesn't say who he is the one and the one who gives me death in life why the Quran is very precise there's a reason why in those three verses Allah says hora he is the one he is the one but over here Allah didn't say and the one and he in Arabic whenever you meet tree and the one it doesn't say he there is no added emphasis why when it comes to those three earlier verses prophet ibrahim alaih-is-salaam is making a point that maybe others in society can feed you you can go to the doctor the doctor can heal you but they're required an emphasis no he is the one who actually feeds you don't be fooled yes you go to the doctor but he is the one who actually here's you because other people might forget that Allah is the one who's taking care of them but when it comes to reviving you creating you do you need that added emphasis you don't need that added emphasis why because everyone knows that a doctor can't revive anyone a doctor cannot give you life or death it's only Allah subhana WA Ta'ala because it's so obvious it did not require this emphasis look at the precision of the holy quran that's one example another example we find that when allah subhanaw taala talks about prophet zechariah alayhi salam and how Allah subhana WA Ta'ala granted them a child later on Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and Surat Maryam captures the dua of Prophet Zechariah What did he say remember he was childless until he became old and his wife became old al arabiya nya kuno leave Allah moonwalk on atamora iti appearan what cut the ballot to min al khabiri idea oh Allah how can I have a child now because all I gave him news you will have a child and my in Marah and my woman he doesn't say my soja my wife he says and my woman is barren she's old she's infertile now she cannot give a child anymore when we look at this verse we see a last panel Toyota uses the word M Allah had to refer to his wife but in another verse in surah al-anbiya when Allah says we answered his prayer and we gave him a son and now they have a child how does Allah refer to his wife Allah doesn't say amaura what does Allah say xoj festa jab na who wah wah happen Allahu Yehia we gave him yah we answered his prayer as national Ahuja and we made his wife to have the ability to give a child question why why in one verse Allah said woman in another verse he said wife she was his wife even when she did not have Yahya she was his wife why because Arabic when you say the word xoj spouse it comes from the words o age marriage and usually for a marriage to be complete what do you have in a marriage you have children right people get married for one primary reason of having children to have a family up until that moment when she did not have a child it seems the marriage was incomplete that's why prophet Zechariah was distressed oh Allah give me a son so we have a family we can continue in this marriage and continue this family so when she did not have a child the Quran referred to her using the word Amira but when she had a child the Quran uses the word xoj Subhan Allah look at the precision of the holy quran sometimes we just passed by and we forget these amazing details now how is it that someone 14 centuries ago receiving these verses and remember they were not written and he's giving these signs but he would be so precise with these words this is an indication that there was a higher power this is an example another example is the word choice that the Holy Quran uses to refer to the Sun on them and the moon when allah subhanaw taala and surat al-furqan talks about the sun allah subhanaw taala says Raja la fille hacer Arjun wakka Marin muneerah when Allah describes the Sun Allah uses the word Suraj but when he describes the moon he says the word Munir both of them mean to give light but what's the difference Suraj was an oil lamp that the Arabs would use and a lamp an oil lamp that you have to light what does it generate other than light it generates heat as well hey Suraj is a lamp that generates Heat so Allah is just this word for the Sun because the Sun generates Heat whereas the moon it does not generate heat so the Quran does not use that word for it Allah says Munir yes it's illuminated but it reflects the light it doesn't have heat in itself look at the precision fourteenth centuries ago who knew in a row in Arabia who knew that the moon reflects the light and does not have its own light this was not something known by the Arabs at the time but look at the precision of the Holy Quran these are amazing examples that you find in the wording of the Quran another example is when allah subhana wa ta'ala talks about the people of the cave as hobble calf allah says how long did they stay in the cave the verse says they stayed in the cave three hundred years and they also added nine years was that due to sun some people did not understand what this verse is saying why is there is there a historical dispute some say 300 some say three hundred and nine why does the Quran say that why is that significant Subhan Allah today the exegetes of the Quran they say that's a reference to the two types of calendars if you measure their time by the solar calendar it's three hundred years but if you mention if you measure the time in the lunar calendar how much will it be three hundred and nine years because the lunar calendar is based on about 355 days whereas the solar calendar is based off around 365 days so over a period of three hundred years you have a difference of nine years the Quran is giving us the time in both calendars and look at the precision of the Holy Quran another example that I would like to share with you is how phonetically the Quran really gave this extra layer of eloquence even the sounds of the words were mesmerizing to the Arabs Allah is delivering guidance but the sound of the verses was something that the Arabs could not produce anything like sometimes if allah subhanaw taala speaking about a concept if allah wants to tell you that the concept is a pleasant concept Allah uses pleasant sounding words and if Allah wants to give you a concept that's rough that's tough that's unpleasant Allah uses difficult sounding words I'll give you an example allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala speaks about hidaya to islam familiar Adela any idea who Yeshua said Rahul in Islam did you hear that Yeshua Sadr ahool in Islam if Allah wants to guide you he opens your chest for Islam the idea communicated here is a pleasant one so the words are not difficult to pronounce for an Arabic speaker there they they flow beautifully but then look at the example that Allah gives us in the following statement women you did and you did Allah who and Allah if Allah wants to misguide you meaning he sees that you don't want guidance so Allah doesn't give you the successful guidance what does Allah say ya Ailsa dora who buy it and halogen Kenema yes i do for summer did you hear that even if you know nothing of Arabic compare between the two yes Rahul in Islam Yeji al-sadr who buy a pen how a djenka enema yes I do for summer it's difficult to pronounce it why because Allah says if you're misguided you're like the one whose chest is tight it's as if you're suffocating you're rising with altitude you're suffocating even the sound of the word helps you with the meaning Subhan Allah who could produce something like that other than allah subhanho wa taala by the way there's a scientific miracle here in Arabia there were not mountains high enough for anyone to experience a reduction in oxygen when you would rise in altitude no one knew that in Arabia but the Quran says it's like you rise for sama towards the sky in altitude the more you rise in altitude the less oxygen you could get suffocated you get deprived of oxygen who knew that other than the profits are Allahu Allahu Allah is seeking his knowledge from Allah no one in Arabia knew that there were not airplanes for them to go and experience higher altitudes no one had gone to Mount Everest at the time to experience it and this is another miracle found in this verse so you see phonetically how even the sound of the verses subhanAllah help you with the content of it this is one example another fascinating example of the Quran my dear brothers and sisters is that the Quran composes words using heavy letters but when you put them together they flow so smoothly in Arabic one of the heavy that one of the heaviest letters are m and the puff the meme and the puff because when you say m you have to use your entire mouth right I'll give you an example in English say mammoth you can say and I'm not saying you are not able to say you can easily say it but there is that heaviness on the tongue mammoth now say the word love which one's easier to say mammoth love right you see that when you say an M especially if you have multiple M's it becomes a little bit heavy on the tongue because the letter M in Arabic and a number of languages is considered a heavy letter have studied the word off is also a difficult letter in fact many non Arabic speakers have difficulty even saying the letter path allah subhanaw taala in one verse and the holy quran he uses 16 MS without you feeling any difficulty on your tongue for instance look at this beautiful verse in surat hood and that's verse 48 there are sixteen ms and if you want to count the rules of tajweed and the interim how sometimes you make an n into an m it becomes 21 ms but see how it flows I'll read it for you even if you know nothing of Arabic just listen to it and you'll see the power of the Quran Allah is addressing prophet to know hani salaam after the flood the incidence of the arc a lot of them PLA I knew able to be salami Mina lebara carton a lake here's where it gets interesting why la Oh mmmm mark did you hear that do you know how many M's we have over here especially if you want to observe tej weed we have 8ms give me a word with AMS that will not twist your tongue in any language only a lot can do it why la Oh mammy mmmm mark did you feel any heaviness say wha oh my mmmm mark there are a Tam's embedded in this part of the verse but you don't feel any difficulty you don't feel any burden on the tongue see how Allah would arrange these letters and the Arabs when they saw this they were fascinated who other than the Prophet can do this and remember the Quran was not written the Quran was orally transmitted and the Prophet is receiving sometimes these verses in the battle when he was tired when he's traveling when did he sit and put this all together and experiment and see which kind of word is going to sound better than the other this is the work of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala why Allah Oh mommy min mark wha Oh ma'am on Senate Sonoma Tara home wha oh man once a no matter whom thumb AMS so home inaudible Eileen 16 M's in this verse but you can read it without feeling any heaviness on your tongue even though the letter M is a heavy letter I'll read it one more time delay I know her bill to be said I'm in Managua Barakat in a lake why allow Oh mammy mmmm mark whoa Oh my moon sent him at home from Miami so home inaudible Eddie it flows beautifully this is another example another example is the letter path there's a verse and all the Quran short verse that repeats the letter path 10 times but you don't feel any difficulty in it and this is in Surat al-ma'idah verse 27 10 times allah is talking about a beam to kill his brother habil what should I lay him never a B'nai Adam a bellhop tell them about the story of the sons of Adam how one of them wanted to kill the other one in the car robber or Bannon fatica Balaam in a hajima well immutable min ilaha ilallah act olynyk allah in Abdullah min al-muttaqun did you hear that the word the letter kaph is a very heavy letter off you have to kind of use your whole throat to say it Allah uses it ten times in one verse in one statement you don't feel any heaviness on it and the Arabs when they were to hear that they were mind-boggled they were fascinated what is the spur on that can do this and this is just to give you my dear brothers and sisters some glimpses there there is many the list goes on I can sit here for hours and share with you the power in the verses and why Allah uses this word and the precision in some of these words but indeed the Holy Quran was miraculous at every level scientifically in terms of its eloquence and literary powers in terms of its content in terms of its predictions in terms of its elaborate law how did a man who was unschooled bring this to humanity and for 1400 years people have been trying to challenge the Quran but allah subhanaw taala protects the holy quran the month of ramadan is the month of quran my dear brothers and sisters and this month let's develop a relationship with the Book of Allah especially our youngsters when your child is young let them interact with the words of God these are the words of Allah they bring healing to us my dear brothers and sisters Wynonna's aluminum irani Maha Shiva on rahmatan lil mu'minin allah says you want healing spiritual healing healing of the heart it's in the Quran some people say yeah but I don't understand how how is it that if I read the Quran or contemplate the Quran it will give me healing one scholar gave an interesting example he said when you go to the doctor and you have an infection let's say in your ear you need antibiotics what is your doctor going to prescribe to you he'll prescribe to you antibiotics take this once a day or every eight hours depending on the type of antibiotics you're taking swallow it with food and you'll be fine now imagine if someone tells the doctor doctor I don't understand I told you my ear is hurting not my stomach why are you giving me a pill that I'm eating I want something for my ear how silly would that sound right the doctor will tell you look I know how a pill works don't worry wherever you have an infection the pill will do its job even though you don't know exactly how it's working eat the pill it will treat your ear Allah says take my Quran anywhere there's a disease in the heart there's a disease of jealousy there's a disease of arrogance there's a disease of hatred Allah will cure it through the Holy Quran because the Quran is the ultimate cure my dear brothers and sisters let our children live with the Holy Quran one feature about the children of imam hussain ali salaam even though they were young the three-year-old fatima to surah and Carmela the man walks up to her he asked her who are you she tells him have you heard of this verse or a meli a team a fella tucker as for the orphan do not horn they had memorized even the kids of imam hussain they had memorized he's like yes I've read this verse she's like I am your team at ABI Abdillah Husayn I am the orphan daughter of Ali mom and person they would always cite the Holy Quran because they lived with the Quran don't say my child doesn't understand doesn't fully know Arabic how is he or she going to know the poor on the Quran does its job my dear brothers and sisters when you give a pill to your child does your pill understand what medicine is what biology is what an infection is it does its job let the let your children live with the Holy Quran yes explain to them the meanings show them how to apply the Quran but never say that since my child doesn't know the Quran it won't benefit them there was once a grandfather he had a six-year-old grandchild he wanted to teach him the Quran but he was kind of rebellious he would tell him grandfather I don't fully understand the Quran I don't understand all these verses why should I know them why should I read them why should i memorize them one day his grandfather took him to the river they were carrying a basket with charcoal in it to have a good time and to do some barbecue so whence they emptied the basket from the charcoal it became black it was a white beautiful basket it became black his grandfather told him my dear grandson I have a task for you I have a challenge for you take this basket go to the river fill it with water and run as fast as you can before the water spills he's like can I do this as I can't try Sharla you can so he goes he fills up the basket with water he's running back but obviously he can't do that by the time he got to his grandfather there was no water in the basket it has holes all over pores obviously the water's not going to be contained he said grandfather I couldn't he's like you need to run a little bit faster next time so he goes to the river he fills it up he runs faster but he doesn't make it in time he gets frustrated his grandfather tells him one more time Habibi one more time maybe you need to run a little bit faster he says ok so he comes the third time he's panicking gasping for air running as fast as he could but by the time he gets to his grandfather the water has emptied he gets frustrated he throws the basket he tells him grandfather what are you doing you know I can't his grandfather tells him my dear son look at the basket how does it look now he looked at the basket it looked pure shining white he told him what happened to all the blackness of the charcoal he says the river purified it it washed it he told him my dear grandson do you see this basket it did not have the capacity to contain the water because there were pores in it so you couldn't contain the water but the water passed through the basket and it purified it my dear grandson yes maybe you think your heart is too small to contain the holy quran word of allah subhanho wa taala let the quran run through your heart it will purify your heart and his grand son said yes now I love this example I'm going to read the Quran even if you don't fully fully understand the Quran you don't know that top seer you can't read Arabic to go it's fine start by embracing this book and making it a part of your life my dear brothers and sisters our rank on the day of judgment depends on how much we know the Quran and practice the Quran because the degrees of paradise are arranged according to the number of verses the more you practice these verses and you know them the higher a las upon o to Allah will elevate you in fact the Quran is so powerful my dear brothers and sisters that the one who knows the Quran very well who practices the Quran will be given the power of shafa'ah on the day of judgement you know we believe in shafa'ah intercession you could have the power of Shiva because the hadith statesman Kaaba and Anahata estava Hara the one who carries the meanings of the Quran not just a parrot who memorizes the Quran no the one who reads memorizes and understands the Quran Allah subhana WA Ta'ala will take him to paradise that's the first thing then the hadith states wash afar who fear a charlatan min Allah beta could encourage about l'homme honor Allah will give you the power Shiva to save ten people from your relatives and family they were destined to hell Allah will tell you on the day of judgement to you my servant you were good to my word you were good to the Quran go and save ten people and because of the Quran I will free them from hell I will forgive them let them join you in paradise this is the power of the Holy Quran my dear brothers and sisters let's live with the Holy Quran let's die with the Holy Quran let's explore the depths of the Holy Quran what are the literary features the scientific features the amazing laws their main the amazing words of advice that the Holy Quran gives us sometimes one beautiful word of advice from the Holy Quran chain can change your entire life and the best opportunity is the holy month of Ramadan we ask Allah subhana WA Ta'ala to illuminate our hearts with the power and nobility and the light of the Holy Quran o allah allahu allah sayidina muhammadin wa ala Eponine Allah Allah

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