Literary Mystery Boxes

hi there folks welcome back to my channel and for this one I'm gonna asking me a favor from you all because I have noticed on some other channels on your chip a special on Vic chip there people have been getting where's your boxes so I'm kind of curious myself for those who don't know I messed your box essentially you can buy them online and it can be just a generic give box like once you can you get in the post office and you can get things sent to other people via the post yeah apparently could kind of an Amazon get box and which you can have white theme so if you could have I thought I'll actually my box it could be kind of a jean that up a writer yeah or I could be kind of gave by whatever thing you'd want and actually the first time I came across them was I was doing piece at comic-con last year it was the wet my local comic book shop I just called comic crazy I'll put like today my on in a description part of Nepal and there are people they were sayin it's actually kind of mechanic cardboard shoeboxes a they're just filled with stuff and it was all kind of themes by different comic book theme so it's gonna think I was like hey there was reckon Marty there was Pokemon things like that and I've actually been asked by one of my friends because she is she'd see me post about it and she also bicycle just went get that okay Morty one get the reckon Marty won his harem partner as really enter a commodity and when he actually got it he actually real late what within the box and I've actually been toying with doing something similar for myself next comic-con the I've kind of week in a massive boxes that I can try and sell train upon but I'm gonna enter a seized and also trying to buy my shoe boxes myself because I think it better to a good idea especially if a train gets for mail literally things much it boxes I've been trying but the thing is I've been trying to find massive boxes like killer try if I can get some more farmers on or ever I try to look them up where I could just a general internet search but I can never sleep afraid of them so I saw essentially all of our skin and Evan office where I can get some measure boxes especially kind of luxury themes massive boxes just leave kind of comments and links and the description description bar they comment section beneath overall and just kind of like me know where I can actually get selection boxes because they could be kind of fun just to have it all set up and because there's some videos of me opening that was a measure proxies and kind of see it you seen what happened this is see what goodies I can get absolutely I'm not too picky about you either I bet theme I'm gonna quite open and interesting seeing different things and try new things so fmz doesn't know any websites where I can buy electric theme in special boxes if you have all our website that sells luxury things about your boxes pleased if or leave links and suggestions and you know comment bar beneath but really appreciate it and hopefully I probably could have get some and we can have some interesting videos of me opening up and open up mushy boxes so I'll sort them out before I'm real I stopped her and Pullen got a bit too much before I leave after you enjoy my channel after you enjoy my videos despite a time point and please click on a subscription button please click on that notification bell I'll leave some likes leave some comments I'd also love hearing from we all does really help the child's grow as well so and I wrote kind of look forward to seeing some of your suggestions and comments about mystery boxes and again just as we thought there for any of you have any suggestions but what I can put my oh my oh my shrah boxes for sale at Comic Con Braille to use gestures as well and they'll be putting comment copies of my own books and those special boxes so yeah I have something and hopefully I'll see you all in the next video see you later bye bye

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