Literary Nothing But Fortnite

ready default I'm training my default skin paint pickaxe and clutter no actually almost stick with this clutter I'm ready dude we're gonna have like total defaults okay ah excuse me steam try to use what guns Oh shot guns okay [Applause] [Applause] we need to go into solos and team but like don't make it like too obvious cuz I really don't want to get banned that's like actually a terrible idea okay oh where should we go snobby go snobby nobody goes snobby just go there yes nobody goes there and there's decent lose so why wouldn't you go there like when the bus is like dropping right over it I don't but when it's like this and it goes till I over tilt it I'll usually do just cause and nobody goes there mate like the club they use some what some of them go to like that big mountain like both of them yeah especially when the bus is dropping on over older people go in here tons of people bro like 20 to 40 dude everybody's gonna abort mission just get tons of mass get tons of mass don't break any of the trees oh woops my bad that's my fault don't break any trees I'm the only one who ya box it in yeah yeah there's Chester erekle dibs on it oh you can have the Bush Bush mates dude all you gotta do is find another one and wait them out baby broke another tree but I meant to that time so come at me kids dead on we're probably not gonna even get close to winning this time but I don't really care I'm over here getting my eyes real I have like 300 mines bought kid [Applause] dude on piano fake default I'll just sign like tonal skins I just don't use a we're cool here come up here go and we're okay no like they did but uh do you want to try a lot you're shot like trap kill somebody I got shit I got a trout I got shells for you you can have four shells me too usually these are like everybody wants a salty dude I'm in a snobby dude you want to try to like snipe people dude we're just gonna sit up here they did anybody even loot Pleasant just look around do you see any builds or anything if there's people there we can't risk it but there's not do that maybe there are deer do you see anything they don't shoot moat sword get up here you don't draw attention now I'm drinking this big part ruhh everybody left there you want to go into tilted there's 51 people left I'm in uh Pleasant I'm going broke yeah go into Pleasant loot anything you see [Applause] I will maybe they're gone well I use your buddy oh that's you my gosh stay together though cuz we don't want to get into the house by ourselves are those uh the seconds place for anything I can use dude already loaded up there ain't none good a little mister dude shall we try to Scarface I have 358 but I mean we could give us know what I mean like we'll just have one builder [Applause] we're I got a blue top combat now come on the soccer field go to soccer field I know all everybody went to sobbing it's weird snob is like the most rare place on the mouth do I think there may be somebody in this house get your shotgun out go in whoever was here that muscle love cuz everything is gone no I ain't even check yeah this in the soccer field were like the only places to be looted you want a scope ace [Applause] if you found this an offer where ska bass do we don't even need a sniper either well just like we need gloves that's it though me either dick get non non non would all we need is ten shot I getting on nine on everything but if you can't it doesn't really matter we're kind of a little late to do a Skype age don't you think no do we have to get Nam Nam on at least in wood I have 700 you see ma'am okay come here [Applause] dude keep it down one only I have 800 would solely each get a thousand would and then we'll go but like beat grab and other stuff too okay what somebody's rifted dude if we actually win this do you know how good a Content that would be please stay in the circle all we're not the circle you know no get do you have not 1000 would get 1000 won and we'll go [Applause] and I got 1,000 get over here well I'm gonna start breaking other stuff while you're getting 1,000 [Applause] do you actually think we can win I hope so big it'd be like great content for YouTube yeah alright or me first you you're already it's not yeah well point duo's dummy head of course there's two of them where they are I don't see anybody oh yeah see you mouth [Applause] dude he just sees a panic builder oh go go go storm storm he got a drum gun bro I'm trying bro wait wait wait bro wait on me oh dude I'm gonna die in the storms you don't stop I'm about to be OH I um oh the Russian us dude what is going on are you gonna come jump oh my gosh did you not get revolved oh my god my scene is white brew let's try this gob a stole Tom [Applause] indeed dude do you know I have like any skins he doesn't I'm gonna give you uh what can you like give somebody your skin how did gifts somebody skin oh no I can't buy you anything oh I want that skin the $1,500 one in the autumn shop how you figure [Applause] okay my username I just text me already dude I'm gonna put on the skin I can only watch some hats I'm like if you cannot hack somebody your skin or something you know I don't think you can I think you could only way to do it is like if you if you yeah I know I know all right check I got a low-key kind of Peter I know Simon P where's Julian loaded into a game yet uh you want to go Sonny step poor dusty go dusty go dusty lonely all right jump it does you can't yeah that's how I was thinking you kind of need to build it from like the edge of the mouth is there anybody coming here oh yeah just people honest people honest but I only saw one but he's probably the partner all right I got an AR come over here with me oh there's a Reba van right beside us so yeah just trying to find the gun oh my god bandy soon sure that'll work tactical would a or Oh blue sick alright you wanna go fought that garden oh there is oh those are so many of them reporting them they were teaming they don't mean tell me if they weren't teaming there was three of them already pointing don't matter I don't know anonymous 305 was the one who eliminated me and his buddy was like I don't know this buddy's name was and that was gonna work out good to just keep going lonely bro that's what we gotta do is mock asleep I reported that got to sleep alright good maybe a little booth keep man then who did you get eliminated ball three nine nine or 3:05 each Mach asleep I was gonna see if he would go get somebody pays or something cuz I mean what you mean a play on mouse keyboard or do you care oh sweet bro what time is it what time is it 11:38 home day start where we going lonely again hop you're anybody going that could be a problem though there's one guy going to that brick place over there it's just one though there's nobody else he's you know single match problem that's what I was thinking but he had no skin no what if it's like somebody pulling the t fus Tran oh crap what are these things I never seen him lawyer they like gave you like 20 shield if you like threw him on the ground you know gather like Chuck's flasher zone what is it where's yet yes in here oh I seen somewhere oh shoot bats my bud curly head j0 I want report him just for fun stream stuff I'm gonna report him first stream stop bean you dare me to report maka dude he has nothing don't go to his locker does he have like anything he doesn't have a single thing well that's fun I don't think he would care if he lost that those little murder I'm a level 32 and I sup dude on the free one did you buy any tears [Applause] ah we're going lucky this time I don't think anybody's gonna go there I could be very wrong but I don't think I'm wrong [Applause] there yes combat combat leave why would you ask that question dummy head dude so you found that golden one with a combat a suppressed or a a or like tactic koi or or scar which one did you get then when I told you – good yeah but I'm in the combats the one we're gonna need right now Oh think about that we'll find another you don't have to be a gold snuff for anyways [Applause] did you hear that heavy sniper it was at me Oh somebody's on me well do you just build somebody's homeless yeah we'll see oh there's two of them my gosh bro what the crap this is a Reba van dude this other kid hang on this other kid had 26 Health's brother he was a wouldn't and I knew it I shoulda kept shooting him then we both could've went to that other guy no II mean why you speechless yeah if I were to have that I would kill them both suckers [Applause] Macha oh he's cheating seven almost using six maka never takes time to play though Oh nomads you can't getting set up okay so there's a gogosi you do not dare list let's go dusty just get the mats just don't even land in the actual dusty just get the last row – wood these people go in the dusty where you're not going to dusty wanna come to dusty did you count was this Asia 14 oh she's okay I know dude there's people in dusty I want go yes I saw at least one well I'm not I know but still okay I thought you were like in the main thing and you're gonna like stay there dude I'm getting my I don't know about you after after we walk dusty I know but after we walk dusty we have to get all the middle we have to break literally everything we can how much how much wood are you at right now sixty-eight I'm like 456 what was that sound so there's at least there's at least three people in tilted I meant dusty cuz somebody had to kill somebody had to get the reboot and somebody had there all the tribes old ah okay we're just gonna sit up there it's not there but hold off we don't need a back your own tree already I hate when people take my dang maths teach me off it's my tree right there boy fine another tree to feel great I got 777 it's kind of weird cuz I got like oh alright go somewhere else go somewhere else where Oh we're gonna hit the wrong place hang on I'm running over there I'll still have no Goods yeah kind of just something to defend myself hi whatever oh my gosh that's all you got to serve thanks for the ammo can i something others in this minigun and some ammo please appreciate it thanks buddy friend I'm sorry that was mockery well I got full just break everything that's not wood just have enough wood here come here then I'll give you all mine oh good Oh drum gun let's go baby wine I'll just locked I can't far I'm literally the dumbest person alert yeah what I already have you did oh I hear some nice shooting in mega blue Joe Gunn my gosh in there you have all these and the minis I got a blue drum gun though so we don't matter hey can I have that other gun back or like a shotgun or the SMG what thanks then I gave you all that stuff I got a blue one you got a green one there better you want to start the sky base yet Oh 575 she'll float there they're Russian what the crap where's he at no get in here those kids are surveying BOTS are you kidding me always got a turret my gosh hackers actually they were they're just really good players I knew that's why they were rushing us wish it had never shot at him yeah it's my fault hey dude you want to stay or are you staying up all night I mean I really want to cause I just don't want to do which one it what's like which I want you to tell me which one a lot what's your favorite skin in the whole game see if I have it yeah your favorite one you like comedy Oh wrong person Bubba now this black heart yeah she's max level sparkle something all the loot is I don't think I'm easy glamour dude I've yeah if she did you say that's like the most default skin in the whole game I wore it ready dude huh I actually disc in this kind of like legit I got her whole set bro she's a season 7 she was in the autumn shot huh [Applause] [Applause] dude what do you think of this skin I got the whole set where are we going this time somewhere was a lot of would go sunny steps I don't think I've really I'll hardly ever go there no that's too far away Oh polar go polar Petros see what we can do there snobby snobby dude I don't really say that right now wait uh salt in your mom Oh somebody trouble honey I think they might be coming here all those people coming there's like a team I think we keep mocking take them look I mean I clearly have great loot extreme dudes are only get over here you think you're gonna die by the default skin oh is it it's a wingman oh shoot oh my gosh this idiot what satury nobody uses freakin turds what is this idiot doing and he's Lois crap anyways get my reboot all tickets it yeah he's low no big rush him with your other gun just like one pump him don't let him he'll there you go that's my man he has his teammate though don't lay my bomb and kill him kill him kill him oh he's healing he's healing dude you only have 50 else [Laughter] brother dude I'm in my head folder for how many trial right moving I wouldn't cousin gonna turn everything off they just don't you sleep it in there don't ready up already yeah I know dude you want like a like quit waiting for not like come in my room and like watch youtuber and it flips or something alright let's play this game okay and then we'll start ttv mac cheese is now online Stockton what's your address I just wanted what's your address I was gonna try to get yourself on you to say on you to give you something mouths yes I've been streaming this whole song yeah I mean the eight subscribers I have but go salty I've only been doing it for three months and I have one subscriber less than my friend my friends been doing it for like a year yeah hey why don't you subscribe to me ah after this game all that you to subscribe to me dude I'm go into the Tower of Assad it you know I'm going to the shower of Assad salty I got a slur if you want I'll wreck it what that you lost you got a free instinct well dude why would you say that dude I wish they'd bring chins or chest their treasure chest back obviously we bring treasure chest back that's was like the only thing what yeah you want a gun right hang on let me look at this house fast Tim's on I'm coming why don't you chill out these what Oh yo I thought you said I call that one oh yeah all right you can have it let's go what got a combat you got a coma oh just people honest people on us oh oh let's go heavy sniper Oh what no gosh she's bought oh my gosh it's kind of low I wore my DP go jump me a drink on my DP oh he's at 40 Hills no I hate him a bunch she had a full shield Brooke I see you later stream

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