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this but breaks buzz power appears and here the lovely salad from books and quelle hi and we are going to go all around London's most literary pubs today and if you want to follow along I will put a link to our route to below in the description box is going to see Oregon fitness we're starting here this is the flask in Highgate I will following in the footsteps of a lot of poets that used to come here like John Keats they have this old tradition called swearing on the points and we know that definitely Byron took part in it I don't know for sure the Keats did but I'm gonna save it maybe yes probably him and Shelley probably came here together so we couldn't get the real horns that they use here today so instead I've got some perfect review towards all right how do we swear on these horns you're gonna sweat that you will drink only strong beer unless you like week beer better okay I will drink only strong beer unless I like wheat beer better and you will eat only white breads unless you like brown bread better I only eat white bread unless I like brown bread better that's a tongue twister we've done it we followed in the footsteps of Keats and Byron to the next location yeah and just from the pulley from the flask don't miss the Spaniards in which has a great literary history doctor it's actually mentioned in The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens and it was a favorite of Bram Stoker the author of Dracula in fact it's even rumored that he based some of this story of ghost stories he heard from his time spent in this happen which a very important history figure used to call his local dr. Johnson the writer of the first modern English dictionary but while we're here I thought we could play dr. Johnson themes game yeah so thanks to the diction that really now know the definitions of all sorts of work mm-hmm so have you ever played balls – before I have not okay it's a great game we're waiting to look through the dictionary but I've got a little list here of like weird words you might not have heard of from the dictionary yeah look up the meanings and write down but the real meaning and some fake answers I'm gonna do it and then we can see if we can pick the right answer from each other's lips I'm gonna be really bad at this fault right so my word is I don't know if this how it's pronounced goo goo goo goo goo yeah how do you see on Google okay okay so is that a wise man who would come in for town disputes okay a tool used for wood carving okay or a type of bird from Australia oh they all make sense I really didn't make it it's an Australian bird but I feel like that's cuz I'm thinking of her cook about right I didn't say good work is a man that was calling for town disputes in her dessert that was a good one okay so you milk me I have to buy you a drink all right right my lad I picked is pebble octo pit block – oh he blocked it okay yeah sure it's a block check number one the feeling of knowing a word of attempt your tongue we're not remembering it okay blocked oh yeah number two drinking before noon or number three the condition when a dog gets exposed to cold weather and goes into a frenzy that last one the next stop on our map is one of London's most popular literary pubs but this ye olde Cheshire Cheese famously don't allow any filming inside so I can't actually show you around but we're just gonna have a little pit down this alley and think about quite how many literary figures have walked down here before Mark Twain Alfred Lord Tennyson Arthur Conan Doyle and PG Woodhouse were all apparently regulars here and Charles Dickens even gives directions to it in a tale of two cities down low gate Hill to Fleet Street and so up a covered way into a tavern well this is that tavern but for now we're going passed it on to our next stop this is the French house so this place has got some great history Charlotte o is believed to have written his speech here in this pub rallying the French people but it's also got some literary connections yeah Dylan Thomas was here and he actually left his manuscript of Under Milk Wood under his chair here in the pub he forgot it he forgot and left it behind and I guess you got about it now exists and they also are famous for another thing which is that they only sell half price so that's why I put here I've got Ida French sliders very appropriate Cheers she is so we're gonna play a game talking and Dylan Thomas we're gonna play a poetry game okay Meg I'm not good at poetry no me neither so if you might you know we'll see how this turns out so start off by just writing one line yeah and then we're gonna swap and then we'll go from there okay swap comics now we're gonna write the line to finish off that couplet yeah and then fold it over and start anew okay yes well you did go for a hard one to write we're sharing a morning with literary heroes compared to them we're just a couple of zeros well I know at least some to be famous we simply can't help it you mustn't blame us oh good Ryan after watch for tour we hope you're inspired to follow in their footsteps before you're old and tired okay in the French House on a summer's day London's great poets come out to play they found inspiration and a pint or two but when they drunk too much they needed the loo that's why the French House only serves half glasses so we hopefully we won't embarrass myself in front of anyone who passes I love that we now have contributed to the literary canon of this place excellent these poems will probably be famous now and observe oops now it's gonna finish up my drinks we go to our final destination so where are we heading next we're off top final destination okay George and this is a great experience I'm very excited no I haven't seven been to any of the places that I've been in London for six years this one's really cool like looks very old a mystery you just get there you're like Shakespeare probably with this – cheers to our final destination and shares we've switched to gin and tonic so this is the George N and this is possibly the most literary pub in all of London it's got so many amazing section number one thing Shakespeare yeah so Shakespeare I can't think he definitely came here a party that's actually like no documented proof of any of the pubs that he went to I don't know anything but he was very very properly came here and there's a historian called Pete Brown who's written a book about this pub called Shakespeare's local hmm and he said it in in the book or in the interviews about the book but he would bet the entire contents of his drink cellar that Shakespeare did have a plan here it's all right so I feel like I want to believe well take it yeah and probably had there's like a lovely courtyard outside probably had his plays performed out there I brought a lovely book with me of Shakespeare's sonnets I love it so yeah they're probably more reciting those here at some point so that's like number one okay a few hundred years down the line Charles Dickens also definitely knew about this place this is mentioned by name in Little Dorrit and a fictionalized version of what's living this pub in our mutual friends okay so he definitely knows that Charles Dickens just went all over town I have lived it all the pubs I think you drank everywhere there's one that's like so nearly a really cool mystery story so Chaucer started writing The Canterbury Tales next door they use something from pub next door yeah and that's why he wrote it but that public doesn't exist okay so basically I think that's my favorite though I love I love bit of Chaucer's yeah and also I do have one more fan okay that is a poet called John men mm-hmm and he wrote a poem all about getting too drunk at the gorge of being sick so that's maybe the best of all of the very well document people love it here so we have been to quite a few of my best literary pub Zima there's so many more there's the grapes in line house which is actually mentioned in Picture of Dorian Gray oh that was a good one yeah I know that I can mention by in books that's really fun so think of all of these books I read when I was at school Maureen lived in London and I wouldn't have picked up an item so I can read them now and be like what I've drunk that I tell each of them don't like that which has been your favorite other places we've been I actually think this is probably the nicest one it's also really nice and sunny outside you can see the beautiful light here it's really big and I mean so many famous people have been here yeah you're just gonna be a favorite you're walking in a process so that was book breaks first ever public role that do leave us a comment the mode letting us know your favorite bookish location that we haven't been to yet always looking for more places to go visit and of course do follow Starla I will link to her YouTube channel in the description box below and you can also follow us over on Instagram at but brick UK and I'll post all of our fun behind-the-scenes stuff over there thanks so much for having me it's been very fun yeah it's been a great day Cheers give this breath um duck see if you liked it I don't call to hit that subscribe button below for new videos every week and come back next week we've got a video all about books about obsession see you next time bye

15 thoughts on “Literary Pub Crawl with booksandquills | #BookBreak

  1. I love this! I’m going to do this the next time I’m in London.

  2. I visited London last year and went to The Museum Tavern very near to British Museum. I think I´ve heard Charles Dickens used to drink there a lot, but I read too that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was seeing there many times. So cool this content, make more videos with this theme pls
    Watching the video, make me realize how those few days I spent in London were really amazing.

  3. How did you pronounce 'piblockto' so clearly after drinking all that beer!? 🍻 👀

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