hi this is Jaya in today's literary terms we shall see about couplet couplet is a bird which is derived from French and the meaning of it is a little pair so couplet is actually a form of poetry and it is a pair of successive lines that is lines which come next to each other in a verse and which rhymes and generally they have the same meter now there are different types of couplets I have given the important types of couplets here the first one is a rhyming couplet the name itself will suggest that the last words of each line they will rhyme like stream theme it should be rhyming like that and the next type is non rhyming couplet so again the name itself will suggest what it is that is the last two words will not be rhyming then you have Heroica played a heroic couplet will be written in iambic pentameter and you know that iambic pentameter is a PHY set of items per line then next we have elegiac couplet energy a couplet is the first line will be written hexameter and the second line will be written in pentameter hexameter means it is six poetic feet and painter is five poetic feet then we have the Chinese couplet now this Chinese couplets will be having the two lines will be of the same metrical length and if you see in the second line the grammar or the concept of the theme will be inverted that is what is very special about the Chinese couplet then you have the sonnet couplet you know sonnet means it's a fourteen line poem with the rhyme scheme and the rhyme scheme will be very formal and sonnet couplets will be appearing only at the end of the sonnet in fact in many of her Shakespeare sonnet sir we will find his sonnets ending with the couplet rub and this he will used to emphasize the theme of the sonnet and even in theory corel we find that two lines are the best example for couplets then we have closed or formal couplet that is though there are two lines each line will convey the complete meaning what they want to say and together both the lines will tell about the theme next we have open or run on complete that is unless you read the second line the theme will not be fully conveyed when you read the first line it will give you a leading to the second line and the theme or the main idea of the couplet will be completed only when you read the second line this is what I would like to say about couplet if you have anything more to add on please do write in the comment express your like share it with your friends and if you are not subscribed please subscribe the channel and encouraged thank you

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