hi this is Jaya in today's literary terms we shall say about round character now we all know that when we are asked to write a character sketch we have to describe the character and round character is one of the types of the characters now this term round character was coined by Ian Foster in this aspects of the novel now what is a round character the main character in any story is called the round character but it must be a complex character like real people like javea we cannot say that we are one type of people like we cannot say we are good because we do have certain bad traits in us we cannot say we are short-tempered because sometimes we will show patience in many instances we cannot say that we are strict because sometimes we will be very very lenient to certain people or in certain situations so in the same way this round character also will be an overall compare combination of all these characteristics and the main thing is they will have a depth in the feeling and passion that is what makes them the main character and they will not be of a single personality and another main characteristics of this round character is definitely they will be a change in them that is they will undergo a transformation they will not be the same person they were in the beginning of the story and this is what makes the story realistic we will feel as though the story is a real story some of the literary examples of our own character is Winston Smith in 1984 by George Orwell now in this story we will find that Smith is a 39 year older person and he serves in the Ministry of Truth and he rewrites history but though he is very faithful to the party he goes against the rules of the party and falls in love with Julia which is actually considered as a rebellious factor and throughout the story we find that his mind is inconstant it's not at all constant and many times he knows that he we'll get caught if anyone reads its diary like only if you read the story 1984 you'll understand about his character but it's a very good example of a round character because his mind keeps fluctuating and in each situation he acts differently another example of their own character is it is a bit bad drowning in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen we all know that Elizabeth Bennet is the main character and her behavior has an impact on the people around her and in the beginning of the story she has shown as a very innocent girl and also she is shown as a person who has prejudiced towards her hero mr. Darcy but later on as the story goes she undergoes a change and hope in yin and a feelings changes therefore we can say that Elizabeth Bennet is a wonderful example of around character then in Shakespeare we can take the Hamlet the hero of Hamlet of course he is a very complex character and throughout the play we find that is very enigmatic but a mysterious character he is very knowledgeable he is philosophically in a speech in his thoughts he is very intelligent and even now he is very thoughtful by Nature but in spite of all that he delays his revenge and this lack of timely action only causes his own tragedy so Hamlet can be said as a very good example of her own character and another example is Gatsby in The Great Gatsby by scott Fitzgerald we know like Hamlet even Gatsby is a tragic hero and this tragedy happens to him because of this over obsession for his beloved Daisy and actually he is a man of mystery because he throughout the book no one knows about his whereabouts and how he becomes rich and his character is a real complex character because up he appears scared he appears mysterious sometimes he's friendly sometimes is angry other times he's happy he's disappointed he's frustrated so he is a wonderful example of a flex character and of course your Harry Potter in Harry Potter series by JK Rowling I need not say about his character he is a character is also a wonderful example of round character if you have anything to add on to this please to write in the comment box like the video share it with your friends and subscribe and please don't forget to press the Bell button so that you will get the notification of all my videos thank you

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