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this MOOC is called literature and mental health and I think it's a unique cause I think for me literature is inspirational it's healing it can help us not feel alone it may have been written 400 years ago and yet it still speaks to me today literature provides a unique insight into other minds you will be able to think of fresh and gain new understanding of some of the really difficult mental health questions that we all have to face each week takes a different theme such as stress dementia heartbreak the reef mint and then we build that week around poems that we think will be relevant helpful we get moving testimony from the writer and broadcaster Melvyn Bragg we also speak to the great actor Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry gave us a very moving interview he loves poetry and he talked to us about the ways in which poetry has helped him through bouts of depression the doctors that were working with on the course are incredibly interested in the ways in which literature can be used for science and for medicine we think that the kind of concentration provided by a short poem is of enormous value in stressful times we also have a range of other texts though you don't have to read the whole novel will have extracts up online there will be reading lists and there be extra activities if you wanted to do more so I'm seeing this is a very scalable very flexible course learn has become part of a community where you share experiences with others that will be a genuine dialogue not only between the past and the present but also among the learners

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  1. It is hard to avoid the conclusion from this preview that this is a course made by white people, for other white people, reading works written by yet other white people. How nice it would be to be wrong.

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