Literature Help: Novels: Plot Overview 608: Hedonia

adonia introduction hedonia by kees van kooten was first published in nineteen eighty-four the story revolves around a writer who never leaves his house the writers wife happens to be in New York City interviewing Woody Allen the director and actor Edie's home the writer soon realizes how difficult it is for him to write without his wife in the house plot summary the writer is at his home he is alone that because his children are at school and his wife is in New York she is going to interview Woody Allen the famous American actor and director the author's wife Barbara is a translator and she has already translated some of Woody Allen scripts although he lives in a house that is packed with books and records van kooten cannot find his niche he misses his wife and secretly afraid that Woody Allen with sleep with Barbara he is also aware that Alan is known as a womanizer van kooten communicates his fears to no one his children are still young and know little about the American as ran kooten rents as videotape of the movie take the money and run by Woody Allen his children interpret the humor of the movie as annoying van kooten himself is a fan of Woody Allen's movies and once wrote an article about the American comic on the one hand he is proud that his wife is going to interview Woody Allen on the other hand he views him as a threat about midway through the novel France an old friend from school comes for to visit and has a Polaroid with him in the photo Woody Allen is seen at the table with barbara van kooten is immediately jealous and he develops an entire story around the interview between his wife and Woody Allen when Barbara returns dead tired from her trip and plops into bed the writer cannot restrain his impatience and asks her if she slept with Alan Barbara then gives him the answer would you like that as van kooten sits at home and nothing happens his thoughts slide away to his youth in The Hague he muses about the performance of when can and his ABC cabaret where he went with his parents in the 50s and returns to thinking about the confrontation between whim can and rudy girl during that the Beatles is blocker performances in 1964 the arrival of his old friend Franz briefly interrupts his periods of inactivity Franz is actually no true friend kees van kooten still knows him from his time in high school Franz went to nitrogen rodent has revealed himself as a selfish man who only perceives pleasure his stories are full of cocaine usage volatile sex and brainless entertainment he has contempt for his old father who is in the hospital and is surly to Van Houten's children finally Franz has been so shaken that he takes his dogs for a walk he then meets van kooten children at last Franz meets mist h his neighbour van kooten is busy translating some of the maz days none texts for Miss th so that it can be ready to be published the deceased husband of his neighbor was a follower of this movement she then gives him some additional material Barbara returns shortly thereafter and sees that van Coons life can be normal again you

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