literature in the renaissance (im sorry in advance)

you hey mr. Baskin is day one and today we're at stratford-upon-avon United Kingdom and we will be interviewing their great William Shakespeare greetings human today I will be asking mr. Shakespeare a couple questions first question what are you famous for I am famous mostly for my place my most well known ones are Romeo and Juliet Macbeth and Hamlet okay so what made your place stand out from all the others well first I use metrical patterns of our unrhymed iambic pentameter and I use my metaphors and rhetorical phrases and I write stories of all genres and they're suitable for all ages my next question what inspired you to rate your plate I was inspired by other great authors and I examined their tiniest little details and tried to add them in my own stories could you name a few uh to my favorite authors are Geoffrey Chaucer and Pluto okay my last and final question for you is how have you and your plays impacted the people around us well I have invented some my own words and people are starting to use them now and I have also changed the perspective of other people looking at each other thank you for your time mr. Shakespeare hey mr. Baskin it's day two and we're in Arezzo Italy meeting the great Francesco PPR nice to meet you mr. teacher greetings isn't it ok if I ask you a couple questions today ok my first question is what are you being for I'm famous for writing poems and sonnets about human emotions and love what exactly makes your poems and solid stand out I focus on what happens in the present rather than the past or the future what is pioneer way I get my inspiration from a lady that I met in a church burning flora prettiest person I've ever seen my last question for you is how have you impacted the world and the people of us I'm impacted them by saving lots of old ancient Roman writings and I've also to develop some of the new Italian language thank you for your time mr. pooter no you hey mr. Boozman it's day three and I'm the new reporter today we're in Florence Italy and we'll be meeting the great niccolò machiavelli hello there hello and there should be two so what were you known for doing the Renaissance I was known for one of my many famous books which were about limits you're any stand up from the others my book was different from all the others because mine gave off the opposite message when inspired you to write in 1512 when the Medici family came back into power they doing a job while I was in exile I wrote the book in hopes of getting back into power which is a musical stage so how did you impact the people around you and the world mm well I taught people how to govern States probably thank you so much for your time today thank you you

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