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hello everyone and welcome to the PFAs office in today's set of news we will cover weather sports crime and the most analyte and most important news that you want to be nosy stuff breaking news we will feel will first send you with Gerardo that is in charge of the this actual content see you later good morning to all my partners and I greet you from the studio 5b welcome we will start with most revelon notes how are you good morning with the last-minute news that was found the body of a teenager on the outskirts of a Dane known as Beirut the teenager was found lying on the floor a lot of all capacities we go with you to the place of the facts here album very good day in during the studio 12 here is the greeting since Renata in the llamas Angelo police tracked Larry in the early hours of his day we saw of their twenties because it was found a teenager on the verge of an alcoholic congestion and was treated in depth to local tea they were supposed to they are not supposed to sell I will trade alcohol to underage the children the teenager was in under the effect the effects of a drink family call Cossack which is true to the half nuclear radiation from a plane near the factory indeed a pity us as so far my report rain we went back with you to the studio thank you very much have a good day hello after hearing these failed success synthesis of this boy we will have a break but don't leave your seat we will be back in a moment after after these sponsors [Applause] [Applause] thank you for waiting Nate we have the weather broadcast with a principal news seller madrazo that will give you primordial information about today's time and weather for you to prevent your clothing and also to warn you about the possible incoming super river storm that we that don't even scientist know what is inside of it here you have it hey everyone and welcome to my weather broadcast in which city we will have a higher temperature of 30 our lowest of 50 with a very clear sky recommendations to wear a hat and sunglasses because it is going to be a little hard out there Mexico City it will be a high of 25 and Louis of 10 and it's good to consider the amount of contamination today it's very high and is recommendable to where an intact it suit because of the radiation that it produced also in support taking word that a big storm is approaching to the coast of Acapulco and this term is super big and dangerous because people told us that this term is taken out fishes and animals out of the water that is bad and also a little bit disgusting for all people thank you we return to the studio this is the storm that is approaching be were thank you mother so for this very important than worrying broadcast and for the recommendations you gave us taking importance the time and the storm that is incoming from Acapulco next we have Jorge with his reporting field of sports we receive you okay thank you very nice mid finals in the Champions League in which barcelona has the feed against Liverpool what is surprising because they had an advantage advantage of trickles from the first match the Liverpool inning gave up and made an excellent second second match but mission resulted four goals so sewer win win again Barcelona and get the ticket to the final on the other side Isaac's had an advantage of one goal like against Tottenham the first match but second one I just a DX scored the first goal second and have an advantage of two wolves and then cutting them score all I'll need gold to win addicts and and also get the ticket to the final of the Champions League that nobody expects a la Romania and to the part of Liverpool and came roses etc of Tottenham two teams that that gave it gave them to Gabriel in the pan on the final and we hope to see to see Maggie Ramon on these awesome final thank you we went to the studio Thank You Jorge for these information very important to the followers followers of football soccer and for the efficient eight so these teams that confirmed is rare but well one final because is known that this team actually dome gets the final on this league and that it that for most of us is the one of the more difficulty and prestige of the world next we have Gerardo with another segment of breaking news here you have it hey everyone I'm Harlan and on today's breaking news we have that Angela please small somebody got in and collocated a bomb inside the cinema and kill everyone inside of two rooms well it's a try but fortunately the fire was controlled quickly by the firefighters the police are is the one that produces a locked terrorism because he told the police that his name was Gloria Ahmed one of the most one tourists around the globe say that is not the only thing that is gonna happen in here in Mexico so we hope to pray I help this vision that is truly 12 a city will return to the studio thank you hello for this reportage of this awful situation that is very important of all people in Puebla and Mexico because the security here has been very affected on the last years and we hope people and government to do something about this to solve all these problems quickly for the good of everyone on this country next talking about security we have Farrell with his crime reportage good mark in the history I'm here from the Philippine diversity because today a fight crossfire was development in the story house area which was scouted by 62 years men all day there is no death but there are tearing new people by a contact of a bullet this protein raised all the security of the campus and can bring a lot of consequence because there are a lot of insecurity this is all for today we'll go back to the story with you Matt Russell thanks for the sorry report as always the second in demand that was all for today remember that we are every day to 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Mexico City time on I say well let you with these sponsors that always made possible these shows see you later when it stays on stays on that stays on honoring our doing it yes Nemo they never do and the curve goes live as a fast game in my name the puppet local priests aren't even out yet [Applause] [Applause] devilish shampoo cafe [Applause] I mean yes stop but on things that's not fun should take one day until you necessarily it's good header [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] but going to get the penalty is Cristiano Ronaldo but hold on a second he's taken the fall of Cristiano Ronaldo [Applause]

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