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good morning everybody today is Thursday November 6 and in this video I would like to explain what to do with those 2 handouts regarding the literature your assignment that I gave you in class this morning and if you weren't in class this morning you can follow the links below this video in the blog post to view and read the handouts that I gave you the two handouts that I gave you have to do with writing a literature review and the first one is this one it's called how to write a literature review it's got two sides ok and the second one is an example of a lit review written by somebody else which I would like us to use as sort of a model for our own works what I'll do is I'll talk first about why the first draft assignment for this project that we're doing will be a literature review and then we'll talk about how why and how to write one the literature review is sort of a basic basic type of academic writing that writers used to achieve a couple of goals it establishes your credibility as a writer it also shows your readers that you've studied your topic well enough to be able to make your own conclusions about it and finally it helps you focus your topic better by allowing it to discuss research and group your sources in a way that makes sense to you and your readers here's what I mean by this contrary to what you may have heard in the past you do not write an academic paper by beginning with the thesis and then looking for quote-unquote proofs or evidence to support them instead you develop your thesis based on your understanding of the research and based on your understanding of the topic as you read your sources so the first natural step in any academic project is to survey your research and try to come up with some sort of a summary analysis of what it is that you research tells you about your topic so you've done at least one round of searching and you've done your annotated bibliography and what the literature view is supposed to do is to your new readers make sense of your results one important thing about the literature review that makes it a little tricky is that unlike an annotated bibliography the literature review does not just list and discuss sources one by one as they appear instead it is trying to talk about main issues the main themes the main topics that come across in this sources so instead of discussing sources one by one you would group them by the themes about the topics about the issues that this source has discussed that is extremely important and if you look at the excuse me the first handout the Conrad live with you here it gives you some of the things that you may want to do in your lit review notice that the first component here is problem formulation which topical field is being examined and what are they its component issues so the first thing that a liberal view is supposed to help you accomplish is to look at your research and say alright what is the problem that I'm trying to highlight what is the issue what is the controversy in our case that I'm trying to explain to my readers okay the purpose of the literature review is to then say I've got some research I've got some sources that will help me explain this problem so if you're talking about a scientific controversy for instance they have there's two main sides what you may want to do is say okay here are my sources that talk about one side here my sources that talk about the other side I'm gonna use this opportunity to outline what this side to say to each other and about each other and about the controversy and go from there if you look at the second handout which is actually an example of a literature review a very short one it's less than one page long it starts here at the bottom of the first page and that continues on the second page but I get to read this example after you've looked at the first handout what this does before the example actually begins again this author talks about what a good literature review is supposed to do in the first page so go through this notice that again the main principle behind writing a lit review is that you don't talk about sources one by one instead you're talking about topics themes ideas questions in your group sources together according to those topics and themes and ideas what the handout says here is is this and I quote the discussion of the various sources organized logically sources aren't introduced randomly one by one they're grouped together all the sources that deal with similar ideas or information are in the same paragraph sometimes a particularly important or interesting source gets a paragraph to itself but more typically sources are dealt with in groups according to their subject matter or methodology it's here in the first page so going back to your project the purpose of this review is to explain highlight and describe the sides of the controversy the sources that you have found so far should be sufficient for doing that if you want to do some additional research that's fine but try to base your initial lead review on the sources that you found so far how can you best explain and describe the controversy the sides that are involved the players are involved in it too readers who don't know much about it so you're doing into readers who are not familiar with this consumer so you need to explain to them what is going on based on your research okay on Tuesday when we get to class we'll look at your we'll do a workshop of your first drafts and from there we'll try to revise them try to improve your interview and then after that we'll start thinking about coming up with our own thesis statement or commentary on the on the sources on deliver you as always if you have any questions please let me know come by my office today if you have time on Thursday or next Tuesday and we'll discuss your work in progress again the assignment for Tuesday is in the schedule section of the website and if you weren't in class today you can follow the links below this video to view and read the two handouts to discuss methods of writing literature review thank you very much again if you have any questions please let me know and have a great day

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  1. Dear Pavel, thank you for this video! Could you please make the handouts available for a general audience? Pleaseeeee 🙂

  2. I am glad i found this too,i a just past my Candidacy exams and I am now working on a proposal topic, this has been really helpful. Please do post a video on "How to Write a Proposal". Thank you for your video.

  3. Thank you so much for this video. Your clarity of a lit review is wonderful.

  4. see other comments for an explanation of why the video does not include specific links. I refer to the UNC's writing center website's materials in the video.

  5. i am a first year student. very useful. just starting to learn about lit review. head spinning and nausea just starting. thank u. any examples on look at ?

  6. @katrinadax Thank you for the kind comments. This stuff never gets old, right?

  7. I am glad you found this video useful. Interestingly, it was created for a first-year writing class, but I suppose these issues are relevant no matter what one's academic level is. I'd love to make a video on how to write a proposal, it's just a matter of finding the time and the right situation for it. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

  8. Thank you. Doctoral students, according to research, get very little guidance once in candidacy (ABD) status, which might explain the interest in your video. Thanks for your help. I'd love to see another version, such as how to write a proposal (each section). Thanks again.

  9. The video was made for a specific class, so the links are accessible to students on the class website. I am somewhat surprised by the positive response this clip got so perhaps I need to revise it for a more general audience? I'd also like to hear what, if anything, needs to be added to the explanation of the literature review as a genre or what needs to be revised.


  10. i live in Jamaica and i'm really having a hard time finding resources to read to write my lit. review. what u think, i'm doing my lit review on the environmental impact of tourism on a parish in my country.

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