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hi friends I'm here once again to showcase attend our templates which are used across the world as a uniformity in a particular university or the college and later on I would be showcasing it how we can go ahead and incorporate or design our own literature review template for ourselves now here I'm picking up certain templates across the world I have taken over and I myself when I was researching about them had a fun to understand how exactly literature review and how to go ahead and draft your own you know I should say template or the associate where you're going to record your own studies so here we go and we can understand few of the templates so here it is the first template that I'm going to showcase to you is from the University of Hong Kong and I mean City University of Hong Kong and you can see it is called as the resource of reading blog and you can see that in the first tab you know they have author's name date article journal title or the book title scholarly writing whether it is a scholarly return or not theory and module methods findings and notes and you can see how well systematically reason this I'm showcasing it to you especially if you are making a template like this in one exertion only you would be able to do your critical review very well I will be showcasing to you later on how to do the critical review it's not the standard one which we find it out you know okay this author has said that the stout one has said that no there are certain things that we need to understand and we will proceed further again and then you would be seeing that here when we are talking about scholarly writing here this will be helpful for you in order to understand more you know from your own spurs perspective whether you have taken the paper from these couples or ABCD or any other category of the peer reviewed journal which is really helpful for you and to proceed further with your literature review though I would say that here this is not just the application you can proceed further now I'm going to showcase to you certain review matrices which are you know used across the colleges and again this is wonderful thing though this is in Word format number one number two you can see that they're written authors title journal your publication purpose and the other blocks have been came now this is up to us how rich we would like to make our own literature review so I would appreciate if you would make different columns for authors title journal grey literature which I'll be coming over and we can see it further also now this is one more template which I really love it and just see the elaborate er way in which they have noted down first author's last name first initial though I would say makes up eight columns do not you know populate in the same publication date title of article or chapter book title journal title database library URL DOI keyword search goes theorists definitely yes method that has been applied their design population sample size problem that was their purpose research and then comes your summary what is it all about you can note down this also and along with it we have got analysis strengths and weaknesses compared to the other studies no strength you make a separate column weakness for a separate column for yourself now that would really help you out to segregate and understand reference list entry APA 6th edition now majority of the journals they go ahead with the APA so I would appreciate if you can keep that reference list also separately so that the citation becomes easier for you later on when you are trying to write a critical review or presenting your own paper also for the publication now this is from the Georgia state again it is called as the literature search tracking log and you can see how well they have kept it and this is mandatory for you also to make it up date of search when you have done resource fueled database search engine your search then search terms or strategy use like note limits mesh I'll be explaining to you these things later on number of hits and results so this is very nicely and some of my mentors I have seen there say whenever you're cycling look at the total number of hitch that has been presented and then you know you can even look at the I would say the last column where think they are talking about what they call it as the you know how many of them have been used for the publication's also and this you know this will make your own things very easy like same number of hits or the results then comes the notes how many of these have been listed out or being used for the other publications and everything now I think I'm going to end here and I'll continue in my next part again

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