Literature Review (Part Three): Outline and Write the Review of Literature

hey everyone this is David and I've been looking over your work in the online classroom I just wanted to say a few words about about everything first word is great your this is probably one of the best column 600 classes that I've ever had you guys are a great group of students there are a couple things I want to bring to your attention that will make your work better and thing number one has to do with the literature review I went back and reviewed all of the outlines that you submitted last week for the literature review and with the exception of one or two people they're all wrong all of your outlines are wrong except for one to two people what you've done is everyone except one or two people you have submitted an outline for your research paper their great outline for research paper you have not submitted an outline for a literature review a literature review is a completely item thing than from a research paper your purpose in a literature review and I know it's kind of a hard thing to get in but you need it in graduate school the purpose of a literature review is to update the reader me or your colleagues on the status of research in this field so you're commenting on whether this is good research of whether it's bad research whether it's weak research or whether it's strong research whether it's useful or not useful in the in the areas in which it's useful which is not so you're making a comment on the work of others a literature review is about the status or it's about the work of somebody else you're making a judgment on it you're not using it yet in your research paper that comes later so let me give you a couple examples now for the first example I want to show you is cabinas now Sabinas is an example of a absolutely fine wonderful fantastic outline for a literature review not a paper it's an outline for a literature review look look right here it says the first group or the first category is the research on under development in Africa and then here is a list of sources grouped together on the basis of the fact that they discuss under development in Africa and tobi nough is going to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each of those sources or that group of sources when it comes down to development in Africa and then down here is another topic development in third world nations until being even says this is a great group of sources this group of sources really does a good job as opposed to take a look at this one now this is a great outline for a research paper I look forward to reading this paper on surveillance during this past period of time what a good techniques and not effective techniques and here's the thesis for that excellent paper but then the writer makes a point these techniques right here were done in such a such an way in the 1960s the writer tells me and then the writer gives gives a source to prove that and then the writer goes to the next point about how certain techniques caused violence doubt – outbreak and then the writer gives me a source to prove that that's a great outline it's not like for a research paper not a literature review this is this is a paper here making points stringing things together to create a fabric of knowledge an insight it's not a literature review same things here here I love this outline on something he'll a fantastic outlook structured it is strengths weaknesses other yoga in mental health yoga and physical health Yoga Yoga and males and it's going to be a fantastic well structured paper but this outline does not tell me how sources are going to be grouped together in a literature review the literature review comes first and then the paper so please keep this in mind the purpose of a literature review is to report on the status of research in this field it is not to report the research is to report the status of the research and you can do that with these methods right here you can highlight the accomplishments of past research you can say in the 1960s there was this breakthrough and give the sources that had to breakthrough then you say 1970 there was this breakthrough and give the sources you can highlight past accomplishment you can also evaluate weaknesses you can say this group of sources whenever they evaluated those those techniques they left out the such-and-such effect there's a group of source it's a fact this group of sources did that see what I'm saying and then of course you can also group them together on approach this group of sources approached it from a security standpoint this group of sources approached it from a civil liberty standpoint this group of sources approached it from a combine standpoint and you can also talk about their talk about their conclusion you can say this group of sources concluded that the techniques were effective this group of sources concluded the techniques were not affected this group of sources said they were neutral so it all you have to find a way you have to find a way and then just find a way to group those sources together and discuss the sources discuss what the authors did and didn't do you're not writing your paper yet

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  1. I'm going through some writers block and struggling with my literature review but the dog at 5.48 made my day hahahahaha

  2. Good day

    Hope this meets you well

    I am a postgraduate student in Film, currently working on my thesis based on the depiction of mental health in African cinema. I have never written any academic work before and desperately need assistance.

    I wanted to ask if you'd be interested in helping me with my research
    , as a mentor/critic.
    .I'd really like to do well in my research this year, perhaps you know someone who might be able to help me and could direct me to them.

    Awaiting your response.

    Well wishes.

  3. Clear and insightful Sir! i was stuck in this section, how do we connect with you- university student.

  4. NOBODY explained it as well as you did sir! thank you so much! God bless.

  5. Thank you so much! Your instructional videos have been extremely helpful!!

  6. Thank you for making this so doable for me. I appreciate you so much. Now I feel so much better about tackling this part of my doctoral journey. In gratitude, Lewis

  7. I remember that I once read in a translated Japanese educational book ,"You can't teach someone how to be a teacher, teachers are born to teach", and that what I was thinking of as I watched your videos. Thank you!

  8. Your tutorial is interesting and very helpful! I am currently writing a thesis that employs a literature review method for the approach. Do you have some suggestions for methodological literature which specifically discuss the literature review method?

  9. I've read countless pages on a literature review and you just broke it all down for me in 3 short videos. Thank you! I believe you have just saved my paper. 🙂

  10. Among the people who tried to explain to me what a literature review is, you are the one who made it! Thank you so much, your students at the University must be proud of you! Loads of love from Greece

  11. Hi, Sir David, I am starting to write my 1st paper after 20 years of hibernation(my last visit to the school was 1997, during this year, thesis writing was not part of the curriculum), my mind almost trembles in starting it.I"m looking forward that the sessions you presented will help me a lot…

  12. You're welcome! You may want to check out this online tutorial on how to write a lit review in 30 minutes or less:

  13. This how you do literature review.. thanks for making it so easy to understand..

  14. These 3 videos quickly explained exactly what I needed to understand. My question had been the difference between an annotated bib and a Literature review. We have done many annotated bibs then for a final assignment a lit review.

    Thanks for the info David

  15. Once again, David, thank you so much for your excellent contribution to humanity! More power to you! ~Myrene~

  16. hats off to your guidance sir, very nice way of presenting and making us understand. Thanks a lot! hats off to you!

  17. As a PhD student, so many other articles on writing a Lit Review were very vague and confusing. I appreciate the time and effort you took in making this and you have helped me immensely! Thank you x a billion!

  18. Thank you very helpful! I feel I can do this now. Good touch with your dog! haha!

  19. I know you don't need to hear it again, but what the heck, your papers made me a lot calmer about my literature review! Especially the part 1 and 2 videos. Now I have a clear idea in my head about what I need to do in order to write it. Thanks again! 🙂

  20. Dear David, thanks a million. Your three videos about writing literature reviews give me a clear direction! very helpful!

  21. Thank you so much, this is going to help a lot for my report. Sweet vid David, keep it up!

  22. Thank you so much for your videos. It helped alot! I've just got one question which might sound silly but are you allowed to use own words (I know you have to paraphrase and cite and everything) in the literature review and evluate the sources you've chose e.g. these researcher have found out … and highlighted… while others focused more on … ?

  23. Seriously, very helpful! Thank you for the time and effort. Made it relatively easy to start (haven't started yet, but I'm feeling confident after watching your videos).

  24. Does every source used in the literature review need to be peer reviewed or a government report? If it is a good source that comes from a reputable research organization, can it be used?

  25. What do you mean by taking snapshots?? i understand a literature review needs to be like questions and then putting relevant information beneath..

  26. Hi David, thanks for posting this wonderful video.

    My assumption on literature review prior to watching this video was that LR is written as a background information for the readers about the narrow topic I'm writing. Also, I thought that I should structure my LR in such a way that it provides a 'space' for my chosen topic. My literature review now is composed of concepts arranged chronologically, from broad to narrow, backed up by sources pointing to a gap which leads to the significance of my study. Based on your video, mine looks like the 'term-paper' examples you showed.

  27. Hello Professor.
    I started to follow your work, and to be sincere, I'm getting a better understanding compare with my past lessons.
    Recently I'm working on a research paper, but thanks to you is a lot clearer now what I should write on the literature review section. The weakness of my paper is that, I will stand on case studies rather than previous scholars work. My topic is related with community media for influencing policies.

  28. Hey.. David it was really helpful, thanks for such a great work.

  29. when writing the literature review do you also write for example in these sources the weakness was ….

  30. I wish I watched your videos sooner. You are very helpful and I'm so glad I saw this vid. Good job!

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