Literature review types

literature reviews all literature reviews aim to do the same thing gather prior research on a topic identify strengths and weaknesses in previous research identify gaps in knowledge and produce a recommendation now that recommendation will depend on the type of review and the context in which the review is produced if the review is a standalone study in its own right it will more likely recommend several areas of inquiry but if the review is part of a thesis or a dissertation it will also recommend the study that the researcher is aiming to conduct a critical literature review is author-driven so the author picks the papers and leads the reader in a narrative way through that information and shows the reader what the historic to current journey for that particular topic has been academically a systematic literature review is a critical literature review subject to conditions that intend to reduce bias those conditions include the setting of a research question that the review will answer in advance identifying a search strategy which will involve choosing keywords that represent the topic in relation to the question and identifying the databases that will be searched with those keywords and setting predefined inclusion or exclusion criteria that will allow the researcher to reduce the number of studies returned by the search in a more objective way than doing it based on personal judgment a meta-analysis follows the systematic conditions of a systematic literature review however its purpose is to calculate the mean effect size of the effect sizes of the studies returned by the search so they are are they belong on us on a spectrum of review types and they serve different functions and we can describe this spectrum in terms of control and rigor so with a critical literature review you have much more control but you have a high risk of bias so less rigor but the other end you have a much lower risk of bias and therefore more rigor but much less control and of course like anything these are useful in their appropriate context so hopefully that gives you an indication of the differences in the interrelationships between the types of literature review it's also worth stating that if you're a postgraduate researcher and you're focused on say a clinical intervention it it is very likely to be the case that you will write a critical literature review for your thesis but you will also produce a systematic or a meta analytic review as a standalone study in its own right so it's possible to do more than one over time I will make more detailed videos on each of these types of review and the considerations that go into producing them but for now I hope that's been helpful

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