Literature Reviews: How to find and do them

so you need to do a lit review what is a literature review and how do you do it literature review is a summary of the most significant research published on a topic it shows the relationship between research studies as such it is a secondary source not a primary source a literature review can be a full-length article in this case it would be called a review article or sometimes a literature review article it could also be just a part of a published article that is called the literature review section the purpose of the literature review is to familiarize the reader with the relevant literature and to demonstrate the relationships among prior research studies it informs the reader of what has already been discovered it is different from other research papers in that it focuses on the literature itself a literature review is not an annotated bibliography it's not an encyclopedic essay and it is not primary or original research to do or create your own literature review you will need to look for existing review articles you will also need to look for research articles on the topic because they'll have a section on literature review just to clarify the difference between a review article and a research article here's an example of a review article notice in the methodology section of the abstract it discusses that this is a literature review not a research study here's an example of a research article this is actually a reporting of someone's research but it does include references to earlier studies in the literature review in the beginning part of the article where will you find literature reviews while they're published in scholarly peer-reviewed journals there are also published in doctoral dissertations and graduate theses and how would you find these we'll start with the library databases such as eric psycinfo or dissertations and theses and link to the full-text of the articles in the databases or by using the finding at Purdue button in the databases let's do an example let's look for a literature review of bullying in schools start at the library homepage click on the database tab and in this window scroll down and find psycinfo we're going to start our research with psycinfo once psycinfo has been loaded click on the advanced button the advanced search button and let's type bullying in the first line and let's make this a subject heading word so it only searches the subject heading field in the second box let's type schools or children let's leave that box open so it will search the title the abstract and the subject heading field and in this box let's type literature review now because we're in psycinfo it has a special area where it tags all literature reviews under methodology so let's choose methodology so we have three ideas here bullying on schools or of children and we're looking for a literature review our results are ranked by relevancy so according to the computer this is the first the first article is the best article this particular article is available in full text in psycinfo if you click here the full text will load let's choose this article let's open this up just so you can see what the full record looks like here we can see the author and the author address it's published in this journal and we see our keywords bullying and children showing up and if we scroll down here we can see that the methodology in literature is a literature review all of these articles are tagged this way let's scroll down a little bit on the topic here's another article it is about bullying and this article is not available in full text in the database so we'd have to click on the find it at Purdue button to find it just to review the difference between review articles and research articles review articles report on others work the purpose of the review article is to evaluate the previous literature research articles report on the author's original research the purpose of the article is to test the hypothesis both are published in scholarly journals when you're doing a literature review you are looking for both types of articles

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