Literature reviews

a literature review is where you go out and look at all the literature available on your particular topic so you see what's available how recent that is is there much available at all or is there only a particular aspect of that information available for you so it's to give you an idea of what's available and to summarize and synthesize that information with the literature of you your librarian can help you in quite a few different ways so not only with helping you how to find just find information but how to structure a search to get the best information out also we can help you with things like how to evaluate and critique the various types of literature that you're coming across give you some guidance around the types of literature that might be best for the subject that you're doing we can also help you with things like how you can organize your the references you do find and how you can store and backup so you're able to access that information quite often with a literature review you do it sort of a at one point within your research project so how you can keep up to date with that literature throughout the time when you may need to update that literature review into the future so we can help around things like that too besides coming to see your liaison my brand there's a lot of help available online and training sessions that you can come along to so the library has what they call how-to guides so how to do something so there's a guide on how to do a literature review so it can give you some tips around what it is how you can go about it some resources to help you with that while the or the Ehsan librarian can help you with the finding of the information for your literature review they're not the best place to go for the actual writing of that literature review so the Graduate School has assistance for how you can actually write a literature view as does student services so when it comes to the writing go contact the Graduate School or student services and they can assist with that you

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