Little Red Riding Hood – Fixed Fairy Tales

(music) Oh, hello! Everyone has heard the tale of
Little Red Riding Hood.. we know how she met the big bad wolf in
the woods on her way to Grandma’s house we know how the wolf got to Grandma’s
house first and disguised himself as Grandma “What big eyes you have” and “What big teeth you have” And blah blah blah, rescued by the woodcutter at the last minute… etc, etc. We’ve all heard that story! But here’s how Little Red Riding Hood should have ended… ~Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go~ What’s that?? (sniffs) Smells like.. a little girl (sniffs) A little girl wearing a hooded cape (sniffs) Hmm, yes. Red dye number 40 but.. (sniffs) There’s something else… hmm. (sniffs) A rosewood basket filled with (sniffs)… muffins! (evil laugh) Pardon me, unaccompanied little girl I couldn’t help but notice you, uh, by
yourself. traveling alone through this dark and scary
forest Alone. Yeah? Where are you headed with that
delicious smelling basket of goodies?? Little Red Riding Hood knew how crafty
and dangerous wolves can be so she came up with a very clever plan. I’m headed to… my Grandma’s house… it’s down the path… in that direction. But I can’t stay and chat my poor sick, feeble vulnerable grandmother is waiting for me right down the end of that path. That way. Yep. How delicious of you, I mean, how
dedicated of you!! But, might I recommend taking time to
gather some wonderfully beautiful flowers for your
grandma as you go?! There are MANY flowers just slightly off
the path. OH, so you think I should BEAR slightly
off the path to gather flowers? Yessss. The delay will definitely be worth it Well thank you. I’ll be sure to BEAR that in mind. Please do! I’m sure your grandmother will be VERY surprised. (evil chuckle) Thank you so much for BEARing with me. As I BEAR this basket onto my grandmothers house and help her BEAR her sickness. That she can barely BEAR!! (giggling) What’s funny? Nothing! Off I go! La La La La Yesss… Now to cut through the woods and arrive at
grandmother’s house first (evil laugh) Sucker!! Sucker! (giggling) (laughing) Bad directions! That’s clever! (chuckling) But I wonder… whatever became of that wolf?? Hello, Granny!! Wait…. You’re not Grandma. Oh.. heh goodness heh. What big teeth you have!! AHHHH!!!!!! I don’t think we’ll need to worry about him anymore! (giggle) More muffins? Please! and Little Red Riding Hood happily
enjoyed muffins with her grandmother who got well soon after… all because Red Riding Hood was a smart and practical girl… who knew that wolves were dangerous and can’t be trusted. The moral? Always give wolves bad directions. Always! The end!!

100 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood – Fixed Fairy Tales

  1. I thought this would be a telling of the actual story of red riding hood

  2. when he said muffins i screamed out shawn mendes oh god mendes army i'll see u all in rehab

  3. Um if he is smart, why does he have to smell for her if she's singing jumping around?

  4. it is such a lovely ended ! I'll surely give th wolves in my life bad directions

  5. How about you don’t send your children unattended in the woods. The parents are neglectful.

  6. You'd think that someone deceitful and untrustworthy would be able to tell when they themselves are being tricked.

  7. Gummy Bear: "OH COME ON! They both had awesome entrance lines! You couldn't interrupt those guys?!"
    Annoying Orange: "No way! That would have been unbearable! Hahahahahahahahahaha!"
    [Gummy Bear leader growls in frustration]

  8. Sounds like the voice of the narrator from the game "battle block theatre"

  9. Gummy Bear: "OH COME ON! They both had awesome entrance lines! You couldn't interrupt those guys?!"

    Annoying Orange: "No way! That would have been unbearable! Hahahahahahahahahaha!"

    [Gummy Bear leader growls in frustration]

  10. HISHE?! I didn't realise it was you until I looked at the channel name.

  11. Love it.  Creative.  funny.  Took a lot of liberties with the story.  Had a happy ending, except for the wolf.  Good job.

  12. Hey guys can u make the little mermaid ,and rumple skeltskin ,and also the boy who cried wolf.

  13. Wouldn't it make more sense for the wolf to just EAT little red?

  14. I was looking for "Little Red Riding Hood" adaptations like this….

    Looks like I'm at a great start!

  15. grabs a dead deer bone, throws it to the other side of the forest
    well that a bad direction I should have thrown it into this haunted house though but who cares at least he ran of T_T

  16. I knew muffins were in the basket even tho I never heard that before because muFFiN

  17. In earlier version of this fairy tale the wolf leaves the grandmother's blood and meat for the girl to eat, who then unwittingly cannibalizes her own grandmother.

  18. I haven't heard this many bear-illiant bear puns since anyone talking about Whicker man.

  19. Not all wolves are bad! Balto the sled dog in the animated movie "Balto" is part wolf. His mother was also a wolf!



  22. Red Riding Hood can't be that smart or practical if she eats muffins through the wrapper.

  23. there's no force feeding wolf when they're asleep stones so they collapse into a river and drown 0/10


  25. Good to hear this all time classic and all its variations! I've created and produced the same story but had to reduce its duration to fit in to the radio station's time limits. I like this version. Thanks.

  26. It literally means always give cancerous people.. or dangerous clever people bad direction

  27. I am watching this video because I have to do this play in my school and am wolf in this play . Nice video , helped me a lot

  28. Damn!!! I thought it was "HOOD" do you know what I mean???

  29. Isn't red dye #40 the same used on M&Ms? He definitely marked her fir food, lol.

  30. For some reason Red reminds me of Frisk from undertale 🤔

  31. +1 LIKE If you were sawing the commends to see if the story was good


  33. believe or not but we had to make a similarities and differences lesson on fractured tales THANK YOU HISHE AHEM AHEM.

    edit: dont take it bad its a joke keep it up hishe

  34. I think a better ending would have been she doesn't talk to strange male characters, took a self-defense class, and carries a can of mace in her basket.

  35. Owl – "The moral of the story. Always give Wolves bad directions."

  36. Wolf: Oh my goodness…what big have. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
    I think I laughed harder than I should have at that part!😂😂🤣😂🤣

  37. I wish I could crack as many puns as that. But alas! I can only do these. 🏝Did you SEA what I did there? I’m SHORE you did. Oh, you want me to stop? I DOLPHINATELY will! 🍱 are my puns good? Or are they TERIYUCKY?! lol puns.

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