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okay so I'm in today's lesson what I wanted to look at was more literature and that is because that is because literature is very important and obviously it's part of your course hopefully you can all see this are you all seeing why study literature this is because you've got textbooks in your course that you should really read sick texts and it's important because you're going to expand your general knowledge etc so last week I started looking at Life of Pi and why it's worthwhile reading this and I just wanted to continue on that idea of how reading can help you to write better and to analyze other texts that are given to you in exams better because the whole point of your exams will be comprehension and writing so this will definitely help you to better those skills and then you can't just cram for an English exam English or any language takes time you've got to absorb the method that the language uses you've got abs or concepts vocabulary there's so much that goes into a language that it's not the kind of thing you can just learn overnight therefore build up your skills cernium one of the ways you'll be doing that is by reading text so I just really quickly want to go over some of the main points I touched on last week and just for those of you who didn't get to see them or just to touch on what we're going to focus on today and so that you get a better idea of what we're going to look at in this lesson so why study literature some people think of the act of reading as a straightforward task that's easy to master but in reality reading is a complex process that draws on many different skills together these skills reach the ultimate goal of reading which is reading comprehension that's when you read for understanding for understanding what's read most readers relate what they've read to what they know so it's important for students to have background or prior knowledge about the world when they read they also need to be able to read between the lines and extract meaning even when it's not literally spelled out so if I say something like it's raining cats and dogs you should be able to understand that it's raining very heavily outside you are reading between the lines and that's a very simple example on this idea take this example a child is reading a story about a poor family in the 1930s having knowledge about the Great Depression the economic depression can provide insight into what's happening in the story it will affect what's going on the story the child can use that background knowledge to make inferences to make guesses and to draw conclusions about what's going on so this was just a brief recap on what we looked at last week in terms of the importance of background knowledge and reading and expanding your overall knowledge about the world now let me just bring up the chat box ok great no no problem a universe best friend don't worry if you're late it is nice to have you here welcome ok so I looked last week at Of Mice and Men which is one of the recommended text books that you can choose to read or you could also choose to read the boy in the Striped Pyjamas and I would probably recommend the boy in the Striped Pyjamas / Of Mice and Men simply because it's an easier read it's quite direct and it might be let's say less offensive some people might find of mysimon offensive but simply because of the area that it's settest so it really depends on what interests you the Great Depression or the boy in the Striped Pyjamas World War 2 and the Holocaust so we're going to look at that very briefly because this is all about how you're going to develop background knowledge in order to better answer comprehension questions so just a quick overview that the boy in the Striped Pyjamas was written by john wayne he's an Irish novelist he was born in Dublin Ireland he studied at both these colleges etc he's written 11 not novels so he's quite an experienced writer but the boy in the Striped Pajamas is aimed at younger readers and perhaps you'll pick that up when you read it it's quite a straightforward book there's nothing to complicate the poem stratagems was published in 2006 and 13 of the novel is an Auschwitz concentration camp in and not in Germany in Poland but lying to the germans during world war two because they invaded poland so they invaded and they decided to build up to build some concentration camps there they had some in germany as well and austria but um the big one harsh wits was in poland okay so this will help you to understand certain things in the novel knowing about Auschwitz and the fact that it's not in Germany alright now just a bit more background information Boeing's novel expose the horrific and tragic events of the Holocaust these are things unfolded just before and during the Second World War which was from 1939 to 1945 this is one of the most devastating wars of all times are very important to know about it the Holocaust was the mass murder of six million Jews well just to put that in perspective hate on has about four and a half million people imagine if you murdered the whole of Capetown okay we'll ask more people then gives you the scale of this kind of devastation Holocaust was the mass murder of six million Jews and millions of other people leading up to and during World War two okay the killings took place in Europe between 1933 and 1945 I'm sorry I'm just gonna pause it quickly because I see there's a message that's come up I just want to make sure that everything is going okay okay okay okay great oh good okay more people joining so that's that's a good thing okay so let's go back so they were organized by this mass murder that was organized by the German Nazi Party which was led by Adolf Hitler the largest group of victims were the Jewish people nearly seven out of every ten Jews living in Europe were killed that's extreme the Nazis also murdered politicians trade unionists journalists teachers and anyone else who spoke out against Hitler and there were also many millions of non-jewish victims that wasn't just the Jews of the with a main enemy all right victims there were civilians and soldiers from the Soviet Union Russia Catholics from Poland Serbs disabled people homosexuals jehovah's witnesses polish civilians Roma and Sinti people that known as the gypsies and slavic people so people from for example chickens of Slovakia and surrounding countries so that's a lot of people for them to have on their list as victims and here we can see this terrible picture of these cool Jewish children mostly Jewish children in the concentration camps look at the barbed wire look at these oversized uniforms pajamas okay ever think about the novel children are starving they don't look in good health they look very unhappy so this is not definitely not conducive to a good life to have anything anything positive so this is the setting that we are we are given in the novel now Elvis was one of the concentration camps where the Jews were taken to be gassed or to die of starvation so you see these this is a fix here the Seabees train lines the Jewish people would be told that they're going to be taken somewhere to work and they were put into massive sort of cattle car trains and they had to endure that journey just to get to Auschwitz it was a long journey uncomfortable and then once they were there women men and children got separated and mostly the old the elderly or pregnant woman or young young children would be sent off immediately to go and shower after their journey but actually they were gassed and then the men and the woman who were fit enough would be put to work it would do some sort of labor and they would not be fed property during this entire exercise so lots of them would die of starvation and disease and that kind of thing so in the boy with the striped pajamas we see the brutal treatment suffered by the Jews Shmuel the jewish boy for those that you have read it the Jewish care and potentially character model is only one example of the thousands of children who were treated harshly by the Germans his story ends tragically and you should know because you've read the novel okay and if not certain eat please take a little bit so this is where it is said looks very bleak looks very uninviting of it okay so the main characters we have Bruno so Britain is the main character he's German his father is a Nazi soldier and he has taken to live at a house outside the concentration camp but Bruno is very different and we shall see what the Brennan is a nine-year-old boy who enjoys playing with his three best friends Carl Daniel and motto he enjoys exploring and dislikes his twelve year old sister Gretl Rina is naive what does it mean to be naive and we have some suggestions Bruno is naive and I'm loving he does not fully understand the world around him and if you read the novel you'll see what I mean okay so this should have such just suggestions on what we mean by oh sorry Amos what we mean by naive what does it mean to be my EE and sorry if you've had a problem logging in hopefully it all sorted now um what does it mean to be naive anybody got any suggestion I'm going to let you type that up okay and I'm going to move on to the next section so we don't wait too long and then we have small the douche boy here's the main Jewish protagonist in the novel don't worry if you don't know let's see if we can get some suggestions that we can learn what what it means to be naive but sure is described in this way in the novel okay so here before we go into the descriptions more we have a suggestion when somebody is not yet they are gullible yes what does that mean they are gullible love Lisa and I'm good remember synonym is a word that can act as a substitute for another word I can stand in its place if you are gullible if you are naive what does it so I'll write gullible here so you can have a look ha good yes easy to fool yes that's right you just believe anything you're told or you don't question things deeply enough easily fooled easily tricked yes easily tricked good so they believe everything they are told yes good very nice so Bruno is extremely naive he doesn't understand what is going on around him in the world and you'll see this by the kinds of coming teammates and a sort of bullets that he has cool is also naive and so because he's a nine-year-old boy he's just as young as yes and the description in Manila is that he's the boy was smaller than freedom and was sitting on the ground was a forlorn expression he wore the same striped pajamas in other words uniform prison uniform but this is what freedom is even as they then just strike the strike pajamas and all the other people wore and a striped clawed cap on his head he wasn't wearing any socks or shoes or shoes or socks and his feet were rather dirty now if you know about European whether it's a cold climate probably not ideal to pee sweltering around in the mud probably not very healthy on his arm he wore an armband with a star on it boy is he wearing an on bed with a star on it how strange what's going on there any suggestion I'll let you think about that why is he wearing an armband with a star on it okay sorry keep pressing the wrong thing here sir he is Jewish sorry I must like to say your name – good he's Jewish yes shishun with his Jewish he hasn't even started he is being ostracized oh ok I'm getting lots of a cavalry here today he's been awestruck because he is Jewish they want to show difference yes good everybody he is marked very nice he's a Jew he's standing out therefore he is not thought of the German race okay according to the Nazis so how do you share difference you could embark on somebody just like how you mark cattle okay you put a mark on someone to differentiate them and so this is already a sign that he's different and not accepted so very nice answers good I'm glad you have your background knowledge and xual is the exact same age as Brunner and in fact how strange is this they share the same birthday 15th of April 1934 why does the also do that why does he make him make Bruner and Shaw have the same birthday what is the point of that come on to your suggestions why should Bruno and Shmuel at the same birthday what is the point of doing that is this just a random idea that also had good yes to form a type of bond yes now why will I create the spot what's the point it shows they are alike good yes there's a bond and they are alike there could be brothers they could connect on some type of level good we're getting there yes that's we've we've formed the basis now we're image the middle they can connect their brothers they have a bond and so what what's the all to the point of that why show just how close they can be but ok well I do that yes ok good that would be a nice twist ok I'm going to because you're all thinking along the same the same type of lines which is great yes it makes them closer but ultimately the point is they're in it but in effect Bruno could be small small could be Bruno and therefore the way that they and I'm sorry spoiler alert spoiler alert I assume you've read the novel and it's a manageable that you're going to find out that Shaw and Bruno die because one could just be as easily be the other person they just happen to be born in their circumstances this was just fate they're just chance no chance or fate you you see how that way yes it's very sad because they could be one another Bruno could just as easily be in schmoes position if the Jews had decided to trip to the Germans for example and do the same sort of thing to treat them the same way I know sorry yeah sorry I know a terrible um whenever I do literature listen I assume you've read it so sorry about them but yes they they will they die together essentially and the point is but the writer wants to show that this situation to anyone you just happen to be born into a certain set of circumstances and that's what determines how you're going to live on some level so they are interchangeable and this adds to the irony at the end when the irony that they both died in the gas chamber okay both of them right ironic now what is irony irony is when something unexpected happens from what you expected to happen you expect that Brina will be fine he's a German boy he's the son of a German event of a Nazi of a captain so many high in the ranks and so how could he possibly how could possibly happen to him that's interesting we have another comment major about that birthday some people might share that birthday but don't worry you weren't born in 1934 so that should be okay okay oh sure I know it is such a sad story it really is a heart-rending story I'm talking about it on a very academic level but when you think about story it is harsh harsh sir knowing the story should help you enlarge your knowledge of the world and how people have been treated and why history should not be repeated in a way this is what literature does it expands our minds it helps us to understand and go through the kinds of emotions and experiences the caricatures are and that puts us in their place and this is important when it comes to comprehension so you can form a greater understanding of which text is and I finished the last bit of point here now Shmuel is a Jewish boy who is a prisoner of war a POWs you might have heard of that acronym prisoner of war and who is imprisoned in Auschwitz along with his father so he has his father with them and they are imprisoned together so harsh things overall but an important point that the author wanted to emphasis in his writing of this novel is that he decided that it was a fable so I want you to keep this idea of a fable in mind okay and for example example the fable is Aesop's fables The Tortoise and the hare the tortoise and the hare the tortoise them in here and where they run a race and the hare is so arrogant he decides to have a sleep because there's no way for tortoise ever gonna beat him in this race and gives let the tortoise is slow and steady so he wins the race the hare will receive some misses the race so pride comes before a fall or slow and steady wins the race that's the kind of thing that a fable is okay so it's them I need a story or a nun story that gives you some kind of moral and so the rabbit did not win by the way and it's not a true story a true story it's a childhood fable things that children would read to teach them about the world there is a moral in the story so john-boy and explain this idea of the point of the Germans being a fable he wanted it to be a fable he says considering the serious subject matter of this novel and the fact that I would be taking certain aspects of concentration from history the series serious subject and changing them slightly in order to serve the story I felt it was important not to pretend that a story like this was fully based in reality in other words he made it up he wanted it to be a fable he wanted it to be obvious that it was made up which was also the reason why I chose never to use the word punishments which word does he use instead of Auschwitz he doesn't call it the it doesn't say that Bruner is going to live in Auschwitz what does he say I'm just want to test your knowledge of the normal here how closely did you read yet the boy in the Striped Pajamas is not real it is a fable but it's based on reality based on the kinds of things that would have happened this would never have happened I don't think because it's not possible for a German loop I don't think it'd have been possible for them to meet over the fence like that not realistically they would have been guards patrolling all the time so it's not real but it's the some kind of things that would have out with us gold star for you brilliant yes brilliant both of you excellent out with even uses the term out with why is that interesting what I call outfits out with and also this is also a reflection out the way that Bruno thinks he doesn't really hear words Gretel type tries to tell him the correct pronunciation Ashford's you know at some point and he still can't he still can't say it properly he still says out with just emphasizing his naivety it's not out with of out of it since this harsh claim obviously at that point in time people probably wouldn't have known that much about it remains kept my secret but yes out with the house out with yes not belonging it's out with it's beyond the borders of the nation of Germany out with you are not part of us you are out so it's interesting that this childish perception of the word actually has a deeper meaning sir good nice comments I can bring no time my understanding of the term sable is a piece of fiction like a tortoise ahead that contains a moral slow and steady wins the race riot comes before all those on morals I hope that the mole at the center of the boy in the Striped Pyjamas is self-evident to readers would you say that the moral in this story is self-evident what is the moral of this story if you could sum it up in a short phrase what is the moral of the story you tomorrow is don't trust your father you just attack okay it's not quite the model but that's an interesting one thank you for the suggestion what is the morale of the boy in striped pajamas you what is the model and I'm not probably I'm probably not going to be able to go at friends stick together yes but it's sticking together help them ultimately not really about that not really about sticking together to the end no have a deeper think don't judge someone for who they are that's part of it you're getting there you're getting there don't just some of the who they are what else so we have this story with two boys our friends they don't really care about the cultural background they just want to be friends just want to play like kids do and what happens they die because of something so don't look out your window never judge someone by their race good we're getting there yes there's definitely racial aspect there okay don't judge a book by its cover almost there almost there never go where you should not go getting there I'm splitting the book for you oh I'm so sorry you should have read the book no I did not yes you've had the spoiler but it's the story it's the journey that counts read the story okay don't judge my religion good we're getting there the actual model of the story could be summed up in something like what goes around comes around sir Bruno's father has no problem with sending Jewish children to the gas chamber but guess what happens his own child gets inadvertently sent to the gas chamber and then he collapses he can't handle it so you reap what you sow what goes around comes around treat others as you would be treated all of these things the moral of the story there's a very literal interpretation they don't don't you know don't gas millions of people yes it's very that's absolutely right what goes around comes around you

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