6 thoughts on “LIVE: Question Period – December 6, 2019 (with English interpretation) #QP #cdnpoli

  1. Trudeau is a two face just like trump said he was can not stand Trudeau he needs to go -should wear his black face

  2. All Libs are all liars how can mr dress up and his puppets stand up and lie to Canadians like that

  3. Just going Forward and forgetting what trudeau did with SNC is something Canadians do not want to do so let the RCMP and do there jobs,he broke the law so let him pay the price for doing so,how he ever got back in had to be corruption,there is no other way.

  4. A two state solution will not work. Arab Muslims hate at a level that destabilizes safe society. There is lots of room in Syria and Iraq and the money to build homes for these so called Palestinians and relocate them. Israel then could refurbish the land previously Israel and unite the Jewish people in their land safe and securely.

    Those muslim Arabs living in Israel could also relocate to help their brothers establish a more civil society. That would be a loss for Israel, but a gain for the Palestinian styled Arab Muslims needing the stability these peaceful persons would provide.

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