Living Local Santa Barbara SB Writers Conference

I'm here with Mary Conrad and Matt pallamary who are longtime participants of the Santa Barbara's Writers Conference now Mary Conrad and her husband Barnaby Conrad who was a famous matador and historian around here in Santa Barbara they started the Writers Conference decades ago and Matt you've been a participant there for years having it yes I've been with the comics for 31 years now I've been teaching a workshops now called fantastic fiction with the pH literature of the visionary supernatural metaphysical horror fantasy and science fiction and you have a special experience in that because you're an ayahuasca visionary leader aren't you yes I've been working with that for 30 years also pretty exciting stuff now Mary talk about exciting you've collected a lot of memorabilia and important stuff over the years haven't you yes I have a deed and so tell us about this scrapbook that's available to everyone everything we did at the conference photographs of all the famous writers that we've come the social parties the workshops it contains all of it and it has been an exciting part of Santa Barbara's history and you can join in too at the Santa Barbara's writers conference where can somebody buy this book Amazon pick and the tech ood bookshop in Montecito and Chaucer's bookshop in Santa Barbara

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